August 20th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “savage”

  1. A tear traced Felicia’s cheek as the boy in front of her gave a savage smirk at her. his hand pressing both of her’s above her head as the thin blade of his knife rested cold on her cheek.
    “Don’t cry, Bella~” he mused.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.20.2013

  2. She was savage, I swear. She ate right through my words me like a wild animal with every word she spoke. She had a grossly more organic understanding of the topic than I could ever dream to possess. Her words were so raw, they actually hurt.

    By Birdie Fishie URL on 08.20.2013

  3. i remember learning in anthropology how they used to consider other cultures to be savage ones. but that really is looking down upon other people, isn’t it? Who is to say that we know everything? Why can’t we talk about things with other people and get opinions?

    By Linda S. URL on 08.20.2013

  4. I think that means someone that seems to live in the wild

    By joaquim duarte URL on 08.20.2013

  5. This savage life is consuming everyone. Don’t think, don’t lie, just be savage. Be like everyone, be different.

    By Ladislau on 08.20.2013

  6. fierce vicious I think that id do not think raw red blood hazy crazy brain
    why born for this I still think I do not think. Man is the most savage.
    women the most to love shuc

    By jack blake URL on 08.20.2013

  7. has teeth will travel in search of food. good for ‘im. he too at risk Bye Bye savage Love

    By jack blake URL on 08.20.2013

  8. The trees all quivered when he walked under their clean rains washed foliage
    how cld dey no?

    By jack blake URL on 08.20.2013

  9. aw shooks cant think now just too sleepy anyhow.

    By jack blake URL on 08.20.2013

  10. Nature red in tooth and claw..I tried to explain that the savage cat twitching her tail at the lizards and birds was not a wanton savage…but a gift of nature to the world. trying to make a full tummy for herself.

    By Anne Freedman on 08.20.2013

  11. Savage. As in Savage Garden. My mum introduced me to them, but I just know the song To The Moon and back. Speaking about music I a starting to like Led Zeppelin more and more.

    By Marija URL on 08.20.2013

  12. A savage is someone that is not civilized, a man that is also an animal. It is also the nature of some peope. My country is filled with them. We live in fear but we live. I wish It didnt have to be like that.

    By Mutated Pear URL on 08.20.2013

  13. Nobody said it was easy. Yeah, well, no one ever said it would be so hard. Being born into a family of hunters was easy. Becoming one of them? That was the hard part. I stand, coming face to face with the savage beast in front of me. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was cute. The gaping hole in my shoulder told me other wise.

    By Cole Taylor URL on 08.20.2013

  14. The way he loved her was savage. There was no other word to describe it. It was brutal and it destroyed everything in their path. She liked to dream of a world where love was kind. She simply couldn’t.

    By Athena on 08.20.2013

  15. indians, caveman, rogues, and ruffians, eating chicken legs with bare hands and those sorts of unhigenic things, living in grimy caves, etc. taking a shower once in a life time (king henry the eigth style) grotesque, hulking, brutes from prehistoria

    By chris on 08.20.2013

  16. Savage storms ravage this ocean~as do calm days.If day or night matter to this endless recycling of life only the dead know.If dead they be.For this sea will tell you:it is not the ending.It is the beginning.

    By A False Terl URL on 08.20.2013

  17. some people eat and they don’t even know they look like they haven’t eaten in a month. god, they look awful. i remember i used to eat like that and then i saw someone eating just like me and now i make eat bite take 10 seconds or more with at least a 5 second interval between bites

    By corrine marie URL on 08.20.2013

  18. She danced gracefully with him. Her body moving as elegantly and close; matching his in every way possible. It was hard to believe that just a few months ago, he was almost a savage, compared to her, but oh how times have changed between the two. The song bringing them closer together. He spun her around, but never let go of her hand. When the song ended, he kissed her lightly on her hand, then moved up onto her lips. His sent engulfing her. He moved away and gave a little bow to her, and she returned with a graceful curtsy.

    By Merlin URL on 08.20.2013

  19. Savage page brings all the book shops to the yard. They can’t touch the wires that transform and re-wrinkle in my sleep. That’s the only dance we can synchronize with. You’ve got your line and I’ve got mine. You’re emitting various discords that I don’t believe in but somehow it keeps my youth.

    By creepestbloom URL on 08.20.2013

  20. Her elbow was rough; I could see it from my chair. She moved her arm forward again to wub the pan, slipping it’s contents around with no oil. It would stick something awful. I could see the Pam from my seat, too. She was out of control in the best and worst kind of ways. I would have to scrub the pan but she, and her rough elbow-skin, would love me until my eyesight withered and I could no longer see anything from that kitchen chair.

    By Lauren on 08.20.2013

  21. I feel like a savage. Wanting you. Needing you. If I try hard enough, I can get you. But first, I have to find you. Let the hunt begin.

    By Marina URL on 08.20.2013

  22. The animal had four rows of teeth, bare legs. No hair at all, but the coat on its back and head was like that of a dear. The buzzards had done their savage business to it, and the photographs were grotesque. They say it is a chupacabra. But what is that?

    By Rose on 08.20.2013

  23. Savage garden.

    By Jason URL on 08.20.2013

  24. Savagery isn’t always necessarily violent or bloody or visual. Savagery is something that can sneak up on you at a moment that you least expect it. It can come in a comment, a glance, or even something as simple as a handshake. Savagery or the act of being savage isn’t always a feeling it’s an emotion.

    By T.Reaghan URL on 08.20.2013

  25. “I thought the play was absolutely savage.”

    “Well, I think it was splendid.”

    “That’s because you are a barbarian,” said Lord Milgard, wrinkling his nose in scrutiny. “A beautiful barbarian, perhaps, but a barbarian nonetheless. There is sometimes something appealing about women who decide they can enjoy the uncouth and reckless and deformed – but other times, it is absolutely prehistoric.”

    “In that case,” Lady Olivia earnestly replied, “I may as well live in the Jurassic era!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2013

  26. They called her a savage. She lived outdoors and was comfortable with the birds, wind,
    and silence for companions.

    By skylarkin URL on 08.20.2013

  27. The night was dark and the bush was thick, flawless cover for a predator on the prowl. As it approached its quarry the ignorant beast stand munching on leaves. This is not a world for the weak and unaware.

    By jayson lawrence URL on 08.20.2013

  28. savage.
    it’s a word that describes who he truly was.
    i wish i wp

    By f on 08.20.2013

  29. I had become so primitive. I couldn’t look at a guy without wanting to fuck the shit out of him right there in the middle of wherever we were. I’d gone so long in life without much of a sex drive but it’s taken me over suddenly. Did I hit puberty late? I mean I didn’t orgasm until I was 19 even though I’d been having sex since 13. Who was I having sex for if it wasn’t for personal pleasure? This is getting too serious… back to the savagery that was my crippling libido.

    By Ruben URL on 08.20.2013

  30. They all said the same things. That he was a killer. A murderer. A savage beast. A sentence echoed in my mind. “I am a predator, not a killer.” He was beautiful. His eyes shone like Sapphires. I was caught in his beam and couldn’t move. But he was startled; afraid. The bite was an accident.

    By Kellie H. on 08.20.2013

  31. the trees stand tall and strong, reaching high with long branches and broad, deep green leaves, connected by heavy vines. birds call, insects chirp, snakes slither through the canopies. this is where the savages live, primitive and violent and fiercely protective of their home.

    By firelight URL on 08.20.2013

  32. It was a savage day. Nothing good would come from it. Nothing righteous. It would be worse and he looked forward to it with all his might. He would welcome it and feel cleansed.

    By FairyNiamh on 08.20.2013

  33. It was a savage schedule: six classes in one semester. The only blessing was that three started in September, and five involved literature.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.20.2013

  34. Mama said, “Don’t look. Don’t make eye contact. Let’s get home.”

    The coins in his cup are what draw my attention. They clink and jingle and rattle, and I’m not sure if he’s shaking them on his own or if his hand is simply quivering from the cold. I don’t feel it as much as I could, but my coat is thick. He wears only rags, only pieces of a garment. I look him over, but in spells — I don’t want to make eye contact. But why? Why do I keep my eyes away from his? I don’t know. It’s just the way things are.

    Don’t look. Don’t make eye contact. Get home.

    I leave him behind without adding anything to his cup.

    By km URL on 08.20.2013

  35. He was a savage. There was no other word for it. I shoved him away from me. Well, that’s what my brain was saying. My body, however, from frozen, and I found myself unable to carry out the simplest of actions. Mind racing, limbs locked, I could not even scream as I knew I should.

    By magdelina URL on 08.20.2013

  36. “Look at you–you’re nothing but a savage,” he spat.
    I looked down at my bare feet and dirty hem. “Mother says you shouldn’t say things like that, James,” I replied, still not looking at him.
    “Well, Mother isn’t here is she?”

    By Kate URL on 08.20.2013

  37. savage, huh? well, when i think of savages, i think of loaded language used to frighten and divide people. white folks here, washington redskins there.

    you lose your language, lose your land, and what are you? just a savage. a dirty, dumb savage.

    By MJ on 08.20.2013

  38. I’m not a savage. YOU THINK I’M A SAVAGE!? She yelled in outrage. He looked at her puzzled and tense as though he believed his words were not harmful. Hana looked at him and said well you don’t know me nor this land very well.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 08.20.2013

  39. The monster tore it’s claws into her side. She screamed, the ear piercing sound filling the dark night’s silence. She fell in the pool of blood. She couldn’t yell, couldn’t move. She could only wait for death.

    By Alexis on 08.20.2013

  40. There is a savage streak in the hearts of all men, that comes to the fore at moments of extreme competition; for men, in hunting, in sports, in mating; and for women, in bargain sales…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.20.2013