May 16th, 2017 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “starfish”

  1. How many starfish can you find? One, two, three, four. They’re all washed up in brine. Sand, salt, wind, shore. They are perfect, and we’ll dine. Munch, chew, crunch, mmm. Pair them up with kelp-filled wine. Gulp, gulp, gulp, hmmm.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.16.2017

  2. An arm breaks, it fallls, and the pain is excruciating. I feel it all the way into my shoulder and down my torso. the recovery is slow, but better than some. one day no arm, then a stub, a bud, a lump, a hand is back

    By Neo on 05.16.2017

  3. my arm breaks, it falls, a hard thump on the ground. the pain is excruciating, but i know the recovery wont hurt. one day, no arm, then a bud, a stub, half an arm, an elbow, a hand. my arm is back, but my old one is there rotting.

    By Neo URL on 05.16.2017

  4. The ocean was fierce. High waves, crashing onto the sands. A small starfish washed on shore.

    By Saardeen URL on 05.16.2017

  5. The water was so clear that I could see to the very bottom where the starfish crawled and the fish darted. It didn’t seem like it should be real. Nothing here did. A perfect paradise two small to pace in, the tallest tree in the word forming a little island of peace, shallows in its roots and woods in its branches. And horizon as far as they eye could see. Far away, I could see land. But I was trapped here, in “paradise”.

    By TheAIndex URL on 05.16.2017

  6. Pieces of the sky, dried on the cool beach. A graveyard of wishes stretched out in the sand like angels in the snow. My boots are wet but waterproof now, so unlike the first time I ran into the Sea of Japan, the waves catching me before I could retreat. I realized in my excitement I must have looked childish. You smiled anyway and told me to look at the waves right before they broke.
    We laughed the rest of the evening at the sound my shoes made; you said nothing of the puddles they surely made on the floor of your car. You look in my eyes when you talk, when you listen. You listen. You hear the words, see the subtle movements, and carry the conversation and react to every cue as effortlessly as breathing for the day. For months.
    Yet in all the words that broke the silence of the day and the roar of the sea, the loudest was a voiceless moment, a disbelief of a lighting-strike bond, and the slight warning of danger to come in the space between, quickly pushed aside by the incoming tide of elation. I see it in your eyes—connecting over something personal mentioned way too soon—and the way you picked it up as if it was already on your tongue, too. I’m not sure if I said it out loud, but you shook your head in bewildered agreement—“no way.” This can’t be real, but it is. So very, very real. You offer me some of your beer. It’s the first time it tastes bearable. I take another sip to double check. Well, shit.
    It’s hard for me not to lay flat on the sand with arms and legs in every direction on this sandbar miles away and see if the ocean will take me and wash me up on another beach in colder months, where I can hear the sound of guiltless laughter bouncing off pines, and a sad melody leaking from car windows, for the lone person still stuck in the tide.

    By Ai URL on 05.16.2017

  7. I love my self. and i love my family as well. Well i love my work and i cant live without it.

    By Kinasa Kimra URL on 05.16.2017

  8. Am I looking into the sea? A hundred little star-shaped spots , standing out only slightly against the vivid aquamarine tint of the sea, which dyes everything around it an alluring shade nature surely hasn’t given a name – Shakotan, maybe? Nothing seems to come close.

    Am I looking at the evening sky? In the darkness, those little spots turn into pinpoints of light – not living stars from the sea, moving slowly as if constellations seen from earth, but static ones, burning brightly and changing position as fast as the world it reflects moves.

    No – these aren’t a seascape, or a portrait of the sky – they are objects, set in a face, given life with a voice, a laugh, a smile, a jab. They belong to you, a brilliant color somewhere between blue and green, far too lively to be called hazel, or to even recall brown – though the metaphor for trees is dying to be let free.

    I take my time, looking at them, and into them, and just like the sea, or the sky, in awe of what lies beyond.

    By mistyfizz URL on 05.17.2017

  9. Starfish are pointy and often colourful. They live in the sea. I think they are sweet. They suck onto rocks. Do they have eyes? How do they see I wonder? How many legs do they have?

    By Laura on 05.17.2017

  10. Throw it back in and it’ll wash up
    The story they told us of making a difference
    Was it insanity or persistence

    By tones8 URL on 05.17.2017

  11. I love marine animals. They’re so diverse and colourful and so perfectly adapted to their surroundings. I often attempt swimming so at some point I can go scuba diving and see them.

    By SamCat URL on 05.17.2017

  12. She poked around in the sand, not really knowing what she was hoping to find. “She sells seashells by the seashore” ran through her head as she squinted into the rising sun and took in the day. She inhaled the salty brine of the sea in the morning.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.17.2017

  13. Bam. Jump hard and starfish. Pull that weight from the floor and legs go wide arms overhead and you like a fucking starfish. Push that head through you fucking starfish.

    By Paul URL on 05.17.2017

  14. Starfish are so pretty. They’re such an odd and interesting creature of the sea.

    I wonder what their purpose is, and what they were originally created for or intended for. I guess I should do some research on starfish to find that out. I wonder how many different kinds of starfish there are.

    By Bekka Porth on 05.17.2017

  15. Star fish are really fun because I think it’s cool when I see them stuck on a wall or maybe a rock underwater.

    By Cameron on 05.17.2017

  16. In the ocean deep in the dark blue spot there is a light shining very secretly but firm. It’s a fish that doesn’t like to come to surface because it’s shy about its attribute to shine like a star.

    By Michele Leo on 05.17.2017

  17. I think starfish are really cool because they are able to grow new body’s and limbs. Starfish have many different types of species.

    By Dereik on 05.17.2017

  18. When i heard the word starfish I picture a starfish. Shaped like a star but I alive.

    By Emma on 05.17.2017

  19. When i think of a starfish i think of a kind of fish that sleeps on a rock or does whatever

    By Nikolai on 05.17.2017

  20. A starfish looks like a star.They live in the bottom of the ocean.My grandma has a starfish at her house.

    By Gabe on 05.17.2017

  21. I hate star fish. They creep me out. Yeah they are cool, but they just don’t look right. I like the colors that they are, and that they can stick to walls, but everything else is just creepy.

    By Braden Hilliker on 05.17.2017

  22. Starfish are normally in Florida or tropical places.They look like a fish but there face is on the bottom with their tentacles .

    By Kaylee on 05.17.2017

  23. Starfish are very cool,to me. They’re cool because they are like stars that came from space to live in the water on earth. The one time I went to an aquarium there was a bunch if starfish that you could feel. They felt so weird!

    By Trinity on 05.17.2017

  24. I love starfish they are very butiful in every way

    By Skyla on 05.17.2017

  25. When I hear starfish I think of a star plus. A fish are cool my grandma did have one then it is a scaly fish with its mouth in the midlle.that don’t have eyes I don’t think

    By Shade on 05.17.2017

  26. Starfish are cool and have two different names one is starfish the other Is sea star.

    By Wyatt on 05.17.2017

  27. When I hear the word star fish I think of the ones that live in the fish are incredible creatures.

    By Austin on 05.17.2017

  28. When I think of starfish I think of starfish on the beach. I like this word becuse it makes me think of the beach shore.

    By Chase Tesluck on 05.17.2017

  29. When I think of starfish it makes me think of a starfish like the ones in the ocean.

    By Savannah on 05.17.2017

  30. My favorit animal is the starfish.

    By Carsten on 05.17.2017

  31. Starfish like Pachrick Star are a starfish in the ocean?

    By jacob on 05.17.2017

  32. What I think of starfish is in the sea thay are little and it is on the move sponsbob square pants.

    By Nicole URL on 05.17.2017

  33. When I think of starfish I think of the ocean Dolphins jumping out of the water, boats ,killerwhales

    By aundrea Kelly on 05.17.2017

  34. There was a starfish in the water.

    By Payton on 05.17.2017

  35. I’m a sarfish that sits and does nothing all day

    By Gino on 05.17.2017

  36. Starfish are cool they have weird things to keep them safe from prededtors.

    By Alexis on 05.17.2017

  37. They are really cool because they are able to stick to a wall, a rock, a boat, a reaf, a wale, and can be on the beach or the rocks at the beach or a island.

    By Shawn huey on 05.17.2017

  38. Today I went to an aquarium. We saw a shark,starfish,and even a alive dinosaur. It was the last horse shoe crab on earth. We got to pet a starfish but not hold it. Dad said if I did it will go into millions of particles. He asked me,”Would you like to die????” I did not awnser that question. When we got on the bus the teacher passed out a snack. When we got home we went to bed.

    By Shut up URL on 05.17.2017

  39. “The stars they could reach were just starfish on the beach” … the line rang through my head, as I sat in quiet reflection. It’s one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard in my life, but it’s so beautiful. Sometimes the saddest songs say the most.

    By Katie URL on 05.17.2017

  40. I stared at the fish tank at my dad’s house. It was pouring outside and I was bored. Most people would say read a book or watch a movie but I’ve already read all of the books I have and watched all of the movies. A starfish was staring right back at me. It was almost a staring contest, at least I was entertained… Right?

    By ENC on 05.17.2017