August 23rd, 2011 | 699 Entries

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699 Entries for “silk”

  1. Silk. Soft as a feather, lovely like the first rain drop on a hot summers day.
    Smoother than a babies bottom. Twirl like a queen in a silk gown, sleep upon a silk pillow like a princess.

    By Madison on 08.24.2011

  2. The shimmery smooth material fell through her hands, and she looked at him with shining eyes. “This is for me?” she asked. “Truly? Lylan, it’s beautiful.”

    He nodded, pleased with her reaction. “From my home country. I hope it fits you well.” He stepped closer, the hint of a smile on his lips. “It will go beautifully with your eyes, I think.”

    By Courka URL on 08.24.2011

  3. soft, made by worms. rich people have it. a trading route is named after it in china. it its used on sheets, robes. u can do it

    By teagan on 08.24.2011

  4. I have a pillow, with a silk pillow case.

    By morgan on 08.24.2011

  5. my mind is plush filled with thoughts, silk sheets under me as i inherit past times of leoparcy, only socially.. woe is me.

    By ashley gibney on 08.24.2011

  6. in thailand there once was a CIA operative
    he began the industry of silk for the entire world
    he ran it well
    and then he . . .
    he ..

    By michael URL on 08.24.2011

  7. silk is a very soft fabric, it might be for ladis no it is a ladies thang, i hate men wearing silk ,,anyways it’s still nice to feel soft silk on a sexy skin it gets me sleepy :D.

    By khademz URL on 08.24.2011

  8. Something incredibly controversial. It’s naughty, it’s sexy. It’s innocent and peaceful. You can twirl around in a beautiful silk nighty or sleep like a queen upon a silk pillow. Spice up your night life or cool it down, both can be done.

    By Madison URL on 08.24.2011

  9. Created by silk worms in china, silk is a very common material. It’s soft and comfortable. Being chinese some of my relatives were silk clothing very often. i think it’s interesting how even a simple piece of clothing can vary from culture to culture.

    By Emily on 08.24.2011

  10. silk smooth wonderful
    cheesy goodness
    chunky soup
    sour cream
    and wonderful delicious
    brownie filled with creamy filled icecream to eat and enjoy with it
    This is silk.
    this is the golden goodness.
    creamy beautiful silk.
    silk goddess goodness.

    By Natalie on 08.24.2011

  11. Well I saw a movie about SIlk once, the man scared me, he was too sexually demanding and did not love his wife. I also love silk worms. They smell like my back yard and they were very wriggly and seemed uncomforable out of their lunch boxes. Lunch boxes. That’s what s

    By Lauren on 08.24.2011

  12. I sighed, running my hands over the silk sheets. My eyelids fluttered open, and I stretched out over my messy bed. I wrapped my arms around myself, letting the soft luxurious material encase me. It felt cool against my skin.

    By Olivia URL on 08.24.2011

  13. And as he ran his fingers through her hair, he realized he missed the feel of silky hair more than anything else. Right now, hers just felt like straw.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 08.24.2011

  14. I wish I have silk sheets.

    By Lors URL on 08.24.2011

  15. microdots
    like spattered paint
    the christmas spider

    devil horns
    and a net
    of spun mercury

    By minimalist URL on 08.24.2011

  16. It lay tightly wrapped around my legs, like a Boa Constrictor you’d find on the shores along the Amazon, or in some D rated movie. The feel is soft and the color soothing, but I feel it is sucking the very life out of me.

    By Kate URL on 08.24.2011

  17. Like emotions put to thread, silk can be both delicate and firm.
    Be one lost in passion, or abject to steadfast anger, it wears the colors of a person’s soul.

    By Jason Moore URL on 08.24.2011

  18. Soft smooth fabric. Cool to the touch, gliding across skin, brushing hairs making them stand on end.

    By vitarai on 08.24.2011

  19. I ALREADY HAD THIS WORD, DAMMIT! I don’t like this. I can’t even start to think about what to write, because I immediately think of what I wrote last time for silk. Aww man. One word, you have let me down today. I look forward to writing these. Just a random word. Just a little random word to write about. 60 seconds is nothing. I like it. It’s a little pointless, but it sure does get the creative juices flowing :D

    By Emmy Garcia URL on 08.24.2011

  20. it’s used for cloths to wear.
    it’s feel very silky.

    By manoj kumar on 08.24.2011

  21. silkworms; lingerie; victorias secret; intimacy;

    a coy smile, a kiss, and a bottle of wine;

    the stars all strung together;

    a relationship. a strong one.

    By catalinaa URL on 08.24.2011

  22. I prefer the French variety. Smooth, velvety, chocolatey goodness. Graham cracker crust (or if you’re lucky, Oreo). Contrasting vanilla-y whipped cream on top. Amazingness.

    By thecolouringinroom URL on 08.24.2011

  23. Silk is a fun word. I like the way it rolls off the tongue. I also want to visit China one day. I always found the whole silk roads thing to be so intriguing throughout elementary school. Chinese culture also just fascinates me. One day. One day I will see the world.

    By Teeps on 08.24.2011

  24. soft, sweet, delicious. dreamy. spiders, webs, the silk road, ancient times, sheets, rugs, shirts, pants, the desert. Camels, traveling, cool.

    By copgrrl URL on 08.24.2011

  25. soft, china, india, beautiful, perfect for a dress, nice, bug, classy,

    By Alex on 08.24.2011

  26. silk is what I think of when I think of Your sweet spot

    By Sonic on 08.24.2011

  27. I once worked with a choreographer name Ms. Silk. I thought it would make the coolest named for a dance studio. Silk also reminds me of worms, which are really pretty ugly…but they make pretty things…like silk. Like has three of silk’s letters in it…

    By Heather on 08.24.2011

  28. Her hair was flowing down her back like a sheet of beautiful blonde silk. Her blue eyes as deep as the ocean mesmerized me while she sang so sweetly, so beautifully, so gently that woodland creatures would have come out to sing a speechless duet. Her careful fingers weaved her newest creation out of wool, one strand after another while I watched her in awe, and could not believe that this beauty had just emerged from Claire. This was a side of her I had never since in all of our years together in the music industry. Maybe it had rubbed off on her watching all of these talented younglings for the past decade. All I hope is that she will make it to be big, and that will rub off on me as well.

    By misnia URL on 08.24.2011

  29. i think of silk worms and china i think of a silk worm tree filled with tiny cacoons of tiny little worms. I think of peachy pink colored dresses and elegant parties with stuffed sofas and smoke filled rooms. Basically i think of a scene out of annie. I think of te great wall of china.

    By Sarah on 08.24.2011

  30. Silk gowns were always the most flattering to her figure. While others would’ve considered wearing silk the equivilant of publicing wearing a sign pointing out all their figures flaws, she merely became incandescent within it.

    By Alice on 08.24.2011

    IT’S USED FOR MANY things….i like silk i do except it creases a lot and loks

    By blythe URL on 08.24.2011

  32. silk is a soft way to say i love you, be it in a dress or a simple hand chief. Love is the word! <3 Can you handle it?

    By Lilly on 08.24.2011

  33. silk inbetween my legs slik all over the bed silk coming down from the ceiling that i slide down silke tounge that i speak with silk all over my penis silk pussy that a invisible force pussheed me in silkynesss silk love silk wherever i go silky so silky that is feels though it is milky.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.24.2011

  34. i have silk blankets they are very silky and nice and i love to roll around in silk because its sooooooo nice and silky and i like to rub my face in it and it is silky and i love it because its silky and i love silk btw did i say i love silk because i do i have a baby blamket made of silk too and its very nice.

    By Marissa on 08.24.2011

  35. Wind slivers over vast white fabric, stretched across the bed; we sleep like queens.

    By Beth Myers on 08.24.2011

  36. Her hair fell in a long black curtain, the fine strands reflecting a shine just like silk. In front of the mirror, I gently took the brush from her hands, running it through the already smooth strands to make the black shine brighter still. She peered at me through her eyelashes and blushed.

    By ashley URL on 08.24.2011

  37. it’s soft and slinky. A soft dress, maybe red with black piped lining. A silkworm spins it into something beautiful. So soft, so gentle. Caresses your skin. Lovely, and light, its feeling lingers like a breath of air.

    By Bri on 08.24.2011

  38. Through the silk screen, I could see the silouette of numerous female figures, slightly skewed by my intake of copious amounts of wine.

    By Christine Dunlop on 08.24.2011

  39. They feasted on mulberry leaves. They settled in their cocoons. Then they became the casualties of manufacture – silk worms.

    By H URL on 08.24.2011

  40. from worms and mike richter is behind me. not wearing silk. rayon maybe… something sporty. comfort casual. silk is the stuff of express in the 90’s… billowy shirts tucked into cordoroy coulots…

    By E Turner on 08.24.2011