October 25th, 2011 | 387 Entries

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387 Entries for “shepherd”

  1. The shepherd is supposed to mindfully watch over the sheep. Today was no exception, except that the sheep had taken over the pasture and there was no regaining control. Sometimes one has to recognize and accept their limitations. Some battles are best left alone. The sheep might just be right.

    By Fender2010 URL on 10.25.2011

  2. An unseen shepherd to her wayward flock, she watches over us, steers us in the right direction, tells us right from wrong and never lets us stray beyond her reach. She leads us not into temptation but for those of which she wants us to taste. We know not her name or her face out of the millions around us but know well enough the bark that we do not desire to know the bite.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 10.25.2011

  3. Shepherd. God these words are stupid. What kind of prompt it shepherd? Only one thing comes to mind: sheep. And because of my insomnia it makes me angry to have to write about a sheep counter.

    By strotherahill URL on 10.25.2011

  4. “like jesus?” I ask hopefully
    “yes… I suppose, but we aren’t promising you any god given gifts we just need you to mind our sheep.”
    “oh… well I guess that’s ok then.”
    the man raises an eyebrow.
    I try my best to look like a completely logical grown man.

    By arabella anderson on 10.25.2011

  5. A young boy skips along luscious green hills of his home village, but when he arrives to his goat’s hill, they all lie prostrate against the bristling grass. He screams and horror and darts towards his mother bustling along their clothes line. She jerks away from the waving clothes and widens her eyes at the shouting boy.

    By Regina on 10.25.2011

  6. there once was a sheep and she got loose so the shepherd had to run and jump a fence to get him. all of a sudden a truck came and ran the sheep over and then the shepherd cried. but then he got a new sheep the next day so it was all good! yay! he had some yummy hamburgers and went to bed.

    By Kelsey Forman on 10.25.2011

  7. Derek Shepherd. Mmm. McDreamy is right. However, after rewatching all of the seasons for a second time, I have grown to dislike him. As sweet and charming as he is, he’s a douchebag. He treats Meredith like a little kid and not the adult that is his wife. Forgive and forget. Keep your work life out of your personal life.

    By Evelyn URL on 10.25.2011

  8. She knew it had something to do with Christmas, but she wasn’t quite sure what. So her parents didn’t raise her within a religious setting, so what?! It’s not like he had to bit her head off for it!

    “You don’t know what part a shepherd played in our Lord and life?!” he exclaimed.

    “So what?!” she bit back. “Why do I even have to believe in this ‘Lord’ you say??”

    By Ashley URL on 10.25.2011

  9. We thought of him as our shepherd. He came in, gathered us, lead us places. He made us do whatever he thought we should do, what he thought we had to do. He showed us off, even took care of us, but wasn’t afraid to make a sale.
    Being treated like sheep gets old. Really fast.
    Seventeen years of being herded and worn, and now that I can finally leave, I’m terrified.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 10.25.2011

  10. The Lord is my shepherd….

    It’s so true..I am constantly getting lost, but I find my way back to God because I feel like all my answers and problems get resolved when He finds me…or vice versa.

    By Frankey on 10.26.2011

  11. The lord was not my shepherd, that role did my first grade teacher have. She was a short, bearded woman in her late forties and with eyebrows that grew together over her spotted nose. She was a kind woman.

    By Becktor URL on 10.26.2011

  12. He gathers his sheep, a wave of burnt leaves crash to their shore, they sing a song like butter, howling like wolves, loving, the minutes pass and bitter coolness arrives with the sunset, gradation of greens, oranges and yellows dance along the tips of the grass, the shepherd hesitates, deciding to let the sheep enjoy some more breaths of autumn till dusk.

    By Maddi on 10.26.2011

  13. i followed the shepherd for 3 days, if he noticed he didn’t show it, we slept together under the silent stars, i absorbed the calmness of each moment, shadowing his life.

    By becca URL on 10.26.2011

  14. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

    I really do not even know what those words mean.

    That the lord will provide for me and I will be satisfied?

    That is a load of bullshit.

    Why do I still want? Why do I still need? I have faith, just not that God will provide me with EVERYTHING I need.

    By Stasha on 10.26.2011

  15. there was a silly shepherd that lived on the mountain with all of his sheep. he loved cheese so much that he married it. then he made his sheep construct a house for his cheese bride. the end. he then forced the sheep to watch while he consummated the cheese marriage by eating his cheese bride. the shepherd is a horrible man.

    By Zero Concept on 10.26.2011

  16. god. gray beard. kill his son. sheep. mountains rocky. traveling loniless.solitude. cattle sticks of wood gathering. help. a job su

    By kayla on 10.26.2011

  17. a person who watches over livestock or simply any sort of organism that has life and can make decisions that need guidance. Playing a big brother father type role. Making sure that nothing can stray off and get lost in the world outside the fence. Which in hypothetical terms could be literally anything. From outside school, to growing up and moving into the outside world.

    By Brent Wise on 10.26.2011

  18. If Yuri was a shepherd, she thought that she would crowd all her friends together downtown into an alley and lock them right there so these little pesky sheep won’t disturb her fun time. By fun time Yuri meant having a nice chat with Taeyeon in a way people won’t think they were going out.

    Because they clearly weren’t.

    “Yuri where are the others?” Taeyeon questioned and they were in a very nice cafe overlooking the city.

    “They’re just out in the fields, shopping like always.” The girl smirked, cleverly hiding the keys inside her pocket as she reached for Taeyeon’s warm hands. “Just like pesky little sheep.”

    But clearly, the girl was a wolf.

    By -Sarah URL on 10.26.2011

  19. The shepherd stood before his sheep, tall as a giant, the grandest thing they had ever seen, grander than they dreamed any could be.
    They took each word he said, obeyed it as if it were the only way. As if he knew everything.
    And then they didn’t. Because it became inconvenient. So they pulled and pushed and played make believe and erased until his words represented their convenience.
    The shepherd was, after all, just a man.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.26.2011

  20. Isn’t that an adorable shepherd over there? I know it is a bit early to have Christmas decorations out, but in this case I am glad that they did. Aside from the shepherd, there are several lovely things that I would like to put out in my living room this year.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.26.2011

  21. Jesus is my shepherd. Done. Oh yes, I also like sheep. Shephard’s pie is good too, according to some people, but my mom always put peas in it, which I dislike. Weird, right? who would do that? Ew. Jesus is good though. Yep.

    By Kristina URL on 10.26.2011

  22. Lead me shepherd
    I walk in the gray areas between the lines
    and i need you to lead me

    By Leah on 10.26.2011

  23. if god was my shepherd would i blame him for the dangerous alleys and rivers he sends me down. rumbling and rambling through dark idle waves even the silence numbs my understanding of how and why my moral choices make any sense or not. most of all, i can’t discern if whether or not i have perspective on both my embarrassments and championships, and if one is really the other.

    By blanka on 10.26.2011

  24. There is this book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho that ended up changing my life. My entire outlook on life, the path we choose and the path that is already predetermined for us was upended. I have a better respect for the direction my life could take just by listening to my heart.

    By Jenni on 10.26.2011

  25. shepards pie
    watch the heard
    a young border collie lines them up
    one after the other
    and his master follows behind
    cane in hand
    watching over his animals

    By Ria on 10.26.2011

  26. He restores my soul:)

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.26.2011

  27. The shepherd guided his sheep across the field. Everyday it was done. And everyday it would be the same. Forevermore, he would guide.

    By Kerrin on 10.26.2011

  28. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.

    By Mary Katherine URL on 10.26.2011

  29. Stand by me

    Protect me from myself

    Divert my pathology

    Hold my hand

    Walk me through this desert

    By neanymac on 10.26.2011

  30. The dog sprang into action as the boys ran through the house. Instinct took over and she was quickly at their heels, nipping and yipping in an attempt to guide them.

    By Essays35 on 10.26.2011

  31. When the previous page told me that I’ll see only one word and I have to write about it, I thought it must be something that I don’t know the meaning of it. My English vocab is so low! Anyway Here is it. I lamented!

    By Nachiketa Das on 10.26.2011

  32. Running wildly free through the tall grass of the meadow, he could think nothing else other than happiness. The way the wind tore through his hair, his voice carried across the breeze towards the sheep waiting there. With a wolfish grin, baring his teeth, he leapt forward and began to run around them – for the sheepdog was truly the shepherd here.

    By eleftheria URL on 10.26.2011

  33. The Lord is my shepherd. In the midst of everything, God brings peace. God’s love gently guides and never leaves.

    By Leah on 10.26.2011

  34. My dog is a german shepherd. Funny isn´t it. I think I like this tool. Is creative, original and can definately help me finding new and interesting ideas. I still don´t know how it works but seems to be pretty cool. Ok, I´m done. I don´t want to keep on writing.

    By carlos on 10.26.2011

  35. Oh! I got nothing to do with you. I don’t care what does this means. HAHAH

    By Ronz Samson URL on 10.26.2011

  36. Wandering alone over the hills he rarely saw anyone. The only place he found people was in the nearest town a days horse ride away. He liked the peace and quiet, with only the company of his wife and children life seemed simple. Just the way it should be.

    By DLSH on 10.26.2011

  37. call to the shepherd
    call to the shepherd
    we got some sheep off the beaten track
    call to the shepherd
    call to the shepherd
    let em go too far – never coming back
    Billy crossed the road fast, and never took his time
    to contemplate his mortality whilst waiting in line
    he lived the fast paced life, and that much is for sure
    he never went faster then when I hit him with my door

    By murder in the red barn on 10.26.2011

  38. He was their shepherd, their leader. No matter how much he didn’t want it, they begged him to stay. They claimed that without him all they had created would fall apart. He tried and tried to convince them that the strength was within them. They never believed him and that was their downfall.

    By Tangerine URL on 10.26.2011

  39. A Shepherd is someone who leads his flock to green pastures, however this is not always the case. We would like to have a good shepherd today, to guide us out of this recession, that is killing our people, killing their dreams.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.26.2011

  40. The Lord is my shepherd, but who is my Lord? I do not lay down to this book. I follow the words of the wise. Who would rather walk beside us than lead, would rather be struck than to strike, and respect nature and morals before a building of man.

    By RachelJeri URL on 10.26.2011