January 24th, 2013 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “responsibility”

  1. Responsibilty you say? Taking care of a gold fish they said next? How in the world is taking care of a fish that swims circles in its filth supposed to show how “responsible” I am? That’s a load of bullshit. And feeding it a pich of food each night? That’s a hell of a lot more bullshit if you think that will prove anything. Bloodly pathetic excuse to not let me take care of a puppy. Its a leap of faith on all our parts and proves us both fools to go along with that method. Wouldn’t you agree?

    By Hammergirl on 01.24.2013

  2. Now that I’m getting older, I feel like I have more and more responsibility. Especially when I turn 17 and get a car. I’m not sure I’m ready, or even that I like having more responsibility over my life, but I do like the freedom.

    By Jason URL on 01.24.2013

  3. Responsibility is a task that we all have to undertake at some point in our lives. It is often seen as a sort of coming-of-age delegation. We can never know the true content of our character’s until we have responsibility thrust upon us at a time when being responsible may not seem to be the cool or easy thing to do. It canbe an honour and a curse.

    By LedZeppelin1645 URL on 01.24.2013

  4. Being a father is a great responsibility. Once you become a father, you are trusted with many responsibilties. Things that are very important in a family life. If you are not responsible to your family, they might live in pain , they might have to go through lot of problems in-case you forget to be responsible.

    By travellerinmotion on 01.24.2013

  5. Something I really stuggle with, but something I am improving at. Looking after someone, keeping yourself accountable.

    By Suzie on 01.24.2013

  6. The whole world seemed to lay on his shoulders, along with two brothers and a cat who didn’t give a shit. Well, the cat was somewhere else, he came in and out on his own time. But he had to buy the cat food, he had to give the little thing toys every Christmas. Waste of money, he thought, but his brothers would never allow it.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 01.24.2013

  7. As his responsibilities were many he had a wicked incomprehensible mind. My friends tried to advert me about the aftermath that this new friendship would have, but, at the end of all I wanted to try new things and he looked like a perfect start.

    By Charleslie URL on 01.24.2013

  8. “Would you just take responsibility for what you did?” I stare right through him. “God, Theo. You act like you don’t know me. You act like I did that for nothing. So I found out I liked you. Big deal. And now I’m over it because apparently you like to use your childhood best friend.”

    “Indie, don’t be like that,” he says, and I know that’s all he has to say; I know it’s all he wants to say.

    “Forget it. You don’t have to act. You don’t know me at all,” I say, and with that, it’s all over.

    By Marissa URL on 01.24.2013

  9. i am responsible of being who i am, i know what it is, i am it, at the same time, i am not. who the fuck is writing this, i surely do not know a thing about this persons characteristics of personal thoughts of success.

    By avibha on 01.24.2013

  10. Do the chores. Do homework. Be a good girlfriend. Be a good friend. Practice for band. Practice for drumline. Memorize your music. Work on your marching. Go to the gym. Find a good college. Get to bed on time. Go to church. Stop drinking so much coffee. Eat healthier. Read your scriptures. Make some time to hang out with friends. Spend time with family. So much responsibility. But we make it day to day with a smile on our face and a skip in our step.

    By Classy Narwhal URL on 01.24.2013

  11. The act of doing what is expected of you. As in: to take responsibility. Often associated with adulthood and bridging the gap away from childhood. I wonder how Peter Pan handled this quandary.

    By John on 01.24.2013

  12. Responsibility is something difficult. It’s thrust upon you, whether or not you are ready. And there is nothing you can do to change that. You have to accept what you’ve been given and work with it. Otherwise, you’ll fall into a hole and never be able to claw your way back out.

    By Lynnsey URL on 01.24.2013

  13. “It’s not my responsibility,” you shouted before you slammed the door in my face. I was left, dumbstruck, standing on your doorstep with no idea what to do. You had been my last hope, but apparently, I was not yours.

    By musicrazi URL on 01.24.2013

  14. It is my responsibility. It is my role. No other can do it but I. No others have even a minimum of the capability required such as I. This task was meant for me, this feat is wholly all mine. I cannot depend on another, nor should I give it up because I cannot find the time. It was bestowed upon me, and now it is my responsibility to finish it.

    By Sara Z on 01.24.2013

  15. You gave up on me. I was your responsibility, and you left. You just left me. Now I have to fend for myself with no help, no hope. You don’t care. You barely even talk to me. It’s okay. Who said I need a father anyway?

    By Emilee URL on 01.24.2013

  16. I am one that is always given responsibility…..ever since I was a child. Sometimes I don’t want to be responsible. I want to be irresponsible, foot loose and fancy free. You know like a child! :)

    By Jackie URL on 01.24.2013

  17. responsibility is for people who actually care or the people who have hamsters. yeah those people have to be responsible, otherwise their hamsters will die. im responsible… with my food, cant risk being irresponsible with it, yep love me some food.

    By Daria on 01.24.2013

  18. holy shit i’m turning into an angrier person by the day. negativity and depression wash over me as my youth slips through my fingers.

    By dan on 01.24.2013

  19. You taught me how eyes can flare, to find the small succulent spots that cause quivers—I learned from you that the inside of an elbow feels kisses marrow-deep too. An elbow, not two. Because my right one has an almost-full moon patch of a scar now. Because I waved once and impossibly caught the blood-orange-bright end of a close standerby’s cigarette there. I didn’t feel pain at all, but in the morning there was a pucker of dried riverbed in the thick of drought there: elbow.

    It only panged when I salved it.

    Sort of like when I was with you.

    By MONO URL on 01.24.2013

  20. She had a lot of responsibility on her plate. She had so much she needed to get done. There was the laundry, and then the kids needed picked up from school, and of course she needed to go grocery shopping, drop off the money at her daughter’s dance studio, call the nurses to check on her dad in the nursing home, call her boss and make sure the meeting was still on for tomorrow. So many responsibilities!

    By wendy on 01.24.2013

  21. Argh, I don’t want to go outside. There’s people there. Responsibilities. You just… You go. And I’ll stay here. And that’s that. Sounds like a good plan to me, right? So yeah, let’s do that then. You know, you do all the things I’d usually do. Yeah, I don’t really care about your job, just go.

    By .Theo URL on 01.24.2013

  22. granted responsibility
    she gave you over me
    and through my darkest hours you will see
    that i’m only trying to be free
    the simplest way I see
    The best way, it may not be

    By Aidan URL on 01.24.2013

  23. It was his responsibility to shut the hell up and keep all his negative thoughts to himself but he suddenly blurted out everything before debut and said bad about his future co-workers. Park Chanyeol, K-netizens are coming get ready and pack you things. This is a warning.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.24.2013

  24. responsibility, what my mother thinks i don’t have. what i don’t want. what i’m living to earn, what i wish i didn’t have. every kids want to be trusted or be given the chance to be responsible, but when the time comes, they screw it up.

    By taylor on 01.24.2013

  25. It was his responsibility to shut the hell up and keep all his negative thoughts to himself but he suddenly blurted out everything before debut and said bad about his future co-workers. Park Chanyeol, K-netizens are coming get ready and pack your things. This is a warning.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.24.2013

  26. How is one supposed to deal with this shit? This isn’t something I ever expected, or asked for. Can people really expect me, fucking ME, to deal with this? I’m not the type cut out for responsibility; I’m indecisive and fluff about. Well this is gonna suck.

    By Dougibot on 01.24.2013

  27. I’m not cut out for responsibility! You know that! What the hell are you expecting me to tell the thousands of people depending on this? OH HI, I’M GONNA TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL. Look at me! People will die! Please…
    don’t do this. I’m a failure. You know it.

    By Douglas URL on 01.24.2013

  28. The weight bares down on me, crushing. Its this strange place, something you learn between childhood and adulthood. Its this altering and forever burdening need to be tied to things, to people, to yourself… thats the worst part, all of the ties. Roping you in this life where you are already spred too thin.

    By Cat on 01.24.2013

  29. credinţa în determinismul absolut nu ne eliberează de responsabilitate pentru faptele noastre ci doar ne convinge că sîntem responsabili din cauza strict determinate

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.24.2013

  30. yikes! as a teacher, it’s everywhere. you have a responsibility to educate, to appease parents, to serve. (insert big pause) a sense of purpose. that’s what responsibility is.

    By Rose on 01.24.2013

  31. yikes! as a teacher, it’s everywhere. you have a responsibility to educate, to appease parents, to serve. (insert big pause) a sense of purpose. that’s what responsibility is. thankfully, i have an overabundance of it @_@. that’s the spin i choose to put on my life.

    By justroseplease URL on 01.24.2013

  32. I want more responsibility. I turn sixteen in a little over a month. I want a job, I wanna buy her things and take her out. A lot of responsibility is coming my way soon.

    By Miranda on 01.24.2013

  33. Responsibilty is a threat to most people. Responsibility means commitment and lack of freedom. To me responsibility means things like love and a home. Responsibility is something I thrive on. I want to make my life meaningful and a place to create chaos and with that comes responsibility.

    By heather harris on 01.24.2013

  34. Responsibility is beautiful. Many are afraid of the depth of this word. I praise it. I kneel and pray for it. Responsibility is beautiful.

    By heather harris URL on 01.25.2013

  35. Responsibility comes when you’ve reach adulthood. There isn’t much you can do to avoid it. With responsibility comes a lot of expectations. The expectation that you have to make sure that you are punctual when it comes to taking care of things you are suppose to. If you slip up and make even the slightest mistake you’re looked upon as irresponsible.

    By Christine Tran on 01.25.2013

  36. I am responsible. And have a great responsibility to do what is right. This can be hard but many times it pushes me in the right direction. It makes me try harder and push beyond what I think I am capable of. This is a good thing.

    By Sheree C on 01.25.2013

  37. responsibility is a virtue that the new generation doesnt know about. Everyone looks for someone to blame instead of looking into themselves manning up and taking responsibility for their actions

    By Cj Jones on 01.25.2013

  38. The responsibility that I had tossed aside in a previous life hovered over me, more resolute in its existence and relevance to me than even my initial decision to rid myself of it.

    By Custoo Fintel URL on 01.25.2013

  39. responsibility
    to you
    so strong
    i’m all you have
    if i dont protect you who will?

    but i’m so young.
    i’m only sixteen.
    just a girl.
    but so much more than that.
    it’s too much responsibility.
    not one that i ever dreamed would be mine.

    but if its not mine, then whose is it? i am your last hope.

    By Rachel URL on 01.25.2013

  40. what is resposibilty. i dont know. its something very difficult. though i am responsible in an okay way. but not that great. but i really want people around me to be responsible.

    By srishti saxena URL on 01.25.2013