December 6th, 2011 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “return”

  1. The bowling ball return burped my big purple and black ball on the track. I scratched my ball under the chin an asked it how things were in the bowels of the bowling alley. The air smelled of french fries and machine oil.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.06.2011

  2. i always return to you though not to your arms or a warm embrace but rather return to hating you, my blood boiling and bubbling against my skin as i clench my fist and wonder why me and you was ever an option.

    By devin URL on 12.06.2011

  3. A return to what’s old. That I do not want to do.
    Why should one return? Just go forward, go forward, go forward.
    Follow the path and never look back.

    By Raneem URL on 12.06.2011

  4. I will return when i do ok bye!!

    By zoe URL on 12.06.2011

  5. I sent you out this morning because Paul doesn’t have a cell phone. Or the internet. So I attached the little pieces of paper and oriented you. A little whisper in the ear for luck and advice. It’s now nightfall and I still haven’t heard back, nor send hide nor feather of you, my little friend.

    By Bryan URL on 12.06.2011

  6. When one decides to come back to you that has betrayed you and shown nothing but scorn for you. When they return it is not easy to reconcile with them. Their return is something that you dread, but also something that you have been longing for all along.

    By Alex Cornell URL on 12.06.2011

  7. return i would love to return to my childhood and live all the wonderful moments i spent with my little sister. we had so much fun growing up together.

    By Ell teacher URL on 12.06.2011

  8. i must return to the things that matter like…….VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By James URL on 12.06.2011

  9. I will return to school in august.
    You will return to school in september.
    You have a book to return.
    ……….. lots of meanings for return

    By garvin URL on 12.06.2011

  10. the young girl had to return a toy the she had barrowed from her friend.

    By Binnie#9 URL on 12.06.2011

  11. When Payton returned up the hill, from sledding, she yelled “I want hot chocolate… Now!” We all laughed as she ran up the icy hill.

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 12.06.2011

  12. and everything went back to how it was, like a rewind session of a tv show that you never even liked. cruising and filling up time, is what we call it. the card fall, but then go back to the castle that they once more and that’s how it is. we kissed but then seperated when one’s finger pressed “return”.

    By lena URL on 12.06.2011

  13. will you return the money to me tomorrow?

    By fox URL on 12.06.2011

  14. Return

    “Return to sender” … heartwrenching words. Now my options of contacting him are drying up. What next? Private messenger? A plane in the sky with words hooked to the tail? He just dropped me from his life … and as a Facebook friend.

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.06.2011

  15. When the old lady finally did return the computer,she brought yummy cake.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 12.06.2011

  16. i will return to the thingy

    By pellows URL on 12.06.2011

  17. Don’t hold me back from my calling. Don’t call as I leave to go serve my country. I will return some day, when the grass i shall return when the corn is ripe and summer has come again. Don’t keep me to the pasture, do not chair me to the plow. Set me free to find my calling and i will return to you some how.

    By lauren.forever16 URL on 12.06.2011

  18. I shall return! muhahahahaha. >:D

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 12.06.2011

  19. i once again return to this place. this place ware i once left all my memories, trying to escape all the things that haunted my past. the things that are cloaking my present and complementing my future. all the things i so despretly tried to escape. why did i come back? for the sake of the good memories that were also forsed into the past with the rest of my mistakes. all i want to know is that there is a way to scanvage this up with out tucking the barial spot of the mistakes. is there a way?

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 12.06.2011

  20. Reeee-turn…… (hmmm) Return!!……. OK, I’m going to say this nicely, Please Return.


    {This is my grandmother trying to enter something into her computer:)}

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 12.06.2011

  21. Paaast the point of no return!!! -Phantom of the Opera. Best. Ever.

    By Zoe URL on 12.06.2011

  22. Return is kind of the word a different spacebar uses. You can return to where you once where.
    I wish I could return back to moments when things were different, when things I’m upset about now weren’t like that. Better yet, I wish so they ddn’t end up that way.

    Like a time machine.

    By Lamalee on 12.06.2011

  23. He returned after a long bike ride of gasping breaths in cold air, with the tinge of a cough coming on so quickly. He returned to the home and knocked on the door four times in quick succession, taking in short breaths, making little puffy clouds of mist in front of his face.

    The door opened. Inside she waited, tapping her foot, and said “I want you to go, now.”

    The door shut. His icy breath flaked against the door’s red paint.

    By annie URL on 12.06.2011

  24. return to the place that knows the bottoms of your feet best.
    return to the bed that knows your naked soul.
    return to the people who wrap their arms around you without saying a word.
    return to the one who never stopped loving you,
    even when you stopped loving yourself.

    By Hailey URL on 12.06.2011

  25. When we returned to Timberline, it wasn’t nearly as busy as last December. It reminds me so much of Austria – the trips my family used to make at Christmas time. The snow, the pines, the woody lodge and big mugs of hot chocolate.

    By Maria URL on 12.06.2011

  26. Auf dem gelben Schild war ein schwarzer Pfeil mit einer rückwärts gebogenen Spitze. “Argentina retorno” stand darauf. Ich trug einen langen braunen Pullover, hatte noch lange Haare und eine schwarze Tasche über der Schulter.

    By Eli URL on 12.06.2011

  27. I shall return to school soon. This is what happens when I press the return key on my iPad
    My typing cursor moves onerow® down

    By just582 URL on 12.06.2011

  28. It is the return that brings me the most happiness. It is that moment when you see them walking slowly towards the crowd in arrivals. They don’t see you yet, but their eye are searching and searching, pleading to just catch a glimpse of you. Then the lights of our two searchlights meet and our smiles become radiant. Tears start to well up. Their happiness returned. Their breath, their life, their muse and love has just stepped into the terminal.

    There is the fast walk, the run, and hug with abandon, the long kiss to remind just how incredible those lips feel.

    We hold each other tight, as if to stop would make the other vanish.

    Words of

    I missed you

    I love you

    Welcome home

    By River Ranter URL on 12.06.2011

  29. There’s nothing great about traveling if you don’t have a place to return to. A place that feels safe and secure. A place that stands still, a place you can always return to. Somewhere you feel loved. A place you can call home.

    By Elise on 12.06.2011

  30. I closed the door behind me, knowing the next time would be no where is the near future. Dropping to my knees the tears began to pour from my eye balls. I simply couldn’t go on without him

    By LALA on 12.06.2011

  31. ok.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.06.2011

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    By Aspen E on 12.06.2011

  33. I can’t return
    the moments that have passed.
    I can’t erase or take them back.

    The adolescent stunts
    I managed to pull
    during the midst of summers heat.
    The nights I stayed out late
    under the moon by the bonfire,
    Doing things I know I shouldn’t,
    but secretly loving rebellion.

    There’s no way to alter
    my past.
    To do that,
    you’d have to change me.

    And I don’t need any change.
    These blueprints are marked in pen,
    They can’t be re-done, or scrapped.
    It’s too late for that.
    There are weak points, like any structure,
    but all together it is sound and strong.
    Able to weather any season,
    any adventure,
    that life throws
    at me.

    By zoe URL on 12.06.2011

  34. Yusei knew Jack would return to him. He didn’t know that he would have to travel to New Domino, win the fortune cup and defeat the Dark Signers in order for Jack to do so, but it was worth it.

    By Mary URL on 12.06.2011

  35. On Saturday, normal life will return. I’m going home, after three months of living in a dream. This dream world in London, one of the most thrilling cities on planet Earth, will be but a memory. What will home be like? Will I feel empty and irrelevant in this strange, familiar place? See only hollow figures moving about their dull routines in a town I had forsaken? And one day, become hollow and dull like everyone else in my small American town? Let’s hope not.

    By Jordyn on 12.06.2011

  36. YOu can go to the store and return that ugly sweater that grandma gave you for christmas. Its probably best, it looks like a raggidy old sheep. It;s positively hideous.

    By Lynette on 12.06.2011

  37. “You!”
    The word was spat with such venom that he had to turn around. Before he could even register who was addressing him, a flurry of fists were pounding against his chest. Riains his arms to shield himself, he glimpsed a petite girl with long red hair, her face contorted with rage.
    “You shouldn’t’ve come back, Jake!”

    By Rachael on 12.06.2011

  38. I think of Christmas and the after Christmas return policy. Hopefully, those gifts that don’t have much meaning will be returned for something of value.

    And what of value? What is the purpose of gifts?

    By Sheri on 12.06.2011

  39. Do our moms secretly return the sweaters we get em every year for Christmas?


    Let’s return to our original plan and get her the sweater anyway. She love to return the things she gets too.

    If you’ve been away from the Lord, return to Him. I will.

    Our mothers are praying for us.

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.06.2011

  40. Return. Return to what. I believe thats what I am trying to figure out now. As I sit here, I contemplate returning. I guess the question has become not what to return to but what to return from.

    By MrBango URL on 12.06.2011