April 13th, 2012 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “rattle”

  1. 60 seconds is just long enough to rattle my brain trying to think of something to write.

    By david URL on 04.13.2012

  2. The baby rattle was thrown to the floor. The baby desperately reached out for it, but his arms were to short. His mother picked him up and off they went, the mother ready for shopping and the baby with longing in his eyes.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.13.2012

  3. The sound cut through the desert air, spooking the horses and sending everyone’s nerves just one touch higher. It reverberated, softly, menacingly. The rocks bounced it around and made subtle changes in the sound, leaving it directionless; sourceless.

    By Jen Sullivan on 04.13.2012

  4. The sound comes from the front of my car. I try to ignore it, but it persists. Is the the brakes? Engine? Air conditioner? I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will cost too much to get it fixed. I just hope it isn’t something that will make my car blow up or break down.

    By Angel on 04.13.2012

  5. The pressure of truth, reality is weight heavy on my chest. Rattling in my head, pricking tiny holes in all of my dreams and plans. How can I walk forward without a hope of what could be?

    By Krisi URL on 04.13.2012

  6. The door came screeching towards the jam, then suddenly halted and edged shut silently and smoothly. It had one of those special mechanisms on it. I hated those special mechanisms. Defy physics that’s what they do. Well I like physics just the way it is.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.13.2012

  7. Kate’s head turned sharply, hearing a rattling in the bushes. She was scared. Holding her breath, she didnt move a muscle. She heard it again. “Hello?” she asked. No reply. Something or someone who would normally be visible in the daylight wouldnt be seen now. She could hardly see a foot in front of her.

    By Meg on 04.13.2012

  8. tattle battle chattel cattle cow horse shit animal farm orwell 1984 1985 high school forage food chains animosity conundrum fallout reagan rundown ray gun candle battle horoscope wishes distance alone constant

    By Greg URL on 04.13.2012

  9. you rattled my chain, I don’t know what to think of you, or that. what to think about it all coming together the way it is. do I trust you? do I trust myself not to fall for another woman?? do I love you enough to stay…

    By Crystal on 04.13.2012

  10. As a coil of gold or magnets or wood, it shifts forever in a circle, eating and eating and eating until its tail, its head, its mouth – is gone.

    Another look and it appears again, in a circle and again and again it eats and eats without consequence without hope without care.

    Without anyone to tell it to stop. Without anyone who wants to.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.13.2012

  11. shake rattle and roll. i said shake rattle and roll. there we go on a saturday night to a sock hop. poodle skirts and slicked back hair. cigarettes in a tee shirt arm. feeling young, free, and in love. the music tells us all we need to know. it’s time to shake rattle and roll.

    By Woz on 04.13.2012

  12. The incessant chatter of Janice only caused Julie to become irate.
    “Only 2 more hours of this,” Julie murmured under her breath. “Maybe she’ll fall asleep soon or grow tired of talking.”
    Suddenly, the dinky wagon struck a pot hole, adding to the prattle an irritable rattle.

    By Kel URL on 04.13.2012

  13. baby rattles…one of the pictures associated with new life. speaking of babies, I’m very excited for the soon-to-be new addition to my family in the form of my first nephew. I’m so excited. His arrival is making my brother the happiest I’ve ever seen him…and I am so happy and grateful to see that.

    By Samana URL on 04.13.2012

  14. when i went camping … at night i heard this rattle by the bushes. i have never heard of this sound before. my heart was getting heavier and scared. hisss… A RATTLE SNAKE! I GOTTA GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!!

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.13.2012

  15. This was beyond a chatter. My teeth were beginning to rattle in the frigid air. What was I doing so far away from my warm, dry home? Oh California how I miss your sunshine and consistent weather!

    By jackie on 04.13.2012

  16. snake sounds lizards food soup

    By mariah URL on 04.13.2012

  17. The bag seemed to sneeze out syllables
    Ted and Sam smiled each stanza out
    till the words and verse recounted a life
    lived through pages come alive
    like a teeming sea, ready for the dive

    By gsk URL on 04.13.2012

  18. you crept in between the crevasses
    in my mind, and with each breath i take
    (rasping), you rattle in my lungs.

    By Effie URL on 04.13.2012

  19. It was the only sound. The fields before him. The Fields of Trenzalore…the fall of the eleventh…it was all set. The only sound for miles was the rattle of the stones on the barren ground. Bodies were strewn across the land. Some stood though; and then it came. The question was asked. The rattling soon seemed like nothing; and the Silence fell.

    By Ben on 04.13.2012

  20. it was soft, quiet and ominous. she whispered to him softly, hoping that the vibrations within her throat would calm her rattling heart, but he heard it. he set back and stared in horror, and pressed his ear against her chest. please, she begged her heart, please be silent. but the rattle only grew louder, and he recoiled, opened his mouth to scream, and vanished.

    By Carol on 04.13.2012

  21. i think of babies when i think of rattle. like a baby rattle. i might even be wrong about what a “rattle” is. Oh well, you can obviously tell that i’m not the best at words. :) Sorry for letting you down.

    By Liora URL on 04.13.2012

  22. The cage shook and rattled. My repeated thrusts and angry grasps having little to no effect. The smirk on the guards face was illuminated by the dim glow of his torch. He strutted by with an unmistakable arrogance. He was out there, I was in here. The math wasn’t too hard. However if all went according to plan, I would be out there by this time tomorrow.

    By Mike Thompson on 04.13.2012

  23. my brain is rattled..
    not sure what to do, just a big mess.

    By Jessicaa on 04.13.2012

  24. “Your plan is to just rattle around in this house for every, never changing anything and not going out,” she said. “It doesn’t sound like much of a life to me.”
    Wrapped in my dressing gown with the egg stain down the front I knew I looked a sight.
    “At least you get up and dressed most day, don’t you?” she asked.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.13.2012

  25. He rattled the door hard when he slamed it closed.
    “Damn, I had hoped that would go better” he thought. ” I wanted to talk to her.”

    “Next time, I will”

    By Rachel on 04.13.2012

  26. The impenetrable bars reach the sky,
    day in and day out same mashed up gruel,
    Left to sit in my filth for hours on end,
    the cooing and belittlement of each passerby
    It is a hard knock life for imprisoned new born…

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.13.2012

  27. She pretended that what he said had no effect on her. She continued on, trying to be as calm as possible. But he really rattled her brain, and it threw everything that made her up off. It was permanent.

    By Amanda URL on 04.13.2012

  28. The cupboard rattled, making Eric jump. He whirled around, whipping his hand up to conjure his cyan sword. Very slowly, he advanced on the rattling cupboard, his green-blue eyes narrowing in on it. Some sort of monster was in there, and he was a monster slayer. He would show Morgan that he could do his job alone.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 04.13.2012

  29. rattle snakes. which must have been in my vicinity once but i never saw one. they are said to be coward, afraid of people. that’s why, I’m sure, they are violent.

    By kaorita on 04.13.2012

  30. The house shook. The tables rattled. The cat raced underneath the piano. Sirens wailed outside. Emily sat up in bed. She rolled over and sat up quickly. “Henry!” she leaned over to her little brother in the bed next to hers. He was already sitting up, clutching his blankets in his tiny fists. “Emily, what’s going on?” he whispered, shaking. Emily was about to answer when a noise seemed to fly by her head. Through the window, Emily saw a wagon explode and fly towards their window. “Henry! Duck!” She screamed. She lurched forward and pushed her brother to the floor along with her. The wagon broke through the window, on fire.

    By Trololivia on 04.13.2012

  31. The sound was blaring
    She thought she might break without
    his arms around her

    By Nightawait URL on 04.13.2012

  32. Don’t rattle my cage, babe. I mean, not until I hear my DEATH rattle shakin’, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I was born with a rattle, and so I’ll die. Rattles from the cradle to the grave. THAT’s where it’s at, man.

    By kaelan on 04.13.2012

  33. It was so intense
    She thought she might break without
    his arms around her


    By Nightawait URL on 04.13.2012

  34. greg
    he is my son he means everything to me. The day he was born he changed my life for the better. I see me in him. I can tell he will be something great.

    By Greg on 04.13.2012

  35. The rattle is pink like the blanket, the bedding, bonnet and paint. Everything points to the cute little bundle of joy so darling a little girl.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.13.2012

  36. The baby shook the rattle loudly.

    By Hannah on 04.13.2012

  37. The rattle of her bracelets were silenced. It was over. All of it. But somehow everything was just begininng.

    By Callie URL on 04.13.2012

  38. my brain is rattling right now. i can hear it. the thoughts are rattling around inside of it ricocheting off the edges and trying to spill out of my mouth and ears.
    and the actual brain is rattling. inside my skull. that’s why my head hurts so badly now.

    By raella URL on 04.13.2012

  39. He gave me a solid embrace, like a grip that crushes soda cans when the drink is gone. My muscles tensed, my eyes watered. My heartbeats rattled all my bones inside.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.13.2012

  40. “It was three years ago,” She began. “The walls started shaking, and the floor, the shelves jumped, and the glass figurines housed there fell on the linolium floor. They shattered. My bones rattled in my skin. The glass cut me, the blood was red. The window broke next, when a tree was embeded into it. Leaves rained down through the window; they fell beside the glass. Red, yellow, orange, brown. Because it was autum. One of the figures that fell was a ballerina. She was faceless, nameless; her costume was painted a pale pink, and the paint was chipped. That one was my mother’s.”

    By Dulcie URL on 04.13.2012