October 28th, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “riots”

  1. Riots are very odd to me. I have never really been in an actual riot. Actually, when I think about it… riot is such a funny word to me… Like who made up the word riot? it looks weird when you think about it. But, yeah, back to the word… Riots are retarded.

    By Jordan on 10.28.2011

  2. poop last night get test of me waking up in the morning two hoes laying next to me goof

    By op on 10.28.2011

  3. Did you see that riot on television a few years ago? I lived in LA when it happened. Sitting on the roof of my apt. I could see all that was going on. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. People are more like apes than they wish to admit.

    By NisaGSD URL on 10.28.2011

  4. riots are a complete misunderstandment. i dont know why people do them, maybe because they feel very strongly about something or they’re just bored. weeeeeeeee like i am right now. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wooooloooooloooooo lallalalalllalaallalalalalallalalal googly eyes. hey i my 60 seconds are up. why am i still typing? and it tells me to finish my last sentence i already finished like 4 sentences. oh well. LOL WEEEEEEEEEEEE

    By annie wang URL on 10.28.2011

  5. of my soul. conflicts between what i know and what is foreign. foreign exchange. exchange between two lovers, obstacles. speed bumps. i am a speed bump. he loves her. i loved him. why am i so alone? why am i not perfect? riots. riots. fire. picket lines and shouting signs. shouting what they want. “freedom,” “rights,” “equality,” “perfection.”

    By Jessica Brown on 10.28.2011

  6. Riots, when in the right situation, can be very effective. They can change governments, they can free a prisoner. They can put a man to death, or save a man’s life. Riots can also be destructive and pointless, like burning a town down after a sports team loss.

    By Adva URL on 10.28.2011

  7. There are a lot of riots going on right now. And maybe it isn’t technically a riot but people are unhappy and lots are getting hurt. This is local and it can’t be ignored and it’s scary. The thought of people being hurt and the thought of changing the world are just massive thoughts that can’t be contained. You can’t stop us.

    By Cube URL on 10.28.2011

  8. london riots happened a few months ago. riots can be good for citizens in expressing their views to the general public and government. they can also be useless and serve no purpose, just there so people can be violent and act out and “have fun” in front of loads of people and media. riots can be for a cause but usually they’re just for fun and serve no purpose for society.

    By Alli URL on 10.28.2011

  9. light a fire. strike a match. torches and pitch forks. we fucking own this city and all it stands for. i will not forget. i will never forget your favoritism. the fact that you could not make your choice. make your fucking choice. it’s not difficult. i hear babysitting pays well this time of year. when everyone is cold, lonely, and scared of what’s to come.

    By jesmay URL on 10.28.2011

  10. mad fast fire death revolution mass newton pickets rights wrong force trauma life revolt night raids resistance

    By katy on 10.28.2011

  11. I see this word and the words that comes to mind is American Government. RIOTS IN THE STREET OF KANSAS CITY!!!!!!

    By rachael anne damage URL on 10.28.2011

  12. riots in miami that one sublime song that couple in the middle of the riots kissing it was the cutest thing ever i wish my boyfriend and i did something that cvute matt and kim are poroblaly one of the cutest couples i think my typing is horribble i misspelled so

    By marisa URL on 10.28.2011

  13. Let’s start a riot.
    Start one, involve yourself in one.
    Not to be violent. Not to hurt people. But to have that moment where you can scream, laugh, cry, cheer and just BE without having to worry about what you’re wearing, what people think, what people like.
    Just be.
    and riot.

    By elinmacrae on 10.28.2011

  14. You started a riot in my heart.

    Not the kind that seek peace, but those that seek blood.

    You started a riot. But I’m the one that will see them through until the end.

    By Lindsey URL on 10.28.2011

  15. The Occupy Wall Street protestors are causing riots. They are focused on a subject that causes such rage and violence that a veteran was hit on the head and is suffering from a fractured skull. This will most likely escalate into a larger conflict because it won’t stop here.

    By Diana on 10.28.2011

  16. riots have caused change
    have caused suffering
    have cause death
    some are for the better
    some are for the worst

    riots,riots, everywhere.

    oh, so human

    By Alexandra URL on 10.28.2011

  17. horrible, aimed at taking control and influencing others to do what they want. chaos that cannot be controlled. a way to explode with enthusiasm for something regardless of what. beautiful in some ways

    By Kaiti Ray on 10.28.2011

  18. I’m so uncreative right now. Damn. So three guys, yeah? Pick one. 1. Older hockey player. 2. Singer/Songwriter/Poet 3. Blonde football player.

    By catyeah URL on 10.28.2011

  19. She cowers in the corner, amidst the screaming and the flashes of light that are going off dangerously close to where she is. If she were older, she might cynically note that she can seen nothing but black spots, despite being in the face of so much light.
    But she is only six, and so she is scared.

    By spazzycorn URL on 10.28.2011

  20. Every day is a riot in this house. Every day brings a new set of problems and a new set of disagreement and unrest. Riots don’t have to be violent with burning cars and broken glass. Riots can be internal… a sense of discourse and unrest within you that threatens to bubble to the surface at any time.

    By Glory URL on 10.28.2011

  21. The riots of her heart pushed her over the edge. She couldn’t take the conflict, the destruction of her morals. She wanted purity, but wanted agreement between her heart and mind.

    By Laurie R. URL on 10.28.2011

  22. fire.
    we all think we’re right.

    By Tina URL on 10.28.2011

  23. I like to create small riots I like to stir it, and stand back and see what happens.

    By Natalie URL on 10.28.2011

  24. Color, energy, voices, humanity. Raising our voices and spirits in defense of freedom and fairness. Why do we give the assholes the toys to destroy the world? It’s like all of a sudden we remember and then take to the streets.

    By reflectivity URL on 10.28.2011

  25. Riots
    Riots. Riots are a part of life and differ in different parts of the world. in some countries, such as france, they are very efficient. On the other hand, in other countries they are absolutely inefficient and do more harm than good

    By Jay on 10.28.2011

  26. Rage and fury running riot in my chest
    As I try to hide my tears.
    The agony tearing me into pieces
    As I sit at my desk and try to hide my pain.
    The sobs building in my chest
    As I try not to look at you.
    How could you do this to me?

    By Yuka on 10.28.2011

  27. they all came running down the hill. they were going to flay me alive. trust in that. but i wasn’t afraid. i saw right through all they were trying to do. i live for myself. i need no one. come at me, bro. time is up.

    By kc on 10.28.2011

  28. they screamed and threw things through windows, broken shards of glass cracked white and horrible. No one understood the rage flowing under their skin. it was too hot and red. too dangerous to face. nothing understood that only violence would end it.

    By cara on 10.28.2011

  29. Flying the streets — arms wide — flap a little, child, or you’ll fall. Flap a little and try not to run where the alleys are narrow or you’ll scrape on the edges. Ignore. Ignore. But fly someday, arms wide, and flap a little. Fly in the streets.

    By Isaac Lyman URL on 10.28.2011

  30. Riots are the worst thing that can happen in a society. It generally happens when a community of people went out their anger on the rest of society, either for personal aims or to take revenge. Riots must be stopped for a happy and peaceful society. The government should ensure security to its people so that people don’t engage in riots.

    By vi on 10.28.2011

  31. start riots over ridiculousness
    and raise awareness for nothing
    spend your money on clothing
    and starve while your running
    give your last dime to the man
    and make a million off of dog shit
    trade your beamer in for a k car
    and realize life isn’t difficult
    but it’s not fair,
    no it’s not
    and we can’t change that fact
    so fuck everyone
    and wear your fanciest hat

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.28.2011

  32. The endless screams of terror and fear cut through the silence like a sharp blade as they signaled the start of the war. Innocent people ran with teary eyes and pounding hearts, only wanting the escape of their own and perhaps the family. There wasn’t a single pity given to the deaths of people, all there was on their minds was to run.

    By inconsistency URL on 10.28.2011

  33. They are started by people who have nothing better to do with their lives and get caught up in the thrill of everything. They feel powerful, like nothing can stop them. It is caused by excitement and lack of control. Riots damage property and create fear wherever they are created. They are terrible and frightening to all.

    By Allyson on 10.28.2011

  34. The riots were going on all around her – outside the building, inside her office, it all felt like it was inside her head, too. She couldn’t get away from the yelling, the throwing, the constant chaos that haunted her life. She knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way, and that somewhere, someone had gone wrong: but how would she ever find a way out now? Was there even a way? Should she even try to get out from underneath her desk?

    By Ashley URL on 10.28.2011

  35. I already had this word, and I hope that’s not the only one they ever display here. To continue my thoughts from before, I riot occured in my city a few months ago. it happened after a hockey game, if you can believe it. People were hurt, cars set on fire, police were in riot mode. It scared a lot of people, and was literally pointless.

    By Allyson on 10.28.2011

  36. She ducked, trying to avoid being hit by . . .

    Wait, what were they throwing? With hands shielding her head, she peeked beyond the cover of trees, just as a severed body part almost smacked against her. Great, just what they needed. Rioting demons, using their victims as weapons.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 10.28.2011

  37. Does rioting for a purpose actually solve the issue present?
    I doubt it.
    It usually turns the general public against you in a common perception that you, the nation, are of violent nature and do not wish to resolve an issue peacefully.
    But then, it can be effective.

    By James on 10.28.2011

  38. It started as a dull roar, a small sound outside of the window. I barely thought twice about it, having grown accustomed to noise. But Isaac was immediately on alert, at the window and staring out, his eyes intense. I had to remind myself that this wasn’t Holding anymore, and this didn’t happen in the cities. It wasn’t supposed to happen in the cities. Uprisings only occurred in Holding.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 10.28.2011

  39. there are riots in the streets, no one knows where the world is? why is the planet balanced on the shouklders of the middle class rather than the 1 percent? occupy wallstreet occupy mankind

    By somebullspit URL on 10.28.2011

  40. growing tension in the streets… cries of angst from those who smash and break thru the glass that keeps them separate ~ from the things that they could not otherwise reach ~ held captive, on the wrong side of the glass

    By cathy martin URL on 10.28.2011