August 7th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “steep”

  1. I can see others steep. Steep is where you find yourself after losing control, losing a job or losing a close friend.

    By Nusaubah on 08.07.2016

  2. The learning curve had to be steep, she thought. The staff bent over the new instructions, and although this exercise should have been simple, they took a long time to figure out the problem. They were starting with the line of reasoning they always had applied. They should have used each of the past six months training courses to have gotten through the problem set. She sat down and sighed.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.07.2016

  3. The learning curve is a steep one. Despite that, they expect you to learn quickly. They say that experience is the best teacher, but society today would rather get rid of the experience part and just get right to the part where the skills supposedly learned are already perfected and useful.

    By unconventional_lady URL on 08.07.2016

  4. Tea, infused with flavor, but locked and stored until released, until steeped. Life, waiting to be steeped.

    By John Ralphio on 08.07.2016

  5. A learning curve is a parabola that feels like an endless uptick. It’s not enough to walk only until you get tired, all hills have an ass that is much kinder than it’s sharp face.

    By And Brow URL on 08.07.2016

  6. Steep into this paper as if the only way to fully become who you are is to be steeped into every word, every thought…down to the very last letter, and be free.

    By John Ralphio URL on 08.07.2016

  7. “Never thought the climb would be this steep,” panted Quinoni, propping herself against a rock to steady herself. She reached for her flask of water, but Arvey already beat her to it, pulling it from Quinoni’s belt and unscrewing the cap.

    “Thanks. Very kind of you.”

    Arvey watched as the cold water slipped into Quinoni’s mouth. She reached for her hand, wanting to squeeze it so tightly that she would never be able to let go.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.07.2016

  8. The banks on either side of the creek at southeastway were steep and we used tree roots to help us climb. We made a game out of it for the kids: try to get to the top without using your hands.

    By L on 08.07.2016

  9. Up and down, it was the damn same. If you hang on, in the end you just now you can’t be full, whatever, it’s full of red.

    a/n: this one is kinda.. out of it; and definitely about two completely separate people at once (can you find it?)

    By "Life" on 08.07.2016

  10. the journey of life is never an easy one. the path is a long one, and many times we feel like we cannot possibly go on. But that is not true. We were born for greatness, and so shall we receive.

    By Michaela on 08.07.2016

  11. Hard to climb.
    Difficult to do.
    Tea in the boiling water.
    Walking or running uphill.

    By Tracy L Tompkins on 08.07.2016

  12. The hill was rocky and really hard to climb in sandals. “Come on, Jen!” Jen wiped the sweat from her eyes and looked up at her sister, her glorious, beatific sister who was laughing and climbing without fear. Without regard for her own personal safety, or anyone around her.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.07.2016

  13. The mountain climber wipes her brow. Far from the top, still. Trudge onward, upward. Her foot slips. Scree tumbles below her boot, a hundred feet to the canyon edge. The trees have an advantage she does not: roots.

    By rwordsmith on 08.07.2016

  14. Staying on top of things is a steep slope. You’re doing well with keeping up on your exercise or staying in touch with your friends, but you’re neglecting your chores, your activities…or it’s the other way around. it’s like you can never really win.

    By TYQWON DOE URL on 08.07.2016

  15. Gwen looked down and felt herself shake, she had seen every superhero ever jump off of a steep building for apparently no reason at all, she was sure it was for looks. She was neither a super hero, or brave, so it lacked the appeal to her but she was always game for something new, after all, what did she have to lose?

    By Trouble-Making-Pixie URL on 08.07.2016

  16. The steep incline shoved into the earth, plummeting into a great abyss. She imagined a ravine running slick and fast along the bottom, stretching for miles.

    By Zoe URL on 08.07.2016

  17. Step after step, legs shaking, muscles cramping. I pause, wiping the sweat from my brow and stretching my arms above my head. Stairs loom in front of me, more than half way left.

    By crlsarv URL on 08.07.2016

  18. the steep steps headed stright for the roof. he wondered what he would do when we got to the top but just shrugged his shoulders and headed up. this is not going to be easy he thought as he pulled one leg up and then the other. oh boy.

    By Katie URL on 08.07.2016

  19. I am steeped in respect for learning. Not that I learn. And certainly not from my mistakes.
    But for those who do learn, who have more than the respect for it, but the ability to do it, I respect them. Whenever someone says, “I never make the same mistake twice,” I am steeped in admiration for that person and wonder how they can possibly accomplish that. By now, I’m making my 570,000th mistake in certain situations, and never less than 150 mistakes in the situation in which I make my fewest mistakes. Which is spelling. I really resent Spell Check.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.07.2016

  20. She pushed the teabag own with the end of her spoon and let it pop back up.
    “Smells good,” Sonja said.




    “It doesn’t have to be now, but you know we are going to have to talk about the letter eventually.”

    By Yona URL on 08.07.2016

  21. By god. Hills are STEEP. Walking up a hill is like lung cancer for the legs. This makes no sense. Steep can also mean expensive. Many of the things I sell are STEEP. This has been very fun goodbye. :)

    By Dave on 08.07.2016

  22. I see you people doing wonderful things with your lives, and all I can do is try to keep up as I run down the asphalt driveway, feet thumping, heart racing, lungs collapsing in one themselves, an amnesiac playing at being asthmatic.

    By AMeursault URL on 08.07.2016

  23. “Tea?” She inquired.
    He responded, “Yes, please.”
    She then gathered the ground up tea leaves and the steeper.
    “It’ll take around five minutes.” She said as she set the timer. The man curtly nodded. A comfortable silence filled the kitchen.
    After a while the man grinned mischievously. He begun to step closer and then cornered the woman into the kitchen counter.
    “Hmm… What can we do for five minutes?” The man questioned with raised eyebrows.
    The woman smiled before pulling her own face closer to his. “I may have an idea or two.”
    “Oh is that so?” He placed his hands outside of the woman’s body, trapping her inside his arms. He glanced at her lips and she inadvertently licked hers. The man ventured forward closer so that even the slightest movement would have their lips conjoined.
    “Kiss me.” The woman whispered. The man stared hungrily at her lips and looked into her crystalline eyes. He was about to move when…
    At the sudden noise, the couple jumped apart from one another. As a red blush crept upon the woman’s cheeks, she stumbled to turn the timer off. “I guess the tea’s done steeping.”

    By tsering URL on 08.07.2016

  24. The hill was steep and so it was a mountain in my sight metaphorically of cours. Thats how the say to look at your problems as mountains and well…I dont know if i want to clime this one its so intimidating .

    By Rebecca on 08.07.2016

  25. The drop off was steep, all the way down, in fact. But Jongin looked straight down it, his heart thumping gently in his chest. He closed his eyes, unsure of what he was even doing there. Just then, he felt a hand softly grip his wrist.

    “Jongin,” a voice next to his ear said, a voice that could only be labelled as Sehun. “Don’t.”

    Jongin then let himself be pulled back into warm, easy safety.

    By lex URL on 08.07.2016

  26. I puffed up the steep hill trying not to die

    By victoria on 08.07.2016

  27. My feet feel the strain with ascent. The world feels different at this gradient. It’s almost as if the world changes at this angle, even the sky looks different. Less a mass of fluff and sharper, more inhospitable. Air feels weak up here, it has to fight just as much as you do to reach the top. But when the summit hits you, it’s like nothing else in the world. Beauty is palpable.

    By Michael URL on 08.07.2016

  28. Well, this is a process that I want to take into account, steep s the depth of life, steep is focus on something that I would enjoy doing, steep mean a speciality that I dive into.

    By tt on 08.07.2016

  29. An odd word to be sure. If one were to think of the last time he had heard the word “steep” surely it would take him quite a while. Perhaps, he would think, it had been in relation to a church or some such building. Though he wouldn’t rightly know.

    By Noah D Everett-Curwick on 08.07.2016

  30. Steep the tea in the hot water for a few seconds. Yes, you must do so, else the tea will not taste delicious. A good steeping process is the best way to allow people to drink yummy tea! And a good steeping process is also the way for people to learn and to grow – after all, they do say that patience is a virtue, and that good things come to those who wait! Without steeping, or patience and perseverance, positive things don’t happen.

    By liyasha85 on 08.07.2016

  31. as he climbed up the steep step, he stopped to think about the step that was steep. Reflected on how it was a perfect analogy on life, taking it one, steep step at a time.

    By glen URL on 08.07.2016

  32. “Its too steep” the Navigator shouted.
    “Lets try low range” I said.
    and before my navigator could react.. I approached the 50 degree incline and stopped, at the top!

    By Sharan Bindra URL on 08.08.2016

  33. the slope is long, arduous and slipping. my legs wander, scraping down the rock. at the bottom, something awaits…. it rests, but every crumbling rock creeps closer to waking the beast. Still, i creep on. Suddenly, a misstep. A slip….

    By genahtastic URL on 08.08.2016

  34. The car took the steep run , it skid through the road. But the child sitting in the car was not scared off, as if he was not affected by the danger

    By sw URL on 08.08.2016

  35. El striptease de una oveja. Nadie se detiene a pensar en la vergüenza que puede sentir el animal al verse despojado de sus lanas que, curiosamente, después servirán para cubrirnos a nosotros.

    By Monimanias URL on 08.08.2016

  36. Beneath the hill
    too steep to climb
    without the light of stars
    slept a giant
    too large to see
    without the dark of the sun

    By Kels Rojas on 08.08.2016

  37. steep

    By Oscar Labatti URL on 08.08.2016

  38. We’d been struggling up that slope for sixteen hours before we realised our error. Preparation was everything in our line of work, but that didn’t matter if you were making the wrong kind of preparations. The compass had been correct; our surveying as crisp as when we’d graduated. But none of us had thought to bring a Geiger counter.

    By henry sawdon-smith URL on 08.08.2016

  39. The incline was steep. And so was the learning curve. Ice drifted downward, minute tourbillions rising in reverse towards a hard and inviolable sky, while all about red-jacketed spectres rose and bobbed and crawled towards unseen ends.

    By JDHypes on 08.08.2016

  40. I watched as my green tea slowly steeped into the warm water surrounding it. The slow movement of color crept through the mug; it is a watercolor. The light green color filled the water, with splotches of deep green creating swirls in my painting.

    By Faith URL on 08.08.2016