July 5th, 2012 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “science”

  1. science is one of the most pervasive subjects in the universe. it permeates every fiber of our existence. the more we find out about what we know the more we find out we dont know.

    By michael junard on 07.05.2012

  2. science says that this amazing, stunning, complicated, beyond comprehension world of ours came from random blobs that bumped into each other. really? Really? I don’t think so. God created everything, including science. And He created the minds that deny His creation.

    By AMW on 07.05.2012

  3. I am a Christian, and most people believe that Christians and science don’t mix, but is far from the truth. Christians LOVE science, but not the published lies.

    By Rabecca on 07.05.2012

  4. I hate it. No thats not really true. I think its wicked interesting. Its just that I’m horrible at it. It also amazing me about how its basically the thought process asking the questions how do things work on a molecular level. I don’t with well find an answer

    By Kaylle on 07.05.2012

  5. As a nurse I look for the science behind almost everything. As a mother, wife and woman, I look to God – the divine creator to whom no scientist can hold a candle of explanation.

    By smgood on 07.05.2012

  6. A big white cloud of fuming gas eeked out of the half opened window. The kids giggled.

    By esky1118 URL on 07.05.2012

  7. the science of the matter was particularly hard. You have to look up all the chemicals, you have to figure out what reacts well together and what doesn’t, and then, finally, after all that research , you have to put it together in the right order.

    By Heather on 07.05.2012

  8. science is something that i think is hard to understand but interesting to learn. it is not my particular cup of tea but i truly admire those who can make it their own

    By Gabe on 07.05.2012

  9. There is nothing we dont know. Yet. Sometime, either today, tomorrow, or a thousand years from now, we will know. In a world that has accomplished more in the last 150 years than in the last 7 billion, if you’re into that sorta things, the future is bright.

    By David on 07.05.2012

  10. The class that I failed in ninth grade because I was the only dude with twelve other girl can you say too much estergen

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 07.05.2012

  11. Science is the study of all organisms living and once living. Animal science; planetary science; chemistry and the like. I don’t much enjoy science but it is very fascinating to see in action. The Earths ecosystem is possibly the most fascinating part of science, in my mind.

    By Jamie on 07.05.2012

  12. Well, apparently they’ve found the ‘god particle,’ so i guess science has won. The religious people say that proof denies faith, and without faith, there is no god. Is the Higgs particle proof? Has science won?

    By Dana on 07.05.2012

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    By firdevs on 07.05.2012

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    By firdevs on 07.05.2012

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    By fidiev URL on 07.05.2012

  16. science is everything about life. science makes inquiry and produce proper answers which explaining life and it’s meaning. science is inevitably and inherently political

    By ali batmaz on 07.05.2012

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    By fidiev URL on 07.05.2012

  18. I told Mrs. Estes in the 8th grade that science really wasn’t my thing. How do I get it over with as fast as possible? She said take biology freshman year. Turns out I still need to complete four credits. No point.

    By Kate on 07.05.2012

  19. The only science class I was good at was Chemistry because it was the easier (and therefore stupider) chem class and our teacher made use watch sports videos a lot. The end.

    By Martha on 07.05.2012

  20. A girl trying to figure out a science clue on a crossword while drinking a cider and eating a slice of four cheese pizza is trying to pet her oh-so-eager-for-scraps dog with the big toe on her left foot. Only she can’t reach his head, so she ends up stroking the excess fur and skin gathered around his neck, which she and her family lovingly call a wattle. The dog does not seem to mind.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.05.2012

  21. fun
    chemical reactions

    By Rachel URL on 07.05.2012

  22. i hate science class with mrs jacobson. she made it so unfun and unfair and horrible. like i thought having flebotte was a joke but atleast we had fun. i hate science in general. more than math and i suck at math.

    By cat URL on 07.05.2012

  23. discovery, no limits, human, explore, break rules, brain, earth

    By filo on 07.05.2012

  24. He always seemed so at odds with those of a more classic sense of faith. ‘This is not your great and terrible god!’ he would say. ‘This is science!’. He was right; he was wrong. Indeed it was science, but god just got a new name, a new face, and gave his doctrine some tweaking. He had remade his master once again.

    By torin URL on 07.05.2012

  25. Probably my favorite thing in the whole world. An ever shifting space of knowledge and experimentation. Allowing us to create, and master our potential as human beings.

    By Emily Sexton URL on 07.05.2012

  26. Science is the answer to all our questions about our existence.

    By Simone URL on 07.05.2012

  27. were I the architect of my desires,
    were i to know the science of the heart
    or understand what alchemy
    of memory had burnished your name
    to gold before my grieving eyes,
    could I yet call you mine
    without a mouth stopped full of soot.

    By catbeazle URL on 07.05.2012

  28. I love science, it’s the best thing that ever happened to hummanity, people tend to not like science because they think it’s arrogant in some sort of way. Well, one of my favorite scientists is Carl Sagan, he was so amazing, one day I’ll get a shirt with him on it.

    By fernando on 07.05.2012

  29. Science

    The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, also known as ‘why shit happens.’
    Everything is some form of science. Baking a cake.That’s chemistry. Peeping on the hot nudist chick who lives in the apartment building across the street from you. Biology. Your fridge is empty; you deduce that your stoner roommate and his stoner buddies all got stoned and raided the fridge, because you know that your roommate just bought an ounce, doesn’t like geting stoned alone, and has no respect for the property of others. Scientific method.

    By R.Reyes URL on 07.05.2012

  30. People think that scientists lack creativity. How would string theory or relativity ever come into being without someone thinking, “Wait, what if…?”

    By Ceasing on 07.05.2012

  31. It means rationalizing and experiencing. Observing and analyzing. Letting go of prejudice to search for the truth of the matter. To discover the mysteries of the world. And to explore what one does not know.

    By Sneha on 07.05.2012

  32. I have a very good friend who is a science teacher. She is, in fact, my teaching partner. While she is busy next door dissecting frogs, I’m in my classroom dissecting poetry.

    By vicki URL on 07.05.2012

  33. Sometimes things are easy, like science, straightforward and simple and logical. Make that rarely. I wish things were like that all of the time, sometimes. But then I have to remind myself of the other half of science. Of its beauty, of its unpredictability and of its truth. Of facing conclusions we don’t always want to face and admitting that we were wrong and that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

    By Julia M URL on 07.05.2012

  34. everything that we are searching for as humans. we try to find answers, and usually we do. were ultimately trying to find an answer to the question “why?” so we ask”how?” so we can answer why.

    By shayna smith URL on 07.05.2012

  35. i love science. It’s my favourite subject. This year I learned a lot in the following categories, biology, chemistry, physics, and space. My favourite was biology because I enjoy learning about the environment and being a good steward.

    By dancer13 URL on 07.05.2012

  36. Science, I used to believe was a some what tricky subject for me to learn. There is such a wide variety in this area of knowledge, there is biology,chemistry and Physics. The most interesting one i

    By Anna on 07.05.2012

  37. I have never been fond of science. Always a right or wrong answer. Percent errors, percent yeilds, it’s not my thing. Sure, I’m good at it, but I hate it because it’s not me. It’s yes or no, black or white, but never both.

    By Laura on 07.05.2012

  38. She had the guilt trip down to a science. A downturned mouth, a hurt look in the eyes, a tone of voice that never quite strayed into the realm of whiny. A clever concoction to make anyone do anything she wanted.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.05.2012

  39. What a challenge as now they have proved the God particle is real. Even if it cannot be seen we can all think of how the world would not ber possible without it. Only the brightest of us can explain it, yet we are all intrigued by how the scientists worked to prove its existence.

    What is the world of science doing for each of us today. Alternative fuels comes to mind. If only we could break our dependence of oil.

    By Marilyn URL on 07.05.2012

  40. Science is genius. Really. It’s not like religion where you base your beliefs and instincts on this unknown figure. Science is like cold hard facts that can be as imaginative as thinking the world is round. Science is not boring or superstitious. It’s imaginative, critical and intelligent thinking.

    By Sabrina on 07.05.2012