May 14th, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “shoulder”

  1. There was no shoulder to the road that he wanted to pull over on, but just an edge that fell deeply into a chasm, wherein he saw things crawling up the walls like in that dream he’d had several days ago. The feeling of familiarity was making his arms shake the steering wheel of the car.

    By Armand Sebris on 05.14.2013

  2. There was no shoulder to the road that he wanted to pull over on, but just an edge that fell deeply into a chasm, wherein he saw things crawling up the walls like in that dream he’d had several days ago. The dread feeling of familiarity was making his arms shake the steering wheel of the car.

    By Rmund URL on 05.14.2013

  3. He smells like fuel and dirt and a hundred other feelings we never talk about. Sorrow and pain. Loss sometimes. Danny just takes a bite of his sandwich and I put my head against him. Listening to the place where his heart meets his arms. A thousand miles off a planet explodes destroying everything. “Wish mom and dad could see this” he says.

    By Nikki Riles URL on 05.14.2013

  4. She looked over her shoulder with a coy gleam in her eye. He couldn’t help but notice how soft her appearance was at the moment. Her hair. Her face. Her shoulder. He wanted nothing but to reach out to her. Caress her soft skin. But he held back. And in that moment, she turned away, tossing her silk hair over her shoulder and walked away.

    By Liliam on 05.14.2013

  5. She looked over her shoulder with a sigh, “Why am I here agian?” She mumbled. He gave a shrug, “You tell me, your the one who came.” She turned to him, narrowing her eyes a bit, “What are you talking about? You asked me to.” He quirked an eyebrow, “No I didn’t, You came and demanded I be here.”

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.14.2013

  6. Connects your outer extremity to your core, a place hold, if you will. Stability comes to mind when thinking of ‘shoulder’.

    By Kettie Loveday Speed on 05.14.2013

  7. A shoulder to lean on. That’s all I ever really wanted. Someone I could trust with all of myself, not just the mask I put on. I haven’t met anyone like that. Well that’s not entirely true. There was her. But that was a long time ago and she can’t be my shoulder anymore.

    By Tyrian URL on 05.14.2013

  8. It was the first time that she could ever remember, walking around, with her shoulders back. Just like that. Like she was inspecting the staff, like she was the queen. If anyone didn’t know any better, they would think she was a visiting royal member,

    By Amimee URL on 05.15.2013

  9. To cry on, to tackle, of giants we stand, causes your neck

    By jon21 on 05.15.2013

  10. Her shoulders were deeply injured with something that seems like a glass shard.

    It looked like it, but I couldn’t quite place my thoughts on what was around it.

    By Cynicrylle URL on 05.15.2013

  11. my shoulder is on my arms, they hold the stress of life upon them. they resember mountains being in the air and guaranteeing support for my well-being. they are the existential part of help for my endurance and capabilities to do anything.

    By johnnyson sim on 05.15.2013

  12. driving to seemingly to never
    break gas pumpump
    the road retracts
    retracing the tracks
    swerve to the shoulder
    wondering where to go
    if nowhere is the only option.

    By Matty M. on 05.15.2013

  13. Placing a plastic parrot on his shoulder, the young Tommy was finally ready to go on his first Halloween party.

    By odhran on 05.15.2013

  14. A shoulder is what she needs, something to lean on and something to hold. Something to cry on and something to scream into. Something that she simply cant have but all the more to want it right?

    By Caitlin URL on 05.15.2013

  15. He tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around. There was no fear anymore, just anger. This was wrong, and a waste. A waste of a life, and a waste of so much opportunity. He handed me a rifle, and I wordlessly shot the prisoner. There was no point in even caring, let alone protesting, any more.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.15.2013

  16. The thing I miss the most about spending those nights out by that sea wall with you was when you would lay your head on my shoulder. The crevice created by my shoulder bone was a perfect fit for you and you loved it so much….

    By asdlkfje on 05.15.2013

  17. over the arm, a shoulder to cry on. Comfortable, yet mostly bone. Supports my head.

    By Anna on 05.15.2013

  18. My shoulder has taken a lot of abuse. It has probably saved my brain on more than one occasion as well! It has been used to cry on, used as a bumper, and holds my head on which is most important!

    By Terri on 05.15.2013

  19. He lashed at my shoulder, it split in half, god why did you do this to me you…he looked at me and his eyes were sore and big and bold and giant and unfeeling and i was like what would it be like if ONLY YOU COULD FEEL IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE A SHOULDER SPLIT AND BLEEDING AND YOU DONT EVEN CARE THAT MY BLOOD IS SPURTING ALL OVER YOU COVERING YOUR RED GUILTY ASS FACE THAT CANT FEEL GUILT.

    By nodochinko URL on 05.15.2013

  20. I need a shoulder to cry on. It is difficult right now for me. I cry a lot. Alone. Curled up in a little ball. Hiding. The shoulder I used to have to lean on, shies away from me. I cry wrong. I love wrong. I am wrong.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.15.2013

  21. He shrugged. “Well?”

    “Well what. I don’t know what to say to you, to be sure.” she said, and tossed her head.

    He turned to the other woman.

    “Frankly,” said the woman, “I think Agatha and I should speak alone on the matter.”

    He frowned.

    “Really, Adam.” said Alice, “Out.”

    Alice had never been so decisive, and Adam bowed again, sardonically twisting his mustache. “very well.” he said, “Goodbye then.”

    “You shouldn’t accept what that woman said.”

    By Maria URL on 05.15.2013

  22. At last I was free the lion was distracted by his competition. A rival male was just behind us. Funny, I didn’t think this a threat but a chance to escape my shoulder had been release and I was able to grab my gun. Back in dominace, I shot

    By Therese Fitzpatrick on 05.15.2013

  23. This is not procrastination, I am only taking a minute out to do this. Do not shrug your shoulder at me like that, in a free world I can choose to act and I do not have to justify my behaviour to you.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.15.2013

  24. The top of arm facing the hard, harsh world. From it, carrying the burden and weight of the world come Atlas, the mighty, invicible portal of strength.

    By Paul Morrison on 05.15.2013

  25. My shoulder is pretty hard, I should know, I hit my chin on it just now. My shoulder is very important, without it I wouldn’t run into doors so much. Wait that is probably a good thing… oh well it doesn’t really matter if I didn’t have a shoulder I would look really funny. I love you shoulder…

    By Eavan K. S. URL on 05.15.2013

  26. My shoulder has a habit of betraying me, after years of abuse while climbing – getting torqued and stressed and worked in ways that they aren’t really necessarily meant to. Although we may have come down from the trees, I don’t think we are really supposed to spend so much time going up and up and up….but it’s so damn fun.

    By Ara URL on 05.15.2013

  27. hahahahaha thats a funny word. my shoulder really hurts right now, i have a bruise on it. idk what else to say about shoulder. it rhymes with bull dozer. kinda. lol. does it? IT DOES!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

    By Halez on 05.15.2013

  28. Even now every cell in my body still tremble in horror. “It’s a beautiful night” he said when I feel his warm, soft hands gently caressing my face reassuring me. My lip curls-up in a smile knowing I couldn’t be any safer than being beside him. Cold breeze brushes my face as I lean my head against his shoulder; I feel serenity. The night entirely blankets the sky with glinting stars hanging freely. I slowly closed my eyes until everything turned pitch black. It is beautiful night indeed.

    By Mg URL on 05.15.2013

  29. i wish my shoulders were broad, like robbie’s. i think i’d get more ladies. robbie doesn’t, but i imagine i could leverage his physique into something special.

    By nathan carson URL on 05.15.2013

  30. to cry on to put to the wheel. Its nose to the grindstone right. I’ll take the blame;;;;, again. But what did i do this time? It always seems to take me by surprise, yor

    By Lee URL on 05.15.2013

  31. If I could’ve dreamt, I think my eyes would have been a little less tired when i woke today. My shoulders ached, I was warm and gentle, right up until I had to wake. Shaken by the rough slam into reality, slapped into myself. I must get out of bed.

    By genahtastic URL on 05.15.2013

  32. Shoulder to cry on. Sleep on. Snuggle into. All and everything reminds me of you.

    By Isha on 05.15.2013

  33. lean on my shoulder,
    i will let you.

    carve your name into my flesh
    with your nails
    and sink your teeth into
    the crook of my neck.
    i will let you.

    flood my pores with your tears
    and bury your head
    against my throat,
    as if i can hide you from
    all that exists.
    i will pretend with you.

    it won’t make you do the same for me
    but maybe if i scoop up all of your darkness,
    i will take all of your sorrow
    and become nothing

    allow me.

    By F URL on 05.15.2013

  34. on its shoulder there was nothing but fur, no need to cry on it, nothing would have happened as it would have not understood, it just stood there, shoulder pushed forward, inviting but at the same time repelling, as it was furry and a bit dirty because of the mud and bi

    By Eclectical Storm URL on 05.15.2013

  35. She turned to look over her shoulder, staring at the mess that was left behind as a result of their fighting. Shaking her head, she stepped away, and decided then and there that she was moving on. There was no more room for this sort of crap in her life.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.15.2013

  36. It’s only when something stop functioning properly that you realise its true significance.
    It’s not a surface for you to cry on, that implies dependence.
    You do not want to be dependent.
    Dependence requires trust.
    Trust breeds vulnerability.
    And trust me, you do not want to be vulnerable.

    By Ieatdeepheat URL on 05.15.2013

  37. the curve of a woman’s bare shoulder
    glistening under the lamplight,peeping up from
    the dark chiffon folds of her evening dress and
    ignoring the autumnal tresses that swoon to
    touch it. it was one evening, and that shoulder’s
    curve became the path of my life.

    By Skendha Singh on 05.15.2013

  38. Her shoulder was thick but he didn’t mind it. He liked to sink his teeth into the flesh as they made love. He never thought he could be with a fat woman but he liked the generous course of her form.

    By robin on 05.15.2013

  39. looking over your shoulder will not get you anywhere. I will only give a confused, undetermined walk.

    By Dorte URL on 05.15.2013

  40. you stood up, left him cold. You couldn’t believe what happened and how you gave him the cold shoulder. He stared into your eyes searching for moment and pulled you in to a passionate embrace.

    All is forgiven

    By France URL on 05.15.2013