March 19th, 2011 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “shape”

  1. The wine took the shape of the wine glass the instant it was poured in. Liquid… Always taking another’s shape, forming outlines and filling voids. Liquid, so much like air.

    By Emily on 03.20.2011

  2. And the shadows on the walls form shapes that my imagination takes to new levels. The shapes form figures, and the figures form monsters that paint nightmares on my eyelids late at night.

    By Chiaroscuro URL on 03.20.2011

  3. The shape of things,
    The shape of you,
    The shape of your eyes,
    The shape of your face,
    The shape of me,
    The shape of the earth,
    Everything has a unique shape.
    Everyone has a unique shape.
    I’m not happy with mine.

    By Melissa URL on 03.20.2011

  4. An odd squeak and a scratch, a distortion of tone as the needle dropped. Dulcet tones bursting forth from the inky wheel, its shape seemingly shifting and wobbling as it spun.

    By chii URL on 03.20.2011

  5. There are some things that can shape you at the same time of destroying you. When you’re shaped, you aren’t necessarily just being chipped away at, there’s always the possibility that you’re just molded into something else. Regardless, though, whenever you get chipped away at, that allows room for more… more to change you.

    By whitepicketdefense URL on 03.20.2011

  6. your hands inundate me.
    pressure exerted in al directions.
    mould me.
    morph me.
    shape me.
    into what i am today.

    By Ashley on 03.20.2011

  7. Soft, skin like angelfood cake. Hands making a heart shape.

    By daniel URL on 03.20.2011

  8. Shape the forms that come out of my mouth from my head, my heart as I try to form these thoughts and feelings into something tangible. Something that can be grasped and explained and shared and understood by the people around me. Help me shape these things into words, into music.

    By Tiffany on 03.20.2011

  9. Circles,Triangles,Rectangles…There are many shapes. Some can be used to describe a persons body type.

    By Zoey URL on 03.20.2011

  10. When I look in the mirror I stare at myself, and see the flaws which I have tried to accept. I stare at the shape of my face, and wonder will I ever be who I want to be?

    By Zoey URL on 03.20.2011

  11. the shape of things is never the same. over a period of time, whether it be a second, day, year, century or millenia, the shape of things change. It is the nature of material to change and in it we can have hope that the shape of things to come will be better.

    By daghdha URL on 03.20.2011

  12. I have the shape of a broken dream. I float around senseless without purpose. Looking around i try to figure out a way to recognize myself among the countless mirrors that surround my world.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova URL on 03.20.2011

  13. I wasn’t in any shape to face this…but I sat down, took a deep breath and started my favourite meditation. And it worked…I felt lighter, better and more positive and ready to face what was thrust upon me. Relax and let go…

    By Anton URL on 03.20.2011

  14. Shape came first, simple forms in a confusing world. Touching, feeling them, he grew into light and colour and sound, but shape was always foremost, the most pure thing.

    By Sean Facey on 03.20.2011

  15. Figures and pictures i can;t control them it scare me but i can;t control them i doubt i even have a handle onmyelf because this house is to square. Why do i live in a square fucking house.

    By M on 03.20.2011

  16. happy

    By Nandini on 03.20.2011

  17. I love looking at the different shapes of people especially women. Maybe it is because of years of self scrutiny. It’s reassuring to see bigger bums and smaller breasts than mine. But the older I get the more I just enjoy watching the incredible variety of figures that saunter by. There is something miraculous in how similar and simultaneously how different we all are.

    By Jane on 03.20.2011

  18. It’s shape was like fluid. It would wiggle and dance and move with a flexibility like nothing human I have ever seen. It was slithering/dancing towards me. I didn’t know whether to be amused or scared

    By Nandini on 03.20.2011

  19. ohhh shape! it’s about design.. Every design is a shape! every beautiful thing has a shape. Shape is design and it’s the most important aspect of anything. things are exists because of it’s shapes. We recogize things because of shapes!

    By Mangesh Bhayde URL on 03.20.2011

  20. The shape of things to come will probably not be any shape we recognise today. More than likely it won’t be a quadrilateral, an isosceles, a rhomboid, a trapezoid or any other kind of zoid. The shape of things to come will more than likely transcend the axis of x and y and more than likely even z, in fact it will probably even exist beyond space and time

    By Damo on 03.20.2011

  21. Her heart is shaped with thorns and needles. She tosses eruptive tantrums. And her favorite color is red because she says it expresses her rage against the world. Despite all this, I like the way her hand feel like they were shaped for mine

    By Lexi on 03.20.2011

  22. The future isn’t ours to debate over rolled cigarettes
    Truth is that we’ve no idea what shape it will take
    Or if we’re even where we’re supposed to be
    When all the walls come down

    By Samantha URL on 03.20.2011

  23. shape, they can be different, shapes can be large or small, shapes are human, we are different.

    By Aman Dhingra URL on 03.20.2011

  24. Wrapped round like the guy that folds buildings- in clingwrap is it?- parcels flying like djinns thorough the networks of our communicated lives – other parts of ourselves wrapped in skins or shrounds or plastic wrappers of defences or arms and armour just to conceal the shape we fear

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.20.2011

  25. Shape

    I will shape my way in this life
    I will carve caverns and pave roads
    I am the creator of my own destiny.

    even though I see my future in your eyes
    I must remain at the pace in which I travel…
    for the shape of my heart has been constructed
    and to your form it only fits…

    By lildevi URL on 03.20.2011

  26. shape your future…with this ur new funda…get hits….be rich… then sell your company to big dogs…basss…. stay cool

    By harshal chavan URL on 03.20.2011

  27. Shape your thoughts according to your dreams. Find your head in a muddle as you try to do so. Arrive at a square block or find yourself going in circles. You will realize what your heart set out towards is a love triangle.

    By Nicohla on 03.20.2011

  28. “wow. Someone’s really throwing some shapes”
    The wedding reception was under full swing at this stage. The dance floor was full, but there was a circular space being made just then around Billy, who was really starting to feel the music, as could be seen by his, let’s say passionate, dancing.

    By Sile URL on 03.20.2011

  29. as kids, we all have an idea of how our lives are going to be when we get older. get married, have kids, career. all of that. but in reality, thing’s don’t always go that way. but when you get older and you see things in your life finally start to take shape, it can be a great relief. especially when you feel you haven’t lived up to your own expectations to that point in your life.

    By Andy URL on 03.20.2011

  30. It was a very weird shape maybe round would be the closest shape yet it wasn’t that. I just looked at it for hours on end then it started to make noise. It cried out at me. I tried to pick it up but it got louder and then it left.

    By Colombe on 03.20.2011

  31. Its how life is shaped. It what people expect from you. Grow up, graduate, go to college at some big fancy school, and get married. Find a job which you make tons of money in retrospect to being happy. It’s how the world has shaped our life, and I think I want to live outside of the box.

    By Mallory on 03.20.2011

  32. The man looks efficient. He wears a tie that makes me think of school. He carries a large leather briefcase and seems grateful when I tell him to take a seat. He smiles a lot. My grandmother seems to be very interested in his shoes. When he asks her questions, she smiles as if he’s a foreigner, trying his very best to speak in her language. Asking the name of the prime minister, might sound to her as if he’s asking, do bluebirds live on the moon? He holds out a card. What shape is this? he asks. My grandmother looks up. ‘That,’ she says, ‘is Miss Judy Garland’s microphone.’ ‘Are you sure?’ he asks. ‘Yes,’ she smiles. ‘I can hear it.’

    By Jeannie URL on 03.20.2011

  33. Round. Is that a shape? I guess. It’s what I think of when I think of her. Smooth curves kissed by rounded shirts and spiked with sparkles that are totally outshined \\\dfadf

    By Sebby URL on 03.20.2011

  34. A woman’s shape is important. It shouldn’t matter as much as it does. Men don’t have the same emphasis on their shape. They can be pretty floppy looking, put on a suit and look good. Women, though, are supposed to wear less, show skin and a lot of shape. I wish this were different.

    By Laura URL on 03.20.2011

  35. Curves. That’s all it was.
    I loved curves. The way she moved around, it was as if the ocean tides were pulling back and forth, back and forth at her. She was not controlling this body. A body given by a god. No, the earth was controlling it. She let go. It was the shape of life, the shape of the god-given curves, the shape of lust.
    I could not contain it. I never could.

    By Mady URL on 03.20.2011

  36. Everything exhibits different shapes, primarily, because each object is unique in its own way. Everything is shaped into a variety of ways as well, be it an object or a human being because each has its own purpose. We shape objects in a way that we can utilize them efficiently. The same goes with humans. We are shaped into ideal individuals, primordially, by our parents. But as we grow up, we end up shaping ourselves into the persons that we want to be and coupled with that is each of our desired purpose in life.

    By Alaykka URL on 03.20.2011

  37. The shape of stars had changed. Each day they grew bigger and brighter and everyone was looking at them, shining like eyes in the night sky.

    By tzoyia URL on 03.20.2011

  38. take the shape of a parcel, left for me at the train station.
    left luggage
    the ticket in the mail
    I walked there
    wanted to charge me to collect
    so I didn’t
    see the parcel, left for me at the train station

    By E.P. Hantera on 03.20.2011

  39. Shape, shapeshifting. Shapes rolling like the waves crashing in to shore. Rolling like rolling papers, rolling more, rolling more. Kaleidoscopes, colliding with the edges of other shapes like rorscharr

    By Colm Sewell URL on 03.20.2011

  40. Shape, shapeshifting. Shapes rolling like the waves crashing in to shore. Rolling like rolling papers, rolling more, rolling more. Kaleidoscopes, colliding with the edges of other shapes like rorschatz prints (ink blots about fucking your mother). The shape of a young woman, curving in and out at all the right places. Like waves.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 03.20.2011