July 21st, 2014 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “sought”

  1. You sought a different life outside the brick walls of the tenement that folded over you like an envelope not to be opened until it reached its destination. You were swept along the skies beyond the borders drawn in chalk like the outline of along removed corpse no one could remember or cared to try.

    By nannan URL on 07.21.2014

  2. I sought out love in every aspect of life. I searched behind buildings, in the back alleys of tortured souls and in the end, still I only found myself… broken and searching.

    By Imani Hawkins URL on 07.21.2014

  3. people spend their role lives looking
    I sought it and continue to seek it
    I spent time seeking it in books, activities, people
    We live in a world that rewards conformity and seeks to punish and destroy those who don[t fit the prescribed norms sometimes the people we are close to unconsciously reinforce them
    Looking for self, for contentment, trying to be comfortable in your own skin
    color me dark
    Find solace in finding you and embracing you
    However long it takes

    By dj on 07.21.2014

  4. He slipped into the cove under the cover of night. He sought the location of rare pearl, but what he found in the kelp on that full moon night shocked him. Nearly turned his hair all white.

    By Intuition URL on 07.21.2014

  5. I sought out a lonely vein in the abandoned gold mine, one that had been barely tapped but potentially held enough wealth to tide over years upon years of future descendants. My companion waited by the mouth of the cavern, too afraid to venture with me yet still adamant that I bring enough back for him to share. I would do no such thing, not if he couldn’t grab his own rope and follow me through the tunnels and passageways. As far as I was concerned, any discovered treasure was mine and mine alone.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.21.2014

  6. (who are you)

    to tell me what to do

    so you can touch

    what I sought

    By Tish Dela Cruz URL on 07.21.2014

  7. They sought freedom. That was their entire goal; freedom. They would do anything, even the most inhumane things to get it. Because to them, freedom meant everything, And to them, freedom was worth the price of anything.

    By Shi URL on 07.21.2014

  8. My father sought revenge. On nearly everyone. In 1972 Hamas fired a missile into the living room of his childhood home in Jerusalem. While his mother called for him, he had slipped down the fire stairs to avoid his homework and to play football with friends in the street. Moments later his apartment block was reduced to a pile of rubble and twisted metal. Through clouds of dust he scrambled over the wreckage only to find his mother and sister in various pieces, their body parts still warm and sticky with blood. That night his father never came home from his butcher shop. Papa never found out what happened to him. Perhaps the shock and the grief were to great to bare. Perhaps he had been taken by rebel soldiers. All that was left for Papa was a hole in his heart that was bigger than himself and a perpetual state of fury against the world.

    By bb333 URL on 07.21.2014

  9. He sought my eyes, but I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t stand it. They were too old, too wise. They had seen too much. Because I’ve never seen a thing. All I’ve ever seen, that has ever been worth noting, was him. And now I can barely see his face without being assaulted by his history. I should’ve known. I’ve waited all my life something magnificent. But he is magnificent like a lion is magnificent. Like a star is magnificent. He is brilliant but he’s overpowering. He’s too bright. Too fantastic. And, right now, my head pounds with blood as I realize something: it was always going to end this way. He had no way of knowing it, no way of predicting it, and no way of preventing it. It wasn’t his fault. And you know what? It wasn’t mine either. Just because this is how it happened, and this is how it was always going to happen. Just like that one tree in the forest–that one where a little girl and a little boy used to play–it is now living on your porch. Dead, on your front steps. It was always going to end up as your front door. But not just yours, all of your neighbors’ front doors as well, and it’s not your fault. Because it wasn’t your choice, nor was it your intention. It’s how the world works. Everything ends up being something, and even if that something is nothing, that something was always going to happen.

    By Lynnika URL on 07.21.2014

  10. Sought..

    Suddenly I’m hungry. This feeling of longing,


    Damn I’m as hungry as a hippo…

    But beneath this primal urge rests a deeper thing that must be sought..


    By Ethan on 07.21.2014

  11. I sought meaning and found only other people seeking the same thing I was. Perhaps this was the meaning. That I was not searching alone.

    By Estelle on 07.21.2014

  12. i sought to have many things.. but it didnt end very well.. the very idea of sought gives me shivers.
    because i know its not in my hands but i cant help myslef.. i keep on thinking about it, and it ends disasterously altering my mood and behaviour.

    By guta on 07.21.2014

  13. We seek solutions, answers, validation in everything we do. We want the attention, the confirmation of our existence. We want to know that what we say and do matter to even one person, all the better if leagues more of souls. I think this is because we know our lives are transient, and we want something that will make us believe we’ll live forever in the world’s conscience.

    By Ashi URL on 07.21.2014

  14. She was perfect. But not, at the same time. Her laugh was too loud, more like a chortle, and her smile too wide when she was deeply in laughter’s throes. Her eyes watered when she yawned, so every late night she looked as if her grandmother had died. She sometimes forgot important dates, such as their anniversaries or his birthday, but always made up for it by remembering their silly anniversaries, such as the first time they made up names and ate out at the most ridiculously expensive restaurant who fired a friend of theirs and ran away, leaving only a huge tip for the waiter. She called that their “Con Day”. She was not perfect, but she was all he ever sought.

    By Amity Rose on 07.22.2014

  15. She sought her out and, honestly, it hadn’t been easy. Someone with her skills, with her reputation, wasn’t easily found – with good reason – unless you knew right where to look. Luckily, when it came to finding the right person for a job, Solana Martin wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.22.2014

  16. there are days when fumbling around in the darkness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. fingertips feel out for edges, for sharp points, for shapes when eyes keep silent on everything else. there are days when you’re not reaching out. there are days when the farthest your hands go are the slope of your own cheek, of your own mouth, feeling for the tell-tale curve. there are days when your hands don’t move at all.

    By tchaikovsky URL on 07.22.2014

  17. I am not sure if it is the past tense of ‘seek’? if so I seek for peace and I have also sought it before. Found it. Lost it.

    By Fariha Fairuz on 07.22.2014

  18. She had sought refuge in an internet cafe, but would soon need to venture out for funds. She wanted to contact her family, but even if she did, what could they do? She knew she had to get out of Japan without being spotted, but the people who could best help her with that were the ones she was trying to avoid.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.22.2014

  19. As the little girl combed through the grass below her, she became distraught. Where is this prized clover that she sought? Only the one with four leaves will do. Her white dress billowed in the fresh Dublin breeze and the hunt continued.

    By Larissa URL on 07.22.2014

  20. He sought her out. She was the one, the one who would complete him. Now all he had to do was convince her.

    By Jerri URL on 07.22.2014

  21. I sought you but couldn’t find you.. I wanted you but you wouldn’t want me back. I tried everything, I gave up my life, career, goals, aspirations, and yet my sacrifice was not appreciated.

    I became bitter, hateful and had a negative view of the world.

    Until I realized that I needed to be worth seeking…

    ‘Til it was you who sought me

    By J on 07.22.2014

  22. All her life she sought a love that would last never finding it. So she has lived her life alone and waited. But finally she has found a love that will be the best love that she has always dreamed of.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.22.2014

  23. I sought refuge. With this friend and that date, in my books, in a park, under my duvet, in a series of graphs at work. Refuge was 15000 miles away, in his arms.

    By stumbler URL on 07.22.2014

  24. I sought so much with such a small window to thread myself through. Because of it I shrunk. At first out of fear, then out of determination to fit.

    By Steven P. URL on 07.22.2014

  25. Looked for a helper to be my guide. Sought out a new country to move to when the helper could not be found. I sought for a man and found none. Bible verse.

    By sarah on 07.22.2014

  26. With a life of it’s own the blade sought out to sever the chains of her armour. Red Sonja stood topless, regretting her armour choice yet again.

    By Teh Kail URL on 07.22.2014

  27. She looked around the desolate forest. After finding the boy, she would need to find refuge. If you were in her shoes, you would be scared. But was she scared? Maybe you should ask her.

    By Fico24 URL on 07.22.2014

  28. the seams of my beige lining, on my cordoro pants,
    trot, pseudo sashaying across areas where wifi will connect me,
    syncrhonze me, wishfully I prance to another voice,
    hoping to hear, wishing to hear, someone who commends my plan,
    a plan for education and for progession to wealth,
    sought after my aspirations, I continue to strive,
    impediments forge in front of me–shakey promises and motionless sayings,
    I triumph because that’s all that I can do,
    is to keep on digging in the grave of my pastlife’s coffin,
    where death ends, new life begins!

    By Milad URL on 07.22.2014

  29. it is gained after searching for something. it is the actual action of searching for something of importance.

    By samer on 07.22.2014

  30. Sought: one dog for a person adamant in her non-love of dogs. Must be able to speak and prepare dinner.

    By vmontes URL on 07.22.2014