May 30th, 2011 | 939 Entries

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939 Entries for “remember”

  1. “Do you remember?” …the beginning of that song I love so much, that one about September, aadee aadee aadee ahh dee oh!.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.31.2011

  2. I remember lots of things. From fruit cake to rock hard broccili! I wisnh I remebered more though! It is quite sad how quickly we can forget those that we love or love to do! I wish I could remember more.

    By Julia on 05.31.2011

  3. Remember me?


    That’s neither here nor there, what is important is that I remember you.

    By visage URL on 05.31.2011

  4. There are things I will remember all my life, like that really weird and intense night when he asked you to marry him and you were all, “tra la la la la…”. But most of the time I forget stuff pretty easily. I don’t know where my car keys are right now, for example, and yesterday I forgot to pay the bills again.

    By Nat on 05.31.2011

  5. my childhood.. swimming in the sea
    the time i saw my little girls face for the first time
    her first laugh
    the time i was a student

    By ihtye URL on 05.31.2011

  6. the time we went to the beach. memories are brilliant. sometimes I forget things and it makes me sad. Some people remember things and think it is the first time they have thought of it and they can get in trouble for plagarisim but turns out its a legitimate thing! Can’t remember what it’s called though…

    By Renata on 05.31.2011

  7. I don’t like remembering, because it hinders my enjoying of the present. That’s stupid, isn’t it. Anyway. Can’t think of anything else right now.

    By Ramón Buenaventura URL on 05.31.2011

  8. remember the time when things were worse in real time. now, on hindsight, they were perfect… worth remembring. remember the time when she thought she could not bear any more pain… looking back, it was a lot better then than ever. a little pain, a little tear for a long time to come… remember this time… in the future.

    By orangymiff on 05.31.2011

  9. Remember me is quite a good film. It made me laugh and cry a little. Robert P doesn’t look too bad either (:. I think its a good watch and anyone who likes a quirky romcom with a bit of deep emotion should definitely give it a try. Remember me also reminds you of a very catastrophic event in history and keeps those who suffered in mind.

    By SmileLaura on 05.31.2011

  10. I remember arriving in St.Lucia. It was 1971. My uncle gave me a Julie mango. I took one bite then I dumped it. I did not understand the taste. I was afraid of the flying coach roaches and their day time movements in my aunty’s congested record player. It was so hot and sticky. I remember taking lots of showers and running about with my brothers in the tropical rain. My dad had a big drum. We collected a lot of fresh rain water which I loved to drink. I also loved Vigie beach and diving into the highest waves on a Sunday afternoon. The sea would take me out then spit me back to the shore. I was all giggles.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 05.31.2011

  11. I remember the good days I had when i went to my primary school, life was simple and good back .then, we played until we could not play anymore. it was great.

    By victor URL on 05.31.2011

  12. i lost mym memory thats how it all started. Now I dont remember anything new. My life is like a record stuck on repeat. I lost my memory thats how it all started. Now I dont remember anything new did i just have de ja vu?

    By Darren on 05.31.2011

  13. Remember. All that time, years, spent together. Those splendid moments with foreheads touching and fingers interlocked as you basked in the afterglow, peppering small kisses and whispering affections through just one word, the word you loved to hear upon her lips: your name.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 05.31.2011

  14. I remember lazy summer days with a beautiful girl I no longer know. The sun bearing down as we played in the long grass, and laughed and sighed about the future and the past. I remember.

    By thexsoliloquist URL on 05.31.2011

  15. remember when we were young enough to think that we were the gods that the world revolved around and how it felt so good to be small and invincilbe that that the only things that could harm us was lonliness and rejection and those only came about if you paid too much attention. we lost our godliness as time went on.

    By windy URL on 05.31.2011

  16. Remember remember the fifth of November…

    that little three year old had a sparkler and a big grin on her face. She would look back as an adult and laugh at the photo – the happiness, the grin, the pyjamas, the ludicrousy of giving a toddler a firework… She would reminisce. Nostalgia has its advantages.

    By Michelle URL on 05.31.2011

  17. Remember me, as long as i’m not forgotten I still exist.
    Remember me, because I will always remember you.

    By Maurice on 05.31.2011

  18. I remember lots of different things from when I was a kid. My Grandpa is the most recurring memory I have, even though the memories are so few. I guess that means in one way or another, he planted some pretty heavy seeds in my life that are still a part of it now.

    Its funny, my Father spent every weekend with me for years and years, and I would do whatever I can to not wind up like him.

    By CWayne on 05.31.2011

  19. To be able to remember is often a gift taken advantage of. But lately the last thing I want is to be able to remember. Remembering all of those memories I will never be able to relive again brings me more pain than knowing I will never be able to not remember you, ever.

    By jph815 URL on 05.31.2011

  20. I remember all the good things. All the good memories, all the good past. And when I remember these things it often brings me to missing. Missing old friends, family, and times when things were simplier, easier, and fun was never hard to find

    By Kelsey on 05.31.2011

  21. i remember so many things, but not nearly enough time takes away so much from us and god has blessed us with the abitily to remember. Remember the good, remember the bad, but he also gave us the ability to forget. To choose to remember is to choose to hold on.

    By Qutouf URL on 05.31.2011

  22. that’s what brought me here
    foggy, like looking through a shower door
    trying to remember

    By Randy McAtee URL on 05.31.2011

  23. I remember the smell as if I just left yesterday. The fade scent of coffee mixed with a strong note of floor cleanser and washing soda. Grandma waved at me, while my ship drove towards the horizon. And home became nothing more but a fading memory.

    By cybershadowmoon URL on 05.31.2011

  24. dont forget. psychotic. memories. childhood. your sense of identity. network of neural connections. intangible. connects you to the person you were as a child.

    By nora on 05.31.2011

  25. I don’t remember, even if I want to, so much that I feel myself tearing up and my heart clenching.

    It’s a painful word because there is so much to remember but so much is lost. There is too much to remember, too much forgotten and too little retrieved. I want to remember the happy times, though, when the sun still shone and everything was still okay.

    By bellrie URL on 05.31.2011

  26. i remember when my dad used to take me on his debt collecting round and sometimes I had to wait in the car because it was dangerous. it was quite scary. sometimes we visited really high flats and the people wouldn’t pay.

    By Laura on 05.31.2011

  27. Oh dear, I remember I clicked on one word the other day and remember was the word, so yay i’ve remembered something! Remember it kinda rhyms with november, when the leaves fall off the trees, nice time of the year Novemeber.

    By wodkacoke URL on 05.31.2011

  28. “hey remember that time when we saw that cat walking across the street chasing that hobo?”

    “dude, that was me”

    “the cat or the hobo?”

    By allie on 05.31.2011

  29. when everything was just a wide open space and no one could tell you where it ended? i can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe every little instance is a fantastic bit of fakery when it comes down to it. only real to those who can’t see past the television screen.

    By anthony davis URL on 05.31.2011

  30. “Remember. Remember me.”

    The words are choked, coasting out of the frail man’s body with his last breath. His hand reaches out blindly, seeking touch, but no one is there.

    The door is locked. The room is empty. He dies alone, with no one remembering.

    By Lydia URL on 05.31.2011

  31. remembering about remembering is a hard thing to do. Firstly i thought i had to remember to remember but then i remembered that remembering requires forethought to remembering what i need to remember and not just thinking after i should of remembered to remember that thing i had to remember. It may seem awfully confusing but remembering to remember for me particulary is quite difficult. i forget peoples names when i should remember their names for future reference, but alas I dont and then i get into that awful scrunched up face trying to remember what their name is and looking at their badges. Frustrating but i have to remember to remember.

    By Kate Bick on 05.31.2011

  32. I remember the look on your eyes. I sat drawing out lines and you told me stories. I listened and learnt the sound of your voice. I remember itching to grab your hand as we walked down the streets, jumping puddles and laughing along. Wondering how we got here. I remember, we were happy. Don’t forget, please, don’t regret me.

    By Rachel URL on 05.31.2011

  33. Remember that time when we used to sit next to each other every day?
    When you looked at me with your green eyes and just smiled?
    When we didn’t need words to know exactly what the other one was thinking?
    I miss those times.

    By Jesse on 05.31.2011

  34. remember to always be nice, and kind. remember to remember everything, because every memory is important; every memory is a treasure.

    By Serene Sh on 05.31.2011

  35. the times of my past. no, not really. one of the great worries of my older years is my almost total lack of recollection of my past. it is amazing how much i have .lost and more than a bit scary. what don’t i know. what happened that caused this loss.

    By Bob Hussey on 05.31.2011

  36. Rememberance is so painful and yet it makes us alive. You don’t want to but you know you must remember, to move on, to continue with your life. Remember. It ultimatly will make you stronger.

    By L on 05.31.2011

  37. i remember the swing, and the grass. and the trees. and how i fell off when i thought it would hold. it hurt at first, but i looked up, and the sky was blue as the sea.

    By gemps on 05.31.2011

  38. I remember the way we laughed together
    I remember the way you held my hand
    I remember the night you told me you loved me
    And I remember the painful night you left me
    Do you remember?
    Do you remember the way we used to be?

    By Emma on 05.31.2011

  39. i cherish my memories more than anything else i have. they help me remember where i came from and what changes i’ve made to become the person i am.

    i remember the tire swing i used to have and pretend i was a superhero with my brother.
    i remember wanting more than anything to grow up to be the purple ninja turtle.
    i remember getting my two front teeth knocked out at the same time by our tire swing.
    i remember when i was more like a little boy than i was a girl.

    By Brooklyn URL on 05.31.2011

  40. i remember all the things i could have done. all the things that might have changed what had happened. but i stood frozen and i remember trying to move, trying to speak, but i stood and let the man i love walk away.

    By j on 05.31.2011