January 24th, 2013 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “responsibility”

  1. I have a lot of responsibility, more than I can handle, actually. I have to get surgery, minimum 5 operations. One will make me feel worthless, and another one will ruin my arm so much that I can’t ever use it again. I have no idea of which to choose, but I’ll probably choose the one that will make others happy with me.

    By Kevin Alexandré URL on 01.25.2013

  2. You’re growing weak, I hear you speak but I’m blinded by the light shining from behind the valley peak. Your skin grows pale, faint beats your heart. This isn’t what you signed up for back at the start. You realize the lies before your very eyes. But hey, you’ve got responsibilities to attend to.

    By MariahH. URL on 01.25.2013

  3. people take too much credit for the things they do and worry too much about how responsibility affects the people around them. responsibility is easy to hold and controllable. when it gets to be too much all you need to do is separate and conquer. it’s something that takes practice to hold and people often cannot. unfortunate but it can be done and all must be able to master it in order to function properly in all relationships.

    By Sami on 01.25.2013

  4. a huge word. He would accept no responsibility for his actions, he could not see what he had done wrong, leaving a wife, a disabled son and his home to run away with someone 30 years his junior.

    By marie on 01.25.2013

  5. Responsibility was never something individuals from our sector had been associated with. Gambling, Washting, and unclothing were not regularly displayed as the glitz of responsibility. Upon every billboard autonomy was threatened by the threat of responsibility to the whole. We could not pursue our own choice in the cities, we had to dream the rigid mountains of societal desire. Our here a cigarette could be lit and few complained of the impact on lung tissue. In a way we were more cohesive than any social order living for it’s own order, we were a unit built upon disorder. The natural state, we flowed while they built. I am in part responsible merely for that.

    By Derek Dahlk on 01.25.2013

  6. I don’t want it. People keep saying it like I some how chose this. Since when? In what world? They need to focus on themselves and deal with their own “responsibility” because guess what I am not one of them or apart of this game.

    By Gabrielle URL on 01.25.2013

  7. I am very responsible perosn, I like those who take care of there responsiblitiy. with responisibility we also need authority. Responsibility make a man mature and capable of doing great job. Experience people have more respons

    By Nikhil on 01.25.2013

  8. need to have, being glad, it’s sad for dose who dont, sit upfront thinking ahead

    By dan on 01.25.2013

  9. We must never neglect our responsibility for our children for a moment. Their are all that we have. What God has given them to us as a blessing, and our love and devotion must be directed towards them at all times. It our duty of care and that is all that we should be concern about.

    By victor URL on 01.25.2013

  10. what can i write about responsibility , i know nothing about least i’m responsible enough to tell that i know nothing about responsibility

    By Keerthana Elango on 01.25.2013

  11. In a place like this,
    where there is freedom, there is responsibility
    freedom of speech
    freedom to see and live and be
    freedom to do what you want
    with the added responsibility of being a good role model
    so that as we exercise this age-old concept
    we honour those who were here before
    and leave a clear path for those to come

    By Sascha Dee URL on 01.25.2013

  12. It wasn’t his choice. Of course it wasn’t, it was his responsibility, the whole fate of the world lied in his callused hands. He glared sullenly at the ground wishing his life had never turned out this way.

    By cassidy Mcclurkan on 01.25.2013

  13. Weighing like a thick cloak on my shoulders, a mantle that has built up weight bit by bit over time…almost imperceptibly until suddenly one day I noticed it’s almost crushing weight, almost too hard to shrug off. marriage. Career. Mortgage. Child. All pushing down, compressing my spine, my soul, bit by bit.

    By Ara URL on 01.25.2013

  14. The world is not responsible. Our history is tainted with “i’m sorry”s and “I fucked up”… But how we keep the responsibility of the world is the ability to push through all of it and do SOME thing right. Life is about 90% fuck ups and 10% “I did its”

    By Katarhyne Clemenzkova URL on 01.25.2013

  15. “You’re a woman. This is your burden, now I don’t want to talk any more about it,” she said to me. Her voice was stern, but her eyes were full of pity. She turned her back quickly, and kept fixing supper. I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew what it felt like. It felt like an unwanted gift, a curse of some sort. I wanted to give it back to her. I wanted to yell, run, or cry. Ten years later, I finally understood her. I wish I could tell her thanks. Thanks for preparing me.

    By Soft URL on 01.25.2013

  16. One day Jesus came out of Jerusalem and talked to his new friend Micheael Jackson. Michael Jackson told him a story about responsibility and crap like that tht was suposed to be important.

    By Dor on 01.25.2013

  17. Having already written on this word, I suppose it is my “responsibility” to continue to write about it anyway. I have made it my responsibility to write, and with that, I must write, no matter the subject, regardless of mood, temper, or the changing of the wispy winds.

    By meghan URL on 01.25.2013

  18. I’m responsible. I am, always, in every class. All my notes are in order, I do every homework. And yet, this teacher wants me to fail. He just won’t take my notes. Guess what? I’m not gonna take it. I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT. *breathes* ha, sorry. Still, not gonna take it.

    By Andrea URL on 01.25.2013

  19. Responsibility is crap, no one really wants to take care of their baby sons old diapers and neather of their son. Suck it.

    By Dor on 01.25.2013

  20. its a sense of consciousness acquired only when you understand the value of things.

    By valerie on 01.25.2013

  21. Responsibility is a virtue that every person has to have. It is normal for a kid not to be responsible, but is the task of every parent to have your kids turn to be this way. we are all responsible of what we do.

    By jess on 01.25.2013

  22. A small snoring came from her cradle. Not loud, faint, barely audible, but there nonetheless. The boy in the corner of the room, no higher than the cot, totted over to the breathing. His heels lifted from the floor and he rested his head on the wooden frame. “Hello sister.” He whispered to the child, being careful not to wake her. He curled his fingers around her smaller ones. “I’m going to be the best big brother anyone will ever have.”

    By Emma URL on 01.25.2013

  23. Haine… Je hais les responsabilité. C’est une façon de devenir adulte de vieillir. C’est une excuse pour vivre par négation plutôt que par passion. Mais c’est aussi un pied qui t’encre au sol… C’est aussi nécessaire…. Ça fait du bien parfois. Suffit de les choisir consciemment.

    By Sif URL on 01.25.2013

  24. I need more responsibility I just got a job and i am soo so so excited. at panera. It is so perfect. I like having responsibility sometimes, but then I also wish i didn’t have any and I could just leave sometimes and forget everything. Like travel and leave at any second , go to a different town, go to a different state, another country just pick up and leave and make money along the way. this would be better than responsibility

    By OliviaH URL on 01.25.2013

  25. You are responsible if you can manage your money well and you also know how to manage your time around the weekdays with work and homework and other responsibilities. It is nice to be responsible because then your mother trusts you to use the stove when she is not home and you can cook lots of food for your siblings because that would be fun. Also I love ramen because responsible people eat ramen.

    By Erik DeFruscio on 01.25.2013

  26. The responsibility is yours. You are old enough and very capable of making the right decision.

    By teeda URL on 01.25.2013

  27. “It’s up to me now.” he said as he took the sword and held it in his hand. The blade catching the light of the moon.

    “It is a great responsibility, my son.” The old man said as he struggled to hold back the pain.

    “I won’t let you down, Father. I swear to it. Til my last dying breath.” said Robert

    The old man smiled and closed his eyes as the last tear of life traced his cheek and fell upon his bloody armour.

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 01.25.2013

  28. Running away from responsibilities is always very tempting, but even if i did, like with procrastination, I still come back to it. Maybe I don’t even want to, or I’m forced, but a lot of time it is out of boredom. So so boring.

    By RadioactiveFoxx URL on 01.25.2013

  29. The word carried a lot of baggage, in Maria’s opinion – manager. It was never something she had really thought to strive for. She worked hard because she had been raised that hard work lead to success – and because she thought it rather immoral to slack off when you were being paid. She showed up on time because she was a punctual person by nature; she was nice to people because usually, that meant people were nice back.

    It had never occurred to her that these behaviors might lead to a promotion; the responsibility of being a manager weighed heavily on her mind as she considered whether or not she would accept the new position.

    By hannah URL on 01.25.2013

  30. I am responsible for his death. I didn’t hurt him. I wouldn’t. I love him more than I can describe. He was my everything. But it’s my fault. He’s gone because of me.

    By Victoria Krajci on 01.25.2013

  31. “I’m not cut out for all this responsibility! You know that! What the hell are you expecting me to tell the thousands of people depending on me? Look at me, I cannot do this! People may die! Please… Don’t do this. I’m a failure. You know it.” The Princess’ voice could be heard all throughout the castle, as she was sharing heated words with her father, the King of Arcland.

    Princess Josephine knew from the second she walked into the throne room, that whatever task her father had given her, it would not be an easy one. She was beginning to accept it, the fact that her country was at war with Calmine. She was to help lead refugees through her land and across the border into the Free Land, where their royals would house them.

    Responsibility was something difficult for her to deal with. It was bestowed upon her, whether she was ready to deal with it or not, and there was nothing she could do to change that. She would have to accept what she’d been given and work with it. It was her role as a royal to do this for her people. This task was meant for her, this feat was meant for her.

    By Jennifer URL on 01.25.2013

  32. something i have to do everyday of my life. Without responsibility I would be completely screwed. I have just lost my job so my responsibility for my own life is pretty important! I hate responsibility actually, it makes you realise how old you really are. I’m not a fan at all.

    By courteney fullerton on 01.25.2013

  33. Not the easiest decision. Should one be carefree or responsible? I personally prefer being carefree, but responsibility sneaks up on you . Before long, you realize that you actually were taking care of somebody, worrying over their safety, etc. And then, you suddenly realize that these people look up to you, that you’re leading them. it’s like a smack to the face, a cold dash of reality.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.25.2013

  34. When I was ten, I had no idea what responsibility meant to me. Whether I was running around with my brother in dark alleys occupied by daunting trash cans, or learning to not fit with my mother.

    By Andrew Ortiz on 01.25.2013

  35. There are many things that come with responsibility. If you’re not responsible, nobody will trust you with anything in life. Responsibility is a great quality to have. Responsible people are usually people who can remember things easily and care about what they need to get done.

    By caitlynadams URL on 01.25.2013

  36. To me responsibility is paramount to what I do every day. I feel a great sense of responsibility to my job, to my family, to my friends, and also to the world. When I say that I am responsible to the world I mean that I make choices like recycling, or not spending too much money!

    By Amanda on 01.25.2013

  37. It’s my responsibility not to show my angst when writing, or anywhere!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.25.2013

  38. Responsibility is when you’re finally old enough. Old enough to stay home alone. Old enough to babysit your siblings, old enough to go to a party, old enough to live by yourself. You have to take care of yourself and respect others. Then you show responsibility.

    By Anja URL on 01.25.2013

  39. “responsibility” is made up.
    do we owe anyone anything?
    my “responsibilities” are nothing more than made up titles;
    false pretenses under which people have a reason to live.
    they say as you mature, the more responsible you become.
    i beg to differ.

    By kapanga URL on 01.25.2013

  40. Responsibility is important cuz what the fuck would we do without it? If no one was responsible for anything we would just be spewing shit all over the place, no one would own anything, and we would all be mouth raping each other perpetually.

    By Connor on 01.25.2013