September 13th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “rally”

  1. We rallied and clustered to the last remaint of the HP universe. The movies had long ago worn away, and the popularity had long ago gone down to a normal fandom…but the writing had never died. It had never died…until now. Until the government began the censoring.
    We are the last people who will defend the books. We will keep them here, and save them for the ones to come.

    By Allison on 09.13.2011

  2. Gather the troops! Something valuable is taking place and needs to be supported or protected by the whole community. Stir up your spirits and courage and be brave. It’s time. Tell your friends and neighbors. Sound the call.

    By Steph B on 09.13.2011

  3. riding a car and moving as fast as ones can is amazing would love to do it as a profession would love to have a great car of my own .

    By rita on 09.13.2011

  4. The rally broke the moment the cops arrived, but it wasn’t out of fear of being caught. No one was doing anything wrong, really. It was simply the realization that their civil disobedience was only a mock protest that sent them packing.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.13.2011

  5. Rally together, rally day – it’s a rather unattractive word, really, not in its meaning but just in its sound. It doesn’t sound like something I’d want to rally around. I’d actually want to disband because of it, meaning left behind in a frantic frenzy to scurry away from things that are not aesthetically pleasing when I see the sounds in my mind.

    By Natalie URL on 09.13.2011

  6. Rally

    Pep Rally

    I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was younger. I really did. I thought it would have been fun. But I didn’t pursue it. For all the reasons people don’t become cheerleaders. Because cheerleading was less about cheerleading and instead was about boys and popularity and coolness and looking like Barbie. – And football. There was something in there about football too…

    I just wanted to cheer. I would have loved cheerleading!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.13.2011

  7. Everything in my heart is ready to rally. I throw my hands up in the air and look up towards the heavens: “Somebody up there, listen to me. I am ready to prove myself; I am ready to start my life. Now, I just need you by my side.”

    By lilcutie89248 URL on 09.13.2011

  8. Words were sponge balls at first
    the bedroom a ball pit of hollows
    later balls were ping pong
    ricochet right and right
    then tennis balls, hard softballs
    then cricket balls, then finally
    bearings, rusted in place
    any touch would leave brittle iron
    to float, like bubbles in your blood

    By gsk URL on 09.13.2011

  9. He is always on my side, on the same team. Sweetheart, can you hear me? Are you awake? Please trust yourself as I trust you. Open your eyes and look around you. Rally up all the courage in your heart and don’t be afraid. I will gladly take your hand and together we will guide one another out of the darkness.

    By lilcutie89248 URL on 09.13.2011

  10. fast and dangerous, addicted to all things unhealthy



    By eleni on 09.13.2011

  11. I’m in love with the thought of spiritual endeavors – a rally of the mind and body. I’m engrossed in the idea of happiness in numbers, of pride, and that everything I see may be somewhat of a conquest toward something better.

    By Hannah on 09.13.2011

  12. I never liked pep rallies. I never liked football either. I used to sit in the bleachers wishing I could go home instead of wasting my time, though I’m sure others were just happy to get out of class.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.13.2011

  13. The car came around the corner doing sixty. It drifted across the wet road, over the guard rail and down the cliff into oblivion. Thats the day Bryan O’ Keefe died.

    By Collier on 09.13.2011

  14. rally, what does that even mean to people these days? is it a good rally like pep rally or band rally. or is someone using rally in the sense? words like rally really confuse me.

    By laurajane URL on 09.13.2011

  15. When i think about rally i immediately remember the people i work with. Yes, it’s volunteering, but how nice it is to know that all these people work for a common purpose and ask nothing in return. To make this world a better place. And that at the end of the day you did smth you are proud of and most important, you had your friends around.

    By Enolla on 09.13.2011

  16. to be at the side of a friend in need while they are talking about a difficult subject.
    It may be about religion or maybe about politics. Not all people like to hear other peoples views.

    By Janet on 09.13.2011

  17. The rally goes on and on. It’s time to make a difference. Stand up and shout for what you believe in. I believe in nothing special, but hell I’m gonna get my opinions out and do as I please. I don’t care if people don’t agree, it’s me, everyone has something different. I believe in committed relationships, honesty, integrity, friendship, and most of all happiness. I live my life for me, everyone should do the same. Don’t judge others for their lives because everyone has different things effecting and changing their lives. It’s called freedom; express your feelings. Never let the rally stop within your soul, let it out, keep it goin, and never ever give up on yourself.

    By foost URL on 09.13.2011

  18. volleyball
    a lot

    By Ashley Rivera on 09.13.2011

  19. She rallied up all her courage and took a step forward. Outside, the people were rallying as well. It’s quite ironic how one word could have two quite different meanings. Just like love.

    By Pibi M URL on 09.13.2011

  20. one person wanted everyone to rally around his brilliant idea; the problem was that his idea wasn’t brilliant, and no one had the courage to tell him so, so they all followed along. This snowballed until one day a man named Speilberg was sadly compelled to write a film called “Schindler’s List”

    By Leo on 09.13.2011

  21. Rally the arms, Really the troops.
    ready your weapons prepare to shoot,
    prepare for death, prepare for war.
    prepare for the grim hands that call you at the door.
    Rally at the door, my valiant troops,
    for no one will survive.
    no one ever survives a war.

    By TheMourtallah URL on 09.13.2011

  22. A roadshow was pending, ready for everyone to gather together in good spirits – flags, pennants, all out for the roadshow – everyone takign the chance to show their colours, make the most of the open strip and sunshine on the boulevard, balmy day. It was almost time for the entourage.

    By Sam on 09.13.2011

  23. The race I went to with my dad. A rally is amazing. The thrill you get when a car passes by you at full speed is impossible to describe to somebody else. It is something exhilirating and beautiful to be at one.

    By Bob on 09.13.2011

  24. Rallies are gymnasiums filled with schools of people. Rallies equal excitement and loud noise. Rallies get people riled up and passionate. They can create school spirit and happy feelings towards one’s team. Filled with pom poms, cheerleaders, bright colours, noises, old wooden gym floors, and bleachers filled with people.

    By Marie Laursen on 09.13.2011

  25. At this time of year there are many different political rallies, but those don’t interest me at all. Instead, I rather rally, with my fellow students, around something much more worthwhile to us than politics: happiness. The good that we can understand through our natural reasons, that we can enjoy in the presence of like-minded people, something that is peaceful and expects a peaceful and joyful fulfillment. What comes out of these gatherings? Education. Education comes from the Latin root word disciplina. We discipline ourselves to discuss one particular topic, as taught by someone we’ve read: Augustine, Aritstole, Aquinas, Dostoyevsky, Lewis, Tolkein. And that brings us into line with God’s truth, and happiness that is Him.

    By Kim on 09.13.2011

  26. We wished you would win-
    We rallied!
    So loud…
    We clapped like thunder
    And cheered like lightning!
    And you lost.

    By Maria on 09.13.2011

  27. The air was thick with fog and the crowd was already roaring. It was starting. The ceremony. There would be a great celebration. There would be smiles and laughter. But not for one man. He sat on the edge of the bench with a frown on his face.

    By TJ Scott on 09.13.2011

  28. Someone is talking about something. There are things they are talking aout that they wanted to do. THey want to do them because they think it is really right, but it isn’t really right.

    By Layla on 09.13.2011

  29. “Do you really wanna go?”
    “Yes! It’s what school’s all about.”
    Is it?, I think in my head, but follow her anyway. Sure, it’s probably what school’s all about for her, with her short skirt and pompoms and fuck, she looks hot, okay, I’ll go to the damn rally and pretend i’m interested in ‘what school’s all about’.

    By Autumn URL on 09.13.2011

  30. This is the rallying point. Where people collect and souls come together. This is the moment where we wait together, like we’re birds of a feather (though I’ve never really liked that expression – seems too heavy). Let’s move out when there comes gravity, here and then reality, you’re lost to the music, the moment and we’re breaking down steady.
    It’s gonna take a miracle, so hey, are you ready?

    By Lancir URL on 09.13.2011

  31. We need to rally together as Christians to spread the Gospel… to tell others what Jesus did for us, the sacrifice He made. We need to rally together, band together as Christians and be a light to others to show God’s love, to be kind to one another, to help one another. We need to rally together, band together, stay together and gather others to God’s throne…bring others to the cross.

    By lynn on 09.13.2011

  32. pep rally
    oh rally
    i dont know
    ally stahl?
    haha andrew..

    By jack on 09.13.2011

  33. they rallied for the oppression to end; they rallied, they held protests, their civil disobedience accrued into something so much much more. they did their best in every way they could, spreading the word, posting up fliers, getting political power on their side, but it was all useless in the end. they degraded, they downgraded. fighting and riots and complete chaos of the mind and of the society burst out in their civilization, and the rallies were no more.

    By Leanne URL on 09.13.2011

  34. rally, something people do at games, or big, festive events.

    By abby on 09.13.2011

  35. could be a pepe rally, or a riot-like rally. can be good or bad, depends on the cause.

    By leigh on 09.13.2011

  36. We rally the town together, we are a community. Everyone is standing around the huge bonfire. The football team has just won the first game since the death of a teammate. The town is coming together again.

    By Amanda on 09.13.2011

  37. The rally was beginning. The festive fare surrounded the place. Speakers began to line up, and the crowd pressed in against the stands. Flags waved, horns blew, and the wind carried all. At last the speakers mounted the podium . . . did it matter, really?

    By Marissa on 09.13.2011

  38. Oh, the peace,
    I cry out for peace of mind
    and a piece of this ever-consuming pie
    that is my mind and yours overlapping with
    the cries of the rest of the world as they slave
    away into a mediocrity that seemingly no one can ever find
    but in which they’re forever doomed, forever doomed to reside.

    By Felicia on 09.13.2011

  39. We were scared out of our wits. All the fire and angery people breacking into our shop. Now I know how the jews felt when the nazis were in power. i don’t think london is a safe place to live. i wanna move

    By Brandon URL on 09.13.2011

  40. I am going to a Youth rally for the weekend. Feed hardamen university in TENNESSEEE. I’m excited but i dont know what i want out of it. Do i want to find God? I want to find myself. not just God or me but purpose in life. I want to know what to live for. I want to know what i would be willing to die for. I want to find out what the reason for us is. Do you think this weekend will answer anything i want to know. I dont think so. For religion isnt about will or loving life. its about rules. about things that you dont want to do. I think we should love what we live for. that circles around to.. what do we live for..

    By precious on 09.13.2011