October 14th, 2011 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “scout”

  1. Kit had been a Cub Scout for all of one week. Kurt had asked if they could sign up (he thought the beads made nice accessories) and Burt was only too happy to have something he might be able to share with his sons. Then they went to the first meeting.

    Davey Karofsky was there, all smug looks and fake helpfulness in his new uniform. With him were six other boys, each wearing the same look of disgust Kit would forever associate with “boy groups”. Burt had tried to help them settle in, but after the first muttered “sissy” from another father he decided dance classes might not be the worst thing in the world.

    The next pack meeting saw Kurt and Kit patiently trying to explain how to bake cookies in the shape of classic cars.

    By Kolya URL on 10.14.2011

  2. The cub scout laughed as the little campers struggled to climb over the rocks that were clearly bigger then them. He hated his job, and would be glad when he didn’t have to work with the youngest kids at camp. Once he got promoted and moved up to the older groups, he would be able to talk with all the hot counselors and life-guards that only the older kids had priority of.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.14.2011

  3. Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite characters ever in literature. Her spunk and overall enthusiasm is infectious for the reader. The lessons and things she learns during the book inspires me to be a better person. To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t just a book, it is an amazing piece of literature that changed a generation and tackled the adult subject of racism though a child’s eyes.

    By Jordyn on 10.14.2011

  4. She is small. Her hair doesn’t even fall to her shoulders. I wonder what she’s thinking. Her face is determined, her small fists clenched at her sides. Her dad is looking down to her, confused, afraid, wondering, like me. Scout is a wonder. She is a beauty.

    By Lael O'Shaughnessy on 10.14.2011

  5. aim with feet, see in shadow, observe the invisibile, report the impossible, look

    By Zacaldo URL on 10.14.2011

  6. the cub scout looked fervently back and forth, back and forth. but he was alone. the trees seemed to be closing in around him, and the sky which had once been a bright and sunny blue was now qickly fading to black. “help!” he calls, but there is no one to hear. is his persuit of adventure he has wandered far, too far, from the group, and his chances of finding his way back are slim. he sits down in defeat, and just a teer falls down his cheek, pink from the cold, he sees a flashlight advamcing in the distance, and the calls of his group leader and fellow scouts calling his name through the night.

    By Dulcie URL on 10.14.2011

  7. what a strange word, bound to the earth, while searching for the signs, who looks within the guides who take us to the past and surpass the present,

    By Zacaldo URL on 10.14.2011

  8. ranger in the woods
    looks for stuff
    name of the character in to kill a mockingbird
    boy scouts
    look for something

    By Paola on 10.14.2011

  9. Forests are scouted by many. To find things of wonder, you have to dig deeper than the norm. Push under the leaves and the soil and the roots of the trees and wonder I’m sure can be found.

    By thatgirlsonfire URL on 10.14.2011

  10. dig deeper with your eyes, all mapped and triangles forming the scene in which you will decree advance, when young poor eyes fed from the forest warn out of love of nothing but the silence being too strong

    By Zacaldo URL on 10.14.2011

  11. I think of a dogs name when I see the word Scout. Nothing more nothing less. A small furry dog.

    By Jaa on 10.14.2011

  12. She scouted for his heart as determined as children working their way to earn their badges. It was her prize; it was her ultimate goal. Regardless of how difficult the road, she was willing to endure the whole way because, to her, nothing could have been worth more.

    By Angelica Pronto URL on 10.14.2011

  13. like girl boy scouts and the cookies but also reminds me of camping and hunting which leads on forever but scout is also like scouts honnor aparently very important

    By ashley URL on 10.14.2011

  14. She climbed up the springy tree, going as high as she could. Her eyes swept the surrounding area, looking for any sign of water possible. Only the bright blue ocean stretched before her. Then she realized… “Guys, it’s a circle! The whole arena is a circle.”

    By Eponine24601 URL on 10.14.2011

  15. girl scout cookies and camping thats all.

    By ashley URL on 10.14.2011

  16. scouts are mainly kids, event though one of my best friends is a scout, or was, that i am not sure of. anyway, i consider them like higly relighious people, and my friend in question IS ! and they like playing in the Nature and do useless, pointless and dangerous stuff in nature, and also praying.

    By alizée on 10.14.2011

  17. They were the scouts. The protectors.

    They found the ones who needed it; they protected them on their journey.

    They were vital to their survival.

    And Percy was so blessed to be given the best scout, protector -and most importantly- best friend anyone could ever want.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.14.2011

  18. He wandered the open plain, in search of a bigger purpose. The sky was aglow, not a swirling sunset like so many would think as romantic, but the sliver of a moon gave the purest of white stars– whether big or small– a chance to really shine agains a vastly dark sky.

    By Veronique URL on 10.14.2011

  19. Boy scouts are known for being good and they take trips into camping sites. Girl scouTs were first made in Iowa and girls sell cookies. Scout is the name of the main character in to kill a mockingbird. Scout to look out for something. Scout was a girl in tkam. Her dads name was atticus finch.

    By Tobey on 10.14.2011

  20. Scout. Like girls scout. Or scouting out the right guy.. now that sounds more like it! Shew, that is exactly what I’ve been doing lately…trying to scout out a good guy. I’m just so lonely & craving a relationship. Never been in one, and I’m so ready to experience one. The intimacy, the closeness…seems so surreal to me & I can’t imagine ever feeling that way, but I can’t wait until the day I do, the day I meet someone to share those things with.

    By Rebecca Singleton on 10.14.2011

  21. Scout, to kill a mockingbird. except my rabbis daughters boy is named scout. He’s guatemalan, so Is carlos. Dream act please pass please please please. Carlos deserves this life. He really does, he appreciates it and works so hard.

    By Siera Rayne on 10.14.2011


    By Cady Williams on 10.14.2011

  23. Whenever I read the word “scout”, there are a few things that come to mind: first off, Scout, the girl character in To Kill a Mockingbird, and secondly, as the verb “to scout”, as put to use in reconnaissance video games. =)

    By ashley URL on 10.14.2011

  24. is the name of Carey’s cat. the other one is Atticus and obviously, they are named from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. i gained respect for her from that. not that i wouldn’t have respected her anyway, but you know what i mean. literary appreciation is a different ballgame.

    By lk on 10.14.2011

  25. think of somehing

    By nunu on 10.14.2011

  26. trying to find something that is lost, a trooper. again looking for something. a person looking for some one.

    By nikki on 10.14.2011

  27. boy scouts are ruining the world through mass hypnosis. they encourage boys to kill things and rape and pillage. unfortunately, many parents do not see through this charade and spend millions in gas money taking their children to these occult meetings!

    By banana on 10.14.2011

  28. Scout was the name of the lovable pooch that followed us onto the trail, escorting us on our romantic – and sometimes filthily sexual – escapades. She stayed at our heels, understanding something we were too young and naive to fully interpret.

    By Kate URL on 10.14.2011

  29. i don’t recall ever having the ability to scout. i am just kinda head over heels and dive right in. it’s certainly been to some detriment, but life comes with all sorts of challenges. i have seen the err of my ways and will learn from my mistakes. i cannot change what i have done, only what i will do.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.14.2011

  30. The scout returned with less-than-good news. “We’re surrounded,” he said. “There are enemy strongholds to the north and west. There are snipers to our south, and machine gun positions to the east. There’s no way out, unless you can figure out a way to go straight up. His expression was priceless when I opened up the face of my wristwatch and spoke into it, speaking in an alien language. Within moments, a Stellar-Class extraction ship was hovering over our position, the ramp lowered and the steward waving us on. I smiled. My commission would be huge. Abductions of warriors always paid more.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 10.14.2011

  31. scout goes first. has magical powers and extreme stealth. scout is a friking ninja warrior in normal clothes, waiting to pounce on someone. who will me next, MAYBE IT WILL BE YOU!!!!

    By jezzy on 10.14.2011

  32. scout…the little girl from to kill a mockingbird as a very young child i watched her on tv and knew she was part of a very important story

    By therese on 10.14.2011

  33. You will go before us and check the surrounding areas. Don’t tell anyone about us if you are caught. If you are caught, you must say you are alone.

    By lago URL on 10.14.2011

  34. Scout, as in girl scout; who sell cookies for money, awards, and prices. Most of the prices go to trips and badges they have been dreaming their whole life. Many join scout to have a good time or have a good past on what they did as a hobbie.

    By Maria Jose on 10.14.2011

  35. this word seems scary because like there’s talent scouts who just like judge you and its difficult to be judges but then again everybody gets judged and everybody judges other people, idk maybe it’s something about like not wanting to be rejected…well then. gosh idk what else to say except that this had been interesting just rambling on about the connotation of a random word. I guess the meaning and feeling behind different words is different for everybody

    By Anna G on 10.14.2011

  36. A boring kid with a green outfit thinking he is such a good citizen for doing menial tasks: Boy scout. That´s the first thing that comes to my mind. Damn. Poor dead-inside bastard.

    By Darkly on 10.14.2011

  37. Russell from the Pixar movie, Up. Cute little boy who would do anything to get his badge in return for a reward. It shows how even little children have their own dream to accomplish.

    By Maria Jose URL on 10.14.2011

  38. “Go scout out the land,” she murmured, and gestured absently off to the side. “See if you cant spot anything. A shack or a bunker or something like that, anything that could possibly host food.” Or people, was the silent addition. Any denizen of these outer limits were to be dealt with in an entirely inhospitable manner.

    The task was meant to keep him busy. Everyone from the city knew the wastelands were mapped out to the best of the Blackbirds abilities, and those dark shadows of the kingdom who passed through left nothing behind for those that followed. The meager resource party in assembly at the present was more a redundancy than a necessity anymore. As the Great Queen had sown life into the barren lands of her city, so too had she brought absolute destruction to all outside of it; indeed, it seemed to him that their periodical outings were really meant to be sure it stayed that way.

    By Ambrose URL on 10.14.2011

  39. scout
    Scouts have fun, we can learn about nature and love the environment, with our scouts become more independent.

    By edi tri ismoko URL on 10.14.2011

  40. My second favorite character in To Kill A Mockingbird, first is Boo Radley, of course.
    A young girl with a great mind and a brave heart.
    It’s rare to find one nowadays.

    By alyssa rae on 10.14.2011