September 13th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “rally”

  1. The fire blazed and Freya shook. The noise was tremendous, blood soaked her boots and a stench hung in the air. None of it mattered at the present. Her heart pumped and adrenaline pumped through her system.

    By fuzz URL on 09.14.2011

  2. A really is almost like a fight. It’s a battle. It’s a debate. It’s about getting one or many voices out in the open. It’s about opinions and messages. It’s about standing up for what you believe in. A rally is a protest. And battle that goes back and forth and back and forth.

    By Maddie on 09.14.2011

  3. Does it matter? Will this actually ever achieve anything for any of them? He hopes so. He sighs and holds his sign a little bit higher, and it feels like the sun burns just that little bit brighter, makes his back feel a little bit warmer. He feels a pleasant tingle go down his spine and he’s smiling before he realizes.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 09.14.2011

  4. The troops will rally around when the time will come, and yet how far away is that day? For now they sit in their bunks and count the tiles on the ceiling, dream about the women that they left behind for the salary or in anger. How far away is the day that this all becomes worth it?

    By yassie URL on 09.14.2011

  5. There was a rally at school today. A real, honest-to-goodness pep rally, the kind that you see in old tv shows or read about in those pure-hearted teen type books. School spirit has never been my thing, but the simple sweetness of the moment was enough to warm even my bitter heart.

    By Anna on 09.14.2011

  6. Rallying all of her mental fortitude against her procrastination the girl attempted to rise and face the day, to assault the tasks that lay ahead, and then…he sent her a message and she sat right back down, curled about her chair, and watched the screen like a simpering school girl as she replied.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.14.2011

  7. Rally is kind of a silly word. It has all kinds of great, uplifting meanings…but the sound of it kind of makes me giggle. It’s kind of like the word “giggle” in that sense. But I do like rallies, they’re normally fun until the protesters come.

    By Kate URL on 09.14.2011

  8. One strong is a thought. Two strong is a conversation. Get yourself a group and you get yourself a forum. Find a crowd and you have a movement. Rally around and you take the power back.

    By Geejay URL on 09.14.2011

  9. I was rallying for right, and the rights were rallying for me. We were living in a fantasy, and far from reality. That was the night that I died, it was starry.

    By Jared on 09.14.2011

  10. Und der
    Herr lewitz kei

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.14.2011

  11. rally spot is where the forces and the armies gather and get ready for combat.
    Protecting and fortifying rally spot is an important warfare strategy.

    By VYAS on 09.14.2011

  12. the troops were pressing further into enemy territory.
    they went right through my small town.
    I was amazed
    they had a terrible beauty about them
    I looked up at the new change they brought
    a new flag
    with a bright swastika in the middle.

    By Corinne on 09.14.2011

  13. the engines started, my ears filled with the sound i loved so much, a sound so familar and comforting, it felt like home on christmas morning. I’d always loved the races, ever since mum had died me and dad made it a monthly thing to go to the annual races.

    By courtney on 09.14.2011

  14. I rally the troops. The troops are my children. We need to clean. They don’t want to. I don’t want to. But we like the effects. I would rather think and read. They would rather do that to. But the house. It makes us bad things when it feels bac.

    By linda mom on 09.14.2011

  15. it feels like i have to keep competing with you
    I don’t even think you’re that awesome, and is not jealousy, is the fuckin’ truth
    But everybody loves you
    And next to you, i feel invisible, no matter what i do
    I’m sick of feeling like i’m in a rally when it comes to you.
    It’s stupid.

    By Naye URL on 09.14.2011

  16. Rally round the flag boys!

    What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? We’re playing GOLF.

    You’re playing. I’m sucking.

    Doesn’t matter – you’re distracting me.

    That’s part of the game.

    It’s a shitty part of the game.

    Tough – should I mark that down as a “7” then?

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 09.14.2011

  17. rally round I said to the group of eager beavers!!!! Only once the beaver’s slowly swam to the bank of the River did I then pause and take an inward breath. Come on you lot, what’s wrong with you this morning. Don’t you want to win the beaver’s Rally?

    By Liz on 09.14.2011

  18. Rally round the family. Song stuck in my head. Full of anger. I’ve been appreciating the benefit of anger in music, lately. You can tell when it’s there, and miss it when it’s not, especially in the songs of the rock genre where it -should- be there. What’s the point of talking about rebellion when you’re not angry? Can you have rebellion without anger? Rebelling is at its root a reaction against something that is wrong, and we cannot be happy with the wrong.

    By MistyP URL on 09.14.2011

  19. i have no idea what rally means at all. I guess it could mean party or it could mean something else. Um i think of like

    By Samantha on 09.14.2011

  20. rally is a the meaning of like a round or match between two or more people, like a boxing rally

    By Alexis on 09.14.2011

  21. There was a prep rally at the begin of the year. The rally lasted three hours with different events. It was ton of fun a lot of students showed up. The rally was directed by student council. They did a wonderful job creating this prep rally.

    By Semaj on 09.14.2011

  22. the rally is like a pep rally at a foot ball game or it can be like a rallly against something like a topic or it can be a bowling rally

    By micheala on 09.14.2011

  23. rally? what’s that?
    it’s just a word, not more..
    just a word to challenge me.
    then, if I lose, so what?!

    By saniyya URL on 09.14.2011

  24. noise, lots of people, milling, yelling, moving and heaving and shoving…..fast cars, placards, blood up with excitement and anticipation…..trouble makers, peacemakers, demands and polite requests, gathering…momentum, urgency….

    By Georgie Kuna on 09.14.2011

  25. The small group rallying around the survivor was pushing in, inching forward until they were sucking away his air and replacing it with the smells of lavender shampoo and adrenaline.

    By quotethecrow URL on 09.14.2011

  26. Rally up to have your love back.
    Rally up to see what happens.
    Rally up to have more fun.
    Rally up to do work.
    Rally up to see you actually love me again.
    Rally up to see that twinkle in your eye.
    Rally up to notice I’m afraid to show you love.
    Rally up because you deny me love.

    By JorgeRuiz URL on 09.14.2011

  27. Rally! We had to fight hard and score those last 30 baskets, but we did it. It’s weird to go down so many points and become the underdog halfway through the actual game. And it was strange, Tiffany mentioned, to observe the fans in the stadium hop from band wagon to band wagon and back. Truth.

    By Dovikles URL on 09.14.2011

  28. I have to rally. Feeling sleepy and need some energy to get the work done. Don’t have a rally cap.

    By Chris G on 09.14.2011

  29. there. was once a great gathering of men folk in the gardens of Eden, about how they could rally the troops to beat Hitler at his own master plan, even thought he had in fact died years before. But they were so busy arguing that they did not notice how time had past so dramatically that they had not noticed.

    By Eisha on 09.14.2011

  30. Mom says “Let’s try to rally”, like we’re some kind of team fighting for the win. But really, we have to be upbeat and active, to get this done. For someone else.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 09.14.2011

  31. there was a rally
    a cry out for their dictator
    to be found and shot and danced upon
    in the arab spring that whirled around
    the mediterranean.
    But does the winter come around again?

    By kcmcgb on 09.14.2011

  32. i want to rally against all the people that ever told me i couldnt be anything.
    why cant we all just rally and unite?

    By logan on 09.14.2011

  33. watching a parade of something- a car rally maybe. or getting together, a group to show support for something, someone, i.e. troops, rally the troops means get everyone ready to do something

    By Laura on 09.14.2011

  34. do you want to rally with me and get some things done today. I think that rallying would be a great ida and you can then relaz and have some fun doing other things in a more organized house. So do you think that it is possible for me to get the art table done

    By Rhonda on 09.14.2011

  35. a festival where people think about something together. To raise awareness of something. fun or stressful. track or races. sounds like ally. go carts.

    By Robin on 09.14.2011

  36. Rally what you love
    Rally what you have
    Rally what you think is the best for all who doesn’t have
    And that wasnt just for a rhyme.

    By PolkaDots URL on 09.14.2011

  37. “Let’s rally and give them hell!”

    “Let’s fight till we cannot stand any longer!”

    “Let’s go home, I’m tired”

    By vince URL on 09.14.2011

  38. memorial day fun times picnics cliffjumping Holy bible flags music rodeos horses good friends fun times hanging out with friends reuniting reading

    By Sarah E. Donley on 09.14.2011

  39. cars
    fast food
    gathering of people

    By Carol on 09.14.2011

  40. I love to rally the troops at dawn, for they are so bright, so cheery. Although when I look at their sleep deprived faces I realize, “wait, are they really bright and cheery?”

    By Marti URL on 09.14.2011