September 25th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “pressed”

  1. Fresh pressed orange juice is a wonderful thing to have first thing in the morning. Feeling pressed for time is not.

    By klayre42 on 09.26.2011

  2. The flower, wilted
    Dead, crumbling
    Pressed between the pages
    A memory
    The scent is long gone
    But my thoughts of you remain

    By Amanda URL on 09.26.2011

  3. Pressed against him. Pressed against anything. Anything at all, but in reality it would be a pane of glass. Fogging up little ghost clouds with my winter breath all the while pressed against it. Could I imagine a better place? Of course I could. Did I want a better place? No I didn’t. But now I do. Now I want him.

    By Morgan URL on 09.26.2011

  4. i’m feeling so pressed sometimes. i just want to runaway, but usually i can’t. so i sit and bare the uncomfortable situation. just waiting to pass. just waiting for better times when i would deal better with these kind of situations.

    By cris on 09.26.2011

  5. Orange and apples make juice. I have a wordpress site. My pants need cleaned, so I’m pressed for time. Making news and books

    By Rob URL on 09.26.2011

  6. sex
    i love you
    i miss you
    I wish i had you back
    i miss you

    By natasha on 09.26.2011

  7. I pressed the button and with just one click, reality hit me. It’s too late now… It’s too late to tell him how I really feel. His Facebook relationship status says: “In a relationship”.

    By Cindy URL on 09.26.2011

  8. It is pressed upon the youth to excel in academics as well as extra curricular activities. However, this leads to a lot of pressure on the child within. One must struggle to find a healthy balance between work and play to become a well rounded human being.

    By Saubhagyini Singh on 09.26.2011

  9. i was happy
    once upon a time
    now i’m out in the rain-
    how cliche!-
    face pressed against the glass
    staring in at a life formerly loved
    my breath fogs up the glass as i weep


    By catlin URL on 09.26.2011

  10. I imagine myself, pressed against you
    Oh the warmth
    The Passion
    The Lust that I feel is so overwhelming
    I want you, I need you
    I love you.

    By PolkaDots URL on 09.26.2011

  11. I feel pressed when I trapped between my lover and my friends. My friends like to free me from tortures. But my lover just wants to save me from further pressures. To all persons in this world there are so much of pressures. In pressures there are two types. One is higher and another one is lower

    By laxmi on 09.26.2011

  12. I pressed my mother for the answers.
    “Where is she?”
    “She ran away”
    “Did you see her leave?”
    “Then how do you know?”
    “Because all dogs run away at some point.”
    I cried. I cried for weeks on end. And I never found my lost dog.

    By Hanna URL on 09.26.2011

  13. The shirt was being pressed by the maid. The rest of the family sat and watched as her hands moved swiftly to press down the shirt in time for Jimmy’s departure.

    By Seraph on 09.26.2011

  14. what to do what to say? my mind was jumbled and my palms sweaty i was frozen in the time i didnt have, i was pressed for time

    By asia URL on 09.26.2011

  15. He pressed her up against a wall. He pressed his body against hers. He pressed his hand into hers.
    Finally, she pressed her lips to his.
    You see, their love was pressed for time, and this might be the last kiss they had for a while.

    By Kaylyn URL on 09.26.2011

  16. She pressed so hard, so hard on her small figured body “Why do I take up so much space?” why, why? This is impossible, why am I here? Why was I born? Death is near, take me. Take me now.

    By Joan on 09.26.2011

  17. Pressed against her body was his warm skin. She felt the heat of his breath in her hear as he breathed heavily. She wanted him. She could feel his chest her against her pert breasts and as he kissed her face she knew that she would never be happier than she was in that single moment.

    By Lizzi on 09.26.2011

  18. erevry day i fell pressed witn everything. just want to change my life, and have time to simle more often. just need to know waht to do.

    By Ana Rute Silva on 09.26.2011

  19. He had a very “pressed” look about him. Not as in pressed for time, but as in sharp creases in his slacks, collar nicely done, tie straight – he presented a very “pressed” and ready to go picture!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.26.2011

  20. she pressed harder against his throat. his skin was smooth. the bones in his neck were hard, but malleable at the same time. his breath pulled through the constricted passages like tattered bits of rag, she could feel it against her fingers.

    By Emma on 09.26.2011

  21. whenever i feel pressed for time, that’s when i also start to feel stressed. but when i feel stressed is usually when i work the best. also, i think it’s interesting that so many people eat dessert when they’re stressed. i mean stressed is dessert spelled backwards. i hate it when people use bad grammar like the word spelt.

    By Katie on 09.26.2011

  22. I felt the pressure. In my chest. I couldn’t breath and I began gasping for air. I managed to choke out, ‘GET OFF OF ME.’ Slowly. Oh so slowly. The words barely escaped through my clenched teeth. Little slivers of air escaping.

    By DARE URL on 09.26.2011

  23. Pressed for time, trying to squeeze all the worlds in in under a minute while listening to people bashing my political stance and not being able to do anything about it. Images of knives pressed to their throats for their ignorant bullshit and feeling some sort of sick satisfaction from the choking sounds of their smothered screams.

    By Myiege URL on 09.26.2011

  24. he had me pressed up against the wall. i had no way of getting out and i had secretly wanted this for so long. i never flirted, never smiled too much, never gave him any reason to corner me and taste me… but i was so glad he finally was. it just means he couldn’t resist.

    By abra URL on 09.26.2011

  25. i am pressed for time. always late. in a hurry. she’s going to kill me. she hates it when i am late. i don’t want to lose my head. not today. today is to important.

    By chelsea alvarez on 09.26.2011

  26. It was wierd. They way that I was stuck in one corner, her lips against mine. She was pushing down on me, pressing me against the wall. I was stuck. She wasn’t my type, plastic and completely shallow. But I couldn”t help but admit – this was nice.

    By Luke Vennall on 09.26.2011

  27. i pressed the button and then it exploded in a big ball of fury and traveled to paris made a baby star and went to japan with an unicorn.

    By jonathan on 09.26.2011

  28. i felt him pressed against me. the weight of his body, pressing down my skin, all over, in so many different places. the weight of my emotions pressed down upon the grey matter in my head.

    By Jenna on 09.26.2011

  29. Pressed. Up against a wall. Between a rock and a hard place?

    Luke, Laya, Han Solo and Chubacca in the garbage disposal with the walls closing in. “We’re all going to be a lot thinner.”

    By s160814 URL on 09.26.2011

  30. pressed is an action that a person or an animal can do. The way i think pressed mean is when someone pushes a button or something like that.

    By skylar cebra on 09.26.2011

  31. Somtimes it is hard to be pressed. You always feel like you are pressed for time, pressed for answers, pressed to do things you don’t want to do and always pressed to say yes. Life is to short to be pressed. It is ridiculous for us to feel that way or to be made to feel that way. I for one don’t like the word or the feeling.

    By Bobbie URL on 09.26.2011

  32. i’m feeling pressed to do this with or without you. even more now that you’re leaving me behind. it’s not gonna be great, not even fine, not even decent. it’s gonna be bloody awful, but i’m gonna take it like a man. which, i’m not.

    By Ioana on 09.26.2011

  33. Joe pressed himself up against her for the last time. He could feel her heart beat with his. For a moment he imagined their hearts bursting through the skin, throwing themselves carelessly together in a warm, sloppy embrace. As he pushed the thought away, he also pushed her, and when she was achingly at arms length he spun around and walked out onto the busy street.

    By fionars URL on 09.26.2011

  34. She smiles as she feels the soft petals of the pressed rose. A rose that had been given to her a long time ago. Th day her lips had first pressed against his.

    By AllTimeScout URL on 09.26.2011

  35. She smiled as her fingers gently brushed against the pressed rose. A rose that had been given to her on the day his lips had first pressed against hers. She remembered every single moment of it in detail. Maybe he wasn’t here now, but his image would always be pressed against her heart.

    By AllTimeScout URL on 09.26.2011

  36. It´s all over me. I can´t stand it anymore. The wieght of 30 years is over my shoulders. I feel as I as trampled by 70 dwarfs. This is to much.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 09.26.2011

  37. we as humanity have felt pressed all throughout our lives. pressed for time, pressed for money. but we seem to put that on ourselves. trying to live up to our own expectation of what we perceive to be important.

    By shaun on 09.26.2011

  38. Wah!! i think of suppressed feelings. Like being pressed down by hard stuff and just feeling suffocated, hard to breathe.. so depressing.

    By Lene on 09.26.2011

  39. I pressed the button then all of the sudden i felt a surge of eneergy and then bam i died.

    By george on 09.26.2011

  40. I think of scrapbooking in my many aunts’ rooms.
    They love scrapbooking and pressing stickers down on colorful pages.

    I also think of court, pressing charges and someone gets pressed.

    By kl on 09.26.2011