November 2nd, 2011 | 406 Entries

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406 Entries for “profound”

  1. it’s raining outside. the sound of raindrops pattering on the ground, the smell of wet earth, the wind in your hair, all of this makes me feel alive. it’s a magical moment. and the more magical it is, the more profound an impact it has in retrospection.

    By Lakshna on 11.02.2011

  2. but what is profound? can we even comprehend what is regular and not unusual to know what is outstanding. we live in a world where conformity is the norm, and going against conformity is the norm. so does originality exist? and if so, how do we reach it? we are not profound. we are profoundly the same.

    By Jude URL on 11.02.2011

  3. profound is the way that people astonish me when people talk about beautiful things that are amazing, and astounding. I love when people tell me profounding things, and I think that it is awesome when people say profound things because it makes them sound so intelligent. I think they are more intellectual. Love life.

    By Courtney Greig on 11.02.2011

  4. I expect a lot of myself. Even though it’s 1:41AM and I’ve been working through Student Government documents for a couple hours, I still expect myself to produce something profound in the 60 seconds provided to write on any given word. Silly me.

    By Hyperbole URL on 11.02.2011

  5. books are very profound. profound means something has a distinct-ness. you can act profound too, it’s almost like being estute.

    By Bob on 11.02.2011

  6. Profound is, in fact, a profound word. I am always struck by how incredibly awkward the word profound actually looks when looking at it on a page. But really. I feel like people always like to say profound statements as english majors.

    By Jackie on 11.02.2011

  7. And then there are the moments in which I can only sit back and think that somehow, somewhere, someone thought me capable and worthy enough to be given such a profound gift as this, of this health and this opportunity and this wealth in things uncountable, all this time and all this life that is mine to live. If there is a higher power, they somehow saw me fit to be given a life and trusted me enough to choose to do something worthwhile with it.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 11.02.2011

  8. It was a profound experience, really. It was like travelling through time. Everything this little girl was saying, I remembered. I remembered saying it, thinking it, dreaming it. I could feel everything she felt, and for a moment, I felt like she was me. But that would be crazy. Perhaps, though, she was another little girl, just reliving my same old life?

    By catyeah URL on 11.02.2011

  9. from an agnes to annals of founded city. We make lovely weapons of peace under a silken elm tree where the grimwald goblins howl and chatter and shalala long into the night.

    By Antsandpants on 11.02.2011

  10. The most profound thing that could ever happen in a person’s lifetime is to love. To love someone is the most spectacular experience that we as humans can truly throw our whole selves into. We fall in love. We love our children. We love our friends and family. We are love.

    By madeline carey on 11.02.2011

  11. I use this word all the time. It’s usually sarcastic though; I like to tease my friends when they say silly things. I truly appreciate people that can honestly describe themselves as profound, it’s neat.

    By Maddy on 11.02.2011

  12. Sometimes being profound is overrated. My favorite memories from college are from the times when my friends and I would sit around being goofy, trying not to think too hard about how many essays we had to write or problem sets we had to finish.

    By ducksinarow on 11.02.2011

  13. the profound lack of lines around your eyes
    says your not wise yet
    the crows still bark in your mind
    they have not reached the mud of your skin
    keep calling it clay if you want
    either way you’re still waiting for an imprint
    its just a couple of footprints from a bird to you
    but really its about learning how to get yourself out of the mud
    to think and love at the same time
    realize you are hollow bones

    maybe i honored it
    maybe i didn’t

    i know i am fragile
    because i keep cracking at odd angles
    sometimes i feel silly for thinking that i might find
    something that makes me feel full
    and doesn’t weigh me down

    but at times i need a little grounding
    because as a human i can be astoundingly stupid
    i forget i don’t want to float away
    or be stuck in the same place

    In those moments where i am atmospheric
    surrounded by tree branches
    and the cosmos
    the violet humbles me
    while i realize each leave
    is a moment
    i have lived

    maybe i honored it
    maybe i didn’t

    i climb down the trunk into the grass
    and meet the frogs and animals i couldn’t
    when my head was caught up in the air

    By Tescia Schell URL on 11.02.2011

  14. something that reaches all places of your soul and touches you to the very depths. a fundamental shift of person.

    By thepin on 11.02.2011

  15. Profound- I’d like to have a profound impact on someones life…for the better that is. Hmm…this word isn’t really putting me in a writing mood.

    By Miranda Blackstone URL on 11.02.2011

  16. She’s never seen the ocean. That was what he kept thinking. She’s never seen the ocean. She’s never seen the ocean. Would it change her completely, the ebb and the flow and the waves and the power and the blue green blue and the salt in the air?

    By Amaya URL on 11.02.2011

  17. I love you can be a profound statement or an empty promise. Like roses. When given too often they seem to lose their meaning. But how can you not say ‘I love you’ every day to the person you have given your entire heart and soul to?

    By MoiyaHatake URL on 11.02.2011

  18. He spoke these words, like he knew what they meant. He talked in circles, trying for profound but only reaching terrifyingly dumb.
    He tried to relate breakfast to the greater meaning of life, sports to the effects humans have on the earth, exercise to morality.
    She tried, really, but couldn’t help as she rolled her eyes.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.02.2011

  19. I don’t really know what goes on in people’s heads sometimes. Maybe they think like I do. Maybe they don’t. What if I’m completely different from everyone else? What if they’re just all wrong?
    I’m sick of the way that they act, though. I’m sick of them shutting down my thoughts – my profound, enigmatic thoughts – and acting like theirs are comparable to the works of Socrates and Plato.

    By Clare on 11.02.2011

  20. How profound you are, you there, in all your profundity. How darest you think me not as profound as you are, kind sir, when it is true that I am as profound as thou art. Teach me your ways, and I’ll teach you mine, and together we shall show even the most profound of our fellows what it truly means to be… well, profound.

    By The Name Is Kate on 11.02.2011

  21. She waltzed away from him, taking her scent with her. It was that scent – that luscious, enigmatic, alluring scent – that had held him in her power for this whole time. It was like a profound idea, it stopped him from thinking about anything else while he was with her, which wasn’t something he was upset about, really.

    By Claude on 11.02.2011

  22. round ground sound gone to town oh my you look profound would you like to stay around we could go on into town can you have another round

    By Katelyn on 11.02.2011

  23. Profound. I want to come up with my own profound, original, unique quote. Like all those famous quotes that websites use.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.02.2011

  24. gramme ch

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.02.2011

  25. sometimes
    says something profound
    and it really resonates, makes sense, seems so logical

    By Diana on 11.02.2011

  26. and yet he was so profound with joy that he jumped off the couch and into my arms. It was the worst news for me but the best for him. He was getting what he had wanted for so long and I am losing the one thing that I care about.

    By Tasha Bragg on 11.03.2011

  27. To sum it up, it is the what interests and captivates us peoples.

    By riley samsom on 11.03.2011

  28. I struggle with symbolism and the profound in my writing. Most things that seem to be ‘deep’ in my writing are placed there accidentally. It’s something writing teachers often comment on. “The repetition of ‘mint green’ should be a symbol, but it isn’t.” (First year, fiction professor).

    I don’t like things to be forced. Not only is it too much effort for a lazy writer, but it’s really easy to tell when someone plants a symbol for you. I don’t like being obvious.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 11.03.2011

  29. in this context of the word prfund this is about the activity when you start searching about something and you fund it or analyze it before it hppens, r

    By abu baker on 11.03.2011

  30. When I look out on the night skyline of my home town, I am overcome by the beauty and peace that I see. It fills me up and makes me whole. This is how I feel when I think about it.

    By Natalie on 11.03.2011

  31. Profound. Profound is more than just a word. It is a state of being. It is looking into the night sky and wondering what is beyond the light that has just barely reached us. It is looking into the eyes of a child, knowing that they will see things that mankind will do that we won’t even be able to imagine. It’s knowing that there is something more than what meets the eye; that the human existence is more than just a flicker in the timeline of the universe. Profound.

    By Josh on 11.03.2011

  32. Now that was a really profound thought! I do scare myself sometimes with these thoughts – the truth that comes out of the mist of my mind and just “is”. If I can manage to string a few of these profound thoughts together, Imight have the beginning of something!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.03.2011

  33. Is something big, awestruck. I wrote a poem when I was around ten and the only word i could use to end it was profound because it was the only word that rhymed but I was not sure what it meant.

    By Ashby Bradshaw on 11.03.2011

  34. You had the likeness about you that people were quickly attracted to and when they found out you had an std they talked shit about you behind your back. They didn’t want to be around you anymore. You were a disease in the punk rock scene which wasn’t really punk rock of you. I hope I get to see you on my own turf, soon.

    By Ellie URL on 11.03.2011

  35. profound is an obscure word of substance and meaningfulness, in sense it is profound to use it in some cases but not all mentions of the word are tasteless or demeaning.

    By Jean-Pierre Gassin URL on 11.03.2011

  36. Profound in 60 seconds…..? let me think and possibly come back!

    By Becktor URL on 11.03.2011

  37. Profound!
    You are the one I have found
    In your heart is a chest where love abounds
    Where I can be who I am without bounds
    I have found love in you
    I have found life in you
    And that is what is so Profound!
    Beautiful is that sound!

    By mpenzimtenzi URL on 11.03.2011

  38. not necessarily found right now…? found before you even knew it was missing…? found when you least expected to be looking for something…? found before you knew it…or maybe just not necessarily as lost as ya thought!

    By melody URL on 11.03.2011

  39. irritating and very huge like a plunder of ice-scream coming down on you. An avalanche of flavors all working in flux together, a cacophony of tastes and feelings in one.

    By Elliot Wendel on 11.03.2011

  40. something that is absolutely amazing as in a thought; something that changes who you are and how you see the world. People who are enlightened. Intellectualism. You got skills. You handle your business. Not ignorant. Smart to the nth degree. Something Profound this Way Comes.

    By Justin on 11.03.2011