November 19th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “satisfy”

  1. I was satisfy with the lunch that was prepared for us at the guest house that we stayed at on our last visit to the islands. So much so that I will recommend anyone to make Shawn’s Guest House the place to be and to eat at, whenever they are over there on vacation.

    By victor URL on 11.20.2012

  2. seeing from three ways

    By harshani umeshika on 11.20.2012

  3. There is a want I wish to satisfy
    A want entrenched in the chasm you left when you carved yourself away
    An insatiable need for the union of us
    A ravenous craving to replace the shadow you left behind
    And I am only but a morsel until this want be satisfied

    By Jarrod URL on 11.20.2012

  4. He tried again and again.
    It didn’t work, couldn’t. Fine. He’d try again.

    Back in line, another window, hoping fruitlessly that this one would satisfy his urge to find out where, exactly, his Grandmother’s ashes had been lost.

    By Dani Levity URL on 11.20.2012

  5. I have needs which I need to satisfy but I am unable to because I do not know how to satisfy them but, I surely will find a way out to do so.

    By Arunav Das on 11.20.2012

  6. I’m not satisfied by how you comment on my speech

    I need more

    I need your commend

    I need your love

    I need you

    I need you to love me

    Am I satisfied with all this killing time?

    Am I love this stupid time?

    Am I really into you?

    It hurts

    Free me

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.20.2012

  7. I’m still not satisfied. Some answers would be nice.

    By Rosebud on 11.20.2012

  8. I do not
    How much time spent together
    It will take
    To satisfy me.
    All I want to know is that
    Care as much about
    As I
    Care about you.
    One word
    Would hold me over.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.20.2012

  9. To be satisfied.. It is often a feeling that eludes most of us. Whether in the pursuit of material or hedonistic pleasure, even emotions and relationships, we are never satisfied. Perhaps it is because of the reason that we are so used to wanting more and wanting better. One can only be satisfied if one is content with what one has.

    By Manvika on 11.20.2012

  10. what can satisfy this hunger?

    this itching from the inside out
    do more be more.

    i’m the only person in my way.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.20.2012

  11. To satisfy someone is a very pleasing thing. To know you have made someone satisfied can, in turn, make you satisfied.

    To satisfy yourself is a completely different feeling, and sometimes a lot harder to accomplish. We set goals for ourselves that we don’t believe we can reach – when we don’t, we’re unsatisfied and unhappy, when we do, we’re over the moon.

    By Megan on 11.20.2012

  12. What will satisfy the human race? We have everything we’ve ever wanted and yet we want more. We crave more. The human being is a selfish and unappreciative species. We should have the drive to progress but we also need to be thankful for what we take for granted. Even after we have all the answers, we will never be satisfied, and that will be our downfall. That is when we truly do not deserve to exist anymore; and we won’t.

    By Matt Trombley on 11.20.2012

  13. We satisfied each other as no human being or otherworldly force in the universe can. I love you so, so much. But you are gone. There is nothing left. The universe is an empty, desolate place without you. Goodbye.

    By Natasha URL on 11.20.2012

  14. something unexpected delivers a rewarding feeling, results in the reuse of something. satisfaction can come from a person or thing. this doesn’t happen with everything

    By Kimberly on 11.20.2012

  15. Satisfaction is everything you think you want condensed into on convenient ball of hope slammed into the net. ‘I’ve scored!’, you think. But there are so many more goals to go…

    By Thom on 11.20.2012

  16. I broke my heart that day. Not someone else, not some boyfriend or anything, just me — and when it broke, everything spilled everywhere. It was a mess, really. My heart, my life force, just gushing all over the place. Still, I survived. And my loss of me was the best thing that could happen.

    By Zanna on 11.20.2012

  17. I like to satisfy myself by eating donuts.

    By Madison URL on 11.20.2012

  18. im satisfyed to be billianare

    By luis URL on 11.20.2012

  19. Tv was made to satisfy people.

    By ccv1999 URL on 11.20.2012

  20. i like to be satisfy me with cookes

    By Dylan URL on 11.20.2012

  21. today i was at my house when my mom gave me a nudder butter bar and she asked if i was satisfyed and i said yes!!!!!

    By sarah URL on 11.20.2012

  22. The cat was satisfied with the taste , when he caught a mouse and ate it.

    By karen URL on 11.20.2012

  23. i am satisfied with my grade in ditital desighn satisfy

    By wyatt URL on 11.20.2012

  24. Somethings to me never satisfy the world. We have many things we would never really need in life. Do you really need internet or cellphones?Can’t we live for one day not going on the computer or whining about our life ? Do you think the world will be satisfied with what it has ?

    By michelle URL on 11.20.2012

  25. My grandma makes you a bunch of food until you are satisfied. She likes satisfying people.

    By Shelby URL on 11.20.2012

  26. How we should feel every minute of every day in our lives. We are lucky, always.

    By sharspeck on 11.20.2012

  27. it’s hard to satisfy everybody.

    By Jazmine R URL on 11.20.2012

  28. I always try to satisfy my parents by getting good grades but it doesn’t seem to work most of the time. Sometimes i even do sports to try to satisfy them but it still doesn’t work.

    By Annette URL on 11.20.2012

  29. I like to satisfy my leaders because they reward me.I like doing things for them now because I do little things and they still reward me.

    By Brianna URL on 11.20.2012

  30. i have to satisfy my self to work harder

    By Kilee Hunsaker URL on 11.20.2012

  31. last night I was at my friends and he asked me if I wanted to play call of duty black ops 2 and I said sure and thank you and he said are you satisfied now and i said ya.

    By rodney URL on 11.20.2012

  32. Satisfy is when something makes you smile and you feel good about it. People get satisfied by eating chocolate, making an accomplishment, and other things like that.

    By Megan on 11.20.2012

  33. I wanted to satisfy my hunger so i grabbed the closest snowball next to me when i noticed some thing on the news they are going to stop making hostess treats so i ran to my closest store just to find they had sold out five minutes ago. ILL Miss You.
    PS I have never actually had anything from this company.:)

    By bencarr44 URL on 11.20.2012

  34. I’m never satisfied. I always want what I can’t have. Then when I get it, I’m still not satisfied.
    I get my satisfaction from the challenge.

    If heaven and hell decide that they are, I will follow you into the dark.

    By Paige on 11.20.2012

  35. She held onto my shirt and pull at it as her soft breath tickled my neck and ear. Our bodies were so close and so heated I could barely breathe. I pulled her closer and tighter and she let out a breathy moan. I will never forget the way she moaned my name in my ear, so close to me. To know I was satisfying the need for each other was what kept me from losing my mind. But tonight I’ve lost my mind in a different way…

    By herbutterfly143 URL on 11.20.2012

  36. It’s good, because you feel satisfaction about something that you make or feel.

    By Julia P. URL on 11.20.2012

  37. It was the chocolate that sat at the table across from her. It called her name, asking her to reach for it. But her fingers curled back into her hand, at the thought of the scale in her bathroom.
    This was the reason no one loved her. She was alone, and always would be. She reached for the chocolate sitting across from her on the table, with sadness in her eyes.

    By Julie on 11.20.2012

  38. Today i was hungry so i had to satisfy my hunger with a delicious sandwich:)

    By Pamela URL on 11.20.2012

  39. I’m pretty satisfy today because I have this class.

    By gorge URL on 11.20.2012

  40. Satisfying the young child may be difficult for one but easy for the other. It will eventually switch when the child has realized one is more useful than the other.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 11.20.2012