October 14th, 2011 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “scout”

  1. I see you looking for me, at me, through me — from the corner of that giant, dewey eye I want to crawl inside and scream goodbye until your eardrums burst and bleed. Boy, I know you’re thinking about me. But I finally got my goodbye, so no more scoutin, poutin, wishin or crying. See me now, goodbye-ing.

    By Kiera URL on 10.14.2011

  2. Scout is a character from the book TO kill a mocking bird. i dont know anything about it. i dont know the meaning of it.

    By tattinyeung on 10.14.2011

  3. Scout girls knock on doors, sell cookies and run with the profit to the woods to build enormous factory cookies that will later feed the rest of the world.

    By Mary on 10.14.2011

  4. My dog, Scout, was the best dog ever. He could jump higher than any other dog in the neighborhood. He could jump higher than my next door neighbor’s dog, Ruff, and that was saying something since Ruff was twice as big as Scout.

    By Brenda on 10.14.2011

  5. They were quiet, subdued and sweet. There wasn’t anyhting particularly spectacular about them but they seemed to have some sort of quiet wisdom.

    By Andrea URL on 10.14.2011

  6. The scout looked over the small bush, his eyes narrowed as they picked colours out of the surrounding environment.


    The scout looked over at his companion, a smile on his face. “Berries. Might be-”

    His companion reached over, grabbed a handful, and shoved them in.


    By Amai on 10.14.2011

  7. She sent Kate ahead of her. The young girl had to be the best for the job. Being mute and all, Kate had spent her whole life not only silent tongued, but everything else about her silent too. She stepped with the grace of a kitten.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 10.14.2011

  8. I never wanted to be a Brownie. Mom stuck me in Girl Scouts when I was four, hoping I’d learn resourcefulness and helpfulness. She was dead wrong. All I ever learned from that place was to hate my mother. Hate her every day until the torture of Girl Scouts stopped. And after that. I never forgave her.

    By RoseT URL on 10.14.2011

  9. She was small, thin as a twig with curly thin brown hair. she looked up at me me with wanting brown eyes and said in a simple whisper ‘my name is scout.’ and i fell in love. At that moment i knew that scout would be the one i married. And i did.

    By Emmy URL on 10.14.2011

  10. A talent scout was officially coming to the game, and my plans were set. He wouldn’t go to college and take my spot. I’d be bumped up from the waiting list so I could actually attend. Funny thing is, I know he’d never succeed in that business. But if he puts on a sparkling performance tonight, he’ll be off my hands and I can do what I really want.

    By Silvana URL on 10.14.2011

  11. boy scouts are a wonderful group of fine gentlemen. i enjoy them. the local boy scouts in my area smoke a large amount of ganja. i wish i were a boy so i could consider myself a scout. last year i went to a modeling agency and many scouts picked me out to model for them. i didn’t go through with it.

    By Mariah on 10.14.2011

  12. boy scouts, looking, discovery, new things, seeing

    By Toni on 10.14.2011

  13. I was a boy scout. I went all the way to Eagle and was a member of the OA. I walk in the same shoes as great astronauts, presidents and many other successful people. Too bad everyone thinks I’m a dork for getting it. Scouting isn’t as regarded as it once was.

    By strotherahill URL on 10.14.2011

  14. That means always being on the lookout for something you can reach for

    By Dagfinn M.Pedersen URL on 10.14.2011

  15. this makes me think of my best childhood friend. her name was scout, and she was amazing. but we went our separate ways in junior high. and i can’t think of anything else

    By Ashton on 10.14.2011

  16. Scout is a dynamic character from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Ummm

    By Daniel on 10.14.2011

  17. Scout, Jem, and I went to the lightpost close to the Radley place. I want to get Boo Radley out of the shouse to see if the rumors are true, but Jem is being a scardey cat.

    By kstru0125 URL on 10.14.2011

  18. beneath the tree canopy the group gathered at foot and underbrush to look at the finely placed tracks. snow moccasin rabbits came through this way in the winter, but the black eared fox was more common.

    By emily on 10.14.2011

  19. The scouts of life are sent by God. They are the people we are with everyday. People whom God placed in our lives for a greater purpose. Appreciate them. Love them. As for me, I have the best scouts one could ever have. :)

    By Cindy URL on 10.14.2011

  20. Wandering aimlessly
    in this jungle of a city.

    Trying to scout out
    the smallest bit of green.
    Hoping to be free
    of this endless asphalt.

    where the wildlife
    could possibly reside.

    Feeling claustrophobic
    on these busy streets
    filled with hundreds of people
    who don’t even bother
    to apologize
    when they slam into you.

    Take me back home
    to where the buffalo rome
    where I have endless green hills
    and skies that shine blue.

    Get me away from this grey,
    remove me from the masses,
    Bring me the country.
    Take me back home.

    By zoe URL on 10.14.2011

  21. explore, searching, tracking, looking, seeking, investigating, exploring, keeping watch, watching, this is difficult! I’m running out of ideas, boy scout, to kill a mockingbird, I have no clue! Help! :)

    By Gill URL on 10.14.2011

  22. I scouted for a llama at the edge of the river. He then decided o punch me with his hooves because he last scout has tried to feed him tacos. He was allergic to tacos, however.

    By Hosiah on 10.14.2011

  23. a boy scout sells cookies to make money and he looks good for it. he learns how to tend a fire and scrounge for berries etc in the wild woods of the world. A scout could also be a dog or nickname for anyone…but I think of the girl scouts or boy scouts mainly just because of my brains connections. I like girl scout cookies also they are yummy to eat

    By Helen on 10.14.2011

  24. He pulled the toggle higher up his neck scarf and adjusted the waistband of his shorts. He was proud he had progressed from joey to scout. This meant nights around the campfire, sleep-overs in the hall, and possibly the jamboree.

    By neanymac on 10.14.2011

  25. The dog’s name was Scout and he was bigger than he should have been. A labrador with a head bigger than my own. Big paws, too. Like whenever he tried to grow into them, they’d just get bigger. He liked to serve as my pillow when I was watching TV, or my tongue towel when I was crying.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.14.2011

  26. There was something in the water. Nothing concealed it. Nothing held it. It was just floating there without a harness of protection. I wanted to take it into my hands and feel it, but something within me said to stop. It was dead.

    By Valoree on 10.14.2011

  27. Scout around you for clues to the path you must take. The path out of the expanse of forest. The path out of the maze. The one that meanders around, hitting every road block, before you realize the journey was the real treasure.

    By Ashi URL on 10.14.2011

  28. The wolf ran to the top of the snowy hill and looked out, scouting the horizon. The trees stretched on for miles, and snow had covered the forest completely. The tracks of a wounded caribou trailed through the snow, and the wolf leapt forward, knowing that it was nearby. He sniffed the air. Yes. Right there.

    By Hanna URL on 10.14.2011

  29. I am a scout. Scouts were once only boy scouts, now we’re girl scouts too. In fact, there are so many girls in my scout troop, people come up and try to buy cookies off of us. “We’re actually scouts,” we say, and they say “Haha, no, seriously,” and we say “No, really… We have popcorn…?”

    We make pictures of our leader out of post-it-notes.

    We don’t learn to tie knots.

    We learn to canoe.

    We learn how to hotbox a tent.

    By an octopus URL on 10.14.2011

  30. There was a boy scout standing on the front doorstep. I looked through the front window curtains and saw him there, rubbing his nose as if he’d just sneezed and staring down at his shoes before turning back up to look at the door.

    I wasn’t sure what I was going to say when I opened the door or rather, if I should’ve opened it at all. Then I thought to look at his face a little closer.

    That’s when I realized he’d been crying.

    By Sara Harricharan URL on 10.14.2011

  31. n

    By Ivy URL on 10.14.2011

  32. I think of boy scouts at a gas station and piling in and out of vans. They look so silly in their uniforms, you know? It just makes me laugh.

    By Hannah Dickson on 10.14.2011

  33. The hooded figure had no doubt been an advance scout for the forces of Roccard. Though, he never revealed his loyalties, the trappings of their guild were all about him. From the symbols on his packs to the braided plait falling down his back, he practically advertised for his cursed master.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 10.14.2011

  34. when i was a boy i was ascot. to head out ahead to see if there is danger. to honour and protect the great outdoors. camping and badges

    By Rob on 10.14.2011

  35. her hair was the kind of brown where you know she was born a blonde. eyes, big and bright, full of wonder, and a ribbon tied in her hair. she was a mystery to everyone; she was a misery to me.

    By megan breukelman URL on 10.14.2011

  36. If I were a scout..
    I would watch you from my window
    I would watch you from my tree house
    I would watch you from behind
    And I would watch you from above
    If I were a scout..
    I could?

    By Hannah URL on 10.14.2011

  37. bogdan feigned compassion for his mother’s position,but knew the four of them could not avoid the mystery of what was beyond the tobacco stacks.they more certainly each had the conviction to spring forward over the iron gate of the force fields and scout out what lay beyond them

    By The Fake Dann URL on 10.14.2011

  38. it was that time of the month
    the girl scouts came around
    selling cookies door to door
    i told daddy not to buy any
    they’re bitter! they’re stale!
    when the girls came around
    i wish he’d spill his coffee
    on their badges
    but he smiled at the goblins
    as he might of at me
    if i had sold thin mints

    By Noelle URL on 10.14.2011

  39. I went on a boy scout trip even though I am a girl. I love to hike so I didn’t think it would be weird. The boy scout leader is a girl too. It turns out she is really nice, which was a little surprising. Then I realized it was a man with Woman Tits and ran away and never ever came back. I am a little traumatized about this but I guess he/she may not have had the worst of intentions. I don’t know. Anyways, ever since then I have never gone on a boy scout trip. I hate boy scout leaders who look like women.

    By Charlotte on 10.14.2011

  40. scout like girl scout, mmmmm girl scout cookies. I love girl scout cookes.

    By Katie on 10.14.2011