March 6th, 2013 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “signals”

  1. signals are everywhere, a lot of them are around for saftey reasons
    like stop signs and signal lights. They keep people in cars safe when there is such a high rate of accidents on the roads.

    There are also signals in the form of body language. Like the different signals a wiggle of an eyebrow can send.

    By cassi on 03.06.2013

  2. signals are what define us. Fuck that, that’s some English-student bull. Okay, I’ve missed most of my signals so far. I have been given the signs, but have been completely oblivious until the even is in the hindsight. I should react to some of these signals.

    By JJ Kaufman on 03.06.2013

  3. I’m always watching for signals. Proof my intuition is on the mark, that my dreams haven’t overtaken reality. But dreams are better than reality. Perception of the actual through a magical veil of extraordinary keeps the ugly out of constant view. Those unpleasant bits that make you cry when you find yourself at the mercy of externals or trapped in circumstances out of your control, a reach beyond my arms even with an extension grabbing stick.

    By JDwrites URL on 03.06.2013

  4. A raise in her gaze, tilt of her face, the tinted blush of her cheeks, a tip tap tilt of the corner of her smile begingin to bend upwards. Her eyes signal to me, her lips speak to me all the words she is too much of a lady to say out loud.

    By Erika Mercedes URL on 03.06.2013

  5. there was green, yellow, and red
    my guidance
    my direction
    keeping me in check
    stop, go
    don’t hesitate

    By sharon on 03.06.2013

  6. i have waited for signs my whole life, the right ones, the wrongs one, the obvious ones.
    nothing in this world is easy to see and signals are hidden everywhere. we choose to overlook them, whether we know it or not. it’s sad to see them be overlooked and tragic to know we have overlooked the ones affecting us. Signals blind us and no matter how hard we look we will always miss one. And that one, may be the one that could change our lives. But we’ll never know.

    By Elena on 03.06.2013

  7. I send a signal to him in morse code. … — … I need help. I would use semaphore, if I could stand, but I can’t. I hope he heard me. I signal again for help. … — … S O S, the international distress call. Short short short (breathe) long long long (pause again for the length of a quick breath) short short short. Will help come?

    By L. on 03.06.2013

  8. One day, he sent me a signal; a signal in which I thought was love.. but I was wrong. Mixed signals. What does that even mean? Was he aware that these signals were being sent off in the first place? Was he intentionally messing with my mind? Sometimes I doubt my own mind. Perhaps the mixed signals came from within.

    By courtney on 03.06.2013

  9. i get these feelings from you, some are good some are bad. i see your face and my heart speeds up and it also slows down because i don’t understand what i’m receiving from you. so i sit here and i wonder is this a green light telling me to go. or is this a red light telling me to stop

    By Vanessa on 03.06.2013

  10. The smoke gets torn away by the wind
    The sailors smiled
    at our folly.
    As the specks faded into the sun
    and drowned with its rays,
    our skin cooled and
    the coals glowed like
    sour pity.

    By Kairn URL on 03.06.2013

  11. I’m not sure
    if you’re
    waving at me
    or the dancing pandas
    behind me.


    at least they’re going extinct.
    it’s a comforting thought.

    By Kairn URL on 03.06.2013

  12. i get these feelings from you, some are good some are bad. i see your face and my heart speeds up and it also slows down because i don’t understand what i’m receiving from you. so i sit here and i wonder is this a green light telling me to go. or is this a red light telling me to stop?

    By Vanessa on 03.06.2013

  13. She looked into the horizon and saw smoke. A feeling churned in her gut, she knew that it could only mean one thing. They were coming. And there was no more time left to prepare.

    By Mikki on 03.06.2013

  14. “I don’t understand. I sent all the right signals.”

    “Oh, really,” scoffed Sylvia. “Like the way you winked at her?”

    “Oh, c’mon, it was endearing.”

    “And the way you heckled her so you could buy her a drink? Not the other way around, might I add?”

    “She was being stuffy!”

    “And,” Sylvia pressed on, “how much of an asshole you were for trying to touch her when she clearly said no?”

    “…You’re acting like these are all bad things.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.06.2013

  15. I can never tell when a woman is sending me signalts, and it’s the worst at restaraunts. Like, I somehow can always confuse common customer curtosey for legimate romantic interest, and it doesn’t matter who the person is. An beat

    By Robert on 03.06.2013

  16. Somewhere along the way, the wires got crossed. Mis-fired signals raced up the tangled lattice of his nervous system, making his heart pound and his mouth turn inexplicably dry.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.06.2013

  17. that cosmos signals were all over the city, all over the sky, all over the earth but she couldn’t noticed because of the tears in her eyes

    By Fernanda on 03.06.2013

  18. No sign could prepare me for what came next, as my world clashed and burned into nothing but a pile of smelly ashes

    By smorris URL on 03.06.2013

  19. Signals are stupid things people give you because they think you’ll understand them better as opposed to a person just telling you how they feel.

    By Ryan URL on 03.06.2013

  20. left right up down hand motions body movments eyes flitation power. Everything has a signal

    By Thomas on 03.06.2013

  21. The signals are there, plain for me to see.
    But what exactly do the signals mean?
    You signal me over, you signal me away
    What is this signal supposed to help you say?
    Stop with the signals, please just be clear.
    Otherwise, I can’t know what you want me to hear.

    By Laura on 03.06.2013

  22. I feel illiterate in your arms. Are you saying stay or go? Are you writhing in discomfort? I can tell you don’t know yourself,but the pain is geting to me now. How do I let you know. How do I not say it back to you. Its something you’ll carry all your own.

    By Chris Hutton on 03.06.2013

  23. There is a time in life when you wish you always had the courage to go forward. If the signal was always green, and you never had to worry about the consequences, things would go so much faster. But sometimes you need to slow down or stop complete, so that you don’t get hurt. But really, I’m young–let’s just stick with the green. AND GO ON

    By Kathleen on 03.06.2013

  24. signals
    I have nothing to say
    stand in line
    rank file rank file
    I have

    By Badger Moore URL on 03.06.2013

  25. friends are telling me rejections
    friends are hiding in deception
    enemy my friend inspecting me
    pleasant company exception, see
    don’t you wish you had died free
    reading in between the thighs
    lines like signals in your eyes
    i can’t read them
    cloudy skies as wordless sighs.

    By Matty M. on 03.06.2013

  26. watch me as I fall apart and put myself back together
    with you, the un-suspecting spectator of my demise.
    pass over smiles and “I’m fine”s as I plan the final stage
    and bare my heart upon a sheet of paper for all to see.
    tell me all that is on your mind, your every wish and promise
    for I will keep them close and take them to my grave,
    and please, don’t you cry when you cross upon it.

    By Ali URL on 03.06.2013

  27. cigarettes are orange traffic cones,
    “keep left”.
    smoke breathing, leaving
    little pyres, sending out for relief.

    By O. on 03.06.2013

  28. The boy walked down the school’s main hall. Everywhere you looked, there they were. Signals. Body language, rules on signs, even secret handshakes between friends. The boy kept walking, realizing that he was giving off all the wrong ones; realizing thibgs had to change.

    By Justin on 03.06.2013

  29. each day is a struggle. the sun will not wake with me.
    lonely street lamps exhale steam through
    a second floor window.

    i breathe it in like second-hand smoke, let it fill me
    until i become a pile of ashes
    rising to the ceiling.

    “don’t you have anything to fight for?” you say.

    i nod yes. “myself”, i say, but the one skewered
    on the end of my sword wears my face,
    smiling through a mouthful of blood.

    if i were still capable of it, we would both be crying.

    By invinculis URL on 03.06.2013

  30. I rotate my right shoulder joint.
    The ligaments are sore.
    The back of my hand is fatigued.
    But the tips of my fingers are lithe.
    Full of mischief, it seems they haven’t received the same signals.
    Firing back up synapses, they have the nerve to say:
    “We could go on all night.”

    By Intuition URL on 03.06.2013

  31. Sign and signified. Semiotics. A smile, a nod, a glint in the eye. Cold words to shatter the silence. Hope flickering. A misunderstanding. Interpreting the sign, the signal, without the signified.

    By Lauren Jean URL on 03.06.2013

  32. I am done asking for signals. Why do we need signals anyways? As long as were happy in the moment of doing something, why do we need a signal? I’ve spent what feels like my life waiting for signals so that I may understand what it going on, but I understand I don’t need a reason. Sometimes because it makes me happy is a good enough reason.

    By kt URL on 03.06.2013

  33. always hand to mouth, eating up the broken crumbs of
    your heart that you vomit and swallow and vomit and repeat–

    he moves to the side, at the edge of the pool you find yourself kneeling in,
    shoes and pants clean as he yells manic encouragements.

    By invinculis URL on 03.06.2013

  34. He sent me quiet, sinful signals over the table, his bone thin hands stretching and twirling. All I could do was stare at the paper like skin that threaded over his knuckles and watch with a silent disinterest.

    By RK URL on 03.07.2013

  35. Smoke, curling up in, twisted, pained, shapes, as he, exhales, into the sky, and, my insides, exhale into me.

    By R.J. on 03.07.2013

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    By Teddy BOURGEONNIER on 03.07.2013

  37. nothing right, nothing wrong.
    she kept waiting for something, anything, that would be over before it started.

    By B on 03.07.2013

  38. I couldn’t tell. I thought I had seen them, but they’re so hard for me to spot sometimes. Signals. Was she sending them? Every twitch of her eye, every sigh at the end of a sentence…were they signals? Or was I just too hopeful?

    By Elisabeth on 03.07.2013

  39. Did you miss them too? Tty he signals that they felt the same but on approaching it, they’d moved on? Or did you not help when you saw tty hey were sad…..signals aren’t clear enough.

    By ruby on 03.07.2013

  40. The signals stared her right in the face, but she loved him too much to believe it. The smell of perfume that lingered through the house when he came home late, the way he’s been distant, it was all starting to add up. She wouldn’t allow herself to believe it though.

    By Kerry on 03.07.2013