October 14th, 2011 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “scout”

  1. Scouting For Boys, a book written in turn of the century gave advice for how to save someone who’s hung himself or tried to kill himself. I thought this was weird because the book is written for young boys who want to be boy scouts. Who wants to teach 10-year-olds that?

    By J URL on 10.15.2011

  2. A scout is a kind of class in team fortress two.

    Actually, it is a class. Not just a kind of class.

    Wow. Deep. Profound.

    Let’s go deeper.

    It is a quick class.

    Insightful. Inciteful.

    I am almost out of time.

    What a useful exercise this has been.

    I’m so glad I typed “” into the url bar randomly and got this page.

    By hmm on 10.15.2011

  3. I am a talent scout and I capture potential models. Oh how their chiselled features make me drool, the guys as well as the gals! I’m no boy Scout!

    By Imogen Shepard URL on 10.15.2011

  4. My lover was a kiddie scout, how sweet, but I tell you one thing, actually I am looking at this the wrong way, IWOULD send our boy to the scouts as he will learn a lot of useful stuff just like my hubby!

    By Imogen Shepard URL on 10.15.2011

  5. Talent Scout is back! Oh how wonderful praise when I get THE next big thing. The marvellous gift I have, I am definitely,without a shadow of a doubt, the best Scout there is, afterall I found ME!

    By Imogen Shepard URL on 10.15.2011

  6. I wish I was a good scout…all I get are the scrapings at the bottom; when will I get my break? God I am on my knees begging you to help me find the next great act just like the other guy does. amen

    By Imogen Shepard URL on 10.15.2011

  7. I am a lazy,good for nothing lay-about. Why was I never the good-boy Scout? I did my best and my Scouting years have ruined me and now all I do is wallow in self pity of what might have been if I was the head scout boy :,-(

    By Imogen Shepard URL on 10.15.2011

  8. Scout. Funny thing, I remember my girl scout days. Get it, scout! Hahaha. I’m so brain drained right now, I can’t think properly.

    By Alex C. URL on 10.15.2011

  9. This has several related meanings. I prefer ‘scout’ in the sense of explore. To travel into the unknown, on behalf of someone else. How brave! or stupid!

    By E A M Harris URL on 10.15.2011

  10. “You remember, don’t you Zoe, our dog Scout?” Jensen asked.
    “Scout?” she answered.
    “Yeah, I found him lying next to you in the garden. Dead. Just like you.”
    “Dead?!” she blurted.
    “As in not living,” Jensen shot back.

    By chole URL on 10.15.2011

  11. Boy scout is an honorable hobbie, an scout is supposed to have it “right” all the time, he or she gives advice and recommends the best approach to any endeavor either, a journey, or recruiting someone to do a specific job. Scouting takes talent and vision without one just goes through the process, but never productive.

    By Oscar Morzan on 10.15.2011

  12. like to scout stuff
    not morman

    By ryan on 10.15.2011

  13. The scout ran up the mountain, leaving his troop mates behind. He had to make it to see the sunset or he would stay a lonely bastard forever. As the sky turned to dusty dusk, he knew he was losing time. He scrambled up the dirt, kicking down stones and sticks back down towards the confused boys.

    By Lauren Brooks on 10.15.2011

  14. The scout quickly climbed up the mountain, kicking leaves and sticks and stones back down towards his troop mates. He had to the see the sun cross over the horizon or he would remain a lonely bastard forever. He would never be able to earn his special “sun setting” badge, and thus never be able to make it past his status as “Young Buck.”

    By Lauren Brooks on 10.15.2011

  15. Without thinking, he ran up to the pack, joining the other scouts. No, this wasn’t his first hunt, but he didn’t want it to be his last, either. And it always happened, for some odd reason or another, that those at the back of the pack were killed first. Unless of course, it was one of those random days in which nothing ever went right. Days like today.

    By Hunter Field URL on 10.15.2011

  16. Scout are always ready. :P

    By I'am Vince XD URL on 10.15.2011

  17. We set up camp and began our surveillance. I sent Detective Lobster to scout around for a better vantage point. Detective Lobster was having a difficult time, being out of the ocean on land duty, but he was able to find the bad guy and gurgle, “Confess! Confess!” Instead of handcuffs, he used his claws. The guy is now in jail. Detective Lobster is doing scouting and patrolling off the east coast of Prince Edward Island.

    By beowulf URL on 10.15.2011

  18. I think I’m going to scout through my kitchen in an attempt to find something to eat after I finish this thingy… Scout. Scout is also a cool name for a girl I think. Maybe I should change my name. Scout! Hmmn, makes me think of a book I read recently. How To Kill A Mockingbird <3

    By Lisa URL on 10.15.2011

  19. She went out to look around, very cautiously, for the first time… what’s out there, is it okay?? do you think it’s safe? creeping slowly out, trying each step, making sure the ground is safe, making sure everything will be okay

    By bleudaysies URL on 10.15.2011

  20. Cautiously, he walked along the path. He searched carefully for any sign of life.

    There was none.

    Eventually, he stumbled across a staircase, so, he left the path and began to ascend. The stairs led to a rooftop. It was a perfect vantage point from which to scout out the land. At least, it might have been, if dusk was not already upon him.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.15.2011

  21. boy scouts. little kids walking in the woods alone and frightened. but then there’s going ahead. putting yourself out front in danger alone. scouting. looking. keeping your eyes open for danger. for opprotunity. for everyone else. being ahead. being selfless. again alone. still alone like the little boys in the woods. maybe you’re in the woods scouting ahead. or for humans. or zombies. like we did on campus that week. I was the scout. I have an eye for it.

    By Amoritia on 10.15.2011

  22. scout is a group of people who do many exciting activity. For example doing a campaign or jungle tracking.

    By Mohan on 10.15.2011

  23. Scout out. Scout for the others. Get killed for the gtreater cause. Die for honour.
    I scout for the others. I search and look and assure nothing dangerous is ahead. I know if I do this, the others will not have to worry.

    By E on 10.15.2011

  24. The scout ran along the trail.
    He was lost.
    He stopped.
    And took a breath.
    “WHat now?” He asked himself, “What do I do?”
    The he remembered the day before.
    She’d kissed him the dark, and marked the tree they had leaned on.

    By Aiya on 10.15.2011

  25. That little girl from “To Kill a Mockingbird” – one of the best characters ever written. I wanted to be her when I was little.

    By Julie URL on 10.15.2011

  26. Scout’s honer…that’s what he told us…he didn’t do it, Scout’s honer. What are we supposed to do as parents? Believe our child or believe the evidence. I chose to believe in our child. So did Matt. Scottie never lied to us before. Did someone frame him?

    By spartica URL on 10.15.2011

  27. oh they sell nice cookies lol…. and they are pretty gay when i see them in their uniforms helping old pple cross the road. ajahah , i hav nothing else to write about this bs, so lets talk about lsd…

    By troolo on 10.15.2011

  28. lieke a boy scout who goes around or someone who scouts and area before a biggger group comes like in mockingjay when those scouts went out to look for mines. I think knives or of outdoor skills scouting like looking around amountain range or just looking ahead for people,. s

    By Merri on 10.15.2011

  29. The scout ran ahead through the forested night. Leaping over fallen trees and underbrush, He looked almost like some large ethereal bird flying through the night

    By Hannah Scharton on 10.15.2011

  30. Looking for stories is what journalism is all about. It’s not your opinion or your take on the story, it’s your observations, what you’ve seen, heard or read. It’s about giving the reader enough information to form his own opinion. Otherwise, it’s not news, it’s your opinion.

    By Julie Segravesq URL on 10.15.2011

  31. Scouting like a sentry, the sentry looked out. Waves on waves unfurled before him. The scent of thick salt filled his nostrils and made its way to his palate. What a way to live, searching, seeking, helping. A scout, a beacon, a ray of light.

    By Randy B URL on 10.15.2011

  32. a scout, spying on us. i knew he was here, that one of the pairs of eyes staring back at me knew. He was willing me to meet his stare. I scrutinised their faces for a hint, just a flicker of a smile or a faltering of gaze..but got nothing.

    By h on 10.15.2011

  33. Boy Scouts are awesome. Seriously, they know how to tie knots and kills alligators with a match. It’s crazy. I really wish I had been born with a penis because Girl Scouts suck ass. WE SELL COOKIES. Yeah, that’s the shit. Not really. Learn how to make pancakes with dirt and leftover coffee grounds, then you can be awesome.

    By Melanie Moore on 10.15.2011

  34. Scout was a determined little fellow. Always curious. Always mischevious. His name served him well just as well as he served it. Scout had a tendency to

    By Andrea Palagi on 10.15.2011

  35. there are amny things about being a Girlscout that I really liked. I still remember camp. the long days and warm summer nights. and the screams from the girl in the next bunk who hated spiders. it makes it even better that I put them there.

    By Kiki on 10.15.2011

  36. They had sent out a scout to find a new patient. The masked person was prowling along the edges of a back alley, when he saw a short man walk by. Quickly the scout grabbed him and covered his mouth. He was never heard from again.

    By Shania URL on 10.15.2011

  37. Scout from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Tomboy. The Last Boy Scout was on TV last night though I didn’t watch it. To scout the area. Already the word looks funny as I look at it.

    By Bill G URL on 10.15.2011

  38. class playable in team fortress 2, which is very fast, can double jump and its pretty hard for a sniper to catch and kill (except for an expert like myself). the scout weaponry inventory consists in a sawed off double barrel shotgun, a pistol and a bat.

    By Christopher on 10.15.2011

  39. I scout the scenery as i check behind me. I always feel as though someone or something is watching me in the serene wilderness.

    Nothing but animals yet still i’m terrified, i scout where i shall stay tonight. Pathetic that i must use the one tarp from the accident to cover my bloodied body.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 10.15.2011

  40. Scout is a boy thing, I guess? I don’t know. Lmao. It has camp, and it sells brownies, I guess? Lol. and, i’m not in camp. wtf? i can’t join it, cause it’s a boy. and even if I was a boy, I will NEVER

    By LOL on 10.15.2011