March 20th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “ratings”

  1. What is my rating? On what scale do we go by?
    Why do we look at one another and cast a number upon them?
    From beautiful to beautiful, He says I’m far beyond. No word or number can contain me.

    By Ella on 03.20.2012

  2. Ratings are as follows:

    Execution: Decent. 5 of 10 points. Five points lost for lack of gore and ingenuity.

    Presentation: Passable. 3 of 10 points. Dyes and designs unoriginal, but homey.

    Element of surprise: Excellent. 9 of 10 points. No one suspected the egg hidden under Uncle Winston’s toupee.

    Overall: Enjoyable if disorganized. 17 of 30 points.

    Egg Hunt.

    By Ama Marie URL on 03.20.2012

  3. ratings suck they tell you weather or not something is good according to someone else’s opinion. if we all could rely on our own options to know whats good we wouldn’t need ratings in the first place. trust yourself. explore for yourself. fuck the media.

    By marya on 03.20.2012

  4. movie ratings and just negativity in general, like people always rate people and it only has negative outcomes. ratings show people what is good but more importantly, what is bad. it takes our flaws and amplifies them. i also think of food but i dont know why i do..

    By eric steffen on 03.20.2012

  5. movie ratings are always wrong and never relate to the way i feel after seeing them. I don’t know how the people get hired to rate them because they’re complete idiots and know nothing about entertainment. Hugo won a bunch of awards and had high ratings..i was bored fort the first hour

    By kk on 03.20.2012

  6. we assign ratings to everything. they are ways of categorizing, classifying, judging and establishing value. for some people and organizations they mean everything. others barely notices. ratings may not effect a person at all, but everyone contributes. we judge everything

    By Lauren on 03.20.2012

  7. These are what people give to various types of media, performances or printed publications. They are helpful in giving people a clue as to how good or how bad something is.

    By Jenny on 03.20.2012

  8. Ratings make or break someone. Especially performers. I used to be a performer. I played piano avidly, and some guitar on the side. I cared about my ratings as I had a fairly consistent “superior” rating streak. Occasionally i would get less than superior, and it would be sad.

    By Matt URL on 03.20.2012

  9. She tossed the paper in the bin in fury.
    “Two stars … two stars?! Bloody hell, Brian! What am I meant to do? Show off my perfect, perky breasts and finely manicured pubic hair just to please those dickheads?! Show biz. Hah! Ridiculous.”
    Her words were drenched in disgust, sarcasm and underlying self-loathing. She turned to the mirror and peeled off her sweater, revealing her muffin-top iced with a few rolls of dotted pale skin and her breasts which were fighting with gravity against her cotton black bra.
    Brian cleared his throat and straightened his tie, avoiding the sight of Monica’s figure somewhat professionally (the figure which OK! magazine declared as the ‘greatest disaster since Kirsty Alley’s break-up binge’).
    “Christ …” he muttered.

    By Meghan McLeod URL on 03.20.2012

  10. poor ratings for deep thought, societal analysis, and complicated allegory. high ratings for vapid romance, half-assed humor, and predictable plotlines. don’t make the people think. they prefer not to.

    By MJ on 03.20.2012

  11. The television station wasn’t getting the ratings they hoped for. Apparently horror and westerns don’t go well together. “Maybe we need someone like Megan Fox to bring in the viewers, damn she fine” said Andre.

    By Jasmine on 03.20.2012

  12. Ratings. Hmmmmm.. I think its awesome that things are rated. I like ratings. Ha. I love high ratings. I love movies with high ratings even better.

    By dddddd on 03.20.2012

  13. How is one to rate a concept a person thing or place. How is one to figure out a value in such limited amount of space? I rate the things I like to do the people I love and things I see, How does one rate me?

    By Zoe on 03.20.2012

  14. As the ratings fell, he stared silently, waiting with bated breath with the hope they would not continue their descent. They did anyway, like he always knew.

    By Ina URL on 03.20.2012

  15. The ratings were down and she knew if she didn’t do something soon, she’d be eating kraft dinner for the foreeable future. She wracked her brains, something to grab their attention but then, the decision was taken out of her hands. She whipped off the makeup bib and ran onto set, her top buttons undone. That was all it took, a glimpse of breast was all.

    By Stephanie on 03.20.2012

  16. assessments. we’re constantly being rated and and assessed and compared to everyone around us. tests, quizzes, interviews, resumes, recommendations. i’m just tired. of always passing the bar, reaching the standards. i just want to lay down and breathe and look at a skyline of nothing.

    By stumbledupon on 03.20.2012

  17. Ratings often mean nothing. Ratings are not important, unless we’re talking about things like safety ratings, but trying to rate things in terms of quality is pretty much a lost cause

    By Tuskman on 03.20.2012

  18. a person who is able to get what one wants as a leade

    By unknown on 03.20.2012

  19. ratings are opinions and maybe not just opinions but different ways that people see things. It simple and easy to understand but not easy to accept.

    By Christine on 03.20.2012

  20. The rating on this television show dropping. I would like to propose to you a message of concerning about this low rating. A problem of this matter will simply be executed once we define the source of this imperfection on the TV show. We shall now proceed with the investigation of this matter as soon as possible. Thank You.

    By Anna on 03.20.2012

  21. overrated. everything is always about what other people think about them. we never just ask ourselves what we think anymore, its always, “I heard this” and “I heard that”. When are we going to start thinking for ourselves again?

    By ila on 03.20.2012

  22. there are rating that movies get by critics and these rating are never accurate in my opinion. they never convey the emotions that i get from a movie. critics are just that. critical. never accurate.

    By Patty on 03.20.2012

  23. tonight, I give you a rating of 0. and as far as shares go, you don’t even scratch the surface of the day. good day. I would say good sir, but you’re neither.

    By Gloria on 03.20.2012

  24. Most of the movies that i know do not receive 5 star ratings. It’s always the TRP that makes a show. Even though your show might be very popular, it doesn’t sell if it doesn’t have good ratings.

    By eff on 03.21.2012

  25. cheating

    By yasemin yaylagul on 03.21.2012

  26. 60 seconds is never enough.

    Ratings contextualize a little. It feeds me tidbits of information that help me frame whatever it is I am consuming. Occasionally it obfuscates. More often than not it helps me appreciate the nuances.

    By Michael URL on 03.21.2012

  27. cheat or die

    By yasemin yaylagul URL on 03.21.2012

  28. Biased really, who is to jude one thing over another. Even when it comes to certain statistics there are far more things to be taken in account.

    By ryan on 03.21.2012

  29. быть первым, быть лучше всех, находится в лидерах, первые позиции, ТОП10

    By CityCat on 03.21.2012

  30. Ratings are nothing. They can be important in certain standings, perhaps, but to base a life upon how you are rated is shallow and childish.

    Your date
    To rape
    Too late
    All is well
    And fine tonight

    By Shoun on 03.21.2012

  31. Call me a cynic, but ratings are bullshit. How dare anyone try to compare me with another, place me on a scale and measure my attributes. No.

    By hmoney on 03.21.2012

  32. Ratings where through the roof! The exeutives all smiled big toothy smiles, shrouded by cheap cigars and bushy mustashes. The actors where all simillary excited, but only marginally enthused.

    By Raven LeBlanc URL on 03.21.2012

  33. She quickly flipped to the last section of the newspaper where the reviews for the nightly performances are printed. She held her breath while skimming the page for the title of her short production. So much effort had been put into the show, and one measly critic can ruin everything.

    By Thao on 03.21.2012

  34. tv week rated a sitcom that will rename nameless 3 out of 5 stars. he gladly sat through the pilot out of respect for his girfriends dubious taste in television. he went for the american hbo comedies and crime – ‘the wire’ had been his chief cultural informant since university and he couldn’t wait to take an extra gap year to crawl the Baltimore backstreets; flirting with danger in areas that were probably gentrified a generation ago; searching for the grimy, shadowed neighbourhoods that had entertained him for a year that were probably now cleaned and ready for a respectable family sick of the ‘predictability of the new york gastronomy’.

    By brendan URL on 03.21.2012

  35. these define your life
    they try to find sight
    everything you do
    will bear a number to it’s virtue
    you’re nothing w/o it
    you’re agony

    By laya on 03.21.2012

  36. Who is in charge of ratings? I dont think there should be any specific person who can “rate” something. It’s not fair to have opinions or ratings of like minded people. Its just biased. Really is.

    By clementine on 03.21.2012

  37. Tv ratings are golden. we should have more of them. Tell us who is better than everyone else. We are scared to discover that someone is better than another. Why? Honor your fellow man with applause.

    By Gunn on 03.21.2012

  38. Rated ‘R’ for violence, sex and foul language. Rated ‘R’ because we want you to be wary of whether or not you should see it. because we don’t want your kids to see it. because we think it will be popular with the 16-24 demographic.
    Rated ‘PG’ because we want this to be the movie most people are going to see this weekend. It’s healthy and informative in all the ways that will keep you satisfied enough to go home, heat up a tv dinner, catch the Biggest Loser on your 57″ flat screen and roll over onto your queen-sized bed.
    ‘Not Rated’ because it’s too provocative, asks too many questions. We don’t like it and neither should you. if you do you’re a degenerate. you’re ‘weird’.
    “We are enslaved to and by
    false information, and it is
    a blind deterministic prison of cause and effect which
    uses us up, wears us out of its purpose and then throws us away”

    By joshuapaul URL on 03.21.2012

  39. The ratings go up.
    The ratings fall.
    The critics shut up.
    And you never see the show at all.

    By JT URL on 03.21.2012

  40. “But I dont want to” she murmured. The director glared at her,
    “You want to be famous, don’t you?” he challenged
    “Yes” she mumbled
    “Then the show must go on!”

    By Julienne URL on 03.21.2012