December 5th, 2012 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “simple”

  1. simplicity is perfection. It’s a shame because we have all forgotten about perfection. We have all created such elaborate lives when perfection is always in front of us.

    By Mary H on 12.05.2012

  2. It’s as simple as it should be, she told me, while the world spun around us and all of heaven was hell and hell became heaven and I couldn’t speak because none of it was right, and nothing I could have said would have been true enough.

    She looked me directly in the eyes, as if to say she knew.
    “Simple as it needs to be.”

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 12.05.2012

  3. i love you so much it makes me sick
    its shit like that
    and i am like this

    By kanda on 12.05.2012

  4. Don’t over think anything. Everything is so simple it is crazy. Simple is a simple six letter word that describes in itself how simple everything can be. What I am typing is so simple that my mind is being blown as we speak. Look at a pencil. A simple object, with a simple purpose, to write. To sketch to translate what you are thinking onto paper. Simple.

    By Anthony Nash-Campbell URL on 12.05.2012

  5. yellow, sky, grass, streets, water….
    i’m not simple, people around me too, but nature is!!!

    By miroslava on 12.05.2012

  6. It’s nice and easy!
    All you have to do is add sugar!!!
    Easy Right???

    By poseidon619 URL on 12.05.2012

  7. the math homework was not simple.

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 12.05.2012

  8. it is very simple

    By epiclysiver URL on 12.05.2012

  9. He pressed on. He was almost there to solving the puzzle. This puzzle wasn’t as simple as you would have thought…

    By epicdeath12 URL on 12.05.2012

  10. Simple hmmmmm simple no one in the world is simple nothing ever is simple.

    By lexie12 URL on 12.05.2012

  11. the new saddle i bought was simple, and easy to saddle.

    By zoe lewis URL on 12.05.2012

  12. It was simple, the men had infiltrate the building and capture the leader of the PLR and get out alive. No mistakes.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 12.05.2012

  13. Of course, it had to be something absolutly ridiculous that no one knew anything about! Of course, it couldn’t possibly be something easy! Why? Oh Why? Couldn’t it be simple?

    By stripes URL on 12.05.2012

  14. the most simple thing to do during the holidays is to bake christmas goods

    By kittens URL on 12.05.2012

  15. People need to be simple for example want simple things but you no DON’T do simple thing!!!!! Just be you AMAZING you!!!!

    By fancy girl URL on 12.05.2012

  16. I wish things in life can be simple instead of difficult especially in relationships……….

    By iconic girl URL on 12.05.2012

  17. I love how I can make things so simple!:)

    By vb4life URL on 12.05.2012

  18. It is simple to pass classes if you are very organized, it is the key to success! The syllabubs is so helpful.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 12.05.2012

  19. It was simple, a choice Japanese and American lives. President Truman chose the Americans and little Boy was dropped.

    By Amaryllis URL on 12.05.2012

  20. The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet. The sound ice makes in a glass when you add warm liquid. Waking up before 10.

    By Sam A.D. URL on 12.05.2012

  21. Simple is a simple little word. A word for many occasions that can be used in many ways. I am simply writing this simple little excerpt to be able to know exactly what this simple site is all about. Simple is not how my brain normally functions, so therefore I simply do not know how to handle this activity.

    By BJackson on 12.05.2012

  22. She is simple. then again maybe she wasn’t so simple. but to me, she was. maybe she was simply complicated

    By Kyle Williams URL on 12.05.2012

  23. The simple thought of this happening baffles my mind. I don’t understand. Why me? Did I do something to deserve this?

    By alliekaley URL on 12.05.2012

  24. The simple fact is that nothing is ever simple, but the simplicity of Life is what makes it Life, and the simplest things are sometimes the most important, the most perfect, and the most sensible of all.

    By Lochran URL on 12.05.2012

  25. life ideal cake love togetherness sympathy bliss ignorance routine joy essence fulfillments

    By Jörg von Dzerzawa on 12.05.2012

  26. My english class is really simple!!!!!!

    By embell URL on 12.05.2012

  27. You said it would be simple, but here I am standing at the edge of the river where the water collects in shimmering pools between the rocks and I cannot stop arguing myself out of this. Every breath feels like a ton of weights, like suffocation. This is the most difficult decision I’ve ever not followed through with.

    By Ashley on 12.05.2012

  28. Pas comme la vie, loin d’être simple, plutôt complexe, on croit qu’on simplifie les chose alors que la race humaine ne fait que tout rendre compliquer, moi je dis, le voyage, c’est la simplicité, la nature la liberté, il faut apprendre à voir la vie comme elle est, belle et parfaite.

    By Sara URL on 12.05.2012

  29. It was going to be a simple little raid. He and John finally had enough dirt on Guy and his bootlegging gang to put him away, for good this time. All his little cronies in seperate little jail cells.

    Of course, men may plan, but God will laugh.

    “Sonofabitch, Rob,” John gritted out. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this….”

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.05.2012

  30. simple is the way that life should be. It is in fact the ideal life for me i would love a modest life in a house with some land nothing too fancy maybe not even a tv, just a husband who I could spend my evenings just talking and being together. simply peaceful simply relaxing and simply loving

    By ~A~ URL on 12.05.2012

  31. Simplicity is the last real thing in this world. Live simply. Tell the truth, breath deeply and always look ahead. It is important to be aware of how greatly simple some things are if we take a step back and look outside the box.

    By ServingCyanide on 12.05.2012

  32. A plain white coffee cup sitting in the dirt under a thick elm tree. If offers no beverage, just a small serving of pine needles.

    By Kat on 12.05.2012

  33. It seems so simple to me… I can plan it all out in my head– what I’ll say, and how you’ll respond. I can hear your laughter and your foot tapping on the floor to some song in your head. I can feel your gaze as you watch me smile at someone else. It’s so simple in my head…

    By Catori URL on 12.05.2012

  34. “Simple.” That is all he had to say. As if my question was not loaded to the point of birth. As if I wasn’t rotting away and dying more times than he could count. As if my point in asking had not been to shatter my glass cage and blow open a new world with greater understanding. As if he didn’t care.

    By Kat URL on 12.05.2012

  35. Clean air.
    White cotton.
    A summer breeze.
    Summer is so simple, so carefree.
    Winter is dark and complicated and tosses your emotions back and forth with complete and utter abandon, from yuletide cheer to frozen depression.
    Summer is simple.
    Even when things shouldn’t be straightforward –
    Somehow, in summer, they are.

    By blackandwhitedreamer URL on 12.05.2012

  36. simple is such a complicated word. Ironic how these things work out that way. what is simple? how can that be defined? I’ve found in my short few years that not much ever turns out to be quite so simple as people think.

    By Erica Loren on 12.05.2012

  37. The simple truth seemed like the safest truth. Did she want to be safe or brave? Simple is not always bad when making recipes, reading directions but when it came to following her heart, she wanted to go with bravery not simplicity.

    By Cris URL on 12.05.2012

  38. Nothing really is that, simple. You find a way to overthink things when they seem uncomplicated. Why was that test so easy that I finished it with 50 minutes to spare? I must’ve messed up one of those formulas, or skipped a whole section! We want things to be easy, but when they are we can’t believe it.

    By Ashi URL on 12.05.2012

  39. The simple things in life should be easy. They should be easily attained and easily maintained. It shouldn’t be hard to be simple. It should all make sense. Should is simple to say, though. Not much is simple in life. It all seems to be too hard.

    By Emily Gyemant on 12.05.2012

  40. My love is simple, if I say so, you have it, otherwise you don’t. It isn’t some constricted thought or a twisted emotion. I love you straightforwardly, and only that way.

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.05.2012