November 19th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “satisfy”

  1. I satisfy many people. I don’t think because why would you? What does it do except use energy to be contributed to something greater. Why don’t we satisfy ourselves constantly? Why don’t we live for once? Satisfy yourself.

    By Sarah on 11.19.2012

  2. I am not satisfied with my performance in study at the moment. lately, I’ve been very unsatisfied with nearly everything. I wish to pay more attention to my needs and satisfy myself

    By komal URL on 11.19.2012

  3. Cry for what you want
    And it will come.

    Grieving is the way out
    and the way in.

    By Jason URL on 11.19.2012

  4. Coffee is what satisfies me after a long week. It melts my brain in warm happiness and sends me to happier places.

    By Bizzle URL on 11.19.2012

  5. I want you to die. That is what would satisfy me. While, that, and turkey. But turkey is harder to come by, so I’ll stick with death. Yeah, death sounds nice. I’m going to take a knife, carve the turkey, and then kill someone. How does this equal satisfaction? I’m not really sure. It sounds like it could be fun though. I’ll have to find someone to help me though, these kinds of things are no fun when you are doing them alone. Maybe that guy sitting on the opposite side of the street? Yeah, that could work.

    By Quinn on 11.19.2012

  6. Just 9 more months and I will have the satisfaction of saying I am a doctor. Coursework- done. Clinicals- done. Another satisfactory part of my life. What comes next?

    By keeler URL on 11.19.2012

  7. drinking water. eating food. reading a book. playing video games. hanging out with my grandmother and nieces, sometimes my sisters and my nephews and mom. watching movies. going for a drive. going for a stroll. helping someone. being alone. sleeping. having a laugh with friends or by myself.

    By latasha on 11.19.2012

  8. Take this, it will satisfy.
    Do this, you shall be satisfied.
    Society does this, so you should too.
    Satisfaction is what we do.
    Work to get money to pleasure ourselves.
    Laze around the house to put junk on our shelves.
    We all know what they’ve told us to be.
    But sometimes this life doesn’t seem to be as satisfying.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 11.19.2012

  9. Satisfy your cravings. That is what life is. That is why we are here. To live without satisfaction is no life at all.

    By Ammiel Hamrick on 11.19.2012

  10. Not even the heftiest tomes could satisfy her desire for knowledge, even if it was knowledge of the forbidden variety…

    By WearyWater URL on 11.19.2012

  11. completing needs by eating,
    all daily things, but somewhere
    i’m just not satisfied.
    i’m still hungry,
    and im still thirsy,
    and im still so very tired.
    i’m just tired
    of life.

    By Manon L. URL on 11.19.2012

  12. The only thing that could possibly satisfy me is holding your dying body, as you whisper all your regrets to me, and I’ll forgive you for the last time. I’m so tired of forgiving and, then,you’ll never again do anything to be sorry for… It’s better this way.

    By cosmic URL on 11.19.2012

  13. her urges, every single one of them had to be satisfied. the urge to create the urge to love the urge to get hurt. but it was an impossible endeavour. for no one can satisfy every urge

    By sl URL on 11.19.2012

  14. I want to satisfy you. In every way. I want to be funny enough to make you laugh, charming enough to make you smile. I want to make you want, make you cry, make you feel. I want to be enough for you for ever and for always. Why, you might ask? Because you are enough for me. You are my everything. You satisfy my every need, want and desire.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 11.19.2012

  15. It was all happening; it really was. It was fact, not fiction, and that simple thought satisfied me for the rest of the night. I was finally connecting with someone, finally making that next step into my life. I wanted to be with him when I wasn’t; but when we were together, I had no clue what I wanted, and that scared me most.

    By Marissa URL on 11.19.2012

  16. I looked down at the meadow and found myself completely satisfied. Life was brilliant, and I couldn’t wait for what was next.

    By James LaFarlette on 11.19.2012

  17. Satisfy. I’m not able to.

    By Samantha Nan on 11.19.2012

  18. In timely intervals she dipped her hand seductively into the bowl and kept her eyes locked on his indifferent profile.
    He had forgotten once again that she was allergic to cherries.
    But she was going to eat them all.
    She always had to force a hypersensitivity reaction to get his attention.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 11.19.2012

  19. The endless quest. Always in search of. Rarely can be found. There is never enough. There is always one more you need, in order to satisfy.

    By el tren on 11.19.2012

  20. the first thing that comes to mind is the commercial for three musketeers. the women weren’t satisfied with life, so they needed a mass marketed, fattening, not that great candy bar to make them feel good about themselves… go watch a sunset, build a birdhouse, climb a mountain… satisfy yourself…

    By Dylan on 11.19.2012

  21. Their faces gleam
    Satisfied with
    Poor lit dinning rooms

    By Susan on 11.19.2012

  22. I just did this. I tried to figure out what satisfied me. It’s me I must satisfy myself but I’m tired. I want someone to care enough to take care of me. I need to be satisfied with love and care and food and love and love and I’m tired of taking care of everyone else satisfactions.

    By wonderlust URL on 11.19.2012

  23. very average. nothing worth talking about because its just meeting the bare minimum. although cookies do satisfy me, they dont fill me and they aren’t nutritious in anyway. i dont want to live my life to satisfy myself or other people, i want to be extraordinary. is that so hard? i dont know why some people just strive to satisfy. satisfactory, satisfaction, satisfy: they’re all words that just dont really surprise me, impress me.

    By shannanigans URL on 11.19.2012

  24. i don’t know what to do to satisfy the hunger I have, the craving, the urge to do what is in my being, in my soul. I just want to get it out, let it all out and let people know what I’m really feeling. I feel like that would really satisfy that urge, that itch that is growing stronger everyday. It’s an uncontainable animal, a beast ready to bust out and let the world know what it really thinks. But I wait. And wait…

    By Beth on 11.19.2012

  25. I will never be enough.

    By Alias on 11.19.2012

  26. There is no way to satisfy someone who feels they have lost. They must be convinced that the opposing view is the most appropriate one and it is in their interest to comply.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.19.2012

  27. ok so i really think you need to take a drink of that water, your standing in the desert. Your sweaty. You smell Bad. I can clearly see that your thirsty. Its cold, theres ice. Can’t you see the drink sweat on the side of the cup? I want to lick it. You should lick it, it would only be the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the pure satisfaction of life.

    By Nate Dunn URL on 11.19.2012

  28. The thing that will satisfy me mosy is a bigplate of spaghetti with lotsof meatballs and cheese, Wont talk about what else will satisfy me since this a private mattter. I am satisfied when I make a small child smile. A sunset is very saifying too. A laugh from a loved one is one of the best things of all. How to satisfy others? I wish I knew. Not so lucky at that . Although I do have one friend who laughs ay my jokes. I like that. A clean housr is satisfying. So is having all the bills paid. Love finishing a painting and finding that I actually like it. I would be especially satified to find that I am done doing this!

    By Marty on 11.19.2012

  29. it is not my job to make u happy
    i can only do wat needs to be done for me
    i can only satisfy me
    never will i stop wat i am doing just for your approval

    By dshanai URL on 11.19.2012

  30. I wasn’t exactly able to satisfy you. Not with beer. Not with wine. Not with cider or sweet, sweet nectar. Candlelight didn’t suit you. Music wasn’t much better. And the kisses turned to smoke against our lips like we were lighting cigarettes without generating warmth.

    You held me for a moment before letting me slip into the cotton, the blades of cerebral grass rising up to meet my disappointed frame. You weren’t interested; fair enough. But I tried. I really tried.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.19.2012

  31. The clock ticked as The lights dimmed. It was getting harder and harder to see through the small slats in the door. A shadowed outline of Julia’s body could be seen from the closet. The knife began to shake, as the thirst would soon be satisfied.

    By Arthur Kramer on 11.19.2012

  32. There is no true satisfaction. But one can be satisfied…satiated for a moment. Then the next moment the satisfaction dissipates and then the craving for satisfaction returns. Do I actually want to be satisfied? The desires spurs me on.

    By Jessica on 11.19.2012

  33. How could it be that after all this time he was not yet satisfy? it seemed like all the glories and riches of the world could not fill the void. But oh well, what could you expect of the man how sold his love for riches?

    By Monica L URL on 11.19.2012

  34. Satisfy is twofold for me. First is the sexual definition, second is the mathematical. I say first and second, but both occurred to me simultaneously, which is interesting. I might also be a giant slut of a math major. Anyway, to be satisfied sexually is an excellent thing, although alltogehter not common enough. To satisfy an equation is also an excellent thing, although much more required, in general. Both should be required.

    By Hannah on 11.19.2012

  35. Sometimes it seems as if people are never satisfied. They get everything they ever wanted, yet not even days later there’s this other thing that they want more that anything in the world. I can’t help but wonder if people were given the world, would they still be satisfied?

    By Hilyann URL on 11.19.2012

  36. It doesn’t take much to satisfy me. I feel that I am willing to happily go farther to satisfy others than it would require to make me equally. I don’t know if that is really a good quality though. Not one that I would want to pass on to a daughter if I had one; though I know it’s an inherited trait of my own mom.

    By SoliSoma URL on 11.19.2012

  37. i feel satisfied with what God has given me. but sometimes desire of getting more makes me unhappy. I have everything and love what I have but still want a little bit more i think that is how humans are suppose to be

    By Tanu on 11.19.2012

  38. I want you to satisfy me but you can’t, can you? No I don’t think you can because you don’t even know what makes me happy. Forget about it then it’s silly for me to wish that you would satisfy me.

    By Matty URL on 11.19.2012

  39. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so satisfied. It was a hot day, and the long walk had left her parched; of course, Melissa had forgotten her water bottle at home. Her usual two-mile walk had been grueling in the ninety degree heat. When she did get home at last, the sight of her water bottle sitting on the counter might have been the most beautiful thing she’d ever set on eyes on.

    By hannah URL on 11.19.2012

  40. “I’ll do my best.” That should satisfy him for now. Not that it mattered, I never did what I promised him, he didn’t deserve it.
    “You better.” I wanted to retort his threat, but decided against it.

    By Jessica on 11.19.2012