June 24th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “seeds”

  1. When I found the seeds in the big metal drawer in my mothers kitchen I didn’t know what they were but I liked the color picture on the packet, I never knew how badly she wanted a garden in the concrete yard that held her back for forty years.

    By nannan URL on 06.24.2012

  2. sowing the seeds of change she reached into her pocket for another dime. a dime? since when do phones take dimes? dimes? since when was the last time you saw a pay phone? she chose to ignore that voice in the back of her head that sounded exactly like her mother and dropped the dime into the slot.

    By debra on 06.24.2012

  3. The watermellon went straight to the floor, and all the seeds dropped everywhere. It was like watching the show of a thousands fleas. All the seeds went everywhere, making a huge mess. Mom will be so upset, but it was good while it lasted.

    By Rose on 06.24.2012

  4. The seeds of life are planted sparingly. Spread apart from their companions and cast into the most dreadful places, its a miracle so many survive.

    By Hail on 06.24.2012

  5. seeds. planted. you can plant seeds. in the ground. in the mind. and they grow. but sometimes they don’t, because you’re not a very good gardener. or you have no creativity. where has your creativity gone?

    By nancy on 06.24.2012

  6. they are the little things that start life. everything for that plant to live and survive in the future is in that little seed. or is it little? it can do so much so why do we or I say little seed. In fact, it is not so little. it has enormous potential, beauty.

    By Layla rani on 06.24.2012

  7. sunflower seeds are awesom we planted them and got more sun flower seeds and the parrot died and then some did not taste so good and everything was yello like the sun and we took a oicture it was taller than us and yes

    By Aisha on 06.24.2012

  8. The seeds from the wheat.
    The seeds from the apples.
    The seeds from the grapes,
    And the seeds from the peaches,
    The seeds from the fruit,
    And the seeds from the vegtables.
    All playing a part.

    By Marie Grace on 06.24.2012

  9. The seeds of today bring the flowers of tomorrow. Plagiarism. Sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 06.24.2012

  10. Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love. Going to Castel, and breathe, just take a huge vacation and enjoy calm and simplicity. Don’t think anymore about the difficulties, problems of couple, problems of work. Just be me myself and I. Maybe with him, maybe I’ll try to figure out why I can’t help being alone.

    By F on 06.24.2012

  11. Tender, minuscule. Ready to burst into something beautiful and worth marveling over. I want to plant seeds, that will spore and bloom into something i will cherish and love always.

    By Nicole on 06.24.2012

  12. seeds of happiness grow inside me everyday taking me towards my dream. My dream is sprouting and growing and soon it will bloom.

    By kathy URL on 06.24.2012

  13. Seeds come from plants. Plants are nature. Nature is relaxing. Relaxation is key. Keys open locks. Locks keep secrets. Secrets kill.

    By Eden on 06.24.2012

  14. Oh, what seeds may i have sowed? What is it, that makes you the center of it all? A seed, so fragile and pure, might be gone in a moment.

    By Fredda URL on 06.24.2012

  15. Seeds sown in fertile ground will be ready to reap in the Spring. No harvest, no food, no chance of surviving the year. We had to put an awful lot of trust in nature; that powerlessness was the bane of my upbringing.

    By dan URL on 06.24.2012

  16. She looked at the donut seeds. Her brother had given them to her but she she didn’t trust they were real. Therefore she gaven them to her friend.

    By Florencia Explorer URL on 06.24.2012

  17. Seeds are the inklings of life. A simple pinprick is like the ember of a fire, that contains much energy; concentrated in a small space. It holds the world in its little space. And all the world will add to something magnificent one day.
    You just have to let it grow.

    By kate on 06.24.2012

  18. I planted the seed ages ago, when it was no bigger than the head of a pin. It was dark then, so dark, I could barely see in front of me. However, I still dug the small hole and set the seed in it, planting it in its new home. Every day I came back to water it until it grew into an enormous tree that now gives back to me. I have food because of it.
    Before, everything seemed so dark, but now with that seed that grew into a tree that provides for me, the world seems so light.

    By Deeply Shallow URL on 06.24.2012

  19. The seeds of life are the beginning of it all. Without seeds life will be nothing. There is a beginning to everything beautiful. So don’t waste the seeds, nourish them, let them grown and see where it takes you.

    By Danielle Walsh on 06.24.2012

  20. They grow into big things like trees and apple trees and tomatoes. Little bitty seeds can grow into very big things like sequoia trees. Watermelon seeds need to be spat out. That can be fun, too. I like watermelon, but i don’t

    By Diana on 06.24.2012

  21. Seeds they are the start of a new life. Without them there would be nothing. What would happen without them? Can love be like a seed? small and nurturing? If so then love grows and grows; It blossoms into something beautiful and unforgettable.

    By Rosa on 06.24.2012

  22. I planted a seed to watch it grow, I watch it every day so make sure it keeps going. I water it, I make sure it gets sunlight and I keep away those pesky racoons. It blooms every year into a beautiful orange lilly and I smile with delight, knowing that I created a life.

    By Mallory Claire URL on 06.24.2012

  23. Seeds of plants growing, reaching toward the sunlight. Big, bright yellow sunflowers with dark faces turning their heads to soak in the sun. Vegetable gardens, snap peas…

    By April URL on 06.24.2012

  24. The bullying started on Picture Day in the Fifth Grade.

    We were prissy and pretty and we knew it. Our photos would show it.

    But Alison Reed was just a loser. When she whirled back her rats-nest hair and smiled her gap-toothed picture grim we all knew what she’d had for breakfast. Poppy seeds dotted her teeth like black pellets of shit. Christ, didn’t she use toothpaste? Maybe her family couldn’t afford it!?!

    From then on we called her Seedy Reed and made her life hell. It was fun.

    By penny dreadful URL on 06.24.2012

  25. Seeds are the main things for our eco system. Seeds germinate into young plants and young plants into marvelous, towering trees. Then photosynthesis and the rest. SO how about them seeds eh? Fruits have them. And some are edible. Did you know strawberries have outer seeds?

    By aj on 06.24.2012

  26. The dandelions poked out of the ground conspicuously. They were surrounded by weeds, entrenched, really. Fitting, thought the boy, just like me. Brought here by wind or maybe in some traveler’s pocket and transplanted in an alien atmosphere.

    By A.Taylor URL on 06.24.2012

  27. This past week I laid the seeds for what I hope will be the beginning of a new future for me. Now I just need to water and nurture and do whatever else to them that will help them bear fruit.

    By Tanya B. URL on 06.24.2012

  28. Die Samen liegen tief in der Erde. Irgendwann wird sie jemand ausgraben und sich fragen, von welchen Pflanzen sie wohl stammen mögen. Alle möglichen Pflanzen haben Samen. Alle? Nein, manche pflanzen sich durch Stecklinge fort. An ihren Wurzeln, Stämmen, Stängeln wachsen kleine Pflanzenkinder.

    By Eli URL on 06.24.2012

  29. The seed of thought grew and grew until he could no longer look her in the eye without the glaringly obvious options whirling through his head. He didn’t know if he was in love with her, or if he was really tired.

    By Lena URL on 06.24.2012

  30. I remember when I was little there were seeds that I planted in my backyard that would grow into columbine flowers. I think mine were purple, and my sister’s were pink. They still bloom every spring, and they’re now my favorite type of flower. It’s one of my favorite memories with my sister.

    By Claire URL on 06.24.2012

  31. sometimes tasteful…

    By eleni on 06.24.2012

  32. plant the seeds of doubt in their heads. Let them grow and multiply and spring into a thousand columns of undermined daisies and pessimistic bluebells and hesitant roses with thorns that cant protect.

    By Kim URL on 06.24.2012

  33. The seeds of hatred were there, waiting for permission to bloom. I could feel them, just as you feel the pain of being pricked my the thorn of a rose, in my chest. They were there, waiting to emerge into the hideously ugly blooms that is hate.

    By Ireland URL on 06.24.2012

  34. The seed of an idea – where does it come from? Does it lie beneath the soil for years waiting for the right moment to gently sprout?

    By Ravneet on 06.24.2012

  35. Sunflowers and sunflowers seeds. I love to grow flowers, but I don’t really like eating the seeds. I don’t know why. The idea of a thing growing inside me is strange to think about even though I know that eating sunflower seeds or any kind of seeds doesn’t actually work like that. It also reminds me of pregnancy now that I’m thinking about it and that is not something I’m looking forward to any time soon.

    By C. Taylor URL on 06.24.2012

  36. You plant them… you eat them… you spit them out… they give life.
    They grow fruit, plants, trees, grass…. Seeds… yeah, seeds. Also… they go on buns…. makes em tastier apparently.

    By tyler birch on 06.24.2012

  37. When I hear the word Seeds, I think of a new plant being able to start in a new home somewhere. Or a new beginning for a person/people. Planting a new seed in their lives.

    By Jackie URL on 06.24.2012

  38. seeds are planted and grown. seeds are needed for life to sprout. seeds are seeds but so much more. with out seeds, we wouldn’t have life, with out life, wed have no more humanity. no more humanity, the world stops.

    By Casey Crochiere on 06.24.2012

  39. this is a weird word. I can’t really think of what seeds mean to me. Though they now make me think of sunflower seeds. I hate sunflowers, they creep me out. Look like big eyes watching you. That guy at the party, god what party was that, St. Patrick’s day who planted entire fields. Rows and endless rows of yellow eyes and tiny petals. I guess it would be beautiful in a scary way.

    By ryan on 06.24.2012

  40. Seeds come, and seeds grow. Seeds die, and seeds strive. I guess you could say we’re a lot like seeds. ya know? Seeds need others to depend on, oh, and so do we.

    By Casey URL on 06.24.2012