January 8th, 2017 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “quartz”

  1. It is a mineral that I don’t know that much about. The thing that comes to mind the most is the watch brand. I always hated watches. I used to think because I hated the feeling of something on my arm, but it is the feeling of something controlling my time.

    By Leejuana on 01.08.2017

  2. My wife wore a rose quartz necklace that glittered in the sun. It caught the warm rays so delicately that it was almost like a mother cradling a fragile sleeping child. My wife never liked to put on any other jewelry, and so, as we sat on the porch together, she would bathe her body in the daylight, and the crystal that settled on her chest would become the brightest part of her.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.08.2017

  3. It was beautiful. The knife’s blade glinted and caught the light, and Rena smiled at the sight of her reflection in the steel, polished until her own face seemed to shine. Or maybe that was her excitement. The quartz in the handle was smooth and cool to the touch, and she remembered a time long ago, without knives and with pretty things. With a shake of her head, Rena tossed the thought away. “I’ll take it.” she told the shopkeeper.

    By SentientExistence on 01.08.2017

  4. sparks imprisoned in stone
    we can never know its color.
    as many as stars,
    as solid as eternity.

    By batteryman URL on 01.08.2017

  5. He smiles as he observes his latest treasure, a fine piece of purple quartz. He moves it in the light, but nothing happens.
    could this be a fraud?

    By Pandyfish URL on 01.08.2017

  6. Quartzuhren. Quartzsand. Das sind die beiden einzigen Dinge mit Quartz, die mir einfallen. Man sagt, jemand würde quartzen, wenn diese Person sehr viel raucht. Kettenraucher quartzen. Ich Quartze nicht. Habe ich noch nie getan. Werde ich auch nicht tun.

    By Eli URL on 01.08.2017

  7. rose, clear but foggy with a tint of shine. raw unfiltered. real. hard sturdy with heartiness that holds a secret. be be be rocky tough but beauty not a gem

    By Caro on 01.08.2017

  8. The shine of the rock bothered her eyes. She turned her head and tried to blink the light out of them. Everything she looked at retained a slight sparkle to it, like someone had turned up the exposure on her vision. She squeezed her eyes shut. Focus, Kim.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.08.2017

  9. Quartz is the mineral on which the Black Hills of South Dakota is built upon. It holds the gold firmly in place and gives a solid bedrock to the mountains. It is beautiful and when it is by itself fragile.

    By Michelle on 01.08.2017

  10. solid substance. can be a beautiful stone in a household project,
    natural, has many dimensions
    color is translucent

    By Lizabeth Walters on 01.08.2017

  11. A shiny crystal. White and pink in color, beafutiful and hard. Strong and lovely. made for many things. Found in nature in abundance.

    By Marisa on 01.08.2017

  12. It is a beautiful multidimensional mineral that reflects light. Natural, solid material which would look great piece of jewelry or countertop.

    By Lizabeth Walters URL on 01.08.2017

  13. Quartz
    It’s a brilliant timepiece apparently
    and a clear crystal
    crystal clear
    like water
    which can also be used in a timepiece
    judging time elapsed
    on the movement of a wave

    By Alia on 01.08.2017

  14. He held the crystal in his hand. Shimmering and cleaved like quartz, but more transparent. There were no secrets in front of him, but instead behind him, bringing him here. He had it. He held it. It was his.

    By Dean Praetorius URL on 01.08.2017

  15. “Quartz? You mean, a piece of rock?” Jodie rubbed the back of her head, expression mirroring the absolute confusion she felt at her father’s question. “What’s that got to do with anything?”
    “You can manipulate it, can’t you?” He demanded, his voice harsh. “Hurry!”
    “I-I don’t know. I’ve never tried.”
    “Then try!”
    “But–but it doesn’t work like that-!”
    “Dad, I can’t–if it doesn’t work-!”
    “If you don’t control it, then it controls us and we’re all going to die!” He snarled. “Hurry! If you even have a care for lives apart from your own!”
    It was a cruel blow, even for him, but Jodie was past listening at that point. She was only staring at his face and realizing that the sliver of humanity she’d seen there, only hours ago–had vanished altogether.
    Her head bowed, hands clenched, she turned away from him. His angry words washed over her, but her eyes had already begun to change color, the shift of her gift taking form within her.
    Quartz. Right. She could manipulate that.
    At a price, sure, but she’d do it.
    Not for him.
    And certainly not for the rest of the hostages, but–she did want to live.
    There was so much more she planned to do with her life.

    By Sara H. URL on 01.08.2017

  16. They opened up the chest and gazed down upon the crystal. “Diamonds…” the pirates gasped in unison.

    Just then the Skeleton King sprang from the bushes. “Thanks for doing my dirty work boys but that’s the quartz to keep my watch running! Now who wants to taste my cutlass?”

    By Rover URL on 01.08.2017

  17. Closing the door of her apartment behind her, she drops her bag onto the counter and slides off her shoes. Home.
    It had been a long day today, longer than usual. It was already 1 a.m. in the morning. Her shift, which was supposed to end at 9, went late when she covered for a friend.
    “Casey owes me big time,” Max grumbled, talking to herself.
    Walking down the hallway barefoot, a loud crash coming from the sitting room caused Max to stop.
    Reaching for the closest blunt object near her, a chunk of rose quartz. Max crept forwards to peer around the corner, to see a hulking figure in front of her.
    Raising the chunk of rock, she ran forward prepared to bring down the weapon.
    “Ah!” The figure shouted, holding both arms in front of his now familiar face.
    “Casey? Ugh, you idiot,” Max said shaking her head.

    By Meg URL on 01.08.2017

  18. a jewel, a mineral it is beautiful could be a stone in a ring it is hard and catches your eyes it is beautiful to wear on your finger or around your neck or in a braclet. I have seen it also in its natural form

    By Joli on 01.08.2017

  19. Strong and resilient. Beautiful, yet able to with stand a lot.

    By Sarah Dupre on 01.08.2017

  20. They wore the loveliest quartz earrings. I saw them from across the room. I had to speak with them. As I crossed the crowded room, they turned towards me and looked me in the eye. They were the most beautiful human I have ever seen.

    By Faith URL on 01.08.2017

  21. Two quarts of milk. I don’t care whether it’s spelled differently or not. But this was on the shopping list I used to carry to the store every day. I can tell you the whole list if you want:
    2 quarts of milk, a loaf of bread, 5 pounds of potatoes, and depending on the day, 2 lbs of chopped meat, 6 center cut pork chops, 6 cubed steaks. Most of the time, this was the list. There were never any deviations. We didn’t have money for deviations. The menu was more or less the same. Monday chopped meat, Tuesday pork chops (sometimes with sauerkraut, which was pretty good, Wednesday, cubed steaks, Thursday, something my mother would make if she was off, Friday, can’t remember, Saturday (now we were running out of money) either pancakes, milk toast or something really cheap, like beans and franks. But by Sunday, the paycheck would be cashed, so we’d have roast beef, maybe even a pie. And all of it would have been ten times better if the old man hadn’t been there. Except that most of the time, in the early days, he cooked it, so for that reason his being there made at least the food better. It was his company that made you wish you were anywhere but at that dinner table.

    By ruby on 01.08.2017

  22. “do you know where your parents are?” the security guard asked me.

    Its always my dads quartz watch that led back to him again among the seas of hands whenever I run off to chase next thing that catches my eye. It seemed my dad had left his wrist bare today as I stood here next to the escalator lost.

    By procrast URL on 01.08.2017

  23. isn’t quartz like a diamond ? no not a diamond, but some type of stone, right? stone? is that even the right category? i have no idea. quartz sounds like quart. like a quart of milk. what even is a quart? i dont know that shit, all i know is gallons. wow im bad.

    By Alycia on 01.08.2017

  24. When I think of quartz, it’s a crystal that, according to my knowledge ticks at the most regular rate and that’s why it’s used in watches.

    By Manish on 01.09.2017

  25. I owned a watch once. I miss it. I best friend liked it on me. It really is a good topic of conversation between us. I even gave her one of my quartz watches. For her wedding she wanted a watch from me, but someone else gave it to her before me. Anyway, quartz is something that means a lot more to me than only these! Toodles!

    By Rahi on 01.09.2017

  26. Sharp, shiny, glistening – quartz likes to be looked at, stroked, coveted. But it doesn’t need it.

    By Caroline Vevers on 01.09.2017

  27. I love quartz there beautfiul.

    By Starr URL on 01.09.2017

  28. wtf is quartz
    oh I just googled quarts
    its beautiful
    no its not
    expensive things can’t be beautiful.
    Is it even expensive?

    By Sameeka URL on 01.09.2017

  29. Quartz is a material in Minecraft, it looks very nice and can only be found in the nether. It is probably expensive but i wouldn’t know because i don’t go outside, or have any interaction besides Minecraft.

    By Cameron Carter on 01.09.2017

  30. well i always hear about quartz when i am buying a watch saying that the watch is made up of quartz. there is also quartz crystal and stone and it is very beautiful
    i love the word quartz.

    By KomaTomo URL on 01.09.2017

  31. I don’t know what the crap “quartz” means. So that means that YOU GET TO TELL ME!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol Good luck

    By Julianne Engel on 01.09.2017

  32. Oh! I think I remember something about quartz being in MineCraft. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of gold or something? I don’t know. I never use it. And I think that Sara H. should write a book. I mean, I’m just saying. She did a pretty freaking awesome entry! That’s just my opinion…

    By Julianne Engel on 01.09.2017

  33. Oh! I think I remember something about it being in MineCraft. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of gold or something? I don’t know. I never use it. And I think that Sara H. should write a book. I mean, I’m just saying. She did a pretty freaking awesome entry! That’s just my opinion…

    By Julianne Engel on 01.09.2017

  34. A hard white or colorless mineral consisting of silicon dioxide,found widely in igneous,metamorphic,and sedimentary rocks. It is often colored by impurities (as in amethyst, citrine, and cairngorm).

    By Jada Engel on 01.09.2017

  35. She looked at her quartz watch, it was something she had wanted for so long, but instead of an engagment ring? should she be happy?

    By kirsty on 01.09.2017

  36. I was mining and I had found a quarts rock.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.09.2017

  37. Quartz is a type mineral. It is used as counter tops a lot of the time.

    By PhotograghyisLit URL on 01.09.2017

  38. I don’t really know what to write about regarding quartz… the first thing that comes to mind is a crystal clear rock and caves

    By Rodnisha Franklin URL on 01.09.2017

  39. I searched through the rocks, my soft feet scraping against hard barnacles. I could just about see the soft, glistening lines of quartz lazily lining the stone.

    By Writer1 URL on 01.09.2017

  40. Rose quartz. It was beautiful, this cavern that was filled with the semiprecious stone. The quartz glittered and shone, seemingly make the light dance in ways unexpected and abstract.

    By Shadow Writer on 01.09.2017