November 25th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “soon”

  1. it will be

    By dani on 11.25.2012

  2. as soon as I can
    as soon as I will
    as soon as things come together in
    a particular way

    but not a moment before soon
    will any of this happen
    but I’m sure that it will happen

    By beckenbocker URL on 11.25.2012

  3. “Soon,” said the message on her door — written in the blood of birds. She shrieked and wept, not realizing the threat was a message from herself.

    By ewelina r URL on 11.25.2012

  4. She stared blankly at the empty space where the plane used to be. Couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She had it in her hands! She was minutes away from it all. In an instant, every little hope she had in her was gone. How she longed her mother’s arms around her, telling her over and over again that everything is going to be ok. Her last phone conversation with her mother was on repeat in her head. “Don’t worry mama. I’ll be home soon.”

    By Hilyann URL on 11.25.2012

  5. Sooner or later the moment will catch up with you.After that you can fantasize about the future.

    By marylee on 11.25.2012

  6. soon. She said. Soon. She threw on her tea cup dress and bolted out the door. her tresses bouncing behind her. She flew through the door only to be caught mid-jump down the stairs. They were here. He was dead. And she… herself, was gone.

    By SMejorado URL on 11.25.2012

  7. soon. Shoon. from sean connery. that’s cute and funny. why is it cute? because jamie always says soon like shoon. except it never ends up being soon. it ends up being a while….or not at all. :\ soon should come faster.

    By daz on 11.25.2012

  8. Soon the holidays will be upon us and I will again be overwhelmed … with tasks, activities, expectations, and guilt. It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, yet it haunts me with memories from the past that are not necessarily & pleasant. I hate ti and wonder when will I be able to finally truly forgive myself.

    By sally on 11.25.2012

  9. soon is never soon enough, but when your trying to wait for something, soon happens too fast. soon while your a child is never close. your parents tell you that something will happen soon so you wait and wait anticipating when this soon will be. as an adult you despise soon. soon always comes along too quickly.

    By autumn on 11.25.2012

  10. soon.. soon she is going to ask me out. and i am so very excited. Im not even sure why. its not like we arent already dating. But i am very excited over the fact that she is putting all this effort into asking me out. i feel special, loved. I like it.

    By stefanie on 11.25.2012

  11. Soon all will disappear
    The beauty will be a mere
    Reflection in a hallow pond
    Grass filled, they are fond

    By Susan on 11.25.2012

  12. a place or thing that will come quickly and will be fast or sometimes will do something of a sort in a timely manor. soon is not a noun but an adjective and is very overused. maybe a thesaurus could help simple minded people.

    By Sienna on 11.25.2012

  13. Quicker than ever he jumped the stairs. Praying that he would reach the top soon.

    By yoe676 URL on 11.25.2012

  14. “She’ll be here soon.”

    “Thank…thank God.”

    “Will you be okay until then?”

    I take the dish rag she’s offering me and proceed to wipe the sweat off my face. Of course, now my skin gets all dry from the soap. “Yeah. I’ll be fine.”

    Her face doesn’t change. “That was pretty bad, Frankie. You looked like you were going to pass out.”

    “I know.”

    I let the dish rag hang limply from my clammy fist.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.25.2012

  15. And soon was the word he chose. the infinite word that could mean any time, any amount of time, anything in time. He chose this word to hold all essence of time and support time as it flowed ever onward, like the thick rock bed of a raging torrent of water…

    By Fred on 11.25.2012

  16. “Soon, Marguerite. I promise, We just have to wait for Daddy to get home.” I remember that’s what my mother said, sixteen years ago, the day my father died. All I wanted was an ice cream cone. Now, all I want is him.

    By Daisy on 11.25.2012

  17. Of the main things in life, I have felt that sadness and depression comes out soon to devour your entire day as compared to happiness or lust

    By John on 11.25.2012

  18. Moon, toon, loon, June,

    By ceez on 11.25.2012

  19. Soon there will be nothing left.
    Nothing left of who you are.
    Your thoughts will slowly fade,
    And you will fall to sleep in the black noise,
    That surrounds us all.

    By Brendan Stoneham on 11.25.2012

  20. Soon it will be Christmas. Soon enough, at least. I’m excited. I just love the tree. It smells so good. And the lights. Twinkly lights. Fairy lights. Happy lights, happy thoughts.

    By M URL on 11.25.2012

  21. Soon I will be dead. I won’t have to worry about who is chasing me, whether or not my family is safe, if people are my friends or enemies. Because it won’t matter . . . I’ll be dead.
    Soon, soon I hope it will come, cloaking me in its darkness. The pain I am enduring is too much, too excruciating. When they come, I hope that they’ll finish me off quickly- they’ll see that I truly do not know anything of consequence.
    Soon I hope my deliverance will come.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 11.25.2012

  22. Soon, I will be old enough to be younger, to be old enough to not have to be how old I really am. Age is a number but I don’t have to own it be it. I am ageless.

    By Nadasleep URL on 11.25.2012

  23. I can’t. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get out. I can’t wait to get out and be free. It’ll all be over. Soon. So soon.

    By Grace URL on 11.25.2012

  24. Soon Christmas is coming up. Soon I will be in one room with my big crazy family. It’s always a blast with them. Soon we will be passing around the presents and drinking some nice, warm hot chocolate and telling our wild and crazy “family” stories.

    By Brooke Bursch on 11.25.2012

  25. I will be home for Christmas. I will be in shape. I will be performing again. I will be with people I love. I will remember how to be happy. I will love again, maybe. I will smile for no reason.

    By Nadia on 11.25.2012

  26. soon
    he said as i stepped out of the prison cell
    i wasn’t completely aware of what he was talking about but by the way he pointed that knife at me i suspected he was going to hurt me. i walked comely out and made sure he couldn’t notice the fear in my eyes. he was 6 foot and around 200llbs he cold easily kill me, but i wasn’t about to let him know that.

    By isabella URL on 11.25.2012

  27. Soon I hope to someday enjoy many parts of the world. Unknown to me me, see beautiful colorful parts tof life. To be interested in new cultures and live in interesting enviroments temporarily!

    By Caity on 11.25.2012

  28. “You will see her soon,” they said. Soon. Sure.
    The next time I saw her was in the reflection of a shop window at a busy outdoor mall. It had been fifteen years since the lady in the suit handed my sister and me a duffle bag each. “For clothes.”
    Between the mannequins in the store front, I sew her pause on the opposite side of the street. Her jeans were ripped her hair had been pulled back, but it hadn’t been brushed or cut recently so it sat in what our mother would call a rat’s nest on the back of her head. She was wearing backpack and had a duffle bag which slung across her chest and rested on her right hip. She stared at something though I couldn’t tell what, and why should I care? She was just some homeless girl.
    I continued to window shop.
    But wait.
    That face. I knew that face.
    I turned, but she was gone. My little sister, torn from me again.

    By Willow URL on 11.25.2012

  29. have you ever slept inside a closed red tulip and woke to watch the morning most glorious crimson glow moments before it opens?

    By drew URL on 11.25.2012

  30. there is not much time left.But there is enough time to do what is necessary because if it is necessary it will get done. Everything of importance will get done whether you like it or not.

    By Nicole on 11.25.2012

  31. Soon. You see it as a meme, you hear it as a warning, you think of it with anticipation. Soon.
    Could also be the last name of a chinese guy. Soon could mean a new baby. Soon could mean a new adventure. Soon could mean losing your house. Soon

    By Lexi Anna URL on 11.25.2012

  32. My love, have you ever slept inside a closed red tulip and woke to watch the morning’s most glorious crimson glow moments before it opens to the world like I wish you would.

    By drew URL on 11.25.2012

  33. My love, have you ever slept inside a closed red tulip and woke to watch the morning’s most glorious crimson glow moments before it opens up for me like I wish you would.

    By drew URL on 11.25.2012

  34. soon I will be there to stop your tears and lift your spirit. Soon the world will end in an explosion of glory and magnificence. It won’t matter because we’ll be together soon. Soon is what I’ll

    By Rose Bryant on 11.25.2012

  35. Soon, my dear, it will be soon. The moment draws nearer with each tick of the clock. Soon the bridge will burn and the sword will separate bone from marrow. But you will be safe. That’s all I care about.

    By aura.rayne URL on 11.25.2012

  36. Soon we will be together. Soon we will have the times of our lives, Soon things will change. Soon I will know how I want to live. Why cant soon be now.

    By Mickay on 11.25.2012

  37. soon, soon as I get back. So soon, never soon enough. Fuck soon, what about now? Soon it will all be over, sooner or later we’ll all be gone. As soon as I get back.

    By Rayhan on 11.25.2012

  38. after coming from school I felt like i needed to get something that change my mind.. soon I enter to the military process and achieve my very top goal.

    By Juan E M P on 11.25.2012

  39. Soon it will dissapear. Soon is idiot. Soon. So Soon. Son. Or sun, Im bored. Ja sad stvarno trebam uciti. :)

    Jel kraj


    By d on 11.25.2012

  40. Always too soon. Soon is never referred to thankfully, at least, not usually. Everyone wants it to be soon but when soon finally comes it always seems to come too soon. Too soon, too soon, soon is a trivial matter of time. Time is up soon.

    By Kels on 11.25.2012