March 20th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “ratings”

  1. Ratings are shallow and subjective, I’m not sure what to say about them. People use them to place themselves and those around them at a certain level or certain category. This also applies to objects and games. People then use those ratings to define themselves and the world around them.

    By Solveig on 03.21.2012

  2. The idea of ratings inspires and terrifies me.

    I’d love to be rated on some of the things I do. It could be a complimentary addition to my life that helps satisfy my need for approval. But, the fear of comparing that rating to other people’s and finding out I actually suck at things I thought I was good at is pretty overwhelming.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.21.2012

  3. There is a silence in the hall, a tension that all of them can see.

    Until the air bursts forward, springs, a slingshot, and the noise arrives.

    For ten more minutes, all I can hear is the sound of clapping, harsh and dissonant against my ears.

    By Anna Meursault on 03.21.2012

  4. Don’t think just go. So ratings, I think about labels honestly. I don’t know why, I just do. Maybe because whatever label you’ve given someone, it’s like you’ve rated them. Jet’s say I label someone as “white trash” that means I’ve rated them poorly. Because really, who wants to be rated as “trash”?

    By Rachel on 03.21.2012

  5. it was the third time he speculated that evening on the difference between letting go and giving it over to God… he still couldn’t figure out which would relieve him of the weight of this world on his shoulders, the weight that took it all… right down to the very last shred of hope.

    By Leslie URL on 03.21.2012

  6. i didnt know what i was doing, just that it would matter. that id be graded on it. ratings. rated one to six five to ten. does one mean good or bad? aces high, aces low who knows i dont i dont even know the game we’re playing who who the fool is next to me just that i can see his cards, can he see mine?

    By kaaam on 03.21.2012

  7. Ratings. Love them. Hate them. Love them for telling me if a movie is good or not. Hate them because it makes everyone feel like it defines who they are. Especially this year. Their ATAR seems like their life.

    By meelcat URL on 03.21.2012

  8. We have our way of placing pretty little numbers on every person, idea, and object we happen to glance at on our way home. We wake up, we dream, we live our lives under ratings that only hold us down. They are the box in which everyone tries to think out of, but we might as well call the box Earth.

    By kaity on 03.21.2012

  9. Television stars jostle for them. Advertising people sniffle over them. They are just numbers. Dictated by viewers who have nothing better to do then watch a light dance in their living room.

    By B on 03.21.2012

  10. Wenn du diese Dings mir in die Schuhe schieben willst, dann schicke ich dir eine Ratte auf den Hals. Sie wird in der Ecke auf dich warten. Und während du leise, leise durch den Flur schleichst und nach meinen Pantoffeln suchst, lauert sie unsichtbar und wenn du es am wenigsten erwartest, schwupp, sitzt sie dir im Nacken.

    By Eli URL on 03.21.2012

  11. Its incredible how much society today has to judge other people to feel better about themselves. We rate others on a scale of 1 to 10 because we feel insecure about ourselves. Ratings are not only hurtful, and are found online and pretty much everywhere else. my advice to you is to stop judgeing so much.

    By j on 03.21.2012

  12. Encore ratings, il ne connait que ce mot, pourtant il devrait avoir le choix, mais ce site comprend-

    By Callo URL on 03.21.2012

  13. capitalism. movies. music. tv shows. radio. books.

    By shat on 03.21.2012

  14. who gets to rate who? what gives you, the corporation or the tower, to rate this show or this person or this product? sure, it’s the people, but which people? ratings are a question, not an answer. do people believe them? some people swear by them – in television, it’s a whole life. boys rate girls. i rate food. rate rate rate wrong.

    By ella on 03.21.2012

  15. My ratings were low. Two-stars and dropping. I wanted to be surrounded in lights, flashing, gold, glowing, wanted to achieve a five-star strike, a rosette of pride. What more could I do? A lot. I knew what I had to do. I knew the high-jump was the only way. A risk of breaking bones yes. But a chance to dazzle? To know my own star-stuff? To shine? To light up this dark sky of dejection? Of course I’m doing it.

    By siobhan347 URL on 03.21.2012

  16. ratings mean a lot to many people. how good are you? how bad are you? what’s the point? everyone has their own opinion, so ratings shouldn’t matter. they simply reflect how the majority feels, and often ratings are influenced by other ratings. it’s something we should disregard. we miss out on so many experiences if we blindly accept and integrate the opinions of others into our own psyche. but now i’m getting too self-righteous. oh well.

    By Alex on 03.21.2012

  17. I checked out the bulletin board to see if my photos made it to the Top 10.

    Mine was the 5th best photo in the entire campus.

    I wanted to be a photographer someday, and strangely, I trusted my school to help me achieve my dream.

    No one was going to stop me this time.

    No matter what.

    By Alexis Lim URL on 03.21.2012

  18. Crispy realisations and i know that that actually has nothing to do with ratings but this website tells me to just write so I am, I’m just writing, and all that came to mind was Television shows when the word ratings popped up so I don’t know, shoot me for not caring all that much about ratings. Holy shit I have a lot of spelling errors hhaha

    By Tara URL on 03.21.2012

  19. To rate someone is to be rude and hurtful. It’s a classification that should never be brought about. How wrong is it to group one person with a group? One idea with another? Everything is different, regardless if you see it as so. Let’s be realistic, you don’t know everything. You probably don’t know anything. You’ve only ever been in your brain, therefore there are infinite possibilities to encounter if only you open your mind to them. But you never can and never will.

    By Savannah on 03.21.2012

  20. are extremely difficult when you’ve got a bunch of young children in your class.
    Being teacher is really hard sometimes.

    By Eline on 03.21.2012

  21. Given his current credit score rating, jim was surprised when the auto salesman approved his lease. the new mobile home would be the perfect place to pursue his pedophilia passions. in fact, he was so excited he planned on dropping by the preschool this afternoon…

    By Timmy on 03.21.2012

  22. TV ratings, school ratings, systems upon systems. Competition, insecurities, ceaseless comparing. Standards of each other, of ourselves, of everybody in the world… and then you realise, no one cares, no one is watching; we are caught up in our own self absorption and insecurity.

    By amanda URL on 03.21.2012

  23. Ratings are what society depends upon these days. Everyone and everything is rated. A movie is rated, a person is rated, their outfit is rated, everything is rated. If you’re a rater, you’re a judger.

    By Deanna on 03.21.2012

  24. ratings. they’re cool. they let you know how some thing is. but some times they are wrong. sometimes right. mostly wrong. and misleading. you can trust them though. sometimes, well. hey, don’t judge me. :)

    By Pooja Chandran on 03.21.2012

  25. Baby, if we’d do a tv series together, we’d get high ratings ;)

    By Abby~ URL on 03.21.2012

  26. Ratings is a word that is taken way more seriously than it should be. Ratings have become a means of irrefutable proof that anything rated bad IS bad or anything rated good IS good. Ratings should die.

    By wowwhoa on 03.21.2012

  27. She took her clothes off and jumped into the pool. “This will help me get more screen time and boost the ratings,” she thought.

    By Lez URL on 03.21.2012

  28. Everyday, in the newspaper, I see these movie ratings where you rate movies as good or bad. Finally, I decided to actually try them out. Saw this movie. They said its good, turns out to be shit. Moral of the story: Newspapers lie, Don’t trust the media.

    By Pooja Chandran URL on 03.21.2012

  29. They are over rated, like the film of caserizus. The thing is about ratings is that i dont rate them, they are all stupid. Therefore, im going to live the rest of my life as if i do not want to be rated, or judged. I want to forget.

    By robert on 03.21.2012

  30. He mentally rated everyone he met. It was like a racecar computer game, where each car had different strengths, 5 stars in speed meant 1 star in stability, and so forth. The serious kid who sat stone-faced in the corner as his teacher gushed congratulations for getting perfect on the math competition, 5 stars academic and 1 star social. The girl who gabbered nonstop during lunch, but wrote big fat stupid curly letters, idly gave imaginary i’s in math class large circles, the opposite.

    But Sarah, Sarah… He couldn’t find anything to give her less than 5 stars on. He looked at her really hard, tried to find a reason to not like her, but found his gaze stopping on her face, and half a minute would pass without his being aware of it.

    By Holden URL on 03.21.2012

  31. Michael was drunk watching TV, per the usual, his chidren sobbing in the adjacent rooms, maybe they were teething or couldn’t sleep. Maybe the TV was too loud. He hurled a beer bottle, only half-empty, at the wall in hopes it would shut them up. It didn’t, and he didn’t have the ambition or the sheer balance to get up from the couch and coddle them. Moments later, he was asleep. His eldest, Michael Jr., got up from bed, no longer hearing the drunken mumblings and stirrings of an old sot. It was safe. He walked into the living room and saw what was on the TV…

    By MFIII URL on 03.21.2012

  32. The word ratings has been up now for more than one day and I am starting to wonder if there is any real relevance for he continued appearance of the word. It’s dull and unexciting and I would love to see a different word for me to play with.

    By MagicDanny URL on 03.21.2012

  33. Judgemental. I suppose you could have called me that a few years ago. MyYearbook with Dustin on the forums doing Ratings. Dustin was usually harsher than I was, but still I was just nice for show, not because I hadn’t judged them in my head.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 03.21.2012

  34. The ratings of the show were low. The producers were trying to figure out what could be done. They needed a serious plot twist, one that would get viewers watching every week!

    By Valerie on 03.21.2012

  35. Oddly enough this is my second time with this word. the first time was a virginal experience, and i would give it a farily decent rating. sloppy seconds is different though, even if it is my own. this is less organized, looser, and not quit as enjoyable.

    By Timmy on 03.21.2012

  36. ratings,TELL ME TE RATINGS OF MY SORES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!Ratings are how geat or good a thing or someone is.

    By loulou88888 URL on 03.21.2012

  37. ratings were saying that the xenophobic Rightwings were going to win the Elections, and they were right …

    By Gagah on 03.21.2012

  38. ratings is what you give people for what they did like if you play a game it will say please give me 5 stars to support them

    By cougars8 URL on 03.21.2012

  39. Ratings. The ratings for that movie were outstanding!

    By Noreen on 03.21.2012

  40. Ratings are judgements made by people people often rate movies or restrants

    By Amaryllis URL on 03.21.2012