April 26th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “prime”

  1. Prime can mean so many things, to a person. The first thing that comes to mind is a woman, being in the “prime,” of her life. Why have we all grown accustomed to setting a time limit, to the worth of a person? Some things are effortlessly and infinitely wonderful and interesting. Food needs an expiration date, not human beings.

    By Susan Seay on 04.26.2016

  2. The deer stood glowing at the top of the mountain. Standing on the rock with the colors of the sunrise glowing wildly around her silhouette, she looked down at me. I stood as still as I could while grasping frantically at every visual detail I could, so I could remember this moment.

    By ulimonster URL on 04.26.2016

  3. I set the container with my flowering wisteria on the table. The plant was in its prime, bright and green with delicate lavender blossoms and wide, waving leaves. The sun came in slits from the window, bathing the plant in pale light. I glared a it, scowling as if I awaited a response. I had no knowledge of plants whatsoever and I certainly didn’t have the time to care for such a thing. A soft breeze whispered through the open doorway and, sighing, I moved the wisteria to a windowsill in the kitchen. I knew my mother adored flowers, and it made no sense to leave a flower to grow away from sunlight. It was no use making her angry for no reason.

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 04.26.2016

  4. Prime is when you have one thing in mind. Not all thousands of thoughts running through your mind. You have either one person or one thing that is haunting you that you can’t seem to get out of your mind. It is like it is harassing you that you can’t seem to stop thinking about what is going to happen the next day! It is like nothing you try to do will help you.

    By Brighteyes18 URL on 04.26.2016

  5. There are many prime things out there. Some examples include prime numbers and prime examples. One good prime example would be standing up to a bully for a friend of yours. There are lots of different types of awesome prime examples out there that you can try, and set a great example for your peers with!

    By RainReign URL on 04.26.2016

  6. A prime example of humanity is a child: his curious nature, his sense of humor, and his capacity for love, and his natural fears: this is what it means to be human.

    By Larisa Elliott on 04.26.2016

  7. She felt ready. She felt confident and powerful. It was a feline feeling.
    She liked the assonance of that. Feline feeling. The repetitive nature of the sounds.
    She could have purred. It would have been too much, but she could have.
    She flipped her hair in the mirror and stared down her reflection, waiting for it to cower in her presence. It didn’t.
    Clever girl.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.26.2016

  8. “Um, excuse me,” squeaked the teenaged girl. “I ordered the prime rib? This is a T-bone steak.”

    I heard the waiter scoff at her, the little tuft of red hair quivering on his chin. “Honey, do you even know the difference?”

    “I may be only sixteen, but I know my goddamn meat.” The girl looked the scrawny server up and down. “Not that you know what it’s like to have some meat on you – whether or nor it’s hidden in your pants.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.26.2016

  9. He was way past his prime, and he knew it. The panic attacks were sudden, big bursts of regret tinged anxiety that would last for hours. All he could do was curl on his bed and try his best to focus on other things. The medications could only do so much, and as they waned off, slowly, he is brought back to the pathetic state he can’t seem to escape.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 04.26.2016

  10. What did it mean to be the the best? The Alpha? Well, it meant never buckling to anyone’s authority again. Who would ever dare to command someone who was physically stronger then all combined. He was in the prime of his time and he enjoyed every bit of it.

    By Lové Morton on 04.26.2016

  11. prime’s up!

    By nickie on 04.26.2016

  12. Ribs? I paused. As usual, we could never agree on what to eat. The way we are different is a tragicomedy I guess. It’s a tough thing to do though, to learn to laugh at ourselves, and not that things as an unkind cut.

    By jen URL on 04.26.2016

  13. I need to be primed before I can enjoy a party. There is no spontaneity. Prime numbers. The main, the most important, the root. Prime Minister. This word sucks! It’s not concrete enough! The prime reason for me doing this is wanting to figure out a homework assign

    By cecile on 04.26.2016

  14. What are prime numbers?
    A question that continues to confuse me today. I never really understood the cocept of prime numbers. Some one please explain no matter how much I learnt it never really stuck in my head.

    WHAT ARE THOSE???!!!

    By adad URL on 04.26.2016

  15. primitive words aligned as a game
    oh what a shame how i crave for a dame.
    energy fades and energy stirs
    a plentiful place where time still evades.

    By grld URL on 04.27.2016

  16. Amazon Prime is awesome. I get music, TV shows, and movies, etc..

    By Katy URL on 04.27.2016

  17. the best, choice, the peak, top, the best there is, best time, best ever

    By kay bond on 04.27.2016

  18. “You’re clearly past your prime Fordsy” Bill said with a chuckle, flipping his cane ass he stared down at Ford, he saw the hatred in the older man’s eyes. ” And to think, I couldn’t have done it without ya!” he said and let out a dark chuckle. Things were about to get weird.

    By Wandering Adventurer URL on 04.27.2016

  19. Its prime time to go outside and play. The sun is shinning, the grass is green and, the air is clear.

    By Em URL on 04.27.2016

  20. He died in his prime. He was young and a belieber the girls.. they came for him… he didn’t stand a chance when Bieber showed up. They trampled him down in his prime.

    By Madelyn on 04.27.2016


    By A Memer on 04.27.2016

  22. It’s not a sunny day today, but the air outside is cool and fresh and the sun reflects off the dew like a zillion tiny flashlights held by fairies, that just want to make the day nicer for your eyes. It’s not summer, but nor is it winter, and the seedlings have sprouted, absorbing the sun, and stretching, successfully towards their prime stature.

    By FuMashu URL on 04.27.2016

  23. There is something about the best days of your youth
    That clamour to be used for a greater good

    A good that surpasses all reason
    All rationale
    All portfolios
    All expectations
    All reasons why they think you’re not the person you should already be

    By ;; on 04.27.2016

  24. amazon prime, optimus prime, a prime number, somebody ih their prime. Prime is an important sounding word and positive sounding, prime, first, major, main,

    By steve on 04.27.2016

  25. example, pro-noun. Jeremy Hunt is a prime example of a monkey in a suit.

    By Farrell on 04.27.2016

  26. prime rib! im starved! I cant wait to grill out this weekend in the backyard while I pet my cow’s face..he will be next! prime beef :)

    By Nekaf_the.real_Ema URL on 04.27.2016

  27. Prime real estate. Prime rib. Prime motive. Primal. Primitive. Prime the engine. Primarily, I am very alone.

    By KBird URL on 04.27.2016

  28. the prime minister was about to speak when he heard a shrill scream everyone turned and looked at the back of the room miss andie was standing on a pew screaming that a mouse ran across her shoe suddenly miss willon screamed and said the same thing happened to her then the whole room suddenly turned into a huge mess with turmult everywhere

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.27.2016

  29. The atmosphere was screaming with laserfire. The roar of jet turbines would pass every ten seconds or so, dirt and debris spraying from the desert flat as the sharp whine of null rays machine-gunned the air.
    Trailbreaker threw his back against the smoking boulder, clearing his laser rifle free of excess energy with a sharp sequence of motions. He ducked his helm as the seeker trine made another pass, sand and dirt granules spraying across his structure.
    The instant the static in his audial receptors faded he whipped up and around, discharging several bolts as returning fire hissed past him in all directions. He was forced to drop back into cover after a mere few seconds, the web of hostile fire too thick to risk.
    A servo suddenly gripped his shoulder, and his helm snapped around to come face to face with the opaque windows of a semi.
    “Trailbreaker, we need you on the defense, not the offense.”
    Trailbreaker brandished a sparking, ragged hole in his left side; the corner of a small piece of circuitry was visible, warped and blackened and still sizzling faintly. Dried energon stained the edges. “Would if I could, Prime.”
    The servo tightened.
    A soft exhale was heard as Optimus looked up, towards the cackling silver figure glinting in the harsh, hot sunlight.
    He ground his denta, concealed behind his faceplate.
    “Then we’ll have to be fast.”

    By The Wanderer URL on 04.27.2016

  30. Primal. Not backwards, just first. Prime…the point at which to smash the clocks. No more entropy, please.

    By Snufkin URL on 04.27.2016

  31. i’m studying english alone now, becausa i know i can to learn it alone, and it’s is prime for me because i love english, it’s a language very beatufil and i want to pratice more it.

    By Jackson on 04.27.2016

  32. “sorry hun, of course, you need your space” the lady says, laying her arms out on the table in front of her. ” since stumpy sent you we know somethings wrong. Im Capt.Lacey Delray, and over there in the corner is Lt. Chris Anderson” He now acknowledged me with a nod “you can trust us with your story.”She smiles reassuringly when she sees me hesitate….

    By Maxxnjenny URL on 04.27.2016

  33. This is the prime of my life. I feel myself growing and even though I am still figuring out towards what direction, I am acutely aware that at this moment all doors are open and anything is possible.

    By vimbai URL on 04.27.2016

  34. He is in the prime of his life, let him do whatever he pleases. He will learn of his mistakes i am sure, he is a smart man. Those who he meets always end up with a smile thanks to him, somehow

    By Bramsy URL on 04.27.2016

  35. Prime time for small minds yet I wanted for something else. So I walked like a ghost passing through walls on my way to somewhere. Only I don’t know where to go as I feel the destination no longer exists, like a library lost to antiquity, a body of knowledge ravaged by time. Where once something grand had been collected now barren like the eroding wind it all becomes. But there’s an invisible line on the planetary scope and scale that tells me maybe this is all in my mind like a memory of an event that cannot exist outside a loop, outside a group if shared. It’s imaginary, yet real, intangible like the concept of a number and just as consequential. Maybe the restlessness isn’t the searching for a destination by longitude and latitude, because this about a person and not place or thing. Such feelings are not stirred by the inanimate I know. Perhaps the library is to a patron as the book is to a reader. Or it could be said the muse is to an author as the book is to a reader, and maybe it’s about finding right one at a glance, in a word, in a name. If that is the case then it’s not a Rose, but the color of an eye in the socket of a man. Metaphorically there are no tinted glasses here, just a heartbeat that swells from time to time.

    By Intuition URL on 04.27.2016

  36. When I was in my prime, I lay around and wallowed in hesitation. I put off my priorities till later, much later, when I hoped to be braver/stronger/cleverer/more of a leader. Now, today, I am older and regret.

    By Sara on 04.27.2016

  37. I have an Amazon Prime account. It is important to me because it makes shopping easier for me. I wish there was a Prime account for all websites. I especially like the fact that shipping is for free with most products. I also can watch videos and stream music

    By Brenda Sargent on 04.27.2016

  38. She was in her prime. Black shining hair, long, statuesque legs, a brain as sharp and wrinkled as the famed afro’d german himself. She was truly a catch. She thought of this, walking up the marble steps of the investment firm, repeating her pre-interview mantra in her mind over and over and over and over and over and over again. “You don’t need them. They need you.”

    By Elise P. URL on 04.27.2016

  39. My prime concern is not my success but rather my family and friends. Finding those that I can connect with on a deeper level that mere acquaintances is my prime focus. You are who you leave behind and the memories they have of you.

    By tp keane URL on 04.27.2016

  40. He was in his prime years as a fighter. No longer was he finding random brawls out on the street to satisfy his hunger. He looked deeper into a world where no one looks back and everyone presents a challenge.

    By Shineapple URL on 04.27.2016