July 30th, 2013 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “rally”

  1. The rally was her idea, she shouldn’t be hating it as much as she was. Her friends went wild at the thought, happy that she seemed to be back with them, one of them once again. She had been so apart, so distant that they felt she was moving away from them

    By Wintess on 07.30.2013

  2. fuk

    By evan on 07.30.2013

  3. People of Britain, now is the time to rally!

    Think of your country, think of your family, think of your children. This is not the time to worry about petty concerns. We did not ask for this fight, but we must come together to defeat this menace of inadequate profits.

    Prepare your chequebooks! Apply for an extra credit card! Take that payday loan! It’s what your parents would have wanted. They worked to make this country what it is today, they took their meagre salaries and willingly returned them to the bosses. Without their purchases corporate profits would have stagnated! And now is the time for your sacrifice!

    When you look back on this time, make sure you can say, “Yes I did my part.” As the stock market index breaks new barriers and Chief Executives feel able to invest once more in third homes in the Azores, you will be able to take pride in knowing you are responsible for their good fortune.

    Shoppers, to your trolleys!

    By Shimbo URL on 07.30.2013

  4. It’s not that I don’t care, I just think it’s stupid to rally for the cause!
    It’s not a rally silly. This is a forced participation round-up by the Feds. You have to act like you want to be there.
    I don’t want to be there!
    Yeah but they are giving us pie and cake and tea and cake too.
    Lets go!

    By Rover URL on 07.30.2013

  5. I vant to alone, rally I do. Be a Darlink and bring me the Vode-ka vould you?

    By Sir Profligacy URL on 07.30.2013

  6. it’s a bunch of banged up cars- all scrambling around. there must be a point, but I’m not sure what it is… either way, it’s loud and it’s summer and people are cheering. I think this might be the best night of my life. or the hot dog I’m eating is just really good.

    By Megan on 07.30.2013

  7. Up or down? You can inspire or contribute to the down trodden. Lifting spirits can sometimes backfire and crush dreams. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we want, but what does it hurt to try to and move in a positive direction?

    By t on 07.30.2013

  8. I don’t know what a rally is, so I’m a little worried over what the results might be after I’m finished writing. I also fear I might ramble about here because I just don’t know what ‘rally’ means. Remind me to look the word up, one word I know is one word I can call mine.

    By Alice URL on 07.30.2013

  9. Elenour Rally had an interesting name. She never really thought about it, but it was there, like a goastly limb or a friendly cloud.

    By Diana URL on 07.30.2013

  10. Really rally? My high school encourages the perspiring pubescent crowds to jeer against our brothers. “Boo! Boo! Boo!” the horses across town! The golden boy from my AP English class jeers jeerfully along with the rest, bits of his sandwich dot my paled face.

    By white moth on 07.30.2013

  11. The distant sound of a horn sailed over the hill, and that was the signal they were waiting for. The dirty, bloodied soldiers jumped to their feet, cried out together to the gods, and charged over that war torn hill, spears held high, which moments before had sat next to them in the mud.

    By JV URL on 07.30.2013

  12. Let us rally while the night is young. Gathered arms from across the country, strong men and women, the time to strike is now!

    By Polkadots on 07.30.2013

  13. I rallied the troops, We went into war, raging for the loss of our beloved general. We fought lon g and hard. we lost some good men, but we won, the world stays a free place, devoid of any alien attacks

    By Jayce on 07.30.2013

  14. It was loud and noisy, but the people knew that they had to do this. They knew that if they didn’t, then there would be no future for them, or their children, or their grandchildren. They came together and spoke with one voice, one mind, one sound, and one vision : Equality for all.

    By Tori on 07.30.2013

  15. In Nuremburg the people cheered, even though they were not sure why, except that everyone else was doing it and it seemed the safest thing to do. Soon, it became part of life, like breathing or chronic pain.

    By Bunty on 07.30.2013

  16. The line surged forward when the horn sounded, ready to fight for life, for those that they loved, and, most importantly, for their freedom.

    By Tori URL on 07.30.2013

  17. They showed up in thousands, demanding justice and retribution. The people yelled with foaming mouths and sun parched voices. Freedom is what they asked for. The simple ability to choose a government and complain about its decisions over a drink, without fear of retribution. The government responded to the cries with bullets.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.30.2013

  18. They gather to cheer, and nothing more. Yes, the support is wonderful, but where will they be next week? Not by my side, helping me through the last days. Not even thinking about me. This is an event. That other stuff is real life.

    By MaybeMe URL on 07.30.2013

  19. go go go! Move it move it move it! change the world, be the change, connect, be friends, be free, be love. Rally. Love, power, change, transformation, growth. We are the strength. We can make this world beautiful and keep us all fed and housed and loved and cared for. Know that you matter. Know that we all matter. Passion. We can be the change. We can do anything we set our minds to. Go go go! Write!

    By Katrina Wolfgang URL on 07.30.2013

  20. Rally up the lies, goodbyes, and heartache and use that to fuel what needs to power you. Step up to a clean slate, pitch on the plate, and get ready for the new time…You can’t hold onto sadness and go where you want to go. You can’t fight for peace when you are standing still in the shadows and scared of what life can bring. It’s the heart who you turn your ears towards..its the heart’s voice that you listen to. The mind holds onto too much too often. And the rally begins within you.

    By Erica Mintu on 07.30.2013

  21. to start the day off: a dry piece of toast, a cold orange, and a fresh orgasm. some routines are funny in their dichotomy. i read yesterday that there is more to life than physical action, that there is much more life to be lived inside one’s own mind. some days it’s hard to leave the bed, the dream flows into the day. sometimes i don’t notice it and it’s like i am watching something real. i don’t know where these storylines come from. they live in their world complete. today i played no part in the dream i just watched and in watching i was omnipotent of all subplots and plot twists lazy dreaming is what i call it. and yet it’s easier to leave a dream i have no part in. i’m not needed for the world to continue, it doesn’t cease to exist after i leave. the one’s where i’m in control are the hardest to keep still and the hardest to leave, then it is like something is physically pulling me down the rabbit hole. i am aware of my body and can strengthen or weaken the sleep paralysis, the tingle and buzz of exhaustion. it feels important to hang on to that wispy world as if i were close to a secret i could never gain access to otherwise. sometimes it’s scary because the secret seems to be to never come back, the secret is everything is already there in the dream, in the dreamer. as if i could change time entirely and go back to it, to never having been born. the manipulation feels necessary at first then i know i’m supposed to let go but i’m afraid i’ll buoy back up to my bed and forget the feeling of the secret. strange post, sorry oneword, lucid dreaming for all it’s clarity can be so hard to write about (and read about, i’m sure).

    By becca Loo URL on 07.30.2013

  22. We must rally the troups, Evan said, and get out the vote. There are important issues here. We will hold a rally. Time is awasting. Get going. Get your signs and energy up for our rally.

    By Robin on 07.30.2013

  23. we join in fear or in strength we join in hope and peace we gather to lead we gather to feed all who need fed be it physical hunger we end or emotional we gather to feed we gather for peace

    By Shelley on 07.30.2013

  24. They rallied us all together. To sit down and have a talk. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t like to talk. I knew what this was about. It was about our group. We were the killers. The people who sat around and planned for the moment. The moment we would set you free. We wanted to kill. Not for the sake of a rush but with a purpose. Our purpose was to end the lives of those who ticked you off, treated you wrongly, mostly the douchebag asshole sluts you hated. We took care of them for you. You couldn’t see us because we’re invisible. That’s what made our job easy. You couldn’t see us but we could see you.
    This is how it worked. You called us. Told us the case. We gathered to planned it all out. And took care of it. We never saw you and you never saw us, it was all over the phone. We, the invisible killers, saw each other and could tell we were the same by the scent. Normals, like you, couldn’t smell it. Only invisibles have the nose to catch such a deep odor. I bet you want to smell it. Well, you don’t want to. Because its so sour it would burn your sinuses. Its like a deep lemon sour, yet a million times more sour.
    Anyways, we had a special job. We had to take out a hundred people. Think about a hundred people. All living their lives separately, all in different homes, and in different cities, states, and countries. Had to be our biggest job yet. But wait, you said, theres more. I thought, how, could a human have so much hate for so many people? I didn’t ask you because I learned to never ask too many questions like that. So all the invisible killers got together and we talked. We planned, we booked our planes, and packed our bags. We did a clean job.
    Then came the crisis. You told your boy toy about who told his other girlfriend who told her mom who told her family, who told their family and so on. Normally, we would give you a shot that would inject a fluid that would make you forget who did the dirty work for you. But one of the invisibles didn’t do that part. Which made the biggest mess that would end us.

    By kathpine98 URL on 07.30.2013

  25. and it was on the rolling of the rally that the calls where made in jest,
    and the children and their parents laid the town across the rest,
    fear in dying lies in living and the rivers flowed to soon,
    so the children went on screaming cause it wasn’t left for doom.

    By Gabriel on 07.30.2013

  26. Round the flag
    for the cause
    for the teeth of society
    rally for the baby “Did you hear what they named her?”
    Rally, finally, for our souls to be saved.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 07.30.2013

  27. and it was on the rolling of the rally that the calls where made in jest,
    and the children and their parents laid the town across the rest,
    fear in dying lies in living and the rivers flowed to soon,
    so the children went on screaming cause it wasn’t left for room

    By SaintAscension URL on 07.30.2013

  28. You, you, and you! Change the world by being beautiful! By being you. By loving, laughing, hurting, forgiving – and always being honest. This is my cause – yours too.

    By l e ~ URL on 07.30.2013

  29. A rally of sobs is all he hears. A rally of sniffles and voices that hurt, hurt a whole lot. And if he listens hard enough, he swears he can hear his love weeping in the back, but it’s impossible, because his love is dead, dead, and dead.
    He turns his head and listens, listens, listens for their voice, but it’s not there, not there at all.
    His cries are the loudest, the most agonizing to hear.

    By zink URL on 07.30.2013

  30. There was a sharp rallying cry as the swarm of students all broke the first line of public safety defense and stormed their way up the main hall, where the chancellor’s office was hidden. Now the chancellor could be seen bursting his way out of the side door, his suit jacket billowing behind him, as he fled. One girl, red-faced, charged after him, and I could hear her scream,

    “Yeah, go run, you pansy! That’s exactly what the student you raped two weeks ago couldn’t do!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.30.2013

  31. Mary Lou Betson tipped her face low, the brim of her sky blue hat covering the top of her face, making her a mystery to all the men in the crowd. She was a looker, with her classic Southern charms and straw blonde hair that barely grazed her shoulder blades. She bit her pink lip before l

    By Colleen on 07.30.2013

  32. this wasn’t the way it should have been. his stomach churns, blood boils between his teeth and he holds the white flag in his hands, this is his rallying cry of “yes, yes, you are the one i want. it has always been you.”

    By lo haze on 07.30.2013

  33. Rally is a word I just looked up. I don’t understand the meaning or context of this word because it is a non-corporeal term that is seriously lacking in our society. We don’t come together to fight a common cause in the United States today. There is no middle ground, and if there is, there is no positive outcome. When a couple meets in the middle, both sides lose and one is emasculated and the other is a doormat. When politicians meet in the middle, everyone loses in much the same manner. There are opposite ends of the spectrum, in the United States today, and the gap separating both sides is growing. This is in part why the word rally is so baffling.

    By Emily Miller on 07.30.2013

  34. Rhonda sat at her desk tears trickling for her cracked corneas as she came to terms with her job predicament. How was she supposed to pay for her rent now? Then a moment of euphoria hit her she knew exactly what she was going to do. Life was once again full of promise and opportunity.

    By Karl Anders URL on 07.30.2013

  35. How we loved to rally, around a Cause, a capitalized and towering Cause, around a God, a capitalized–of course–God. We rallied around our loves and our families and our school spirits and always we were fizzing into the swarm.

    By reem URL on 07.30.2013

  36. There is a rally coming said john. There will be a rally, there will be a fight. But now, now is not the time.
    The tears continued to stream down tims face. As the sun went down, his sobs slowly stopped. He whimpered forth one simple sentence. “But what about justice and fairness…and…and”

    By Heuchler on 07.30.2013

  37. “Oh, well, he’s rallied.”
    “His health’s never been good.”
    “No, never.” she jabbed a needle into her embroidery, “Sickly since the day he was born.”
    “But, he’s rallied. Might live to see his wedding day, the poor boy.”
    Knowing the poor boy was thirty, and still unmarried, Mary doubted he’d have a wedding day in his lifetime.
    “Carries on, though, from father to son. His father was sickly too.”
    “Can’t help it, though. Wonderful title.”

    By Maria URL on 07.30.2013

  38. “Let’s go.”
    She heard him yell as he pulled her arm towards the crowd. Every step was taken with uncertainty. But she had always wanted to belong to something, so here she was, at this rally, ready to take a stand.

    By Juliexplores URL on 07.30.2013

  39. The car rally was held on the beach in Malibu and there were so many people wandering around the old cars. As I admired the old chevy I could not help but notice a stair coming for a young man. I smiled and went back doing what I was doing and then he was there right up aganst me I tried to step away but he held me close. I said can I help you! He said something about bed and a glass of wine I turned and faced him (Bad idea I felt fluttering in the bottom of my stomach) still I persitsted would you give me some personel space and he said after I cum with him to dinner. I said that’s not how you use the word cum it’s come he smiled and stated depends on how much wine I have at dinner. I smiled an agreed to dinner and that all! He smiled again and said in a dark voice cum with me then. And you I came over and over. lol

    By lee knowles on 07.30.2013

  40. My senses fled me as I started to roll down the hill. I was running down in those shoes that are just plastic and toe holes, they’re supposed to support your arch and make it muscular. It’s good to be muscular in the places most people forget contain muscle, like in your fingers and in your arches. It’ll probably help you in minute ways for one on one combat; All the muscles in your body come together against whoever your foe is and if they have less muscles that places you on higher ground. But higher ground is what felled me because despite the magic they work on arches those shoes have no damn grip and like me the hill had gathered up strength in places I didn’t bother to look. I was so concentrated on running like a runner would in my runner shoes that my mother who used to run marathons liked that I didn’t notice the cluster of little stones all piled up together to make something stronger than me in the end, so now I’m tumbling and I got to say my arches are practically pearly as my feet clench up and I catch sporadic glimpses of the gravel and grass and sky.

    By Bèa URL on 07.30.2013