December 8th, 2011 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “sneaky”

  1. it creeps up it whispers in your ear it asks that you give it your soul otherwise you won’t get what you want it holds your hand but you can’t see it you can only feel it’s grasp around your neck forcing you to say ‘i love you’ never have i met anything sneakier than love.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.08.2011

  2. I believe there are many ways to be sneaky. One of the easiest ways is through emotion. One can fool the naked eye with an act of happiness when they are truly in pain. One can pull a man/woman along with misleading emotions just by holding a decent conversation. Emotions can be a sneaky trick that only some master minds can & will accomplish.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 12.08.2011

  3. A fox is sneaky. Fred and George are sneaky when they are doing pranks. Sneaky means that you are trying not to be seen. A spy has to be sneaky.

    By Damaris URL on 12.08.2011

  4. Sneaking down the hall, looking through the crack of her door. Light was flooding from her room into the small hall as she took sneaky steps into the silent home. She was getting ready to look for her Christmas presents while her parents slept. But she wasn’t quite an expert, as she got caught.

    By Emily Hope URL on 12.08.2011

  5. Sneaky is not entirely a bad thing. To be sneaky you have to be able to hide things; mostly the truth but that doesn’t always have to be bad. You can sneakily leave love notes lying around for your little crush? You could organise a suprise birthday party after sneakily prying to find out the persons favourite things? Sneaky isn’t always bad, sneaky just gets a bad press.

    By Jenny URL on 12.08.2011

  6. “How’d you get here so fast?!”
    “I’m sneaky sir. Sneaky sneaky.” ;)
    ~ Mr. Deeds <3

    By Allie URL on 12.08.2011

  7. I sneak under the streetlights, their orange glow casting a shadow on the gun I hold. The gun is black and cold and heavy clutched in my fingers. I hurry up to the window, no lights on inside. Holding my breath, I peer inside. She’s asleep. I exhale and open the window- just barely so the barrel of my gun fits inside. I aim at the sleeping lump on the bed. Tears run down my face as I see her blond hair and peaceful face. And I pull the trigger. I tip, falling, and collapse on the wet ground.
    Everything leaves me.

    By Isabella URL on 12.08.2011

  8. I’m going to say it one more time.
    You’re too sneaky for my own good.
    You’ve been infiltrating my mind for the past day.
    Running about, hiding before I can quite find you – just that general sense that you’re there, though, has got me all in a tizzy. I can’t think.
    You’re messing this up for me.
    Or hadn’t you known quite yet?
    Oh yes… Yes…

    By Lancir URL on 12.08.2011

  9. The sneaky words that Camus planted in that book – tricking me all the way back to the very first part. At the time, those words had no meaning. Just his absurdist doctrine, taking on the look of realism, disguised in a white-washed paperback. But that nurse, mini Ratched, was right. There is no way out. And now is the only time Meursault knows it.

    By Talia URL on 12.08.2011

  10. Sneaking? Like hobbitses? There is one thing I never get tired of, and thats creativity. Stuff like Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, MUSIC (well okay, definitely not all music, but even the concepts of music) I absolutely love. People are so wonderful. If for nothing else, than for this. I will take this moment to make a little disclaimer: this happens to be one of my high moods, so later I could be completely upset with the human race lol.

    By Ki'El on 12.08.2011

  11. “Shhhhh,” he says, silencing me by putting his piano fingers up against my lips, “don’t you hear that?” I let my body fall still and I looked out into the inky night, above the the haggard buildings and tangled telephone lines. It is almost completely silent now, the city is asleep. But in the dim, softly, I can hear the tower bells clanging. One…two…three rings…four…five…their deep gongs resonate and echo in the silence…six…seven…eight…nine…he grabs your elbow and pulls you closer…ten…his face is so close to yours now that he could kiss me…eleven…I hope he kisses me…twelve…
    The bells stop, and his black eyes burn in the night. He grins and asks,
    “So, do you think you’re ready?” I sigh and remember the real task at hand. I nod.
    “Remember, when the clock hits one, you have to be in position. Perry will send you the signal, and then…”
    “…I jump,” I finish for him. He nods, and his grins slowly fades as he looks at me,
    “Do you think we can get back?” His eyes look worried. I turn and start to run towards the alley; he’ll understand I can’t waste time. When I’m far enough away that he can’t hear me, I whisper,
    “I hope not.”

    By Taylor K URL on 12.08.2011

  12. underhanded tactics
    drinking from the school water fountains
    you know you like doing it when no one’s watching!

    By Taylor URL on 12.08.2011

  13. I hide every day. I sneak around behind my mask, I hide the pain with a simple curve spread between my two cheeks, pasted on, never real, never wrong. They can never find me because they don’t know who to look for; they’ve never seen me. Not really. I don’t think anyone’s ever really seen me. The most anyone’s ever caught is a glimpse for a split-second. I only give myself a second to look in the mirror, and then it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m lost in the beauty of my perfect lie.

    By Julia M URL on 12.08.2011

  14. The little girl moved slowly like a snake, slithering into the kitchen. She crawled toward the cookie jar and, without any hesitation or withdrawal, took the jar with all of its contents. The girl continued to sly her way past her mother, who was making a salad while simultaneously speaking on the phone.

    By Diana Yakubova on 12.08.2011

  15. Sneaky feet on creaky stairs. I heard them. They were small but stealthy. They made a light pitter-patter like snow dropping in perfect lumps.

    I smiled and set down the plate of cookies. One was half-eaten. Another I held out to the young girl who stared wide-eyed at the bottom of the stairwell. Her eyes were very blue. Like jewels. Brighter than my own beard.

    “Can’t wait for Christmas?” I asked her with a twinkle in my eye.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.08.2011

  16. In denial little bitch you are so stupid. I cant believe you would do that to me, with all this hate, you go behind my back you sneaky child you.. you dont deserve what you have. You are too silly to be mature. The curves of your lips spell malicious and you look too good to be true. I don’t know you.

    By Bella on 12.08.2011

  17. Lol, sneaky. Like a cat. Or a mouse… or something. I try and be sneaky after dinner so I don’t get sucked into doing the dishes. It doesn’t always work out very well.

    By Zoe URL on 12.08.2011

  18. The leopard waited in the shadows. It was perfect camouflague. Leaves rustled, and no one suspected a thing. As they lay in their beds, far off in the treetops, the bringer of death was waiting below them. How sneaky.

    By an octopus URL on 12.08.2011

  19. “bacause,” angelina stated once more, her eyes blue and wide as ever, “you can’t just go up to the house. you know what could happen.” her mouth was set in a grave, strait line. it made me want to burst out laughing, a child of merely 8 years so somber.
    “whatdaya mean, ya can’t just walk strait on up? course ya can.” Aldridge argued.
    “nu-uh. if youre brave enough to go up there, Al, and i betcha you arent, you can’t just walk on up. you gotta be quiet. sneaky like.” Al gazed up at the house, high on the hill, and angelina crept up behind him. “otherwise,” she continued, coming closer to Al, “old man Clayton will getcha!” she reached out and grabbed him.

    By Dulcie URL on 12.08.2011

  20. There’s a girl I truly hate. She’s a domineering girl, and I’m sure she won’t have a boyfriend for while. No one likes to have a loud and obnoxious friend.

    And there’s this girl that everyone loves. I know her, we talk, and I appreciate wht she has to offer.

    And the first girl knows it, she’s jealous. I saw ambivalence well up in her furtive glance across to the second girl. A sneaky, envious prayer.

    By mistershin URL on 12.08.2011

  21. sneaky
    Christmas surprises
    christmas gifts
    so fun

    By Anita Cruse on 12.08.2011

  22. Sneaky

    My friends and I used to play “Spy.” Playing “Spy” consisted of making it around the perimeter of our block via the back yards of everyone’s house. Which was not cool where we lived! We’d sneak behind bushes and trees and flowers and gardens… we weren’t trying to see or steal anything. We wanted to see if we could get through all the backyards without anyone seeing *us.*

    I was always so afraid of getting caught by someone. I don’t think we ever were. Because, really, if you’re not actually IN your back yard, and you’re not watching pets or kids back there, and you don’t have a breathtaking view, and you’re not on a hit list of some kind… who looks back there?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 12.08.2011

  23. Stan Stephenson suspicisously sifted Sarah’s satchel. She said, “sneaky silver snatcher.”

    Sound Stupid?

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.08.2011

  24. last night was cold and sneaky, it started with a cold morning dressing up to go off to work dint feel like tough felt to just keep resting in the warm bed.

    By Kainat URL on 12.08.2011

  25. driving is sneaky
    its hard, so much harder than i thought
    but everyone makes it seem sooooooo effing easy.
    hm. hm. hm. today i’m just so tired.
    love love love, love love love
    i’m not falling in love anymore
    i can’t help falling out of love with you
    leaves turn and i’ve learned
    no more shit thanks

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.08.2011

  26. you sneaky little creep. i know know what you’re doing. you think i wouldn’t see?

    By lucinda URL on 12.08.2011

  27. It looked innocuous enough. Perfectly harmless. Just a change. An opportunity really. It all seems reasonable enough. They’re doing there best. Let’s just see how things go. It’s a workable solution. I believe it all if I could but… Out of the frying pan into the fire more like it. Sneaky very sneaky.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 12.08.2011

  28. He always came over to visit, acted as nice as pie. No one would ever believe how sneaky he really was when not in their presents. The lengths he would go throw to cause such dismay…..

    By Jamie on 12.08.2011

  29. It looked innocuous enough. Perfectly harmless. Just a change. An opportunity really. It all seems reasonable enough. They’re doing their best. Let’s just see how things go. It’s a workable solution. I’m here to help. Let me know if there if you need to discuss anything. I’d believe it all if I could but… Out of the frying pan into the fire more like it. Sneaky very sneaky.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 12.08.2011

  30. There was an expectation of privacy, Ted felt, seeing as he was in his own garden surrounded by a high fence. So when the photographs of him and his wife appeared in print he was more than a little miffed. Especially as his wrinkly bits were bigger than his dangly bits, and gravity had not been kind to either spouse. If he ever got hold of that sneaky photographer he was going to soak him in water ’til he looked like a prune. Then take his photograph. We’d soon see how he liked that eh?

    By Santa Monious URL on 12.08.2011

  31. We got out of there, you and me to find a place of our own, where no one would find us, and standing up there looking over the rooftops with doves and pigeons and a muffled hustle below, we held hands and stood on the edge and breathed and believed we were alive

    By mere URL on 12.08.2011

  32. hidden in plain sight
    she kept her affairs secret
    but made no attempt
    as delved deeper into him
    she thought she was sneaky
    hiding her words, her trysts, her looks,
    but i could read her like a book
    the sordid nasty novel that she was,
    and i was sneaky too
    uncovering all that she thought she hid.

    By karmachik URL on 12.08.2011

  33. That sneaky beaver stole all my money. He can be such a rat sometimes. I know how it sounds, but I love him. I love that sneaky beaver.

    By allie on 12.08.2011

  34. That sneaky tie you wore, always pissed me off. If only you could loosen it as cool as Rodney Dangerfield.

    By Natalie URL on 12.08.2011

  35. and she says goodbye, as her body shifts
    beyond the frame of the steely car
    moving faster than she can maintain
    with bones and rapid eye movement
    she is waiting
    like gasoline ink blots, ignored
    making the physiognomy of her
    descent one of flint and
    disordered intimacy
    so sly
    so sleek
    as if she were made of teflon,
    biodegradable against the grit of choice.

    By hannah wells URL on 12.08.2011

  36. Sneaky. The only thing I can really think about when someone says sneaky is “You sneaky MOM!” from the Jimmy Kimmle Show. That kid was cute. I wish I wrote inspiring pieces like some people who do this, but it is what it is I spose.

    By Elizabeth URL on 12.08.2011

  37. I tremble, I tiptoe across the floor, frightened that he will see me. He can’t see me, my life depends upon this!

    By Eileen Yohannes URL on 12.08.2011

  38. He thought he was so clever. He was so sneaky about it. At first I didn’t even notice. I didn’t see the signs. But soon little things started to change, small insignificant things that weren’ot important. But I noticed them and I figured it out.

    By Brittface URL on 12.08.2011

  39. This word makes me uncomfortable
    I am always so honest
    there is no need to be sneaky
    in fact,
    it just takes up too much energy to be deceptive
    it disgusts me
    for it is quite the antithesis of being genuine
    genuineness is what i find beautiful

    By jill URL on 12.08.2011

  40. ‘Sneaky, fat, lying son-of-a-bitch!’ Sally hissed under her breath as she listened to her college, Troy, spin the boss another tall tale.

    He had been awfully nasty to Sally all week, snapping and swearing at her; even going so far as to whisper to her on Monday night to her that the boss wanted to see her Tuesday because of a ‘fuck up’ she had made. When Sally had asked what she had done, Troy just sneered and said, “Well maybe you just need to think a little harder on that.”

    All Tuesday she had fidgeted in nervous anticipation as she tried to recall what she had done before the boss called her.

    The call never came and Sally realized Troy had been playing with her because she had called him out on something HE had done wrong the previous day.

    Now, as she listened to another lie being spun about her, she was fed up and angry but did allow her self a small smile.

    ‘Soon,’ she hissed again, ‘your lies will catch up with you, you diva. It’s called Karma. And I helped Karma along a little with your brake lines. Have a fun drive home tonight….’

    By Veekz URL on 12.08.2011