December 27th, 2012 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “shows”

  1. He saw himself in the reflection.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 12.27.2012

  2. It shows, doesn’t it? You’re not very happy with any of this, and you’re not trying to hide it. That alone says a lot about what’s going on.

    Seems like you’re reaching decision time. Pretty soon, you’re going to have to make up your mind. What comes next?

    By chipschap URL on 12.27.2012

  3. The poor cab driver was complaining to his customer about his money problems. He kept on and on about how he was in debt, how hard it was for him to get by. The passenger was generous enough to hear him out, though he wished the cab driver would stop complaining and victimizing himself, because he felt somewhere everyone was facing a troubling life in these troubling times.
    But the passenger kept listening and responding to his ability without entertaining the self deprecation of the cab driver. He did not want to be rude, and knew how good it felt if someone just heard him out from time to time.
    Somewhere in the one sided conversation the cab driver started to look at the expensive cars going by and commented on the possible value of each of their owners in a manner that he was trying implying that if those rich people had the money, why couldn’t he have a good life like them?
    The passenger honestly felt like shaking the cab driver into his senses and stop his ranting. But then the cab driver spoke of his neighbour, with whom he had bought houses side by side at the same time. The cab driver spoke of how his neighbour had come to be richer than him, and how he had begun to avoid him in all manners. The driver said that he being the inferior of the two, he couldn’t take the first step to question his neighbour or make amends.
    The passenger tried to say all he wanted in one reply, “Look mate, your neighbour’s behavior towards you is not your fault, but it shows his attitude towards people and things and you’re probably better off without him where you are.”
    The cab driver started to dwell on what the passenger had said, and fell silent.

    By unkitjc URL on 12.27.2012

  4. shows………reminds me of the old days hidden away in the loftspace or in the ceiling waiting for cues…

    the days when I felt strong and able…

    I loved to watch the shows hidden…

    to see the magic I created enjoyed by the crowds for the first time

    over and over again….

    it’s timeless

    as though we never grow old………

    I lost myself there

    By soraya on 12.27.2012

  5. The shows on last night were boring. They were about friends and other things. They didn’t even have anything interested on. I wrote instead. I wrote about assassins, working on my own novel. My husband needs to edit most of it. Will he? I don’t know. Maybe, when it’s done.

    By Nicole on 12.27.2012

  6. Kyle walked into the dark room barely buzzing with the sound of uncontrolled electricity. “Shows how much you know about attention to detail. All it took was a quick sweep around the front porch for the key to surface and here I am, here we are, at last.”

    By DampBone URL on 12.27.2012

  7. Hello again my dear friend,
    I know the last time we didn’t end things that well. I fell in love with you, and you always understood. I knew you’d probably never love me back, but it was a risk of getting heard I took. i was happy, just being by your side, being your support, how you were to me when I lost my way. I’ll always be thankful to you about being the best thing that happened to me, and I will always feel bad on making true the statement that a guy and a girl can never be just friends.

    In a way I was glad you stopped talking to me after a year of being closer than anyone else, because i learned to be free of you and stand on my own emotional legs. Now that you’ve come back and apologized for all things that happened, I feel better about our mistakes, I’m glad you thanked for taking the time to understand you, not everyone appreciates it.

    Now that you are seeing someone, I knew we couldn’t go back to being the same, all those nights where we’d fall sleep to each others voices, wake up to each others’ texts, the whole day you’d tell me about everything that happened, and I only spoke of my triumphant moments. Still, I hoped somewhere we could be as close friends as before, now that I don’t love you anymore, but your distant conversations and late replies, it all shows me I screwed up big time. I’m glad you had understood I needed to be away from you when I was heartbroken, even more glad that you came back.

    I wish in time we can go back to where we were. Till then, Good Night.

    By unkitjc URL on 12.27.2012

  8. Shows were always my favorite pastime. Ever since I had seen the production of Beauty and the Beast when I was five, I had been fascinated. Now that I was sixteen, I enjoyed acting in shows. I was one of the best actresses in the school.

    By Ivy Christine URL on 12.27.2012

  9. I go to all the shows. no one knows how much she blows. It’s not a sigh but a call for tides. To roll on in and sweep out the old battered brides.

    By DampBone URL on 12.27.2012

  10. When one reviews the past couple of decades, it shows you how impatient humans have become, how everyone wants everything right now (just because it is possible). Who decided that right now is the best time to have things? Moments seems to empty and fast moving, the only thing I can remember from my last week is having sat on a chair and doing nothing, observing people passing by. What is the hurry?

    By unkitjc URL on 12.27.2012

  11. That contrary spark in his eye shows up when we all least expect it: when he’s asked to do a task he’s done a hundred times before, when the stars are slowly setting in the sky after a long night of lunacy, or whenever I say something foolishly profound.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.27.2012

  12. Thank you, to all the wonderful writers on oneword you all inspire me so much. You free my mind from my two eyes and perception.

    And thank you to the people who follow my activities, and who have appreciated me. It shows me that I don’t write too bad (I am still such an amateur, struggling to find my creative spark… Only work on feelings and notions).

    Thank you all

    By unkitjc URL on 12.27.2012

  13. walk behind old buildings and see him again…

    digging through the refuse of others’ days…. uncaring of being observed…

    in his own timeline…..

    he sees me and doesn’t stop his search but asks how my day is going…. and smiles..

    more from him… more care and openness

    than from the ‘good folks’……..the elitists who turn their gaze

    By sahm URL on 12.27.2012

  14. Shows come in many forms. Personally my favorite are those which use physiologic themes. These tend to grip the mind and leave you with a new perspective on life. Something which makes you think.

    By EK on 12.27.2012

  15. Shows is something people can perform.. Or I can show you something, it is all the same. You show something which turns into shows. Shows can bring people together by seing them together, or by making them together. Showa can be bad or good! It´s a big world!

    By Ester Aagaard on 12.27.2012

  16. I have done a lot of shows. the ones I remember most are theatre shows like our town and Charlie brown. I feel so bad about those. but if she didn’t pick me, then who else?

    By zach on 12.27.2012

  17. it starts, everyone in the room goes. not a single signal to hush our numbers mummers yet it’s dome anyway. the man, dressed similarly in a black tux and tie. presentable he begins to read off the program. the show begins.

    By Hannah URL on 12.27.2012

  18. deep breath into silence
    smiled curves around a toothache
    watch and watch
    the mind deflates
    shows, shown shorn
    broken into tiny pieces
    swept up and taped together
    the smile you once thought was the answer
    was the question asked never

    By Matty M. on 12.27.2012

  19. I can show you a million things that don’t matter in this world, as can anyone. Nothing matters but the fact that they are shown. A whole range of objects would be nothing without some kind of sense. So we can sense it in some way, and in that way it exists to something else.

    By Sunna on 12.27.2012

  20. It shows on that chick. Look. There’s nothing left. Her insides’ve been scooped out like roe from a sturgeon. She’s a casualty of the upper crust. Been bonked, slit open, relieved of her ovaries… Dude sitting across from her? He’s the one that said Grab a bellini and help yourself to the caviar! Yeah. Look at that chick now: she’s an anomaly, been sewn back up, allowed to live. But what a life: figuratively brainless, qualitatively speechless, socially inept, F-ing stoopid.

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.27.2012

  21. I can make it my life… people can pay admission to see just a bit of me that can be tweaked and redone again and again.
    I can’t make mistakes, and they wouldn’t have to know me.
    They could sit and do as they please while I can live out a plan I made in my head.
    That would make it easy.

    By Octowhat URL on 12.27.2012

  22. He shows you a world you could lose yourself in, a world that is more beautiful and terrifying than anything you have ever seen. You love him for it, intensely, and promise that however long it takes, whatever you have to do, you will work until you can give him a world all your own. One that matches his in majesty.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 12.27.2012

  23. a way to make people happy and sad. A way to cope feel love and enjoy. the make you cry laugh dance and sing. but altomitly they are a lot of things. shows entertaine when we need some hart or hatred

    By kels.b on 12.27.2012

  24. Shows are of different types like talk shows, entertainment shows etc. I like the type of shows which talk about god and spirituality.

    By hamayal on 12.27.2012

  25. we sat and spent the whole day watching bad tv shows and I never thought I’d be this happy to do that

    By h on 12.27.2012

  26. She dances under the neon glow, the stage hers for another minute of another hour. Audiences watch, awestruck.

    By Aran Cessile URL on 12.27.2012

  27. We used to put on shows for the family on holidays.
    Complete with words and music. All the cousins had
    our part to play but then we grew up.

    By Robin on 12.27.2012

  28. The lights. The sequins. The thick mascara on my eyelashes. Fishnets. The smell of old dance shoes. Spacing. Spotting. Lining up.

    By Sarah on 12.27.2012

  29. The lights. The sequins. The thick mascara on my eyelashes. Fishnets. The smell of old dance shoes. Spacing. Spotting. Lining up. Smile. Reapply lipstick. Change costumes. Lots of hairspray. More hairspray. Take a bow.

    By Sarah URL on 12.27.2012

  30. play ,Drama, the scene show buisness , the make the costumes
    the crime the heart breack and the most beatiful woman

    By one direction girl! on 12.27.2012

  31. i love shows of all kind
    movies, tv shows, dramas
    I have not found a good show recently. I am also trying to cut down my tv time. TV watching is not healthy.

    By zobia on 12.27.2012

  32. I love shows of all kind: movies, tv shows, dramas, theatre.
    I have not found a good tv show recently. I am also trying to cut down my tv time. TV watching is not healthy.

    By zobia on 12.27.2012

  33. She used to smile so brightly at everything but now the cracks have begun to show. She still smiles the same way but its not real, it is just for show.

    By Matty URL on 12.27.2012

  34. Shows are what New Yorkers go to. Or our mothers when they were girls, on Saturday afternoons. They went to see shows with Clark Gable and Greta Garbo. We had shows in the basement when we were kids. At camp too, our summer theatre.

    By Hazel Vaalbara on 12.27.2012

  35. And the performers bow and curtsy on stage. I blink over and over again, as we all clap in astonishment. The tall man in the cape returns to centre stage. No one else seems to exist.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.27.2012

  36. She showed me her little pet tiger. “He’s adorable,” I said, “But why do you have him? Is this even legal?” She avoided my questions and continued to stroke the mewling kitten gently on the head. I eyed it warily. “I’m not sure if we should have this…” The tiger meowed. “What are we going to do…” “I’m going to name it!” she exclaimed. “What could you possibly name it….”

    By Dominique on 12.27.2012

  37. i’m too tired to go on.
    but it never shows.

    By dolores URL on 12.27.2012

  38. “How many shows are you planning to see in Chicago?”

    “Um…I don’t know, six? Seven?”

    “Damn, you’re booked.”

    “Hey, I love me some improv. What can I say?”

    Tim’s gone to get another pitcher of beer. Toby, his brother, is at the counter ordering shots. I drum my fingers against the sticky wood of the round table, smirking at Mark.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.27.2012

  39. He looked at the playbills of the shows he had been in as a kid, and smiled. Even though he didn’t perform anymore, he never regretted being in them as a kid. He looked over at his husband and knew that he could never regret any of the decisions he made as a kid. Never.

    By Grace URL on 12.27.2012

  40. What shows behind my smile? Fear. Pain. Insecurities.Nope. Teeth, a tounge, the swallowing all of those traits. I have to shove them down my throat, trying not to taste the bitterness of them. Swallowing them so then all im left with is a smile. Keeping a steady breath to control them. Still smiling. Fighting. If they show, my smile would be gone and my true self would unleash. Showing im not who I am at all. Just another poor soul with another pretty smile.

    By JaneDoe URL on 12.27.2012