May 30th, 2011 | 939 Entries

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939 Entries for “remember”

  1. thoughts that come across the page… knowing they can turn a phrase from the beginning to the new we have all we can do but feel the feeling we need to feel. Know the knowing we have to go. seeing what we cannot let go

    By Kim on 05.31.2011

  2. I thought about my past and all the things that have influenced me over the years. Those things which have made me who i am today. I remember of the times that brought joy to me, those which brought tears and those that i choose to forget. But i remember in the end that they have carved me into the person who i am today.

    By Courtney on 05.31.2011

  3. The word ‘REMEMBER’ is a very important one. You should always remember things.

    By Sarah Naik on 05.31.2011

  4. Remember when i use to hold your hand? When you leant on my shoulder? how you told me everything? How can you forget…i’ll certainly never forget you

    By Eddah on 05.31.2011

  5. touch memory on my skin

    By el URL on 05.31.2011

  6. Remembering certain things is tough for me. I hate to remember some of my past. Automatically I remember memories from my previous relationship

    By Angie Sutherlin on 05.31.2011

  7. She wondered slowly around the park, deliberately stopping every fun minutes to stretch our her arms and then fingers and breathe in the air. He ruffled skirt moved ever so softly with the breeze. The smell of sweet times long gone, the only remnant a shy echo drifting through the air…

    By yetihk URL on 05.31.2011

  8. Physical photo albums are just another thing to take up space. Digital photo albums are like a life form unto themselves. They spread across the web, get pollinated and tagged, photoshopped and reformatted. The digital photo is its own world.

    By Josef A URL on 05.31.2011

  9. i don’t know what to rmemeber only if someone askes me to I don’t have any memories but that’s kinda the same as asking what are you thinking of i remember swimming maybe because I want to swim and I feel like having a vacation i remember it being safe and warm and a bit scary and I would like that.

    By lotte on 05.31.2011

  10. remember what for gods sake there is a lot of stuff going on man i hate vague requests.
    …..Am i done yet?
    Guess not ….

    holy crap 60 seconds is long….

    i almost forgot….har har har

    By Michael Barnett on 05.31.2011

  11. He stared at the photograph of him, Laura and 5 children. He looked so happy, but who were they? It had been so busy in his hospital room recently he hadn’t had time to ask. He tried to remember.

    By DavidCrabtree URL on 05.31.2011

  12. Forgetting is the last thing any human being can do, especially when you try and think too hard. Face it, remembering to forget is a very difficult thing to do. So give up. Guessing is even more difficult than remembering, so try to remember and you’ll never forget the best part of any human mind.

    By Johnny Kelley URL on 05.31.2011

  13. I don’t know what I remember but maybe I will. Memories. Hands. feet. Time, clock and watches. Who knows what everyone remembers? I know I don’t. They just fall. Do they fall for you? Have they been really gone? I know mine are here with me. They visit me everyday. Sometimes I smile, most time I cry.

    By Lavanya Kannathass URL on 05.31.2011

  14. Something that I am NOT very good at. It’s a frontal lobe thing. Or was it an ingested heavily for many years thing? I know, it’s a genetic thing. Is it a thing? It does have some tangibility. An act…either way…I’m not very good at it, but make up for it in humility & kindness.

    By lizzi URL on 05.31.2011

  15. Time waits for no one. I always remember these word. Why i do not know. But at night, alone i remember. You strive to follow the rules, to life each day to the fullest. Yet time is wasted, dong the inconsequential. Perhaps time does not wait for anyone, were not important enough for it to wait, where simply players stuck in life’s games.

    By Isobel on 05.31.2011

  16. all the times we used to hold hands, smile at each other, light falling, lighting up our faces. those were happy times. where are they now?

    By jacqueline wood on 05.31.2011

  17. Remember when your childhood seemed like a giant maze of choices and friends and unknowns? Remember when what you wore to school on the first day was the most crucial thing you could ever decide? Remember when you didn’t realize then that you had it so good? Remember that? Remember that today is just like that day. Remember that you have it good. And you have hope.

    By Chris on 05.31.2011

  18. I remember one night I was sleeping and I had a a dream about a dog chasing me and eating my face off. After I was Chased and eaten my friend laura killed me with a rabbit. I came to live AND i fell in love.

    By Ally Wallace URL on 05.31.2011

  19. I remember when my bff ally just did this word and she had no clue what to write about and neither do i im not even pitting commas and periods REBEL!

    By Ally Wallace URL on 05.31.2011

  20. Remember that time when you first told me you loved me? I do. I will remember it forever. You came into my life and taught me how to feel, how to love, how to be free. Someday we will look back and see all the things we did together, all the feelings we felt, someday, we will remember the little things.

    By Lex URL on 05.31.2011

  21. Remember when we were young? We would make wishes on stars and cherry stems and everything seemed possible when you had that look in your eye. I believed in everything then. In Santa and in angels and in never saying goodbye.

    By Spencer on 05.31.2011

  22. Going out east to the Hamptons for my girlfriend’s 20th birthday, just her, her parents, and I. It was such a wonderful time. We were trying to start over, and that day marked the beginning.

    By Benny on 05.31.2011

  23. Remember that no matter how many people have known you, they have never known you fully until they have held your hand while you have the flu, puking at both ends on the toilet, and laughing with you in spite of it all.

    By Grig Larson URL on 05.31.2011

  24. looking back and looking in, thinking about what has made me me and what has brought me to the place that i am in now. reflecting, introspecting, responding, resetting, reexploring,

    By outdoors URL on 05.31.2011

  25. FREE ebook collection of short stories called All Night by the Rose and a novel called Fey Girl as well

    By voxnewman URL on 05.31.2011

  26. Part of our mind to bring back memories and thoughts that we have stored for years to use them when we need them.

    By Mara on 05.31.2011

  27. story

    By marija on 05.31.2011

  28. Remember to brush your teeth! Remember to wash your hands! Remember to take your packed lunch! Remember your math lesson! Remember to get your coat! Argh!!! It was so hard being a child…I now wish, as an adult, I could remember half the things I did then..

    By Anton URL on 05.31.2011

  29. remember how it feels to have a first step of some unknown activity. Like a passanger without ticket

    By n on 05.31.2011

  30. San Francisco days under the sun with the wind blowing ever. so. slightly. The hair styles are a testament to the past and the memories that we have about it.

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 05.31.2011

  31. down down you bring me down
    Your face it has no place
    Dont wasted your words, i dont need anything from you
    Turn Turn i wish you´d burn

    By afddgasdf on 05.31.2011

  32. I remember…seems to me that’s what I do best. I keep on rememberin’ things and soon I get aught up in all thisnostalgic mumbo-jumbo. remember the time we used to play in the backyard like we were gloin’ somewhere. well now i just want toet the pacificcrest trail with you. remember when we used to swim all day with grampy floating in the summer sun? well now you’re doing coke and gettin’ high and it doesn’t even seem like you like it but I think you would like to go swimming again with me all day like we used to. you remember that right? Remember when I saw you hugging dad in the morning sun and realized for the first time at 3 years of age that we had a a dad and that you were my brother? and now i tell you you’re too cool for school and you cry and say no, you just don’t come over anymore.

    By diggle-doo on 05.31.2011

  33. regina spketor is clearl a better singer than most anyone. she has that amazing way of doing everything i’ve ever watned in a musician, everything at all. SHe’s beautiful and her boice is beautiful and holy shit i cannot type it has been way too long since i tried to write but hey, that’s what warm ups are for, right? I’m gonna hve to do like ten at least to get back in the swing of this. hey remember that time when I could write?

    By michelle on 05.31.2011

  34. I remember one time that I was hanging out with my friend, Bekah. She was at my house for the summer and we decided one night before the Unity Festival that we wanted to make banana bread. Of course, it was like 11:00 at night and my dad thought we were crazy to be making banana bread that late but we did it any way. We ended up taking some of the banana bread to the festival with us.

    By Jill on 05.31.2011

  35. thinking back
    what used to be
    now its gone
    will it ever be back?
    i sit here and
    wishing that i had
    the strength to
    let it go.

    By LizzieMichelle on 05.31.2011

  36. remember to put your washing out when it is windy and sunny. Remember to brush you teeth, floss and rinse with a mouthwash whilst you get the chance before your teeth fall out. Remember to smile and occasionally laugh when you see fit. Remember to remember all the good things and remember to sign out :)

    By Lisasutherland URL on 05.31.2011

  37. that no matter how bad something seems,it’s always going to get better.The darkest part of the night is followed by dawn.You just have to hold in there.Don’t let anything ever break your faith in life.

    By neha mathews on 05.31.2011

  38. Remember the times we had, the laughs we uttered, the tears we shed. Remember like you’ll cease to exist if you don’t. Remember like these are the last moments. Like we are the last people. Remember like you don’t ever want to forget how.

    By Kiley Atkins on 05.31.2011

  39. I really have trouble remembering things. Like, the other day, I started looking for my fancy shoes and they were not anywhere at all. Dear lord, that was an utterly futile effort.

    Regardless, I’ve nearly forgotten to discuss 10A New Media. How wonderful this class is — and Aden still hasn’t figured out that I started the meme on B@B. Well, it was a very good guess he made and I’ll never guess how he did it.

    By Bryant on 05.31.2011

  40. i remember i remember with my faulty memory with the narrative in my head with what i thought i remembered but what i really didn’t i remember what is gone what is lost what i never had
    i remember remember rememeber a childhood, an adulthood of nostalgia nothing in particular

    By J on 05.31.2011