September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. it’s not sexual. it’s not sensual. it’s not even flirty. It’s knowing my need without my explaining.

    By Delaine on 09.30.2011

  2. your midlife crisis – at 18? arent we such children.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 09.30.2011

  3. love. surprises. happieness. music. laughing. being together. having fun. smiles. poems. cuddling. fires. movies. just love. <3 being worth it. :)

    By Melissa on 09.30.2011

  4. romatic is love whenever you are deeply in love with somebody you are romantic. and being romantic is good and people should always be romantic. but you can be overly romantic. being romantic is awesome and everybody should but if u dont have a partner i know that feel bro.

    By Thomas on 09.30.2011

  5. I totally judge people walking around campus holding hands who are trying to be romantic. 75% of them reek of awkwardness or disgust me; maybe about 25% are actually cute.
    Romantic moments are not just candlelit dinners and movies and walks on the lakefront. They are in thew ay you look at each other from across the table while working on homework.

    By Maria T on 09.30.2011

  6. You’re more romantic than me, or at least you were. I don’t know if my poetic musings are romantic, but I do know that something about the way you smile with your eyes and kiss my hand is. You’re a boy too, which is strange. I love you. I love what you do to me, romantic or otherwise.

    By Melissa on 09.30.2011

  7. There’s more to life than dating the quarterback on the football team.

    By emma URL on 09.30.2011

  8. isn’t it romantic
    the way we lace fingers
    and share glances
    and kiss lips

    yet we cannot seem to love

    isn’t it romantic, yet wholly unromantic

    By N on 09.30.2011

  9. sappy bullshit non-existent love. wishful thinking that probably wont succeed. beauty. loss.

    By J H on 09.30.2011

  10. sex. dating. sunset. nick russell. music. concerts. fuck. i don’t know what to write. roses. chocolate. dinner. candles. silk. singing. wine. jazz. poetry. compliments.

    By Estefania on 09.30.2011

  11. Brad Pitt, Romantic comedies, flowers, roses, husband, wedding, sad romantic dramas, love, joy, happiness, marriage, star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, poems, horses, cowboys,

    By maila005 on 09.30.2011

  12. …… I got nothin…. :/

    By Hannah URL on 09.30.2011

  13. He was never the romantic. He always struggled to articulate his feelings, even to the extent where he would state with a smile, “I don’t hate you” which is truly a great compliment from such an anti social individual. But, she somehow managed to find this endearing. Such is love.

    By Elaine on 09.30.2011

  14. Goodness, I love the word romantic. It has so many happy connotations and just puts a smile on my face. It reminds me of the Victorian Era, which I absolutely adore. It makes me smell roses and think of beautiful white dresses.

    By Deanna on 09.30.2011

  15. cute, love, flowers, walks in the park, walks on the beach, pink, red, roses, cheesy words, complete attention

    By kristen on 09.30.2011

  16. love
    sharing ice cream
    walk in the beach
    kissing in the rain

    By Carolina on 09.30.2011

  17. You approached me nervously.

    “Um, here….I got these for you.” You held the flowers out to me.

    “Uhh, thanks..”

    “Its supposed to be romantic.”

    I raise my eyebrows.

    “You were trying to be romantic?”

    By Kat413 URL on 09.30.2011

  18. It was the most romantic thing Cassidy had ever experienced. No one had ever been this nice to her; not even before The Incident. She didn’t know whether she should feel happy, suspicious, confused, or scared, so she just sat back in the damp grass and felt a mixture of everything. The boy next to her looked at her with startling dark eyes, and a raindrop landed in the middle of his forehead, causing him to jump slightly. She stared for a moment, and then laughed, something she thought she would never do again.

    By Melanie on 09.30.2011

  19. Is it romantic when someone gifts you with a flower? Well…a flower is the sex organ of a plant…so perhaps not anymore….Is it romantic when you sit and watch the sunset together? Those lovely colours? They are the reflection of the sun’s rays on the Earth’s atmosphere, only seen that colour from the angle at which you are on the planet’s surface. How about going out to a romantic, candlelit dinner? Did you know that it takes seven seconds for the food in your mouth to reach your stomach, and that the pancreas produces a fluid that helps the digestion of said food in the small intestine? Yeah, didn’t think so. Isn’t science just so romantic?

    By ichigoneko URL on 09.30.2011

  20. It is a proven fact that Irish clay pigeons are many times more romantic than Irish males but they get shot at marginally less often.

    By Santa Monious URL on 09.30.2011

  21. A stranger catches your eyes in a hopeful glance. You blush, you smile and in a shy way, you continue to go home.

    By Lucy on 09.30.2011

  22. Life should be romantic. The everyday is so overated. Fill your life with passion, with an ever flowing stream of little magical moments that celebrate and cherish love in its purest form.

    By Jeni on 09.30.2011

  23. Romantic. I think of the fairytales I had in my head. You were always so romantic. I was being cliché though. I wanted you to be like how you were in my fantasy dream. You never were though. Because, that was a fantasy. Fanatsies never become real. They’re always a dream. A dream of the past, a dream….of the lies.

    By Victoria URL on 09.30.2011

  24. love peace movies dear john, nicholas sparks, fake, candles, roses, hotels, anniversaries, grandma and grandpa, first dates, first kisses, bubble baths, 12 dozen chocolates, valentines day, sappy, diamonds, men and women,

    By maddy on 09.30.2011

  25. I love you. Three little words that mean so much. Too much sometimes. The lights, the mood, the guy sitting right across from me are perfect. But I love you? That’s hard to say. Hard to breathe. Hard to mean.

    By Amy URL on 09.30.2011

  26. Romantic is cuddling on the couch sipping hot cocoa in front of the fireplace.
    Romantic is winning a prize for your significant other at the fair.
    Romantic is a candle-lit dinner with spaghetti.

    Romantic is whatever you want it to be.

    By Alyssa URL on 09.30.2011

  27. love sex marriage lust chocolate flowers date angst anxiety touch kiss embrace hold hug cuddle time

    By jemma on 09.30.2011

  28. Love is a blossoming flower. It can grow if nurtured, but if not watered on a daily basis, it will die. It craves sunlight. It screams beauty. The potential for it to wilt only makes it so much more special while it lasts.

    By Leah Perri on 09.30.2011

  29. so easy and so difficult at the same time, but we cant ignore it cause romance and love is the closest thing we have to magic

    By Gina on 09.30.2011

  30. In the distance came the soft lute-sounds of a Koto, and for a moment as he lay there Jensen wafted into a romantic reverie. The warmth of the sun, the pleasant feeling of real senses, the sweet air, children’s voices….the smell of cat piss.

    “What the…?!”

    By chole URL on 09.30.2011

  31. I wish I had a romantic life, but instead I spend my time on here writing about how I wish that I actually had a life. (A romantic one that is) I always see people in my school making out.. Ewww gross. I wish they would atleast get a room and stop making out in the halls. So nbow

    By billy on 09.30.2011

  32. richard, dinner, paris, chocolate, bread and cheese, and wine in the park, sunsets, the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, caviar, flowers, perfume,

    By Kim on 09.30.2011

  33. My soul is the warm breeze on a sunny day.
    My soul is the way the air smells after it rains
    My soul is dancing in a thunderstorm.
    My soul is cllimbing onto a roof and looking at the stars.
    My soul is time spent with family and friends.
    My soul is an ocean, stretching as far as you can see.
    My soul is a child’s laughter.
    My soul is a friendly smile.
    My soul is simple, humble, and pure.
    My soul is joy.

    By Melanie on 09.30.2011

  34. Romantic is flowers and chocolates and not always the best thing in the world. I don’t know. My mother always told me that if a guy is too romantic, too lavish on the details, he’s missing something in the substance. She said to watch out, because you want less flowers on your anniversary and more anniversaries. My mother is something of a cynic, and romantic can be nice, but I don’t know.

    By Alejandra URL on 09.30.2011

  35. “I’m not romantic.” The biggest lie told by the biggest romantic, trying to romance someone who wasn’t a romantic. What a strange for of self-tyranny, and an effective way to woo.

    By Dianne on 09.30.2011

  36. Romantic is someone who has a way to show someone their love, like taking them out for a dinner and movie. Romanced usually ends up with sex, but hey, sex is good. GO ORGASMS!

    By Janelle on 09.30.2011

  37. Please forgive me
    for my lack of romance,
    but I’d like to know
    when writing sonnets and
    moving mountains
    became better than the simple
    holding of hands?

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.30.2011

  38. It was more than romantic. The toy Volkswagen bug was tucked inside a the “help wanted” section of the newspaper. He was asking me to move in. Good thing I had already began searching for work in my new city.

    By Fender2010 URL on 09.30.2011

  39. i hold your hand tight. so tight. i feel your pulse through you skin and as your eyes meet mine i know that i see my reflection inside you. as i close my eyes and let sleep claim me, with your body beside mine, i’m safe and comfortable and right. i love you the most. and i always will.

    By M. A. on 09.30.2011

  40. Romantic-Romance-Romans

    By June on 09.30.2011