October 31st, 2016 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “specific”

  1. don’t ask for specifics.

    inhale, exhale,
    and pretend you know all there is to know.

    don’t ask for answers you know you don’t
    want to hear.

    By Kalina URL on 10.31.2016

  2. I look around the rom and sigh, my tail swishing annoyedly behind me. Stupid Winchesters… “Sam! Dean!”I yell. The two walk into the room a few minutes later. “What did I tell you about touching my stuff?!”I hiss. “Dude chill, it wasn’t us…maybe Gabriel did it..”Dean raised his hands in defense. I glare at him. “Sure.”i roll my eyes.

    By Deandra URL on 10.31.2016

  3. I’ve been told that pattern recognition is a specific type of intelligence. So I trace the triangles on the heirloom rug with my eyes until my vision starts to stipple and darkness encroaches my view. Patterns.

    By H URL on 10.31.2016

  4. “I specifically ask-!”, wailed the twisted, red face.
    “Yes. I know.”, came my signed response.
    This isn’t the first mistake, and not the last.
    The difference between a white rose and a that of a black one is so small.
    So how am I suppose to know without being told?
    My eyes stay downcast and I hold in another sigh, “I’m sorry for the mistake.” I would ask you to be more careful, but I know you shan’t fail this time. You will be most specific, as you chose from which angle you will cut me down from next.

    By Ami URL on 10.31.2016

  5. When you are buying a home or car, you must be specific, or your purchase could be messed up.

    By Josiah URL on 10.31.2016

  6. It’s important to be specific when you are giving people directions. In addition, when you say the word “specific,” it is a good idea to pronounce it correctly and not say “pacific.” I have heard many people say this. In fact, I used to work with a man who always said, “Pacifically speaking.”

    By Robin URL on 10.31.2016

  7. There was one specific thing about Marie that always bothered me. To everyone else she looked perfectly normal, or at least that’s what they said. But, to me, her skin didn’t look real. It looked like she just walked fresh off a person manufacturing belt. It was bizarre. It never tanned, freckled, or burned.

    By Haley Pavic URL on 10.31.2016

  8. If I could name one specific thing about her I loved, it would be her nose. It was absolutely perfect. The way it wrinkled when she laughed or when she told a silly joke. The way her nostrils flared and how it turned red when she was embarrassed.

    By Haley Pavic URL on 10.31.2016

  9. George focused on the crayon at the bottom of his son’s toy box. He had always told the boy to put up his belongings where they were supposed to go but this particular crayon remained unclassified and instead sat there staring back at George in its specific isolation.

    By Frank McClure on 10.31.2016

  10. 4123. It had to be 4123. One too few would be absolutely catastrophic. One too many would cause a series of events to unfurl that would make the entire exercise pointless. 4123, that was the number. Sometimes the specifics matter. Especially when the number of jelly beans in a jar could lead to the end of the known universe.

    By Connor on 10.31.2016

  11. My eyes scanned the rows frantically. Where was it? I jumped when I heard a small noise from the next room. I had to find that book before anyone knew it was here.

    By Emma URL on 10.31.2016

  12. The specific bikini size I wear is 6 on top and 10 on bottom. One day my aunt and I were out shopping. I could not find a bikini to fit me. Finally my aunt came back to the dressing room with the bikini I liked the best, but she had paired a size 6 top with a size 10 bottom. It fit.
    We bought it. As we left, my aunt said, “I bet you’d be happier if the bikini that fit was a size 10 top and a size 6 bottom.” She was marvelous. She predated the mix and match bikinis by 1/2 a century. I like to think that she invented the concept.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.31.2016

  13. “So, what’s going on, exactly?”

    I didn’t want to go into specifics. I didn’t feel like it. So I gave her the basic rundown. “Jacob skipped school. They found him half-drunk at Gilmore’s in Old Town. He’s getting a detox at the ER right now.”

    “Holy sh**,” she said, her fingers dancing along the chapped edges of her mouth.

    “Yep,” I said, though deep down, there was more – a whole lot more.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.31.2016

  14. specifically the enzymes needed to breakdown fat in my adipose tissue are clearly lacking the needed probiotics and i will run this afternoon to work off my binge ; running takes care of my brain like prozac. wellbutrin takes care of my morning like coffee.

    By coffeeturtle on 10.31.2016

  15. “Be more specific,” she says.

    He stares off into the distance at nothing at particular, one hand propping up his chin. “I can’t.”

    “Have you found someone else?”

    “No.” It’s a lie. “Yeah,” he says quietly.

    By pearlmilktea URL on 10.31.2016

  16. there is nothing specific draining me. you think that today i would be happy. so many good things happened recently yet i feel empty. i do not understand, i have been doing so well with this sort of thing as of late. i do not want it to come back. not again.
    (but it always does).

    By vanikey URL on 10.31.2016

  17. “No!” She screamed, angered beyond help. “That is not what I want!” The salespeople cowered at her harsh and unkind voice. She was used to this. “I would be able to show everyone that I am a perfect angel. That I can be kind and loving.” She thought dryly. “If only they would do what I say!” She threw the huge diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings down with a crash. “I wanted three ruby necklaces! Seven sapphire bracelets! Four pairs of diamond earrings! And I wanted fifteen rings of precious stone there is!” She shrieked. “Is that so hard!? Is it!?” Her expression changed suddenly to a sad and self-pitying sob. “I just want to have everything perfect. Isn’t it simple enough for you. I just want complete perfection! Why can’t you see that I need everything to have it’s own specific way about it.” She sadly picked up an exquisite emerald ring. “I wanted it to have three tiny notches in it. But no! Look! There are only two tiny notches!”

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.31.2016

  18. Everything should have been specific. The placement, the angle, the details – EVERYTHING. But this time, it just isn’t.

    By Eric on 10.31.2016

  19. All I want is you. Specifically you.

    By Helianthus URL on 10.31.2016

  20. Why so unclear?
    Why not get to the point?
    Tell me the details of the dream
    Tell me what you need
    And as a child might mistakenly say
    “I’ll throw you into the Specific Ocean”

    By smattc URL on 10.31.2016

  21. The specific task was assigned and I began. What I ended up with even surprised me. It was crafted far better than if I would have been able to craft even if I had actually had the time to spend writing it.

    By Elle on 10.31.2016

  22. it was very specific. This one word prompt. Every single letter was full of detail, the typography popped right off the page with an unidentifiable powerful emotion.

    By abby on 10.31.2016

  23. I find myself wondering around the top not in the specific but the vague. A true hell for the life that isn’t your own. A non-ownership of your own soul.

    By Adam URL on 10.31.2016

  24. He never liked being specific, it was almost a talent for him. It is infuriating. I don’t know what to do and often times It makes me feel helpless. It makes me mad and makes me want to punch him, hard, in the face 27 times. Hows that for specific?

    By Amber on 10.31.2016

  25. Specifically it is you
    You are what I am talking about
    We are the specific definition
    of love
    Love undone
    Love outside of the lines
    Specifically it is me and it is you.

    By Carly URL on 10.31.2016

  26. Hmm. Specific. Can’t think of anything. I do like specificity, though. If you are telling me something, be specific! That’ll do.

    By zenderlee URL on 10.31.2016

  27. could you be just a bit more specific?
    I’m running in circles, on my mind’s track,
    trying to make any sense of it.

    By Marissa URL on 11.01.2016

  28. Your not specific but i wish you were cuz you just keep on blabbering on about a time we were in loved and i dont know what your talking about cuz it nevered happened and now your telling your friends about it>

    By Rebecca on 11.01.2016

  29. How is it we can think of anything and even come up with just a single word? How can I be specific about life or love or I when there’s absolutely not enough words to describe its infinite meanings? Time is not specific, and nor is life.

    By ShaSha Cuadra on 11.01.2016

  30. Sachem and Sonkisq
    there’s always Tapapimin
    Natick-anglo verse
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Truth is in details.
    How comes specific answers?

    …SPECIFIC questions! -[duh!]

    -Sagamore Haiku-Man!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.01.2016

  31. I don’t know what to write about this specific word :P

    By Andrew on 11.01.2016

  32. random and vague;
    I don’t understand–
    there’s a need for more info…
    help me, I’m lost…

    By julia shine URL on 11.01.2016

  33. Specificity is knowing and being as pointed as possible. The idea of being specific is knowing yourself enough to stick to your guns and make a real statement. I personally live in vague becasue when you live in the vague you always have an out. You can always escape. But being specific is a choice.

    By Dakota Wolff URL on 11.01.2016

  34. We should be specific about what and whom we want in life or else we might end as a failure.

    By shilpashree URL on 11.01.2016

  35. The nature of his relationship with Emily as they progressed through their evening grew from an across-the-table affair to a specific brand of romance that reeked of impromptu kisses, holding hands, and lying in the grass while waiting for the world to end.

    By Shashank URL on 11.01.2016

  36. To be specific isn’t too hard I suppose. But when you have no words to put in, it can be very difficult. I can’t be specific when talking about things I do not like.

    By Olive Musick URL on 11.01.2016

  37. Im going to have to be specific about my oder at this new fast-food place
    I want a
    -a cold soda
    -a medium pack of fries
    -and a cheeseburger

    thank you very much…

    By Imorales6732 URL on 11.01.2016

  38. I want to be specific about what I say to people so
    I say it in my mind to see if its good to say about them…

    By Imorales6732 URL on 11.01.2016

  39. “Explain.”
    “I don’t need to.”
    “Oh, you think it just speaks for itself.”
    “Doesn’t it?”
    “You are the worst person I have ever met.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.01.2016

  40. telling about something in great detail….

    By michelle URL on 11.01.2016