November 12th, 2012 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “somebody”

  1. He was a rather cold man, his purple hair hung shaggily over his eye-patch. His midnight black eyes were beautiful and cold. He was the somebody everyone noticed. He was Taito Shion, and he was a beautiful man.

    By Chloe on 11.12.2012

  2. Somebody once told me about their issue with itchy thighs. I couldn’t believe that there was someone else out there with the same problem. It was so nice to converse about our itchy thighs and how we deal with them. This “somebody” takes a cactus to itch their thighs. I was so impressed by their ways that I tried it for myself. What a joke that was. It just made my thighs itch even worse. Stupid itchy thigh syndrome.

    By Heidi URL on 11.12.2012

  3. somebody somebody somebody listen to me i m dying i m dead in the cloud of artistry

    love me and help me
    i m dead
    somebody listen to my prayers
    god listen to me
    i am perishing under these dinning room lights
    chandeliers i am dying
    somebody listen to me

    By Moises Gonzalez URL on 11.12.2012

  4. somebody used to be here
    and now, there
    beside the bed
    there is nobody left,
    where somebody was.

    i am somebody,
    but without your somebody,
    nobody arises
    and takes my place.

    By ES on 11.12.2012

  5. Somebody might not love you, in the truest sense. You need to know that that is okay, it’s alright if someone doesn’t like you. It’s alright if you stay positive, and true to yourself

    By nikhi on 11.12.2012

  6. Somebody that I used to know. Isn’t that how we all view our exes? And now, this song perfectly describes the emotions of all those who have been through a bitter breakup. Maybe this is the artist’s way of reaching out? Isn’t that what music is? An expression, a connection that makes us feel as if we are not alone.

    By Em on 11.12.2012

  7. He wasn’t a nobody, to say the least. Everyone knew him. But why wouldn’t they? He was perfect in every way, or so people thought. He wasn’t like the rest, he was well known, loved; he was somebody.

    By Aimless-A-Smiles URL on 11.12.2012

  8. that i used to know. i remember when that somebody was a person that i’d never know and that somebody was, but could have been myself. and that somebody probably felt the same way as me, even though i would never know the truth, you see? because that somebody who was me, had never seen me. he was nobody.

    By Matthew on 11.12.2012

  9. Someday, she will meet somebody that is worth something in her life. But maybe, that somebody may just be worth everything. Somebody, anybody, show her what she’s worth.

    By Waaanyih URL on 11.12.2012

  10. somebody I don’t know. the white, pale man, the rain, grey suits, hats, cases, shiny shoes. no face. why don’t I know him? do I, but do I not remember? what does he mean? what dream is this?

    By Bam on 11.12.2012

  11. Somebody took the cake from MacArthur Park anyway. Good thing too! It had been there for eight weeks and was getting pretty rancid.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.12.2012

  12. Somebody saw me, somebody told me, somebody sold me the rights to life. who has the right to sell somebody life? anyone with something that somebody else needs.

    By lyshkong URL on 11.12.2012

  13. Somebody somewhere somnambulizes in solemn soles.

    By Marianne URL on 11.12.2012

  14. Is it something?
    Something that answers the question that led to my
    Is it something?
    Or somebody?

    By Georgia McClain on 11.12.2012

  15. I just…I need somebody. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my friends. I saw them this weekend for the first time in a long time. I just worry too much. Life is hard. You just have to keep going. It hurts, sometimes. But it can also be the greatest thing ever. i think that’s the good part about life. You meet other people. And you always will find that special someone, whether or not it’s meant to be…who cares? just live. Focus on the present and don’t get caught up in the past like me. It’s not worth it.

    By Leo Angulo URL on 11.12.2012

  16. I hope with all of the flames in my soul that somebody out there will share and understand my mind in its darkest most abstract caverns without sunshine

    By Ara URL on 11.12.2012

  17. Somebody in this world. Could you grow up to be somebody? A person that people look up to. Not just anybody, SOMEbody. If you could be something, wouldnt you just want to be somebody? Not just a person that walks around with no future or real life.

    By Samantha on 11.12.2012

  18. Just another person in the world with their own lives and problems.

    By Eden URL on 11.12.2012

  19. Someday I will meet somebody. I don’t know when, where or how but I will and that person will change my life. I don’t know how but they will and I will thank them for shining a light on my soul. Thank you somebody out there who will save me, strengthen me, or love me.

    By Genie on 11.12.2012

  20. somebody i used to know, just left. for good, and to make myself sure that i can go with out him.

    Maybe im happy alone, maybe its not true that you need love to be happy and full .

    By nayeli URL on 11.12.2012

  21. that i used to know. Now she’s with someone she’s always known, and I should have known. It’s all for the best though, it always is. If it weren’t, fuck man…don’t wanna think about that.

    By John on 11.12.2012

  22. Somebody hold me,
    tell me I’m somewhat sane.
    Someone teach me
    what I can do to love myself again.
    I don’t know why,
    but sometimes somebody new,
    Is who we need to fix us again.

    By Ivory on 11.12.2012

  23. somebody can tell you everything about them;
    they can be brave
    or scared
    or alone
    or maybe none of these things
    at all.

    By Brett on 11.12.2012

  24. just somebody i saw on the streets, somebody that i wanted to meet. somebody that stole my heart, with just less than a simple greet.

    By ashley straub on 11.12.2012

  25. this somebody with that somebody. too bad he’s all some body and she’s all slum body.

    By ericamintu URL on 11.12.2012

  26. that I used to know. Now she’s with someone she’s always known. And I should have known. But it’s all for the best. It always is. It has to be. If it weren’t..fuck I don’t wanna think about that.

    By John URL on 11.12.2012

  27. lies near the river. somebody
    sings to the sky.

    By violet on 11.12.2012

  28. somebody once told me i was pretty. i’ve forgotten their face and how old they were. but sometimes i wonder if they’ve forgotten me. do you ever forget someone you think is pretty? i hope they havent forgotten me. it seems as if everyone else has.

    By Brooke URL on 11.12.2012

  29. I was that somebody. I never wanted to be the nobody, or just anybody. I wanted to be that somebody. But instead, I lost everything. I was the somebody who wanted to die, to hurt herself. I was the somebody that lost control of her emotions. I am that somebody.

    By Faith URL on 11.12.2012

  30. Everybody trys to be somebody. Anybody but themselves. IT seems that they are not content with themselves, and find that others are better than they are. Somebody always has it better, more and lots of it. Somebody can be everybody.

    By mellijay URL on 11.12.2012

  31. I wanted this to be mine, some day. Not today.
    Today I am no body
    Not my own
    And I rest in it, and in your smile
    We nobodies share smiles like secrets that build someday
    to somebodies

    By Jessi on 11.12.2012

  32. Everybody, loves, somebody…

    By paulie aragon on 11.12.2012

  33. Somebody loves you. Somebody always loves you. No matter who you are, or what you do, or what you’ve done in the past there is always somebody there for you. This kills some people. It kills me. Mostly because I don’t believe it I don’t believe I’m good enough for somebody to love unconditionally – there’s always a condition. There’s always a ‘but’.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 11.12.2012

  34. Our differences make us the same.
    Our similarities make us different.
    There it is,

    written on the wall.

    For you to see before your lids droop deep down

    into the darkness you are scared to know.

    Kiss it. It will kiss you back,

    sweetly, smoothly,

    This doesn’t feel right this doesn’t feel right this doesn’t feel right.

    Don’t make love to one you don’t love.

    By Jason URL on 11.12.2012

  35. I used to wish i was somebody else. Sometimes I still do…

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 11.12.2012

  36. Somebody told me once that he loved me, but I didn’t know him. They hr me that hr would wait for me and would do anything for me. He told me he would never leave my side. He told me he died for me and was beaten and his hands were pierced with nails for me. Now he lives for me.

    By sturmzie on 11.12.2012

  37. somebody i used to know; a friend a lover a mother a wife a brother. people somebody peoples; wonder, luster, love. a blunder, human. shape being, some being. somebody.

    By Alistair Wressnigg on 11.12.2012

  38. somebody once told me that if you didn’t get your first kiss by your 16th birthday, you wouldn’t have a ‘sweet 16’ and you would have a sucky rest of your dating life. she was totally wrong. don’t follow expectations and don’t waste your first kiss on someone who’s going to break your heart, just so you can say you’ve made out with someone before you turned 16.

    By d on 11.12.2012

  39. somebody told me he loved me. he told me that i was perfect and special and not like other girls. he lied. i was just like all the other girls whose hearts he broke.

    By amy on 11.12.2012

  40. everybody needs somebody.
    everybody needs some body.
    every body needs some body.
    every body needs somebody.

    By analea maria URL on 11.12.2012