December 10th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “presented”

  1. presented in a present was a puppy. a puppy present a president of sorts he was wearing a tie a bow tie to be precise. the precise presentation was set on a hot air baloon as we flew damn it i misspelled that word i will never ever never ever forgive myself whatever where was i in my presentation yes flying. in a balloon over the deserts of africa hot and steamy yes indeed please take off my bow tie, pup.

    By Puppet Master URL on 12.11.2012

  2. I presented my case the other day. The jury didn’t look convinced. My mother was sobbing in the front row. I wished I could hold her and tell her it was going to be alright.

    The judge didn’t like me. I guess that makes sense. Law doesn’t like chaos. They are the opposite ends of the spectrum.

    By Kelsey on 12.11.2012

  3. The man presented the woman a present. It was a small box, nothing really of note. The wrapping was torn in the corners and worn in others. She frowned at the box and peeled the wrapping away.

    By Sara on 12.11.2012

  4. I presented it with trepidation and without thought. It came upon me and lifted me up into the nether skies of my mind. please help me i thought as I looked down upon myself. This is the end yet I was excited. I wondered where I would end up in the next place or somewhere i’ve been.

    By Anubis on 12.11.2012

  5. She presented with a normal case of hiccups. An in and out sort of deal. No brainer, as they say. What nobody predicted was the deadly outcome. Out of left field. A real shame. The worst is writing the report to the family. Death by hiccup.

    By Andie on 12.11.2012

  6. I presented my idea to a friend just to see what they thought. They weren’t overly impressed. So, would I be deterred by this dismissal. No. After all, what do they know. Onward.

    By davidharris518 URL on 12.11.2012

  7. I was presented with a paper the second to last day of class. It wasn’t mine, but it somehow had my name on it. I don’t even remember writing it. I looked it over silently, trying not to let the perplexity I was feeling wiggle itself onto my facial expressions. This paper was not marred with red markings as they usually were.

    By Erika on 12.11.2012

  8. I presented my History project to the class.

    By Brayden URL on 12.11.2012

  9. I presented my big project ive been working on.

    By imoto URL on 12.11.2012

  10. I presented my science project to the teacher.

    By tylerw URL on 12.11.2012

  11. ?

    By leot URL on 12.11.2012

  12. i presented my project in front of my whole class.

    By rainbow URL on 12.11.2012

  13. idk what to write about


    By leot URL on 12.11.2012

  14. So this one time, at band camp i presented the song that i myself composed> nobody liked it… i gues a rock version of marry had a little lamb isnt really ‘cool’ these days

    By S-man URL on 12.11.2012

  15. When an oral report is shown to the class it is being presented.

    By anton URL on 12.11.2012

  16. Russia looked at the bodies before him. They almost looked pretty, with all the blood covering them and dying theirskins. He could see them all presented him like a mock offering.
    He didn’t want this.
    He didn’t want them to die, noo matter how annoying they were.
    He could see England, green eyes glassy and dull in between France and America.
    America was quiet now, he almost expected the man to wake up and start demanding burgers. Of course it would be hard to eat with your stomach ripped out.
    China and Japan were curled around eachother, both with their heads bashed in. Russia giggled when he realized he could see the grey of their brains. China wouldn’t like it. He would say that the colors clashed.
    He looked over at France. The usually bright nations head was a dirty brown color, his pretty little neck slashed open and gaping.
    Germany and Prussia were together on the other side of Japan, the Axis all together except for Italy. Germany’s arms were ripped off, while only half of Prussia remained, entrails spilled out from the torn remains of his stomach.
    Italy had run off when they were ambushed. Those THINGS betrayed him. It was a trap. He managed to grab the babbling Italian and drag him away. The others managed to buy him time but eventually they all fell, one by one. Russia cam back just to see America fall, screaming obscenities just before a hand ripped through his gut.
    Russia finally looked over to the last figure. The tan coat was splattered with red, red red. red as the liquid pouring out of pretty red lips. A stained white-? red-? bear curled into his chest as Canada laid dead next to his brother, blue eyes (or were they purple? Russia wondered. He never got to ask) mercifully closed.
    A loud ringing started in his ears and Russia was surprised to realize that it was him, laughing. How silly, there was nothing to laugh about!
    Russia stopped laughing adruptly and smiled darkly at the THINGS. He gribbed his pipe, a gift from Japan (who was dead, dead, dead) and pulled out his sword.
    “Now which of you should I kill first, hmm~?”
    One hour later Russia limped to the Annex. Trembling, he lifted the pen he stole from England (cold, cold, cold, green is not supposed to be cold) and wrote himself a quick message.
    He sighed as he heard a tollring out. Italy found the clock then,
    ‘Good’ He closed his eyes and leaned back agaisnt the chair. He took one final breath as everything faded away.
    ‘To the me that lives in the future…Don’t trust THEM.’

    By Tanya URL on 12.11.2012

  17. The man turned back into a man .I was weak and thought i saw it all in my head but then the man presented me with the knife the man put into me. the man never talked when he was cleaning my wounds . in fact i never heard him talk while he was helping me get away from the man with the ruby red eyes.

    By fox URL on 12.11.2012

  18. Today has presented itself with a phone call first from my beautiful daughter T as I was getting out of bed… Such a beautiful blessing for me to hear her sweet voice and to have her on the phone first thing in the morning. She couldn’t wait for me to check my facebook page and see the photos she’d taken of her sister and her family! I love it that my daughters are so close to each other.

    I have been presented with such a blessing in my daughters and their families. God is good and I love all that He has presented me with!

    By Angel URL on 12.11.2012

  19. She presented well, stony-faced. Put-together. Pulled-apart. Yet I still startled in her presence. She, who never lost, had lost everything.

    By Beader55 URL on 12.11.2012

  20. He presented it to me. I couldn’t open it. I wouldn’t. My hands were shaking with trepidation, the enormity of what the consequences would be. Life-changing. It was all down to this moment, right now.

    I lifted the cover.

    By bellrie on 12.11.2012

  21. I presented you with a ring and you didn’t accept it. It broke my heart, it skinned my soul alive. Why did you do this to me? If you had chosen to accept it, I would have been saved. I would have lived.

    By Udita Banerjee URL on 12.11.2012

  22. as soon as drosselmeyer presented clara with her new nutcracker, fritz became very jealous and stole the nutcracker from clara’s hands! she ran around the room trying to save her poor nutcracker.

    By Ohmythursday URL on 12.11.2012

  23. He presented himself with a certain swagger that most people would believe was real. He had mastered the art of pretending the world could not hurt him. She knew he was nothing more than a fraud.

    By Matt Burke URL on 12.11.2012

  24. hi. i’m violet.i like english very much.i livi in belgrade in serbia. i li

    By on 12.11.2012

  25. He was presented with his first NCO’s Sword right after he was presented with his first NCO rank.

    By Jeremy URL on 12.11.2012

  26. It’s as if my whole life had meant nothing before. Just like the way a baby organically learns to talk, I performed. I presented myself in a way then that was unlike any way I’d ever been presented.

    By Kody on 12.11.2012

  27. The speaker presented a calm appearance as she stepped on the stage. Looking over the crowds of expectant faces, the speaker took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She walked to the podium, surreptitiously wiped her moist palms on the side of her skirt, and smiled.

    By Juanita on 12.11.2012

  28. The speaker presented a calm appearance as she stepped on the stage. Looking over the crowds of expectant faces, the speaker took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She walked to the podium, surreptitiously wiped her moist palms on the side of her skirt, and smiled. “I can do this, and what I say will mean something to someone out there,” she thought.

    “Hello, and thank you for joining me today, as I share my story.”

    By Juanita URL on 12.11.2012

  29. I presented the project to Mr. Woolley.

    By Jamie URL on 12.11.2012

  30. I fear I will never be presented with a ring. The kind in a relationship where one wants to be with you forever. I get trinkets and reminders for how I sacrifice myself in a relationship, but nothing long lasting or meaningful. I would like that moment when someone is willing to give up part of themselves and present me with more.

    By Scuro on 12.11.2012

  31. Funny thing is, this word felt like all the things that placed us in this state of now.

    By alykat URL on 12.11.2012

  32. I presented my Spanish project to the class. I did it on Ecuador and I did a slideshow.

    By Trouty(: URL on 12.11.2012

  33. I presented a project to the teacher and got a F-.

    By Marcelo URL on 12.11.2012

  34. my mother presented her poster board for her class

    By Benjamin URL on 12.11.2012

  35. I presented my Spanish project to the class. I did it on Ecuador and I did a slideshow on it.

    By Trouty(: URL on 12.11.2012

  36. I presented my present to my baby sister on christmas day I got her a cinderella princess dress she loved it and had machting shoes

    By COUGARS #13 URL on 12.11.2012

  37. The stars presented themselves as if a giant had sprinkled glitter across the sky.

    By Maddie URL on 12.11.2012

  38. i presented her with her newborn child. small and fradgil.


    By Tiffany URL on 12.11.2012

  39. i presented a project that is due on tuesday

    By Volleyballgirl#2:) URL on 12.11.2012

  40. Today I presented my poster in social studies. It was about reconstruction.

    By Sam URL on 12.11.2012