March 19th, 2011 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “shape”

  1. A shape can be anything at all. People are creating new shapes all the time. They may not have names, but they are anything that you create when drawing or anything. A shape is a beautiful new creation

    By hannah on 03.19.2011

  2. Some people are in it, some people are out of it. All objects are at least one of these. They are infinite. You learn about them in kindergarten. There are many shapes in the word shape. Ape is in shape.

    By Trish on 03.19.2011

  3. Shapes are interesting. Whether square, round, triangle, whatever. Everything has a unique shape, not to be compared with any other. You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. Shapes don’t need to be molded into other shapes; it just doesn’t work.

    By haley cline on 03.19.2011

  4. I love the shape of the clouds that we used to stare at for hours. Making out what animals they were. That was the best times I had with you, now they are all but memories to forget.

    By Samantha M on 03.19.2011

  5. Shape? Like body shape? So cliche that in America that’s the first thing a collegiate woman thinks about when shape is thrown at her. All the things you hate about shape and yet all the things you say you don’t care about but really do. Yet I know I’ll never be a stick. That’s life. Not fat, not thin. Watching what I eat, or not, I stay the same. Why try? Stuck in the middle of a shape unknown. But sometimes the unknown is okay. Maybe

    By Courtney on 03.19.2011

  6. round sphere square triangle curves point cube hexagon pentagon lines circle

    By Sarah on 03.19.2011

  7. Her curves were the greatest of his desires. The shape of her face produced the greatest fantasies of his life, his future. He was of greater than he had been, simply because of the entirety that is her shape.

    By Erin on 03.19.2011

  8. im out of shape.
    ive lost it.
    everything i put my effort into.
    one fall
    one missed landing.
    and its over
    i miss the ability
    i used to have
    from doing something
    that demanded so much.
    then just left me when i
    fell short.

    By oldschool URL on 03.19.2011

  9. “See that street? On the left?” Bailey pointed out the car window. “You mean the one with the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign?” Rachel asked. “Yeah, that’s it. Turn left right there.” “But….” Rachel left the rest unsaid, shook her head, and turned. Red and blue lights began to flicker behind them. “Hey,” Bailey relaxed back against the seat and stretched out his legs. “It’s your first day at the Police Academy, and we were going to be late, but with this shortcut, we’re in pretty good shape.”

    By Izolda on 03.19.2011

  10. The shape of the glass was kind of weird, like nobody had ever touch it, not even for making it. The girl stared at that glass, endlessly & then suddenly… the glass exploted! She was shocked.

    By Gi on 03.19.2011

  11. David Bowie was no fool when it came to the dark arts. Only one as skilled as he could travel the vast expanse of space and return to Earth with no harm to himself. Transformers were his favourite toy and he now he would change his shape like them. Shapes of all number of sides and corresponding holes fluttered in his mind, but he knew the one he wanted would have no corners, he would be a circle!

    By Napoleon on 03.19.2011

  12. I love the shapes the rain makes on the glass window. Drops run into each other and make rivers. Make pictures. Make love.

    By Halliem URL on 03.19.2011

  13. consuming my thoughts all day, when I should be thinking of other things, important things that I need to get done, it pops into my head and I obsess. Shapes, my shape, my figure, my body. the shape I see when I look at myself. I dissect the inadequacies, the intricacies of every fold and curve of a body that is foreign to me. a full, supple body, screaming sex and fertility, warmth and comfort. it overflows the mold of accepted beauty, too much of me, my shape belies my vices.

    By Tiffany Ann URL on 03.19.2011

  14. shapes are funny. there’s so much to describe about them. you can look at them with artistic views, realistic views, mathematical views. but where did they come from? who knows. just sit back and look at them. its beautiful.

    By Riley URL on 03.19.2011

  15. Hands clasped. Not with someone else. Just mine. Making a shape of a heart to symbolize us. Or is it a potato? Potato love.

    By Tito URL on 03.19.2011

  16. we shape our lives. we make choices everyday that completely mold not only our current situations but our future. To shape your world can go either way. You can shape it into something terrible, or shape it into something beautiful. The choice is yours.

    By kelsey reed on 03.19.2011

  17. Shapes are interesting. Whether square, round, triangle, whatever. Everything has a unique shape, not to be compared with any other. You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. Shapes don’t need to be molded into other shapes; it just doesn’t work.

    By haley URL on 03.19.2011

  18. he had no idea what the shape of the object was from here it looked like something round but he knew it wasnt. he knew that from another stance it would be something different, something more elegant. he just knew

    By mayger URL on 03.19.2011

  19. The old man smiled, as the stone wheel in front of him slowly turned. A small, shapeless lump of clay atop the wheel quivered with potential, waiting to be unlocked. “What was this to become?” questioned the man. “A pot? No. A bowl? No. This feels like something all together different.” He shifted his weight off the small pedal under the table, and waited a moment as the spinning wheel slowly came to a halt. Then, with the kind of precision that comes only after long decades of practice, the man began. He pushed here, then pulled there. Soon enough, shapelessness would become…

    By Kathy Bradford URL on 03.19.2011

  20. Shape is color, shape is texture, shape is having a home for your spirit. Shape is the presence of ones self.

    By Mufasa on 03.19.2011

  21. I like to make shapes into other objects. construction paper, snow, little balls of dough. it doesn’t really matter what, just as long as I am actively invovled with my awesome imagination.

    By Susannah URL on 03.19.2011

  22. It’s funny this pops up, because my mind automatically goes to “in shape” and it comes at a time when I’m trying to get “in shape.” My weight has gotten to a point where I don’t like myself and it’s time to change. New diet, new exercise, new life. Graduation is fast approaching…

    By Jenny Mae URL on 03.19.2011

  23. “From the shape of things,” Detective Orphelin said to Cpl. Sheedy as they surveyed the crime scene. The interior of the house was painted green, the body had been sawn off at the kneecaps and black buckled shoes were attached to the stumps. Chocolate gold coins were strewn about the room and shamrocks were strewn about. “From the shape of things,” he repeated, “it looks like the murderer had a thing for Leprechauns.”

    By richpee URL on 03.19.2011

  24. The globe of light wobbled between her palms, losing shape. With a puffing sigh she released the magic and watched it explode in a tiny waterfall of radiant sparkles. Her frustration pinched for a more satisfying explosion, but she shook her head and pushed off the floor.

    By Saronai URL on 03.19.2011

  25. I’m in shape!
    (My shape just happens to be round.)

    By M dlR URL on 03.19.2011

  26. i like shapes. shapes can be very basic circles and squares to more complicated shapes like the human figure. my favorite thing is that you can make the more complicated shapes by playing connect the dots with the more basic shapes and make pretty pictures.

    By zoe URL on 03.19.2011

  27. pluck a patch of drying earth
    from the cracked and dying ground.
    spit into your palms, and in your hands,
    swirl the earth around.
    in the grooves of your fingerprints
    beauty can take shape.

    By kalena URL on 03.19.2011

  28. soft and round.
    Women need angles.
    I haven’t got any except on my nose (and my glasses which don’t count)
    why isn’t soft and round ok? I feel ok most of the time.
    I don’t look in the mirror most of the time, either.

    By Kat on 03.19.2011

  29. And the shape of the time is warm, spiralling in life and health towards some happy end. And our heart together forms a wink, the wink of another eye, another eye which I have loved, have loved as much as the sun, the sun which today sinks so low, so low into the sea-blue-sea.

    By Wilbur on 03.19.2011

  30. What is the shape of the world? Round, isn’t it. That’s right, it’s a circle. Or a sphere to be more concise. And in every circular object, what goes around comes around.

    By T. Michael Smith on 03.19.2011

  31. what is the shape of things to come? it cannot be tangible, like a cube. it is all circles in circles, shapes of the unknown. The angles formed in a cross-section of our minds. What, then, is the graph upon which they are all charted? what is the real world? just shapes in our minds?

    By cameron on 03.19.2011

  32. A fine thing to be someone, which nobody really is. We are a funny assortment of uniquities altogether unfitting to our forms for oneanother.

    By Wilbur on 03.19.2011

  33. The shape of the heart on my sleeve isn’t what it use to be. It use to be perfect with smooth edges and it gleamed like the sun. But not anymore. It’s become distorted because of you. Now it has jagged edges and its as sharp as the point of a Spanish Dagger. The gleam it use to have is now a foggy blur. All because of you. All because I let you talk me into doing what I swore I would never do. But I’m not going to let what happen eat away at the heart on my sleeve anymore, because I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. One day I will find a guy that loves me for I am. Not be ashamed of me for how I look. He will love me because I am the most bad ass girl there is, and I am the most bad ass girl you will ever meet. So go ahead keep you perfect little stick of a girlfriend. Because she isn’t even a quarter of what I am. You had your chance with me, but you chose you fucking ‘brother.’ And no matter how much I smile at you just know that it isn’t real. It’s hiding how much I truly despise you. Muah.

    By a nini mous on 03.19.2011

  34. A shape. THE shape. A circle, drawn into the mud, leaves scattered within its confines. Red, orange, yellow, and other various shades glinted in the moonlight streaming in through the treetops, and the shimmering light reflected off them, growing brighter and brighter until it shot straight up to the sky. Blinding.

    By Cheezit URL on 03.19.2011

  35. Am I in shape? What bikini best flatters your shape? What fruit shape are you? I’m in some kind of shape. I don’t know if I could do it, knowing the shape I’m in. SHAPE UP

    By Used on 03.19.2011

  36. you are shaped by fire and wickedness into weapon. you are not a person. you will never be a person. you were once a person, but now you are not. there is no going back. you are a weapon in the shape of something safe. but you are a weapon and you mustn’t forget.

    By Dagger URL on 03.19.2011

  37. Circles, squares, triangles, ellipses, cones, cylinders, pyramids. So many shapes, so many different types. Shapes can be calculated in terms of surface area, in terms of volume, but the comforting thing about shapes is that most times, when applied to objects, they don’t evolve when applied pressure to.

    People are not the same. They are of different shapes, too. But unfortunately, people change. Especially when you apply some sort of pressure to them.

    By spazzycorn URL on 03.19.2011

  38. you’re drawing. circles, triangles, numbers, you name. you draw hearts around his eyes. it doesn’t look very good, truthfully, and you’re getting sort of bored anyway.

    By Dagger URL on 03.19.2011

  39. the shape of your eyes drives me crazy. you know, since i’ve been studying theoretical genetics i’ve been seeing people through the filter of their phenotype, trying to catch on the nature of their genotypes. why? to see how our babies would look like. ours would look gorgeous, and their eyes would have the same shape of yours.

    By Jo URL on 03.20.2011

  40. Shape.. .
    shape me right.

    By Dave URL on 03.20.2011