May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. They were pulling me away from him.
    “No!” I cried, desperately reaching out for him. Our fingertips were inches away from each other, but he was caught too, and they were tearing us apart, separating us for good.
    “Get OFF me!!” I yelled, brutally elbowing one of them in the face so that blood spurted over my shoulder and back. Theiur grip didn’t weaken. I watched as my best friend was torn away from me, disappearing amongst his captives. I let out a desperate cry, but there was nothing I could do.

    By azza on 05.02.2012

  2. so he was just there. sit beside the space and whisper to the wind. as we was separate buy the time not the situation. he leave by no sound. there’s a mark that i always remember, tears that fall down by the sky, a smell of cloudy days. As he move in to far away, until now i still remember how he used to know me.

    By Clara URL on 05.02.2012

  3. separate means like if your with someone and you are separating you are like getting away from them or something like that.

    By Mario URL on 05.02.2012

  4. you to need to separate right now!!!!!!!!SEPARATE MEANS TO SPREAD A PART.

    By loulou88888 URL on 05.02.2012

  5. When my parents separated it was devastating. I cried for weeks, knowing they wouldn’t ever get back together.

    By alliekaley URL on 05.02.2012

  6. Separate means to leave eachother, or something leaving something else. Forever or temporarily.

    By alliekaley URL on 05.02.2012

  7. Separate makes me think of apart, or not together. It also reminds me of like a separated relationship. Separate to me reminds me of like segregation and divided/away each other.

    By Casey Freeze on 05.02.2012

  8. i want to separate you two for being so bad when im teaching my class said Mrs. Pringle. People dont like me because i like to separate people.

    By Bieberlover URL on 05.02.2012

  9. divorce,
    take apart
    move way

    By Zach Sulek on 05.02.2012

  10. The word separate is a word that means to take one thing out of or apart of another thing. synonyms are disconnect, and divide.

    By mak!:) URL on 05.02.2012

  11. Drift apart, divorce, organize, different.

    By Samantha Heath on 05.02.2012

  12. keeping away, not together, apart, rejoining,separate but equal, segregation,

    By Nathan Engelhardt on 05.02.2012

  13. apart from, segregated, different,

    By Joey Zisa on 05.02.2012

  14. not together far away there are may ways to explain seperate.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 05.02.2012

  15. to move a part to split up to go different ways

    By Cameron on 05.02.2012

  16. When I first saw this word the first thing that pop-up to my head was when my uncle and aunt divorced.

    By william URL on 05.02.2012

  17. Departure, Two people going there different ways. Leaving ,distinct,Detach, and saying bye. Seeing Tears.Feelings of agony, gratefulness, and hope.

    By Kenyalee Jenkins on 05.02.2012

  18. to take apart, to keep away from each other, segregation.

    By Jusitn Gonzalez on 05.02.2012

  19. to split apart
    take away from

    By Brandon on 05.02.2012

  20. Es ist schon ein komisches Gefühl, von den Eltern getrennt zu leben. Die haben jahrelang Vorschriften gemacht, und wenn man dann die Freiheit hat, endlich alleine zu entscheiden, fängt man nichts sinnvolles mit seiner Zeit an. Man schläft zu lange, macht nicht genug Sport und ausserdem sind die Sendungen im Fernsehen auch doof.

    By Reinhard on 05.02.2012

  21. apart. not together. split from everyone. not with anything. alone. parents divorced. not there. body is there but mind is somewhere else. bored.

    By Kane URL on 05.02.2012

  22. To divide by some criteria…
    To divide into groups…

    The position of being set appart

    By Melody Morrison on 05.02.2012

  23. To take a part
    missing someone
    losing someone

    By Robert Rynard on 05.02.2012

  24. They were to separated for their love was forbidden. He was a comener and she was royalty, it was forbiden. They had met in the strangest of circimstances when he snuck onto palace grounds to rob the castle for riches. She had caught him and he had begged her not to turn him in. He told her he was starving and just wanted enough money to get some food. Understandingly she had let him go. He ran away never thinking of seeing her again. They did though, she was passing through his village on a travel. she stopped there for the night and they met again. Over months they kept meeting in odd places none of them expecting to see each other. Eventually he got a job in the castle and they saw each other more often. They fell in love eventually. One night they were caught and her father had never been angrier. they were separated then because their love was forbidden. She was sent away to another kingdom to marry a prince for an alliance. He was kicked out of the castle and banished. He was going to travel though, he was going to find her, before it was too late to stop the wedding.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 05.02.2012

  25. “I don’t want to separate. I want to work on us. You made a vow and I’m holding you to it. Don’t turn away from. You once loved me and I once loved you.”

    By Sheila Good URL on 05.02.2012

  26. when i see seperate i think of lizards tails. then i think of that one time i got bit by a lizard, then i think about pain, then i think about depressing music, then i think about texting

    By Cassie Randomturtle on 05.02.2012

  27. I think of separate as two different things. Like different being with different morals and feelings. Separate doesn’t have to be bad it can be good. Maybe it just means things aren’t joined or together. They are apart. They don’t think alike or do thinks alike. They have different jobs. Like elements in science. Different things, different jobs, separate. Like planets, close together(sort of), but separate.

    By kayla URL on 05.02.2012

  28. Separate. Separate. It means to take apart from something else. To separate me from my best friend would be to break me. To separate cereal from milk would be evil. To separate a child from its mother is one of the worst things to do. it’s unspeakable.

    By Alisha Rothrock on 05.02.2012

  29. When I think of separate I think of cooking because in some recipes you have to use only the egg yolk or egg white so you have to separate the eggs

    By Hollie Mae URL on 05.02.2012

  30. to split, in two, apart, to take away from each other, and that’s what i think it means.

    By Brooklyn on 05.02.2012

  31. I tried to separate the dark jerseys from the white jerseys today to wash them for my football game.

    By Kaje Doke on 05.02.2012

  32. No-one likes the idea of separation. For some reason, it denotes something ugly; heart-wrenching; cruel.
    But Isn’t it beautiful, the way leaves separate from their tall, swaying anchors?
    Isn’t it exquisite, the way the unfathomable horizon-line separates omniscient sky from unrelenting sea?
    Itseasytooverlook,butthinkofwhatwouldbelost, without the simple, understated separation provided by a space-bar.
    I’m rather a fan of the feat of design which enabled my lips to separate, and articulate clusters of sounds, separated by… silence.

    By Jacklin on 05.02.2012

  33. It means you move a person or a piece of something away from someone.

    example: Mr.Miller separated Darien away from Courtney and Me.

    By Lauren Polumbus on 05.02.2012

  34. it makes me think of splitting something up,
    or peeling something off of something

    By jarrod crabtree on 05.02.2012

  35. it makes me think of splitting something up
    , or breaking it apart.

    By jarrod crabtree on 05.02.2012

  36. Separate. Is there any positive connotations with this word? Separate but equal, discrimination. “My parents separated.” I hate this word, so should you. Why is this word so hard for us to take in? Because it means loneliness. Unfortunately, I’m separate a lot. Distant. But hey, who isn’t. My parents are separate. Not physically, but emotionally, well all of my family is really.

    By Helen on 05.02.2012

  37. I was not able to see the difference at first. My dream was so real, or rather my reality was so unreal, that it took me a good 2 minutes before I was where I should be.

    By Taciturn URL on 05.02.2012

  38. “Come on,” Hope snarled as he pushed John into the elevator. “There’s no use fighting any more, you’re going to get on the plane and you’ll be in Hawaii with Sebastian by this time tomorrow. We’ve got to separate you from Sherlock and get you bonded to the right Sentinel.”
    “You can’t. I won’t,” John snarled. He would have crossed his arms stubbornly if they hadn’t been bound behind his back, roped securely into Hope’s grasp.
    “You’ll do what I say, young man, and you’ll like it too. Given enough time.” The elderly Guide jammed his finger against the button for the basement again, and as they passed the first floor where John knew they were keeping Sherlock’s unconscious body, he could feel his pulse accelerate and suddenly he was straining against his bonds again.
    They passed down a second level below ground level, and John leaned in against the wall of the elevator in exhaustion. “Please,” he begged, as though it would have a different effect on the heartless Guide this time, “I don’t want to do this. I want to stay with Sherlock. He needs me, please!”
    Hope spat at John’s feet. “Even if that were true, I’d gladly let him go insane as punishment for all the trouble you’ve put us through, Phantom.” The doors opened and Hope tugged John to his feet. “Now let’s get moving, your plane leaves in an hour.”

    By floppybelly URL on 05.02.2012

  39. I had just finished work and was walking toward my favourite titty bar, when I noticed a commotion outside of the Target store. Sauntering in for a closer look, the poster above the door became clearer – ‘5pm today – Former President Bush’. Relegated to speaking at discount stores, it turns out not many care to hear the wisdom of a monster that speaks through the hole in his ass. “4:59 and 50 seconds….4:59 and 54 seconds”, I counted aloud. I could barely wait.

    A small crowd of American flag bandanas and Midwestern gunts gathered around the stage. Dead on schedule, the inexplicable two-termer came forth to the stand, its mic plugged in to a miniature guitar amp. “Good morning, folks”. Fat folds and crucifix jewellery wobble as the audience greets him. He continues. “The key to being a great president is…”, before he could finish his ironic statement, there was a loud sound. High above the people and aisles, a support beam had fallen, sending several thick cables flying through the air and drawing the crowd’s focus away from the former president. As panic ensues around us, I see one of the airborne wires strike George’s torso and separate his top and bottom halves. Whilst many gasp and stare in disbelief, a second wire whips in to the front of George’s skull, separating the left side of his head from the right…

    Well, I guess you had to be there.

    By Andrew Lee Bowen URL on 05.02.2012

  40. Perhaps we’d be better separate… but I know that’s a good joke, we’ve been inseparable for the longest time, even before coming together. But the thought never leaves the back of my mind, that perhaps it shouldn’t be this way, perhaps you or I could find something better than you and I.

    By gemiruth URL on 05.02.2012