May 30th, 2011 | 939 Entries

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939 Entries for “remember”

  1. for some people its hard to remember things. the first thing that goes with age is your memory. sometimes i wished people remembered things that i did. like memories for example. some memories i remember so clearly because they were meaningful to me, but others just forget, as if they were trying not to remember. i think memories make up a person, personal experiances make one stronger.

    By Ashley on 05.30.2011

  2. Remember when we used to laugh? remember when we used to smile. I miss those days. I remember the day when you and I were in love. Love oh love where the hell have you gone? I miss the days of spontaneity and awe. I remember when everything shocked me, but no more is life full of those happy remembrances.

    By Morgan on 05.30.2011

  3. Memory, like a canvas or photograph, it captures moments. The art of life in a single frame; heart throbs and aches, passions and actions. It is something you can never erase, even if it may be a glimpse, a second. Even if you fail to recall the exact details, it will always be with you.

    By the-zombie-diaries URL on 05.30.2011

  4. I remember when I went to the fair with Chase. We had a great time but I kept thinking back to Friday when he was acting like we were dating. Andrew says he likes me, but that kind of scares me.

    By Alicia on 05.30.2011

  5. I remember when I was a little girl, and my dad used to toss me into the air, and then catch me. It was the best feeling knowing I could trust someone to do that. He is the only one I would trust to do that. He’s my father. I knew he would never drop me. He would never let that happen. He’s the only man I can trust to never hurt me.

    By Meagan on 05.30.2011

  6. remember to forget to relent to surrender. remembering is sometimes easier to forget. that’s all i got.

    By Cassandra on 05.30.2011

  7. remember. what is there to remember if nothing’s happened? Remember: Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Mexico. Remember your soul being awakened. Remember your dreams. Remember your future.

    By Allyson URL on 05.30.2011

  8. remember when we had such a good time? I can remember it like it was yesterday. I wish we could go back to that time of remembering. I loved you then more than i love you now. haha i didn’t mean to say that.

    By Cassie on 05.30.2011

  9. Remember that one time? No, I really don’t. What are you supposed to do when all your memories have become a blur, when those moments are erased by emotional trauma? I smile and nod along with the stories, glad to have people around me to remember moments for me. I cling to my camera and I grasp my pen, hoping that in the next decade I’ll be able to remember more – hoping that in the next decade trauma won’t hit again.

    By Haley URL on 05.30.2011

  10. remembering is hard, only when you had a train of thought and it suddenly vanishes. remembering the distant pass is not an issue but sometimes you purposely let yourself forget but sometimes that is not always a good thing. to remember is to forget because you cant have one without the other

    By kandiey on 05.30.2011

  11. i remember when we used to be happy together.

    By Tatiana on 05.30.2011

  12. once upon a time there was a fairy queen who once had to remember the secret formula for her daughter’s curse. the wicked witch from the east cursed her daughter Prutice when she was first born. not the mother, the queen has to try and remember the secret formula t hat the magic godmother has told her about. but she can’t seem to remember it then the handsome prince came with golder fleece and then the queen remembered the formula. it was golden apples that she had to feed Prutice to cure her.

    By i go rawrr on 05.30.2011

  13. I remember when i loved you
    your name stayed on my lips
    your face stayed in my mind
    and your hands stayed on my hips
    i remember when you cared
    you’d smile when we met
    and now you just look away
    im losing you, i fret

    By mehgan on 05.30.2011

  14. hey this is me.. just writing, without thinking anything. Its not a easy task to write on unknown topic. But still as u said i am writing.

    By pooja on 05.30.2011

  15. Memories. i remember when he chased me throuhgt the park. his jacket flailing behind him. the grass smelled liek rain. i remember how he laughed, and taunted me. his lips pulled over his teeth, to show his new braces. i remember now…

    By Eugienna URL on 05.30.2011

  16. it was hard to remember that bogdan was only ten years old now that he was dressed up like ‘the elvis’.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.30.2011

  17. your memory should never become your enemy.

    By Erin URL on 05.30.2011

  18. Remembering itself is truly fascinating, think of all of the processes going on in our head as we think back to nostalgic moments and situations. Neurons are firing like crazy to do something that we take for granted every day. But to many, remembering holds us back. Is the ability to recall past memories helpful or detrimental? Personally, I believe the ability to remember is glorious and in itself a sixth sense, one that is priceless and wonderful. When I am ripe in age, I will have a warm feeling to know that I can think back to the days of childhood and college.

    By G on 05.30.2011

  19. ….is such a great word. It has the big ‘m’s and seems to bounce off my toungue. The sounds are all soft and nice. And the ‘r’s are like a bookshelf on either side of the word, now that I think about it.

    By Sasha Barish URL on 05.30.2011

  20. That is all I can do. Remembering is just like a form of torture. You can remember almost anything, but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Remember how you could have hugged him more, or run off and kissed him? Well you didn’t! Remember how you could have not ruined your parents views of you? You could have stopped after one? Did you? Not at all!

    Remembering is what I do best. I want to do things right before I have to remember my mistakes.

    By Jessie Tea URL on 05.30.2011

  21. Remember when you used to be sweet to me? When you used to say the most heart melting things that made me feel beautiful? Remember when you just used me…oh wait how could you forget that was today. That’s almost every day now. Why do I love you so?

    By Sarah Weary on 05.30.2011

  22. i remember hanging out with awesome friend as a child. and spending wonderful time with my family my pawpaw was awesome.he was my grandad used to call me Danny because my middle name is danielle i used to love spending time with my mawmaw she always made he best cookies.

    By Kimberly Bryant on 05.30.2011

  23. remember when we were little?
    and playing in the sand was the coolest thing ever,
    and you would fly on the swings, terrified to jump but you did,
    and standing on their shoulders was the highest you’d ever been,
    and everything was easy with you- everyone was our best friend.
    remember when we were little?

    By Selena URL on 05.30.2011

  24. Remember, all of these things as much as you can before it all fades. We’re all sinking and there’s nothing you can do about it, but please remember as much as you can when we’re gone. It’ll all be gone soon enough for you too, but for us, now, it’s enough to just remember. Please tell everyone I said goodbye.

    By donald on 05.30.2011

  25. I like to think back to the times that I remember. Most of the time I don’t remember times, but moments. I am glad I remember.

    By Spencer Jordan on 05.30.2011

  26. Remember the time we had it all? When nothing else int he whole world mattered but our friends ship? I do and I think about it every second of every day. I cant get you out of my head and wish i could spend every moment with you. sadly this can never be a reality to our situation

    By Bea on 05.30.2011

  27. remembering you was never what i intended. you’re the one thing i always try to forget and yet you surface everytime. It’s pleasant now. A breeze and a smile. Not churning or rotting but now I remember that part too. Please go away. But stay on the pages of my heart. I will look when I want to.

    By Hanna Aven on 05.30.2011

  28. Thoughts of yesterday, of last month, of last year. Thoughts of my fallen father and his. Thoughts of close ones, thoughts of you. Thoughts of harsh winters and blistering summers. Thoughts that make no sense. And thoughts to be cherished.

    By Brittany on 05.30.2011

  29. “Remember.” That was the last thing Emily’s mother had said to her, shortly before she had closed her eyes for the last time. Emily had held tightly to her mother’s hand, gazing down at the soft face that finally showed a sense of peace. She hadn’t cried, not then. But she knew eventually the tears would come.

    By Connie L. URL on 05.30.2011

  30. I keep remembering all the times you messed with me.. Kicked me and tripped me and wrote “dick” all over my pass pages. I miss all of it so much. I miss you so much. Every time anything reminds me of you, I burst out crying. I keep thinking that you’re going to be in school tomorrow… but you’re not. But the only thing that will convince me that you’re gone is seeing you in that wooden box, being put into the ground.

    By Hannah on 05.30.2011

  31. when i was young i remember the life of the beatles, swaying around the front porch, the cutoff jeans of my father and the times he always said that he’d be back around the outside in the summer among sawdust and wood, with the dripping paint on his hair-legs and my mother yes my mother she was somewhere. but the babys in black and i’m feeling blue.

    By grazylay on 05.30.2011

  32. I remember when I found a rock in a store. I wanted to polish it and bring it home with me. Wait, scratch that. Not scratch it because that would be the opposite of polishing. Do the polish polish things? I wanted that rock. And I stole that rock. And I think that’s the only thing I’ve ever stolen. Ever. I always wanted to. I remember that. Is that a natural human instinct? To want to steal? Is it not enough to steal others’ ideas?

    By Megan Caniglia on 05.30.2011

  33. remember when we were little
    and small
    rotating around each other like planets
    colliding rarely
    mesmerized constantly
    by the infliction in each other’s eyes
    and the curiosity that lay there
    you were older
    always older
    but I stayed oldest

    By Sonia Virdi on 05.30.2011

  34. I remember when we first met. I sat on the bus with you, the second to last row. you had braces, yellow and blue. I was self conscious, i couldn’t look you in the face. but then we talked. we talked about dares and trashcans, and falling off Niagara falls in a barrel. I thouhgt you were the coolest boy I’d ever meet. who knew that 4 years later, we would be the best of friends, ready to face the harsh world, i remember you, and all we have been through, and i love you.

    By Eugienna URL on 05.30.2011

  35. Remember. The moments, the feelings, the people. Because in the end, all you’ll have left are the memories. Whether they’re happy, or sad, they will be all you will have when you’re alone. And there will come a time when you are alone, and all you’ll have left is to remember.

    By Nikki on 05.30.2011

  36. i try not to remember the things you forgot.

    it took the absence of those little things for you to remember them.

    we only remember the traumatic, embarrassing things, the scary things, the really sad things in our lives. we don’t remember the smallest things–really, the happiest things.

    By caitlin URL on 05.30.2011

  37. brains at work, thinking doing reminding, fast is the shock wave that mae u think make u remember, brain at work, pulsing allong

    By lance on 05.30.2011

  38. Will you remember the dress I wore will you remember my face ay ace will you remember the things that we swore oh I will hope to see you again. Will you remember anything?

    By Zuzanna Czerny on 05.30.2011

  39. “Why, I remember it like it was yesterday,” Margaret giggled like a school girl. The old album creaked as she opened it. She turned page after page of yellowed photographs until she came to the one she sought. “I’d just gotten off duty at the hospital. Some friends and I were planning to paint the town red. And here came this tall, handsome army man,” she said. “He grabbed me, spun me around, and then he kissed me.” Now she held up the album for me to see. The iconic image had faded but had lost none of its fire. “I never saw him again. But three days later, I received this photograph in the mail.” “I wonder who sent it to you,” I pondered. “Does it matter?” she answered. “Does it really matter?”

    By Izolda on 05.30.2011

  40. I remember when my friend Cayla and I saw each other at the middle school and shouted “neighbor!!” we were happy to see each other even though we never saw each other any other time and now I miss her. And i feel guilt for what I said about her. It wasn’t true. I just said it because of other people. And now I miss her.

    By Jen on 05.30.2011