November 25th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “soon”

  1. Ich nahm die Haarbürste vom Fensterbrett, die Schlüssel vom Küchentisch und die Plastiktüte mit Müll vom Haken neben der Spüle. “Ich komme bald wieder”, sagte ich. Er weinte leise und wandte den Blick nicht vom Kalender ab.

    By Eli URL on 11.25.2012

  2. It was too soon, she said. But she didn’t fight me when I put the noose around my own neck. She just stood there to watch my personal execution. No tears. Just a kiss on the cheek and a farewell and just a tiny drop of regret in her otherwise emotionless voice.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.25.2012

  3. Soon I will be playing with my collection of post-war porcelain zombie-like dolls. Then they’ll all hear about me.

    By Ana on 11.25.2012

  4. All too soon we grow up. Leave home with grand ideas and adventurous plans. We take for granted those years when we were children, living in the comfort and safety of our parent’s warm homes, and think we will only find more of the same. And each and every one of us is mistaken.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 11.25.2012

  5. Soon. Soon. Soon. The fuck are you waiting for? There’s no soon, there’s only now and what was before. If you keep telling yourself that soon something’s gonna happen, then you’re screwed. For life.

    By Ana on 11.25.2012

  6. I think that soon someone will call the authorities. It has become evident you are not able to care for those who depend on you.

    By Barbara on 11.25.2012

  7. It’s getting hard to believe that you’re gonna find out your purpose. It’s getting hard to believe that soon you’ll be pleased with your life. I know one thing for sure. Soon we’re all gonna die.

    By Ana on 11.25.2012

  8. It was too soon. Far too soon. I could not imagine what was going to happen if they actually went through with this. The imagination could do so much damage. To turn it into reality would be disasterous! Why would they want to do something like that? I was unprepared. I had to think of something. And fast. But what? What

    By rachael on 11.25.2012

  9. Too soon to speak. Too soon to breathe. Too soon to do anything but let go, fall onto the bed, and stare up at the ceiling. Too soon to cry. Too soon to feel the sadness. The sadness, but not the pain. It wasn’t too soon to feel the pain.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.25.2012

  10. Someday soon I will be gone. Soon I will have moved on from wondering about you and worrying. I have to make that change because sitting here and feeling sad isn’t helping me. It is making me crazy just not understanding how you could leave me, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t look like you’re coming back. Soon I will only have distant memories of you and I…or at least that is what I am hoping for.

    By T on 11.25.2012

  11. soon i will be with you. yours. hopefully. but why? why now? i dont want to get hurt but inevitably that is what you will do.
    for now, i will be happy. i will say yes. i will be there. and soon you will be mine.

    By Layla on 11.25.2012

  12. I want to be better. more money. happier. stronger. healthier. better at life. better friend. better family member. better lover. better cook. faster. wiser. bigger. sooner. perfection. life as it is meant to be. love. want. need. have. can. do. I need it soon.

    By Muave on 11.25.2012

  13. Soon, I will find someone that will care for me. Soon my loneliness will disappear under my heart and open up something inside of me. Soon I’ll be an adult, time goes by all too quickly. Soon I’ll be free. Soon, I’ll be loved. Soon, soon, soon…

    By paige URL on 11.25.2012

  14. Many things in life come too soon, and some don’t come soon enough. The things you want, you have to wait for, and the things you do’t want, come along and slap you in the face. Its because like isn’t fair. It does what it wants, regardless of if its too soon for you or not. Many people experience things to early in life, too soon.

    By AnnieB URL on 11.25.2012

  15. Soon I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted. Not really, but soon is a hopeful word. Soon is a wishful word. Soon. Soon could be tomorrow. Soon could be in a week, a month, a year. Five years. Soon is not a real amount of time.

    By Katie on 11.25.2012

  16. Today happy not having to wait impatient to get going see you soon happy times in the sun.

    By Michelle on 11.25.2012

  17. i am going to arrive soon she said. please hurry up! i need you so much right now. If she doesn’t come i will surely die

    By Katrina on 11.25.2012

  18. She waited. Pondering what life could be like without the faint musk of failure trailing behind her, rendering her useless. And it wasn’t clear, no, it never really had been. But she knew it wasn’t another person she needed. Not another job. No, what she needed was a new life. Her next turn. And she’d get it. Soon.

    By Trey URL on 11.25.2012

  19. It was too soon. To soon to tell, the secret I had hidden from you. If only you knew. But what else can I do?

    By Kirstyn on 11.25.2012

  20. It is too soon to think of losing least we try.It is too soon to feel lost, tired, hurt, woebegone.

    By maigha on 11.25.2012

  21. “So soon?” she asked with a feeling of gloom. “Yes, my dear i was hoping i could have said to watch this process but i surely can not.” as he laughed with malce. “What process?” as a odd feeling came about her “Wha-Whats going on”. “thats enough questions for now you will find out with time” he said with a look of pure evil on his face.

    By Katrina on 11.25.2012

  22. soon i’ll be a graduate from high school. soon i’ll be in college. soon i’ll be married. soon i’ll be a mother. soon i’ll be turning 50. soon i’ll be traveling the world. soon i’ll be wrinkly and old. soon i’ll be on the brink of death. soon.

    By Jules on 11.25.2012

  23. “I miss you terribly right now. But I promise I’ll come find you as soon as it is my time to go. I promise,” I murmur as I lay the last rose on the grave. After 60 years of wonderful times, he had finally left me. I have no idea when we will be reunited, but I know that the day is coming. For my bones are growing weary, and I can feel my body starting to falter. Soon, my beloved. Soon.

    By Izzie on 11.25.2012

  24. soon is the feelings that causes me to swoon.
    1 minute passes and I think she’s almost here.
    she said she’d be here.
    2 minutes pass and doubt starts to creep up upon me like a storm cloud.
    3 4 5 minutes pass.

    She’ll get here soon. I’m sure of it.

    It won’t be like before.

    I waited for an eternity but you never came to me my love.

    By austin on 11.25.2012

  25. soon is soon enough but all will collapse when the sun dies out smiling from afar her hair is braided but close enough our breath matches the words we pull from the sky. nevermind. our hair is intertwined. calling us from downstairs mother holds the pot in her left hand, in her right is the stairs.

    By xBrian URL on 11.25.2012

  26. Forever will come soon. But she said that it wasn’t so. How soon will it be before you’re just a memory? Images burned on rolls of film, waiting to be recycled in some distant land…soon it will be over.

    By Wolf and Chain URL on 11.25.2012

  27. Soon we’ll be together in a tent trailer up north where the stars shine almost as bright as the stars in your eyes and blankets are a necessity. Soon it will just me snuggled up in the crook of your elbow, falling asleep in the cool night air.

    By marengo URL on 11.25.2012

  28. Soon is when it will happen. Soon is when he is coming. Soon. No one knows exactly when, just soon. If he doesn’t come soon, million peoples’ of lives will be safe.

    By Christian Guild on 11.25.2012

  29. Laying here all alone, taking heavy dose of pain isn’t how it should be. I shouldn’t be getting hurt. I should be living my life to the fullest accomplishing my dreams. But, soon enough I will be. I turn 18 next month.

    By Christian Kool URL on 11.25.2012

  30. soon i will be happy. soon tyler will be happy. soon everything will fall into place. soon i will be free of this house that haunts me. soon i will be on my own & living the life i want to be. soon.

    By Sara on 11.25.2012

  31. The light is slowly fading. Her warmth is slowly dying. Too soon the coals have fled, so soon I will be crying.

    By Robert URL on 11.25.2012

  32. Soon i will be who i want to be and no one can stop me!!!! I will make it. i promise you. There is so much more to me then you know. i am amazing

    By Alice on 11.25.2012

  33. soon i would be able to leave, forget. i would be able to move on with my life. i am not saying my life is over because my accident didn’t do that to me. i guess afterwards is what actually made me start to actually take in all that happened. i am sure you are wondering what my accident was and i am going to tell you. it all started when i went to the local diner. i was craving some nice eggs and bacon after a long day at work. then after i finished and left i got into my car and started to drive. it had been snowing that morning so the roads were still slick because i live in a small town and everyone can’t afford to have it plowed and/or salted. so as i was driving i was making sure i was going slow enough to not lose traction. then that’s when the man in the big red pickup truck came up behind me. i knew him because when you live in a small town you know everyone. i went to school with him too. you could consider him the town stud, because of his famous career as a high school football jock. anyways, he came up beside me and waved. but i kept my eyes on the road like a good driver. i guess that didn’t make him very happy. i guess you can know what happened next. that one action of his put me in the hospital. in a coma. for six months.
    and once i woke up and put my life back together, i forgave him and got a job. and it just so happens that another someone worked there. and that certain someone who is called johnny fell in love with me. this angered my ex which would be the man who put me in the hospital. and now i want to run away and finally release myself from my ex-boyfriend dave.
    soon i keep telling myself soon.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.25.2012

  34. My eyes fly open. My hair is plastered to my forehead with sweat, and my body is trembling so violently, I’m shaking the chair. My hand is stiff from gripping the fabric of my dress too tightly.

    “Please,” I sob, as he approaches me, burying my face in his shirt. “I don’t want to do this again.”

    He touches my face lightly, his eyes welling with pity. “I know,” he whispers. “It’ll all be over soon.”

    By Abbey URL on 11.25.2012

  35. “soon.”
    “Soon. i promise.”
    He brooded over her words. What if it was too late by then? he couldn’t wait to find out. he ran from the ballroom in a sudden haste he had never seen in himself before.

    By charlotte on 11.25.2012

  36. It’s too soon, she thought blindly. Panic threatened to overwhelm her, like bubbles of seafoam rising in the back of her throat that one time she’d tried and failed to scuba dive. She opens her mouth to scream and something dark and irony pours into her throat like a siren’s song.

    By Marmaroth URL on 11.25.2012

  37. secrets aren’t secrets when they aren’t being kept from anyone.

    everyday i hate and hate until my face turns ashy black. (or maybe green. i don’t know how visible i am anymore.)
    i want to scream from the rooftop, “I’M TURNING INTO DUST, AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP”.
    but the sound of rushing cars below is loud enough to drown out even the rush of blood in my ears.
    (i want to know what love is any kind at all. i want to know if i am even capable of it. )

    your eyes spot black when you talk to me. you are mournful, grieving for the girl you used to be, once. she had crooked teeth and a penchant for peach-colored dresses.
    the sensuous feel of anger wells up again, licking in black strokes. i welcome the nostalgia.

    By invinculis URL on 11.25.2012

  38. soon it will be time. Time for me to make a big decision. One that will affect every single person on the earth. It will affect you. You and your family, friends, relatives, teachers, peers. Everyone.

    It is my and only my decision.

    Yes? Or no? What shall I pick…

    Only a few seconds left to decide…


    I choose…

    By Tatiana URL on 11.25.2012

  39. i will speak to you
    of morning time and apple juice
    and we will cry in delight
    over that sudden day
    and that sudden night

    By sterlingale on 11.25.2012

  40. soon i will have to wait again. soon doesnt exist. it is a term of relativity which is both always and never true. soon i will move out of my parents and fall deeply in love, get married. buy a house. have a career doing something, i dont know what, and have beautiful twin girls.

    By laurel on 11.25.2012