April 10th, 2012 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “puddle”

  1. The rain had stopped an hour ago. It seemed ironic, that this could happen, since Kayln’s mood was still horrific. The puddles splaying the sidewalk seemed almost too cheery, as little kids stomped around in them.

    By Kaila on 04.10.2012

  2. I’m a puddle after a light rain…I let people skip and run and prance on top of me for their own benefit and enjoyment, while I sit patiently and watch them forget that I have feelings too…

    By Nicole on 04.10.2012

  3. I tell him not to jump in it, he just changed his pants and I’ll have to take him back to his father all wet, but he doesn’t listen. He shrieks his delight as water splashes up into his boots. He grins like sunshine.

    By Anais on 04.10.2012

  4. I crept up to the puddle – it was as large as a lake and blocked my path. What’s an earthworm to do? I signed and slithered my way to the right. The puddle kept going and going and going. I heard a sound and felt a rumble, just as a giant black tired rolled near. It stopped a worm’s width away from me. Aaaahhhh! I think I’ll take my chances with the puddle…

    By Diane on 04.10.2012

  5. Splash, splish, and play. Puddles can be a drag; a bummer; an inconvenience… if you say so, I suppose. Sometimes you need to get your foot soaked. How often do you soak your feet? Maybe your feet need to be soaked. Maybe your socks need to be cleaned.

    By Adesola URL on 04.10.2012

  6. He was whistling “Singing in the Rain”. That was Darla’s favorite song. Well, what was left of her, anyway. The soft rubber was comforting in my grip, and I found myself cooing as I fondled that aluminum beast. “Excalibur”, the tag read. How fitting. “Home run, mother fucker.” He froze mid-tune. The bat made a tasty, satisfying crunch as it bit into his skull, and the delicious thud that followed was enough. Its funny how people freeze when they get spooked. T-Rex syndrome, I guess. I picked up where he left off, whistling cheerfully as I wiped the gunky mess he’d left splattered on my toy. A puddle of blood had already began to slowly seep from the dent I had left him, and I watched as it as it made it’s creeping progress towards my shoe, reaching towards it as if in some last ditch effort at revenge. Now that wouldn’t do at all.

    By vhee URL on 04.10.2012

  7. puddles are when it rains, it makes rainy days fun, the wind blows the puddle making it like its raining all over again. puddles are fun to jump in, puddles are fun for pets to play in, puddles splash you when you jump in them, and puddles are fun

    By Jordan Clark on 04.10.2012

  8. my baby brother likes to splash in puddles after it rains. the he gets all wet. trololololololololololololololololololololol

    By DARRIL on 04.10.2012

  9. I fling my clothes to the floor. I stand naked before you, under your judgmental eye. I can feel the sweat dripping down my back, puddling in my arm pits. You glare at me. My throat convulsively swallows, and I am so nervous. I wish for this moment to end, but there is no magic in this story. Only that single eye, unblinking. One day, I, too, will be that watcher. Right now I only know one act, and the audience hisses every time.

    By vhee URL on 04.10.2012

  10. there was a puddle after I was crying and I drowned in my puddle of tears.

    By tazhian dunn on 04.10.2012

  11. energy- i have an infinate amount of energy because i have ADHD

    By DARRIL on 04.10.2012

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    By gumball on 04.10.2012

  13. The late autumn sunset reflected bright from the water spread across the road, glinting back to where it came; through fiery leaves and a burnt orange sky. People always associated puddles with the beginnings of spring, but they’re truly just as relevant to the dying light of summer.

    By Lilanac URL on 04.10.2012

  14. I want to jump in a puddle. And squeal with delight. And not care if i get my new dress dirty.

    By robineh on 04.10.2012

  15. Amelia looked out the window. There were numerous puddles outside from the previous day, where it had rained *all day long*. Aunt Sharon wouldn’t let her out with the muddy ground and the puddles everywhere, so she decided to make a doll of her Raggedy Doctor.

    By Damaris URL on 04.10.2012

  16. I stepped in a puddle and got my shoe wet. Rainy puddle.

    By Zachary Williams on 04.10.2012

  17. it was raining,

    no umbrella,
    no raincoat,

    all i did was jump.

    By rids URL on 04.10.2012

  18. The puddle was gray, reflecting the stormy sky above it. A few ripples ran across it’s surface at random intervals, but they disappeared as fast as they appeared.

    By Debi on 04.10.2012

  19. Puddle

    I was away at school once. All the kids seemed nervous around me. Our accents were very different. I wasn’t from around there. Everyone was friendly, but polite. There was a guy there from out of town too, and he was fitting in great. I don’t think it takes guys long to size up one another. Girls watch. A lot. Guys jump right in.

    One day a group of girls and I were walking back from class. – All of whom were friendly. None were mean. Just stand-offish. One of them, one I knew a bit better, gave me a shove as we passed by a puddle, trying to knock me into it.

    You’d think I might have been upset by that, but I was ecstatic. I knew she didn’t hate me. She wasn’t trying to be mean. FINALLY someone had taken a risk! Finally someone had felt comfortable enough interacting with me, to do something besides smile, nod, and stare!

    (Had someone tried that with me once we were friends, THEN I might have been pissed! ;) )

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.10.2012

  20. I remember as a child when it would rain I would always look forward to running through all of the puddles. I didn’t care how wet my pants got or how the damage could ruin my shoes.

    Now all I do is walk around these puddles.

    Someday I’m just going to run right through them.

    By Kailey URL on 04.10.2012

  21. The rain dripped down from the roof that hung over the porch. A young girl sat with her arms around her knees, watching a puddle collect on the top stair. Lightning flashed, briefly illuminating the night sky, followed by a crash of thunder.

    By Anonymous on 04.10.2012

  22. Rain poured from the sky in buckets. I love the rain. Bringing me peace when nothing else can. Even in my hardest times, the simple pitter patter of rain on the roof, forming puddles on the street brings me to my calmest state.

    By Morgan on 04.10.2012

  23. When it rains, there are puddles everywhere. In front of my school, there are the biggest puddles I’ve ever seen. Usually, I don’t mind puddles, but when they are inhibiting my way when I’m trying to walk somewhere, they begin to annoy me. When I was younger, I used to love it when my mom or dad would drive quickly through puddles and the water would splash on the sides. it would make me feel like we were traveling faster.

    By Matt URL on 04.10.2012

  24. I love walking in the rain and stepping in puddles. The warm rainy days remind me of my childhood and make me feel young again.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.10.2012

  25. A young girl was on her way to school, alone. As she walked, she purposefully stomped in the puddles leftover from last night’s rainstorm. She was running late, but the crisp air, clean from the rain, encouraged her to take her time outside.

    By Briah URL on 04.10.2012

  26. There was this big puddle under my bathroom sink, and I realized it was a leak in my brand new place. Time to call the landlord, I thought. If only my boyfriend were around to fix it, but alas, he was too busy.

    By Michelle on 04.10.2012

  27. Un puzzle dejaste sobre la mesa
    Desarmado, con todos sus miembros derramados sobre la madera
    Tomé una pieza de extraña figura y la observé
    Su textura suave me recordó tus manos
    Y no pude evitar sentirme nuevamente solo
    Me di la vuelta, con la pieza en mano aún
    Me agaché y dejé la figura sobre la roca
    Sobre la roca, sombrilla de la vida

    By Tohe URL on 04.10.2012

  28. A puddle of rain
    a puddle of tears
    this little puddle
    hides all my fears.

    A puddle of joy
    a puddle of hurt
    you look at me
    my eyes avert.

    A puddle of tears
    couldn’t be dryer
    A puddle of gas
    to ignite my fire.

    A puddle of rain
    a puddle of tears
    this little puddle
    hides all my fears.

    By Gabby URL on 04.10.2012

  29. I was sitting in a puddle of mudd and I thought to myself, got I hate my ex boyfriend. He’s a just prick. Ahh well, he was the only person who would ever go out with me though. What is wrong with me? I almost wrote what is wrong with him. Probably something for wanted to go out with me.

    By Jim on 04.10.2012

  30. wet…very wet. fun to jump in. sucks if you fall in it…deep ones are called oceans…little floor mirrors, splish splash, rain creates them, dont go near yellow ones

    By Mykeh56 on 04.10.2012

  31. The puddle pulled at her, even in her dress pumps. The giggle bubbled forth just as when she was a child. Her feet couldn’t resist the dance as she jumped from the curb and playfully skipped through.

    By Sheila URL on 04.10.2012

  32. Her face made a sound when it smacked against the pavement. Those who were there might say they heard a bone break.
    “Here’s your goddamn bread,” he yelled at her, whipping a loaf off of her rib, which had surely been broken from the beating. “If I catch you sneaking around my bakery again, it’ll be a whole lot worse, I’ll assure you that much.”
    He patted his goon on the chest and laughed as they slammed the door shut behind her. She tried to rise from the wet ground, but her arms were too weak, and instead clutched the day-old loaf that was afforded her. She knew the ony thing that would wash it down was the blood she tasted with her tongue.

    By MFIII URL on 04.10.2012

  33. The puddle is big and round.
    The puddle is full of mud.
    The puddle was left because of the rain, yet we haven’t had rain in months.

    By teeda URL on 04.10.2012

  34. I would love to see puddles outside. puddles mean rain and rain means relaxation. I would love to see some relaxation as well. Life is getting to be too much and I just need to jump in a puddle

    By Kyle Williams URL on 04.10.2012

  35. I watched my heart slowly puddle up at my feet. Deep blue tears mixing in and swirling in the break, so heated with embarrassment–it melted.

    By Krisi URL on 04.10.2012

  36. as i look out my window, i see a pond that is commonly referred to as “the puddle” here on campus. i love watching all the wildlife that use it as a resource, and taking pictures of them all! it’s such a beautiful sight to wake up to as well.

    By Kate on 04.10.2012

  37. Shit. The water fills my Converse shoes, and I sadly remember ignoring my rain boots on the way out the door. I hop out of the puddle and keep going even though I miss my empty bed and my unhealthy friends. I’ll never get either of those things back until tonight. Well, the bed. My friends are gone for good.

    By Marissa URL on 04.10.2012

  38. There are plenty of them out in the yard today. I should have remembered that Northern California has rain from November till May. The plants like it, but I don’t have any ducks floating in the puddles there. That would be fun, I think, but the cat would just chase them away, since she has no problem going out in the rain.

    By B. Collins URL on 04.10.2012

  39. April showers bring May flowers. Only the flowers are here already. It’s just stormy for the sake of it, it seems.

    Puddle, puddling – I’m not really sure if that last one is a word or even a legitimate verb.

    All said, helps to have a friend who owns a storm chasing business and has now for the past several years. It’s like the stories just fall into your lap. Or perhaps it’s like they puddle into your lap…

    By HelenGrant URL on 04.10.2012

  40. I’ve always wondered if my reflection in the puddle was the real me, and I was just a reflection of it.

    By catyeah URL on 04.10.2012