November 19th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “satisfy”

  1. Satisfy
    your needs
    take your fingertips
    and satisfy your greed
    reach in and grab anything
    you can get your dirty hands on

    By Brooke URL on 11.19.2012

  2. Satisfy. Satisfy my sexual hunger. Satisfaction. Satisfaction. What satisfaction can’st thou have tonight? Really though what satisfaction canst though have tonight? Will it be your nicotine craving? You can satisfy that. Or your hunger. Hopefully you can satisfy that. Or your need for speed, racing down the 126 high way at 90 miles per hour. What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2012

  3. Why is it so hard to appease you? There could be a million things I would do for you and you wouldn’t be the least bit satisfied. You can never be sated. And I’m done. It’s “whatever.” In your words.

    By Vy Tran URL on 11.19.2012

  4. writing letters on metal surface

    By faizal on 11.19.2012

  5. Only one can satisfy. And that is a hard lesson to learn. And an even harder one to abide with. Jesus, saviour, will satisfy every need. The answer isn’t found in anything else, love Him, and your life will be complete.

    By kvm URL on 11.19.2012

  6. Nothing satisfies. Nothing lasts. It’s all empty and blank. Faces meld, words drip, they splash, dead and gone. Worthless. What’s the point when there’s no orgionality? Why can’t i find fullfillment with life?

    By Aby Normal on 11.19.2012

  7. To satisfy. I think of a little boy, out playing football in the back yard with his father. The boy runs so fast, and plays so hard, just to impress the father that he wants to be.

    By Annie URL on 11.19.2012

  8. You never satisfy, you only gratify,
    You’re just a bad illusion to every passer-by.
    Oh how I wish I could believe that.

    By aura.rayne URL on 11.19.2012

  9. Satisfied is an egg sandwich with /him/
    from Dunkin where the homeless loiter outdoors
    all they want is a quarter or a cruller, whatever you can offer
    crunchy flat sandwich, cheese oozing out sticking to the cheap paper wrapper
    sticky sweet coffee
    menthol fills your lungs
    in a pool of streetlight
    he smiles and you light another

    By spicy_tofu on 11.19.2012

  10. satisfy is to feel what you expected. to feel accomplished with something you have done or trying to do. satisfy is a place of contentment, not a place of full accomplishment. you appreciate the outcome but things can be different. an example of sof

    By Jenna URL on 11.19.2012

  11. satisfied is a midnight egg sandwich with /him/
    from Dunkin where the homeless loiter outdoors
    all they want is a quarter or a cruller, whatever you can over
    crunchy sandwich cheese oozing out and sticking to the cheap paper wrapper
    sticky sweet coffee
    menthol fills your lungs
    in a pool of streetlight
    he smiles and I stop to light another

    By spicytofu URL on 11.19.2012

  12. It’s hard to satisfy everyone. Sometimes selfishness isn’t such a bad thing, it can help you grow. When you try to please everyone, you fail. It can’t be done.

    By Alex on 11.19.2012

  13. I really don’t feel it takes much to satisfy me. I am a happy person and I’ve learned to be happy with what I have, even when that is little.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.19.2012

  14. I am satisfied with my life. There is a peaceful tranquility, and I am OK with the way things are and they way they’re going to be. Everything happens for a reason, and I am content with that. Complacency.

    By Austin Vining on 11.19.2012

  15. when one breathes it, it ceases to be. occasionally it will pass by like the last wind of autumns; though somehow less pretentious. slightly nostalgic and self-deprecatory. one time it will go the entire length of seasons.

    By justin on 11.19.2012

  16. there are three ways to satisfy a human.
    none are really known.
    they are thouht to be material.
    but, well.
    maybe they arent.
    maybe theyre something more important.
    no one knows.

    By Rae on 11.19.2012

  17. I’m not satisfied.
    The world could be better.
    Everything could.
    But, it’s not exactly going to improve because I just want it to.
    No, I have to work for it.
    I know that, I really do. But really, I won’t.
    I’m way too lazy.

    By anon on 11.19.2012

  18. I often think that nothing can really satisfy me. I always think that I am happy with one scenario and then I end up changing my mind later and become distraught. I do not mean that I am insatiable. I can be satisfied–it wears off too easily.

    By Allison on 11.19.2012

  19. She could no longer satisfy his expectations. Their relationship had become nothing but calvary. They were the broken protrait of perfection. Being so similar, in the end, was what would keep them apart.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.19.2012

  20. I’m never satisfied.
    I am always longing for more.
    Good enough is not enough
    justice needs compensation
    and payment need appreciation
    I want to be grateful
    and respectful and gracious
    but I can’t

    By Forever Moon on 11.19.2012

  21. Good enough if not enough.
    I can not be satisfied
    Fight for justice and recognition
    equal rights
    but not blind

    By Forever Moon URL on 11.19.2012

  22. something subtle and unconsciously experienced

    By Pat on 11.19.2012

  23. And we hide
    our sunlit secrets in the wind
    under the summer skies

    we promise to remember
    the nights of candlelight and fireflies

    and we leave our childhood behind, satisfied.

    By Vivainne Lyssa Visrin URL on 11.19.2012

  24. When you don’t feel time passing by. When you don’t continuously think about pressing on and completing other tasks or getting somewhere else. You’re perfectly happy with exactly what you’re doing.

    By Patrick URL on 11.19.2012

  25. He rubbed greasy dark fingers over the tattered satin covering his girth. Dirt thickly crusted under fingers worn with work. A belch erupted from his mouth, from deep down in his gullet. He grinned ear to ear as his eyes slid lazily shut, the crackling fire singing him to sleep.

    By Dan on 11.19.2012

  26. To satisfy someone is to please them or make them happy. This can be done by giving gifts or sexual favours to others. Sometimes just with nice comments. Animals can too be satisfied by other animals in the same way humans can.

    By Kya Jones on 11.19.2012

  27. Satisfaction is fleeting. A cigarette. A tumbler full of whiskey that doesn’t last nearly long enough and leaves me rolling ice cubes alongside my tongue for some time afterward. A sunset. Breakfast. An orgasm. A fit of laughter, at the end of a tiring day. I like it this way.

    By OddWords on 11.19.2012

  28. I don’t think that I’ll ever be satisfied, not really, not fully. I’ll always want more. Always. There can be no exceptions to this rule. Unsatisfied, unsatiated, I’ll roam this earth eternally wanting more and not for one moment receiving fulfillment, satisfaction, or any minute end to my neverending grief.

    By La Lune URL on 11.19.2012

  29. satisfy me with lips and tongue that crawl over my skin in that delicious sin that drives me crazy.
    se tme on fire with your touch.
    burn me alive.

    By cordy cake URL on 11.19.2012

  30. satisfy my deepest, inmost desires. Satisfy them, quench them and accomplish them. My heart is longing for things not of you, but Lord will you train me, change me and mould my heart to be satisfied in you.
    Because your love is sweeter than wine, tastier than honey and more fragrant than lavender.

    By Shona URL on 11.19.2012

  31. My father, as I called him, though of blood no direct relation, kept a laboratory, tucked away in the hidden corner of our basement; I only discovered it in my teenage years; he never mentioned it before then. He was an alchemist by trade, before the barony passed from Lady Wellsley, a woman of pleasant demeanor and deserving character, to Lord Atrosch, an ever-angry old buzzard of an elf, in manner if not in appearance, who was ever in search of something to criticize, and whom no one of any virtuous essence could ever satisfy.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.19.2012

  32. there is no way to say
    how you satisfy even
    the hungriest corners
    of my mind and

    i think
    if i could just

    your thoughts,
    i might stop craving more.

    By Effie URL on 11.19.2012

  33. Life is never truly satisfying. You can be rich, famous, have a million things, but are you ever really truly happy with any of it? Those with much feel independent but alone, those with very little struggle with basic needs and long for some spare time. in conclusion, you cannot be satisfied without something greater, love, peace, a god, or whatever is right for you.

    By Kristina Rietveld on 11.20.2012

  34. Sometimes, it’s hard to be satisfied with what you’ve got. We piss and moan about our shitty jobs, but there are those that have no job. Whingeing just seems so much more pleasing than giving thanks for what you have. If I knew why, I’d be a rich man

    By Snellopy URL on 11.20.2012

  35. Satisfy…..try not to be satisfied

    By Gfreddy URL on 11.20.2012

  36. He satisfied but he did not satiate by desires. He colored in the lines between my mouth, careful not to spill. My palate was not disappointed but my bones were.

    By Neelvar on 11.20.2012

  37. Ah! to satisfy ones urges or to another satisfy ones boldness, there can be no question there are meanderings about and they will not wait for the night to cast away these bright fools. paradoxical lovers, that hate each other.

    By Steven W. on 11.20.2012

  38. I was not asle tosatisfy the wanting I’ve felt fr many years. And so i closed all the diirs.

    By Barbara on 11.20.2012

  39. Hello,

    I don’t know what should i be writing here to satisfy this blog.

    Thank you.
    Rushan SN

    By rushan URL on 11.20.2012

  40. I want everything. I want to feel like I don’t need nothing or nobody else. I want to be complete. But satisfaction is a lie. Complacency is the death of art. We strive for satisfaction, but we don’t really want that. We want to live, to struggle, to want, to Live. To fight. To create.

    By Paris Minton URL on 11.20.2012