September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. The weather was ugly, but my god … she sure as a hell wasn’t.
    The candles weren’t helping anything either the way that they were dancing and carresing her skin. I” can barely form a cohereant sentence in broad daylight” he thought. “Why did I light these stupid candles anyway”. ” Another drink?” he managed to coax from his scattered mind. “Why not!” She said. Well there was no replying to that, her sweet voice demolishing any intellegent response that may have been forming in his head.

    By Eric on 09.30.2011

  2. I wish i could have more romantic time with my girlfriend. she works in the city and i don’t get to see her much, and when i do she is tired and i feel like we spend more time sleeping together then actually being awake together. Hopefully this will change soon and i’ll get to see her more

    By Dan on 09.30.2011

  3. flecks of color bumps on the windshield grab my attention, and the music is so, so loud. we wiggle in our seats in a silly, no-regret way. dancing with you always brightens me. i’ll probably never ever say no when you ask to go out for ice cream. i don’t even care that i romanticize most every little moment.

    By roberta URL on 09.30.2011

  4. romantica m-e iubirea şi dragostea…

    By Valentin Eni URL on 09.30.2011

  5. I let you see me, just like this. We look at each other. This is the first time. It will not be the last. You’ve brought me yourself, not tied with a bow, no little boxes, nothing florally fragrant, nothing you couldn’t hold without hands. You stand in front of me, and I see you, just like this.

    By emay URL on 09.30.2011

  6. I love when people hold hands. Especially, older couples. It makes me believe that love truly never fades it just gets stronger with age and commitment. I love when men act like gentleman and open the door for you or give you little compliments just to brighten your day.

    By Samantha on 09.30.2011

  7. I am a romatnic at heart. We all are. sometimes we look back at our ordinary lives, and want to romanticize the events. We look at it from the perspective of a book. Sometimes from the view point of a priest. And some

    By Shaaz on 09.30.2011

  8. Being romantic is small gestures that show another you love them. For me it is love songs, hugs, kisses, roses from your prince charming.

    By Georgia Compton on 09.30.2011

  9. i think the most romantic thing is when a guy will do anything for a girl. even though the girl pushes him away sometimes, he gives her time and space. and when she’s feeling lonely, he gives her love and affection. i had this once before, but i didn’t cherish him nearly as much as he did me.

    By anonymous on 09.30.2011

  10. There was a bottle of wine and a candle on the table when I got home. Next to the candle was a matchbox and a note:

    “Light the candle and drink the wine, and think of me. I can’t be with you but know that I’m doing the same thing, wherever I am. Love you.”

    I started to cry.

    By Jennifer Shew URL on 09.30.2011

  11. romance isn’t something you can describe. it’s a look, a feeling, a touch, a gesture. it’s nothing tangible or definable. it’s different for everyone. for some people, romance is putting the toilet seat down. for others, it’s roses and chocolate. for me, it’s a hug at the end of a long day and a glass of rum and coke. for my parents, it’s my father doing and redoing whatever my mother decides she wants that way. different for us all, but still just as real.

    By april URL on 09.30.2011

  12. It was a romantic scence– at first, now it was covered in broken glass and blood and shattered dreams. No longer was it a place of happiness, but one full of dark memories. How had the night started out so well and then gone so wrong?

    By Solanaceae URL on 09.30.2011

  13. words from a romantic are frantic, on edge, and wreak havoc. never an eye for an eye when the life from a guy is taken for a dime.

    By gerald on 09.30.2011

  14. what i want dates to be! not all of them just some boys can be this but normally theyre not, they fuck an fuck again and then it stops..there will be someone oout there who be this

    By rae on 09.30.2011

  15. Our love isn’t pretty, it isn’t neat and it certainly isn’t sweet. Most days we struggle to bring out the best in one another and create something worth dying for, but some days I yearn for the simplicity of an afternoon of snuggles and sweet nothings.

    By emmystrange URL on 09.30.2011

  16. i never had a romantic man. i had to force them to be romantic, which isn’t the same as thinking of it on your own. no poets, flower bringers, balladeering for me.

    By sharonmcfarren on 09.30.2011

  17. Candlelight, moonlight, and a checkered table cloth accented the night. Your lovers eyes stare back at you over a plate of steaming spaghetti. Your tounge hangs out in expectation as she slurps up the noodle closest to her. You respond in kind, your mouth watering. For her? For food? Your not sure, the only thing you know is that your empty inside, and you need filling. The strand of noodle grows shorter as you slurp it into your gullet. A much practiced pursuit for you.

    The night is going well when your lips meet, your whiskers against hers. Then the back door opens, a bulbous red chef, brandishing his knife at you.

    “get out” he screams.

    The romance is gone. But the memory lives on.

    By Mike Thompson on 09.30.2011

  18. Manu, roman past
    over. Hand, rekog

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.30.2011

  19. Love. Buying flowers. Giving your heart to someone and not expecting anything in return. Putting all your effort into showing someone you care for them. Believing in yourself and the one you care for.

    By Seline URL on 09.30.2011

  20. Isn’t it romantic? he thought
    Not really, she replied.
    You can hear my thoughts? he asked.
    No, she said alout – but your face tells me everything I need to know.
    These damned tattoos, he said.
    I think they’re endearing, she thought.
    Really? he asked, then paused. I can hear you too!
    No. You can’t, she replied aloud.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 09.30.2011

  21. im a hopeless romantic. im waiting for the perfect guy but its been awhile. ive had my heart broken once and its the worst. but one day a guy will sweep me off my feet and i cant even imagine how happy i will be. thats what romantic means to me.

    By Gwyn T URL on 09.30.2011

  22. romantic
    give me a break!
    you’re not in love
    he is not “the one”
    and for the love!
    It means nothing!!

    By Tina URL on 09.30.2011

  23. i love being romantic to my girlfriend it makes her feel loved and makes me feel good to show her love we can lay on the beach at night looking at the moon and talking

    By leslee on 09.30.2011

  24. romantic
    give me a break!
    you’re not in love
    he is not “the one”
    and for the love!
    It means nothing!

    By Tina URL on 09.30.2011

  25. I bought a rose,
    I Plucked a flower,
    To grasp close and show it was real
    But the petals will fade
    And into dust
    They will go
    But sow a seed and nourish it
    Care for it, nurture it
    And you from that seed, love will flourish
    That is romance
    Not a rose, plucked and kept
    Wanted and Taken

    By Geejay URL on 09.30.2011

  26. nights filled with wine. viewing the city skyline on a rooftop. proposals. never-ending fairytales. kisses goodnight. kisses good morning. never saying, “goodbye.” holding onto the notion that love will last forever. always treating your princess right.

    By MC on 09.30.2011

  27. I first felt romance in middle school. His name was Albert. Or was her name Molly? The years blur things together in such a beautiful mist. All I remember is winning the track race, the cigarette, and the tattoo that followed. It was all worth it.

    By Laura M. URL on 09.30.2011

  28. romantic. oh, the roses and the champagne. i think or red and deep purple. kisses soft and intense, touches light and craving. why don’t i have romance? a man and flowers. that’s all a girl needs, right?

    By Madison URL on 09.30.2011

  29. Romance. Flowers, chocolates, moonlit walks along the beach. Things I always dream of being given to me in a fit of romantic passion. However, these days you hear of these things less and less. I sincerely hope romance isn’t a dying art because it’s one of the best arts there is.

    By Carrie Fletcher URL on 09.30.2011

  30. “It’s so romantic,” thought Michelle. She laid out the frilly negligé on her bedspread and thought about all the times she had brought it on trips and never worn it. This time, she vowed, would be different. She folded it up carefully and packed it in her overnight bag. Josh would notice her. He would. She cold practically taste it.

    By Eleanor Gang URL on 09.30.2011

  31. I love to think in romantic terms. Happy endings, long lost lovers, reunited forever. Knowing all along that these things can come true.

    By paulie aragon on 09.30.2011

  32. Oh you’ll never know. To let go of all rationality is the only way to approach its reality. You think far too much about the intents of passivity. To not speak is not to not think, but to not think is often to be so in love not to blink.

    By Ceili on 09.30.2011

  33. The sun was drifting towards the horizon, and the girl turned her head towards her boyfriend, smiling. “Isn’t this a little bit cliche?” The boy let out a big sigh of relief. “I was hoping you would say that.” They went straight to Subway.

    By Karina on 09.30.2011

  34. The moon gave off a romantic light. The stars were visible, and she thought to herself, This could not be anymore perfect.

    By Karisa Adams URL on 09.30.2011

  35. Romantic.
    Love is the thing I lack the most. I am not capable to love a person. I only have loved one person throughout my life. I may have loved the person I hate the most now, but now I will never love her. She doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand me. I wish for the times I could just hug her. But now she just won’t stop talking. She won’t stop forcing me to be perfection. And I know she doesn’t love me. When I was born, she wasn’t overjoyed. I know she likes my siblings better than me. I will never love her.

    By Victoria URL on 09.30.2011

  36. is the state of being utterly blown away by the one person you cant get out of your head. the act of wooing. being selfless to please the person you love. the overbearing need to feel close to someone and do anything to see that smile. the want to show your affection through caring gestures.

    By andrea newport on 09.30.2011

  37. love,hope,happiness,bliss,lost,enduring,joy,faith,aimless,man,woman,travel,oceans,books,wind,eyes,lips,touch,feel,embrace,

    By Christina URL on 09.30.2011

  38. you were romantic. but now its with her. i know you can be, and i hope she likes it. i know i did. it didn’t happen often, but one day i was sad. you wrapped me up in your blanket and took me too your roof. we watched to stars. i cry every time i think of it.

    By Tegan URL on 09.30.2011

  39. Pure, honest, giddy. Touching and smelling and tasting. Pulling out my wifes chair. Flowers for no reason. Compliments. Give with no expectation of anything in return. Looking into one anothers eyes.

    By mike on 09.30.2011

  40. love,hope,faith,joy,bliss,lost,embrace,eyes,lips,touch,travel,lost,enduring,ocean,fear,never ending,men,women

    By christina URL on 09.30.2011