February 10th, 2011 | 417 Entries

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417 Entries for “revolt”

  1. disturb discust distaste dislike

    By josh on 02.11.2011

  2. Revolt?
    I dont even know what that means…
    Does it refer to revolting…Like Gross?
    I dont know…I am clueless…..huh…
    Some things are revoting…Like onions.Yea. Those are pretty gross. Im not gonna lie.(:
    What else is revolting? I don’t know…
    I cant really think of anything else. Thats revolting at least(: Thats really all I know about the one word “Revolt”

    By Claudia on 02.11.2011

  3. revolt is a very weird word that i do not know what it is! revolt is a cool word though…..

    By kimmy411 on 02.11.2011

  4. It means to fight against some thing. I think of people that is at our school cause that are always starting drama and it leads to fights with other people.

    By bananaphone URL on 02.11.2011

  5. Oh I do hope there’s an enormous revolt in PArliament Square. This govewrnment have no mandate for the vandalism they are committing. People

    By bernicewoodall URL on 02.11.2011

  6. Idk what this means……im just gonna put; Revolt against the volurtary??
    Soo yeah…..

    By Brittany URL on 02.11.2011

  7. Revolt is a type of going against some ones orders and defying them usually, or to fight against. Just like the american revolution.

    By devin21 URL on 02.11.2011

  8. police fighting bad guys and getting thrown in jail .

    By nelle crandell URL on 02.11.2011

  9. There is nothing like a good old revolt to shake things up. Whether it is a small, personal change in your life or an entire country who stands together to bring down a criminal element in their midst, revolution is our duty!

    By paulie aragon on 02.11.2011

  10. Revolt! raise arms and challenge the bind that ties! Gain strength brothers of mine and revolt against tyranny. We shall live a free life, free of metal, pollution and smog.

    By Jables on 02.11.2011

  11. The wall shuddered and dust fell down upon the head of the king. Revolt! how dare they!? “Send out the guards damn you, shoot on sight!” screamed the king, frothing at the lip.

    By J Williams URL on 02.11.2011

  12. A week ago , the Egypt people try to revolt the president . They ask for a fair election for a new presdent . the issue has been raised international concern.
    The most lastest news is that the current president of Egypt has been announced to step down.
    I hope this will be a suitable ending for the Egypt.

    By Marco on 02.11.2011

  13. The serfs were in the sense of revolt. Kingship had run it’s course and it was time for equality. Equality often begets corruption and more revolt. So, why? Revolt appears to be revolting.

    By skippytheclown on 02.11.2011

  14. There e are standing in a square in theheat we must be in Cairo part of that rev0lt. How did we get here? No idea – not egyptian why are we int he suagre why havent we come home. Caught up in someone elses war. Why are they revolting all these emotinal people all around me? What drives them? what is their motive? Do they feedl down trodden what is it about their life that has brought them here?

    By Holly URL on 02.11.2011

  15. That’s what I’m going to do today. Revolt. Revolt against doing anything. Ok, I might go to yoga but it won’t be a revolution. Revolt makes me think of Paul Revere. Revolt rhymes with colt.

    By elizabeth URL on 02.11.2011

  16. I felt the need to revolt, that thrilling feeling rushing through my veins, that frustration at being expected to conform to anything and everything. So I shoved back my desk and stood up, defiantly shaking my hair behind me. I strutted down the aisles of the classroom and made my way to the door, everyone looking after me as I did so. The teacher didn’t even pause her sentence, rolling her eyes at me as I walked by her and out of the door.

    By emma on 02.11.2011

  17. There was a revolt at the castle gates. The queen wouldnt let anyone in until her king returned home safely. She was terribly heartbroken at the thought of her sweet, wonderful king never returning home to her.

    By Nichole on 02.11.2011

  18. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t walk, talk or understand my own thoughts which haphazardly ran through my mind down my neck and to my stomach. It was changing. The world, the small corner I live on, the small piece of me inside that identified all of it. It was different, never the same. It made me sick. It made me ill. It was revolution, and I hated it.

    By Roland Millington URL on 02.11.2011

  19. When I was 14, my parents divorced.

    I’ve had a very quiet revolt ever since.

    Contrarily, I was the good kid, who got good grades, did good things, helped the down and out.

    But I became a 14-year-old adult, without consultation, without my given permission, when I sat down next to my father as he cried in my lap – and I have been revolting against decisions forced upon me ever since.

    By Heath URL on 02.11.2011

  20. prison, fight, revolver, Egypt, mass, crowd, will, interest, chaos, antipolitiks, scared,

    By bonushi on 02.11.2011

  21. People revolt in history all the time. They revolted in France and all the poor people stormed the Bastille and changed history. Also, you can be revolted by something gross, like food or a critter or a booger.

    By Morgan McClure on 02.11.2011

  22. Revolt. The word on everyone’s tongues. To some it tasted bitter, futility and fear and pain, to others it was the taste of freedom, dearly bought but long hoped for. Revolt my brothers, no one will do it for you.

    By Edwin URL on 02.11.2011

  23. It was disgusting. It was utterly and completely revolting. There was no other words for it. It simply was hideous and horrific beyond all other words. The blasted thing was just staring at me too. Creepy clown doll…how the hell did it get in my room anyway?

    By Tegan URL on 02.11.2011

  24. revolt against how i feel
    revolt against what i know
    revolt against my parents
    my religion
    my school
    and my friends
    revolt against what is right
    revolt just to be who i am

    By nicole on 02.11.2011

  25. You make my stomach turn, you revolting man. Revolting like rancid scrambled eggs…huevos revueltos podridos. Revueltos sounds close enough to revolt and is equally disgusting. Like you, you fucking lowlife. How could you punch someone in the face who asked you to stop? Someone you supposedly loved and wanted to spend a very long time with? I miss you even though you’re a psychopath but I have to revolt against these tender sentiments I harbour towards you. You are a revolting person.

    By lissa on 02.11.2011

  26. The cries in the city reverberated off the building sides. The people were flooding through the streets like millions of water molecules. Amazing how many more people there are, than supreme elite positions. Yet these people hold power only in their bonds to each other.

    By mandy on 02.11.2011

  27. what? what do you mean revolt, couldn’t you give me an easier (more inspiring) word to write about…
    revolt… revolt… revolt… how about that? revolt… revolt… revolt…. revolt….
    there! revolt… revolt…. revolt.

    By mm on 02.11.2011

  28. Revolt – what is happening in Egypt as we write. Such brave people, spending day after day in the square, because they believe in a future. We wish them well, from thousands of miles away.

    By joey URL on 02.11.2011

  29. I staggered clumsily and fell to the floor. I tried to heave myself back up but my arms just collapsed uselessly beneath me. My breathing was too quick and it took delight in encouraging my heart to speed up with peer pressure. My entire body was in the process of conducting a revolt. I had lost control.

    By fionars URL on 02.11.2011

  30. The crowd was gathering in the square. Torches were lit in every corner, and the people in the line solemnly passed them down to each other. It was time to revolt. The people twittered each other the code, and with that, everyone began to destroy the city in hopes that the revolt would help restore the country back to natural order and bring peace back to the country.

    By Jelsa URL on 02.11.2011

  31. Sometimes your body doesn’t go along with what you want it to do. you tell it “step up onto the bus” but your legs won’t go, you tell it “look away” but it doesn’t. it doesn’t look away. you tell it “stop loving” but no matter what you say, it does what it wants, you have no authority at all. you’re a figurehead.

    By Meredith on 02.11.2011

  32. Revolt. Stand up for your beliefs. Don;t take other crap. What you believe is important. What you want the world to be should be, to you. Go ahead break rules, be a “badass”, “fight” the ever so legendary “power”. Don’t be restricted, nor limited, nor censored. We only live so long; so fuck the man and his ideas. Individual freedom. That is what we all want, right? The “teenage dream” of anarchy, go ahead revolt, and see if you are strong enough to live with so much freedom, because sometimes it can become more of a burden than a freedom.

    By K.P.J. on 02.11.2011

  33. people screaming, full of hate. many people get hurt but they have a reason to be angry. the world is full of shit and sometimes people get fed up with it. authority is bad, they should be killed

    By nanana on 02.11.2011

  34. To revolt is to go against the norm of society. Like “stickin it to the man, yo!” Everyone talks about having a “revolution”, but where and when is this going down? To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever revolted against anything in my life. Not even when deciding to eat vegetables.

    By Alyssa on 02.11.2011

  35. Revolt-revolution-standing up for belief-boldness-attention-cheating the system or bettering the system? how? risky. fear of death, capture. strength. courage. power. inspiration. revolve!

    By Jenna on 02.11.2011

  36. What does the word revolt mean? Well, the meanings are different, depending on who you ask. Disgusting… rebelling… hateful even. Who you ask will change the definition. But then again, what doesn’t have more than one meaning?

    By Claire on 02.11.2011

  37. running through stuff. saying no. eating cheese. suck it. fuck. get out. don’t live by rules you don’t live by. i don’t know anymore. asking questions. out of time.

    By dfg on 02.11.2011

  38. what is meant revolt, i don’t know, I just writing what I know, it is disturb me, and what can I do iy

    By Aigerim on 02.11.2011

  39. Egypt immediately springs to mind and the middle east. Pretty amazing and exciting. Also I think of things that sicken me, things like working for the man and getting fucked over on a daily basis. or even working in a fairly good job but being subjected on a daily or at the very least weekly basis to nonsense ideas. Or great ideas that you have to implement with no resources, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    By Mrtibs URL on 02.11.2011

  40. I’d go with an Egypt type theme, but I’ve had my own little revolution today. Funny, it was from my bed, just like Oasis sang about. Anyway, I was writing and I’ve finally done away with someone that was a terrible burden on my life. I wasted days and days worrying about them, about whether I mattered. Well that was rather ridiculous, and all I had to do was turn at them and scream…much like most revolutions. Not a bad way to start a weekend.

    By Travis URL on 02.11.2011