October 14th, 2011 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “scout”

  1. Scout ahead, and see if you can find out anything.


    We waited for what seemed like forever. And it was a long time before we realized he was no coming back. We argued over where he had gone, and what it meant for us, those left behind.

    By jasmith URL on 10.14.2011

  2. ‘It’s you.’ you whispered.
    ‘Your the one that has to go forward and scout.’
    His face went pale and his legs gave way, causing him to fall to the ground.

    By Erina URL on 10.14.2011

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    By Arielle Cole on 10.14.2011

  4. I was hoping to go camping for the first time this past summer but it didn’t work out. I have never been so I had a friend that was going to go and scout out the place and see what we would need for overnight camping but she couldn’t go and with no scout, I didn’t want to go alone. What a chicken I am!

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.14.2011

  5. to kill a mockingbird, a dog name, pet name, a little girl, a boy scout, a police man, a treat, maybe some type of food? I person that scouts things out. A word, a lookout,

    By Jilly on 10.14.2011

  6. when a man enters the woods, he is an exemplary example of stoic determination.

    i would eat a cougar if given the chance.

    wouldn’t you?

    who do you answer to? I answer to myself.

    By Ben on 10.14.2011

  7. I was a Girl Scout until I was 18. My mom was leader. It was a great experience. For being a scout for so many years, I received an award, the Girl Scout Gold Award. It is equal to an Eagle Scout award.

    By Anita on 10.14.2011

  8. Halfway up the hill he heard it, first. the subtle rustling of dried leaves, the tiny, distant snap of a twig thinner than the bone of his pinky finger. But he heard it, and it was all he needed to hear. There were scouts, and they were close.

    By nichole URL on 10.14.2011

  9. A boy scout. A talent scout once saw a boy scout. they said boy scout what can you do for me. the boy scout said I don’t know talent scout. Scouty scout. Scouts stumble upon .

    By Sydney Parker URL on 10.14.2011

  10. I trained rats to scout for you
    replaced their twitchless ears with radar dishes
    whiskers with antenna from ham radios
    the tails to become divining rods
    swaying to the pulse of your pheromones

    All that’s left to is replace the face
    slivers of mirrors I think
    that will cut as they kiss your toes

    By gsk URL on 10.14.2011

  11. There are girls scouts and boy scouts. They do little activities to get badges. They wear their badges with pride.

    There is no such thing as a love scout. There is no physical object that one can show off after the little activities they can perform. No one cares about pride, just the love.

    By Laurie R. URL on 10.14.2011

  12. He wanted me to scout ahead. I sprinted up the hill, ducking under the brush. There, on the amber horizon, marched the massive army. I made a rough estimate of their numbers and returned to my captain. His countenance fell when I revealed my discovery.

    By Marie URL on 10.14.2011

  13. To Kill a Mockingbird. Jean Louis Finch. Loved the film; Gregory Peck is, and will always be one of my favorite actors. The book is even better – much more detail to understand why the Radley’s hide out from the town. I would too.

    By Jem Finch on 10.14.2011

  14. my mom never enrolled me in girl scouts or sparks when i in kindergarten. i never went door to door to sell cookies, and i never had to earn those silly little badges that all the other little girls wore on their chests proudly like some trophy.
    its not like i wanted to be a girl scout. but i wonder if i was robbed or missed out on something i was suppose to know. all those girls have it all figured out. i’m still waiting.

    By Taylor K URL on 10.14.2011

  15. Girl Scout. Which reminds me of cookie. And I automatically think Mallomars. Which Aren’t sold by girl scouts… but the are my favorite. I like to cut them in half and put butter on the inside by the cookie and then close it back up to eat it. So did my Grandpa. : )

    By Molly URL on 10.14.2011

  16. Scout me out a love so perfectly round and securely square
    Perpetuate the pinnacle of perfection withing the scouted round
    securely square love

    By artsyfartsygrl URL on 10.14.2011

  17. What I want to see most is an owl. I learned they live in the woods. I also learned they are nocturnal and so I shouldn’t get my hopes up because nocturnal means awake at night and asleep during the day, and we are going to be hiking at 9 in the morning.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.14.2011

  18. The scout traveled farther ahead, and soon he was out of sight. Ari and May were left behind in the cold haunting darkness waiting for vicious animals to come and eat them alive.
    “We have to start a fire!” Ari whispered panicking.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.14.2011

  19. he calls him boy scout and he doesn’t know why. “You’re such a boy scout, Clark.” this and that he always says. he doesn’t know what to call him. until the day comes that he realizes, that he really is a boy scout, he cares too much.

    By the_armada URL on 10.14.2011

  20. boy scouts. girl scouts. kids selling cookies. delicious cookies! om nom NOMMMM
    the carmel ones
    i hear they’re easy to make
    but im not big into baking so im not really too sure if they would really be easy to bake by my standards or not

    By Jenifer on 10.14.2011

  21. I can see the sun coming from above the horizon. It’s blinding, but at the same time, refreshing. Scanning the ground below, I look for springs of water and signs of life. Nothing. The expansive field below me is barren. Barren, and beautiful. I hope to find someone else, one day.

    By Sleepless URL on 10.14.2011

  22. Dark crawls, wet slithers through the pancakes… Trying to find that lead, push it… open, bigger, more virgin booty! I’m the only one that can make it through. Look back, no… don’t. Just go – let’s see what we can find. The darkness beckons.

    By CStacy on 10.14.2011

  23. Shiny black falling gracefully with every movement.
    The deepest brown peering back.
    Long strides aross the yard.
    Good dog he says,
    taking the ball from her mouth,
    Good Scout.

    By Taylorly URL on 10.14.2011

  24. Scout reminds me of my childhood, and being a girl scout. I remember not being too sure about it, this group of girls that I had no idea who they were. Girl scout camp was the best – I thrived on getting away and being independent! My first time at sleepaway camp, my mom got the dates wrong and wasn’t’ there to pick me up. Where most kids, like my little sister, would have freaked out, I wasn’t even phased. I sat in the camp office reading a couple of books the counselors gave me and was happy as a clam waiting for Mom.

    By abby on 10.14.2011

  25. Looking for clues. Looking for a way out. Looking for a way forward. Keen eyed–tuned in–on the look out.

    By Essays35 on 10.14.2011

  26. That’s a tricky one for portuguese language folks, like myself…
    Well, I surely wanted to be one of those boy-scouts if that really means what I think it means!
    That’s it for the day and I think it’s a nice first one thing in here.

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.14.2011

  27. I think about children learning how to do stuff in the woods. I find that a bit weird though, so I’m trying to think of a better way to talk about it. It doesn’t make sense really, so I’ll just not bother. How very lazy of me…

    By Adam on 10.14.2011

  28. boy

    By awendybird on 10.14.2011

  29. boy scouts and girl scouts always annoyed the shit out of me. They get all informed on nature and stuff. But really, their main goal is to get your money by selling delicious cookies and popcorn for an extremely high price. So why do we do it? Who knows. But mroe than likely we’re afraid to say no and have them start crying…

    By Amalie on 10.14.2011

  30. Scout is someone who may be in an army position to scout out new locations or the opposing side. Also there are girl and boy scouts, which are groups of children who learn about things outside, crafts and other life skills. Scout may also be a name of a pet ie a dog.

    By Megan on 10.14.2011

  31. “Ace, Scout, Chief.”
    All of those nicknames thrown around in their office. the guys and one girl, Judy, huddled around desks on Valentine’s day, nothing to do except look at judy’s hot pink dress. They were a close team, hardly knowing anything about each other, but having that amazing mind-reading communication all the same.

    By Talia URL on 10.14.2011

  32. I was appointed the scout. I don’t know why they chose me, there were plenty of other perfectly capable people for the task they need done. But unanimously I was agreed on as the person to do it.

    By Mordecai on 10.14.2011

  33. I don’t want to rhyme with words today,
    I don’t know what I really want to say,
    But I do know I want you to stay,
    But I can’t be selfish,
    So all I can say, is I really miss you,
    and Don’t go away….

    By Lord Jim URL on 10.14.2011

  34. The one who wants to find
    Who are you, really?
    You wait.
    You watch.
    The world will never know you.

    Who are they, really?
    They hunt.
    They kill.
    They are the black, the dark,
    The dead.

    Who will you be, really?
    Watch me,
    I will find you.
    I will keep you.

    By Emily on 10.14.2011

  35. Boy Scouts of American is a club of males of all genders that provide helpful life knowledge and experiences in nature and values. There are several ranks you can achieve being a part, and with each comes new lessons and skills that are a constant value to growing generations.

    By Taylor on 10.14.2011

  36. Looking for something. Finding yourself in tasks. Putting on badges, words that define you. Looking for that person. That one single person who will make sense. Who will hold your hand. Who will smile at the right times and hold you just the same. Scouting

    By Lauren on 10.14.2011

  37. I was looking for my watch that I dropped in the woods when I came upon a boy in a uniform who said he could help me. He was carrying a very large magnet you see and he thought maybe he could use it since the watch was made of metal

    By tom on 10.14.2011

  38. I am scout, or at least I would like to think I am – exactly what I am scouting for I am yet to find out –

    By Cookie Monster on 10.14.2011

  39. scout the grout for the remnants of the vegetable ragout i made last night while i was in a semi-conscious state, i woke up at 2 am and i was hungry, and i stood in the kitchen and cooked and flipped the frying pan onto the floor

    By gabi on 10.14.2011

  40. I’ve never been a girl scout before. I always imagined them to be in pretty ponytails and in green scout costumes which reminds me of a movie when girl scouts kick this guys..booty. Yeah…i don’t think i can do anything that girly. Im not that girly…only a little. But who cares? Nobody does…………

    By Jaylene on 10.14.2011