November 12th, 2012 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “somebody”

  1. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know. We didn’t have to part ways. Or say goodbye to the good ol’ days of hellos and goodbyes. I catch your eye but you look right through me, like we have never really met. I thought we were friends. Is this our end? I see now that what’s past is gone and left behind.

    By umbazachika URL on 11.12.2012

  2. She smiled at the boy, who wore nothing but black and white. She handed him a letter that said “I am glad somebody cares for me, and loves me so,” And he blushed and shed a tear, A wet hot tear. He had never known nobody cared for her as much as him. She looked up and she was gone.

    By Neko Kiba Chosensei on 11.12.2012

  3. There’s no way I can write this quickly enough. Somebody could be anybody. I think of a million people. A billion, a gajillion.
    I actually thought of Smash Mouth. Such shame. Keep writing.

    By KLT on 11.12.2012

  4. Somebody once told me that I could be anybody I wanted to be… that I could do anything I set my mind to. It’s easy for somebody to say that, though. To achieve such a thing is not so simple. I cannot look at somebody and go

    By Nathaly on 11.12.2012

  5. He was a nobody – at least by their standards. But he had the sun in his smile, and the stars in his eyes.

    And he was more of a somebody than they could ever be.

    By Abbey URL on 11.12.2012

  6. Somebody. You have always been somebody to me. More than any other that has come into my life. I can’t put my finger on what makes you more to me than others. All I can articulate is that you are somebody. Somebody quite indescribable. Sometimes somebody impossible. Impossible in only the way you can be. Impossibly sweet. Impossibly kind. Impossibly pure. Impossibly you. Impossibly somebody almost intangible but you have let me come close enough to glimpse that somebody that is you.

    By rio on 11.12.2012

  7. somebody told me that, I don’t really care for that song by the Killer’s. My first thought was of the Beatles, but I don’t know if they have a song called somebody. My mind is going to something in the way she moves…that seems like cheating though.

    By Tay on 11.12.2012

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    By reyes on 11.12.2012

  9. somebody’s outside, going for a ride
    in the car. too bad the car just died

    By looney on 11.12.2012

  10. that somebody that sits in the back of the room with a book. a BOOK! not an iphone… and they stare at you when they finish their page. you look back at those breathtaking eyes and try to look at the mystery. he has shaggy black. nothing like the ‘justin bieber haicut’…. you see a couple tatoos and wonder what they represent…yes a real mystery, you think to yourself. one that you need to uncover…

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.12.2012

  11. That’s what she wanted to be. She wanted to be known, to be remembered. She didn’t want to be alone. Not anymore.

    By Grace URL on 11.12.2012

  12. Somebody. Anybody. Everybody. I need help. I’m drowning in a sea of hate and lies. Somebody, anybody, everybody, please help me. Please, pull up. I’m going under. The evil water is seepimg into my lungs. Darkness is overcoming me. Help! Please! Somebody. Anybody. Everybody. I need help.

    By Secret URL on 11.12.2012

  13. Please. I need somebody. They make fun of him for being seemingly needy and irritating but I know how he is feeling. Nobody listens. I can’t believe that they can’t see our cry for help. Sift out all of the dust.

    By Sarah on 11.12.2012

  14. i used to know somebody, her name was Dani. Dani Minor, she was my best friend in early elementary school. I remember she had a nice smile a beauty mark on her cheek, loved limited too and was overweight. I remember how we became best friends-because ive recounted the story, i had recounted it countless times for i was so ecstastic about making my first best friend in the first grade.:)

    By Estelle Ostroff on 11.12.2012

  15. Some bodies,
    draw the curtains,
    because they don’t
    want to let
    somebody in.
    Some bodies,
    lay in the shade,
    the sun
    else’s spotlight.
    And some bodies,
    stay inside,
    it’s warmer than outside.

    By Mikaela URL on 11.12.2012

  16. She is somebody. She sure is.
    He is somebody. Definitely.
    From, one somebody to the other, they’d be perfect for each other.
    Hey, could I find somebody for me?

    By sarah on 11.12.2012

  17. I once knew somebody whose name I can’t remember now. He meant something to me, but whatever that was means nothing now. I couldn’t tell you why this was significant to me at one time. I wish I could. That time is long gone. Time is a curious thing like that. One minute, somebody means everything adn in the next, they mean nothing.

    By suzie on 11.12.2012

  18. I used to know somebody who meant a lot to me. It was all beautiful once. Now we don’t even talk anymore. It is a little bit like we never knew each other. I still think about that somebody a lot. I wonder what somebody is doing now.

    By me on 11.12.2012

  19. you think you’re somebody. Maybe you are.
    but who are you? what is in your mind and in your heart?

    By Robin on 11.12.2012

  20. Somebody can be anybody. Anybody can be a somebody. But not everyone wants to be a somebody so not everyone is a somebody. But what defines somebody? Because everyone has a characteristic and passion that makes them a somebody. But other bodies think that that somebody doesn’t deserve to be the body that that somebody is. Everyone needs to find somebody, and then they will feel like they too can be a somebody worth being.

    By Katrina on 11.12.2012

  21. On the train, I look across at the beautiful Indian woman sitting near me. She is outrageously busy, her bag is bustling and her phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Inevitably, she is, indeed, somebody.

    By Priya on 11.12.2012

  22. somebody wants you
    somebody will hold you and kiss you and tell you the three words
    you want to hear
    somebody thinks youre the most beautiful person on the planet
    and just wants
    somebody will kiss you and hug you and cuddle with you
    somebody wants to be the person always there for you
    somebody wants to make you happy

    By hannah URL on 11.12.2012

  23. Can be anyone. But who is it?
    Somebody can be anyone, can it be you to?

    By JornStrand on 11.12.2012

  24. somebody that i used to know… you are somebody that i used to know. i knew you better than anyone else, and you’ve gone and changed. you are no longer you. you’re just somebody that i used to know. i don’t know what to do without you. the real you, not this new one. tell me what to do…

    By Madeleine on 11.12.2012

  25. Maybe there’s somebody out there for me. Maybe there isn’t. But if there is, I wish they would show up faster. I sound like a desperate little girl right now and maybe I am. But I really want my somebody to show up. I’m ready for that somebody. I keep thinking that I’ve found that somebody but… I never have.

    By Abby on 11.12.2012

  26. you made me somebody. without you, i’m nobody. now you’re somebody i don’t know, somebody i used to know. i don’t know what to do, or who i am without you.

    By Virginia URL on 11.12.2012

  27. The word’s awful nonspecific –
    Some, maybe all,
    maybe none

    But maybe if it doesn’t bother you, that maybe you’re somebody,
    And I’m somebody
    Maybe we could be something

    By Northernsong URL on 11.12.2012

  28. That I used to know. Somebody once told me that I could just be myself and it would be fine. I wish that somebody could tell me HOW to be myself, but it’s fine. Every day is a learning experience, about myself, my beliefs, my values, and everything else.

    By Nigel Huckle on 11.12.2012

  29. Somebody is waiting for you, whoever you are. Everyone has a soulmate that God has put on this Earth for you. If you haven’t met them yet, don’t be discouraged. You will. In this life or the next, somebody is waiting for you. <3

    By Lindsey Wiedeman on 11.12.2012

  30. somebody is crying right now. somebody out there is taking a razor to their perfect skin. somebody out there isn’t eating dinner tonight because they don’t want to gain pounds. somebody out there is getting bullied. somebody out there is contemplating suicide. somebody out there just took their life. the point of this post is that somebody out there is hurting, whether it be your sibling or an acquaintance you know. so please, treat everybody the way you’d like to be treated. you never know what they’re going through.

    By Emily Margaret URL on 11.12.2012

  31. We are all going to be
    some day to
    some one of
    some importance to

    We just need to find out who we are first.

    By nikkibacas URL on 11.12.2012

  32. Somebody is watching me right now. I don’t know where they are, but I can feel their eyes on me. I don’t know what their intention is…but I can tell that it’s not good. I am in danger. There is no one else around. Call for help.

    By Sarah on 11.12.2012

  33. Somebody just knocked on the front door. I wonder whether I should answer or not, I stare in the direction of the door for a few minutes. Somebody insists, more violently than before. I move back a few steps, weighing my escape possibilities. Somebody grabs and turns the doorknob, as slowly as a doorknob can be turned…

    By Alen Milian Gannon on 11.12.2012

  34. somebody


    By Alice on 11.12.2012

  35. somebody to know and be with. to talk, to do nothing, to enjoy.

    By paulina andreu URL on 11.12.2012

  36. Somebody sees me through their window, while I am sitting on the fence in a field. Open the door that appears from the wheat. I’ll take your extended hand to join you in the grey.

    By KT on 11.12.2012

  37. I could just feel that somebody was inside the house with me. Well maybe not somebody, but something. I stopped what i was doing and listened as hard as I could. I heard the slight creaking of the floor as someone crept closer to my bedroom. Than in one breath I could feel somebody’s breath on the back of my neck. I didn’t move, I couldn’t move. The hair on my body strung up and chills went down my spine. The air around me suddenly got cold and I was chilled to the bone. The things breath got closer to my neck. It breathed it a little more as if inhaling my scent.Than in the blink of an eye, pain surged through my body as he bit into my flesh.

    By Manon L. URL on 11.12.2012

  38. Somebody? I mean, when you look at it, that stupid song Somebody That I Used To Know, would definitely pop to mind. God. Can you even? Somebody? Somebody can be everyone. That fucking kid that use to annoy you all the time on the bus. Or something.

    By Marcia URL on 11.12.2012

  39. there is somebody in the air; i sense him. somebody who, in days past, wouldn’t listen to the whispers i allowed to escape my foggy brain into the relentless nothingness of the night.

    By isabella on 11.12.2012

  40. As I walked home this morning, I crossed someone wearing a bright orange coat, under it peeked out a lace black hem. She had her hair tied up on top of her hair, and held herself like a real somebody. Who’s she? Just somebody.

    By Ginger URL on 11.12.2012